Top 15 Quoting Software For Manufacturing in 2022

quoting software for manufacturing

Quoting software for manufacturing aids in the generation of bids based on material, labor, overhead, and other costs. These systems, which are sometimes called shop floor cost estimating software, try to save both time and money by generating accurate and transparent quotes right from workstations. These quoting software for manufacturing examine previous estimates to see which ones resulted in sales and which ones did not, allowing you to customize efficiency rates, scrap percentages, and other variables to close more deals.

Top 15 Quoting Software For Manufacturing in 2022

Manufacturing quoting and estimating software is a form of configuring price, and quote system (CPQ software) that enables your company to go from quote to payment. Giving an accurate quote is one of the most important components in a company’s decision to do business with you–and delays in putting one together might prevent a deal from happening at all. This quoting software for manufacturing will provide real-time pricing and material information, as well as labor costs and current capacity. Keeping track of previous quotations and estimates makes it easier to put together accurate quotes quickly.

This allows you to verify parts and materials, buy inventory during the quoting software for the manufacturing process, as well as obtain insight into your profit margins through parts costing. Manufacturing quoting software for manufacturing lets you make quotes on the fly by using items in your master inventory and price breaks that you already have. By looking at costs and how much they can raise prices, your employees will be able to easily set prices. You’ll also be able to produce quotes for new clients on the fly, similar to how many CRM software allows you to do so without having to build a master customer file.

Manufacturing Quoting and Estimating Software Features.

  • Estimating and Quoting software for manufacturing To produce estimates, and import the part structure and work orders. Take information from online order input programs, such as any changes, critical tracking information, or special requirements requests.
  • Calculate the cost of any bill of materials structures that you have. Per bid, allow for numerous proposals. To change markup rates on the fly, create “what if” scenarios.
  • Document Management: Link papers to estimates and keep copies in the software. Allow the files to be exported to Excel.
  • Cost tracking for labor, materials, and equipment: Calculation of material costs based on defined material base rate costs and input of quantity requirements; calculation of costs likely to be incurred for payment of subcontractors in the performance of job responsibilities; and cost calculation capabilities for the purchase or rental of equipment required to complete job work.
  • Use a cost analysis to figure out the total cost of all the resources used to make a product. Costs should be broken down into three categories: materials, labor, and overhead.
  • Produce cost-of-production and cost-of-manufacturing reports. Take into account salesmen’s split order commission rates.
  • Price Optimization: Examine how demand changes at different prices and compare that information to inventory levels to find the best price point. Contribute to the establishment of standard pricing, promotional rates, and discounts, among other things.

Advantages of Quoting software for manufacturing

As a manufacturer, you can get a lot of benefits from using software that helps you estimate and quote jobs.

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Streamline Your Sales Process by Standardizing Pricing

Manually making quotes and estimates takes a lot of time because you have to get prices from a lot of databases or spreadsheets. Because of this time-consuming process, your estimates get into the hands of your customers later than those of your competitors, which can make or break whether a customer decides to work with you.

A lot of complicated pricing systems can now be built into the software, which means it takes less time to teach new people how to use it. Standardization will increase flexibility and lower manufacturing costs, as well as enable other cost-cutting strategies like build-to-order and customization.

Standardized pricing will lower production costs

This is because it has an impact on the product design process. It might be difficult to make changes to products that have been designed to a specific quality level and specification. Your development and design stages will be able to go full steam ahead with the parts they require, as well as material overheads, labor, and quality prices if you use an accurate quoting software for manufacturing and estimating method.

Streamline Your Customers’ Sales Process

Due to the reduced time spent digging for relevant information throughout the quote creation process, manufacturing estimating software will speed up when orders may be completed and moved into production. As a result, customers will have a more engaging experience when purchasing from a company that employs manufacturing and quoting software for manufacturing.

Customers may commit to their order right away rather than waiting for a quote or worse, going to a competitor for a quote, allowing your manufacturing team to get into production sooner. Customers can now order a wide range of parts and procedures without you having to worry about how long it will take to figure out how much it will cost to make. Companies that make things will also be able to work on their reaction times during the production phase, rather than being slowed down by an inefficient sales process.

Keep your margins in check

This is because today’s products are very complicated, and they need to be made into very specific configurations that need input from both business and engineering teams. Manufacturers’ margins are still being tested and squeezed much more than before. This is due to non-standardized quotations, discounts, and rebates, all of which can affect the price quote given to a customer.

The use of quoting software for manufacturing and estimating system can help to make sure that all of the bids are the same. This data will show you which departments and partners are consistently making products with the margins you want. Many people will benefit from more uniformity and consistency, which will help your product be sold at a more accurate rate.

Increase the functionality of eCommerce manufacturing processes with automation

Manufacturers can offer their goods and services online using eCommerce software, which includes the capacity to automatically update inventory, calculate taxes, and do everything else required to fulfill orders. This involves giving realistic price estimates to safeguard your company’s profitability. The ability to present a full, price-itemized bill of materials (BOM) is one of the most compelling reasons for integrating your quoting software for manufacturing and estimating software with your eCommerce operations.

This creates a visual representation and configuration of what your customer wants to achieve. In addition, integrated quoting software for manufacturing and estimating in eCommerce will help your company avoid any time-consuming request-for-quote (RFQ) processes that it might have to go through.

You could even let the customer construct the quote on their own, allowing them to quickly lay the groundwork for the product they want with an accurate price. This means that your clients are actively contributing to the creation of their quotes, and you’re making them feel more involved in the process.

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1. EnterpriseIQ

quoting software for manufacturing

There is only one source for all the business management tools you need, and they are all stored in the same database. Only EnterpriseIQ’s comprehensive suite of modules completely connects manufacturing and accounting, removing the need.

2. Costimator JS

quoting software for manufacturing

Costimator JS will make your quoting process faster, more accurate, and more consistent. This product can calculate the cycle time and cost of manufacturing a part or assembly in your shop in detail. All charges depend on your equipment’s capabilities.

3. E2 Shop System

quoting software for manufacturing

The E2 Shop System enables store owners to successfully handle all aspects of shop activities while controlling profitability at the same time. Whether you’re concerned about your front office or shop floor, the fully integrated E2 Shop enables.


quoting software for manufacturing

Engineer-to-order, make-to-order, project-based, aerospace defense, and aircraft maintenance enterprises can all benefit from JOBSCOPE’s manufacturing and maintenance capabilities. Thousands of order-driven manufacturing companies benefit from JOBSCOPE ERP manufacturing software.

5. SMARTer Manager

quoting software for manufacturing

SMARTer Manager can help you keep track of your inventory, make accurate forecasts, and keep supply and demand in line. If you use this system, you will have a lot of flexibility and versatility. The Smarter Manager’s Job Costing application will.

6. QLM Costing

quoting software for manufacturing

As a quote management and analysis tool, QStrat’s QLM Costing helps with the management and analysis of very complicated quoting data. Instead of wasting time with spreadsheets, QLM Costing allows manufacturers to handle detailed quotations and drawings, resulting in a detailed cost report.

7. DigiFabster

quoting software for manufacturing

RFQs become instant sales with DigiFabster’s cost-estimating software. Software that helps machine companies quickly and easily estimate delivery times shortens the sales cycle to minutes rather than days.

8. PandaDoc


PandaDoc is a digital document management system. Create, send, track, and eSign documents all from a single, user-friendly platform. PandaDoc connections will give your CRM a boost. PandaDoc is a great way to keep track of your company’s papers.

 9. PROS Smart CPQ


Your sales staff will be able to quickly deliver the correct product at the right price. Through AI-based price optimization, this configures, price, and quote solution allows your team to respond to customer quotations in minutes.

10. MRPEasy


MRPeasy is a user-friendly, cloud-based production planning software for small businesses. Production scheduling, inventory, sales, procurement, and shop-floor management can all be done in one place with this technology. MRPeasy allows you to choose the feature plan that best suits your needs.

11. JobBOSS² Shop Management

JobBOSS² Shop Management

BOSS2 Shop Management is a job description for a BOSS2 Shop Manager. JobBOSS2 is the next generation in job shop business management from ECI Shoptech, which combines industry-leading technologies like E2 SHOP and JobBOSS. JobBOSS2 is a trusted, cloud-based system designed exclusively for job shops and make-to-order businesses.

12. MicroEstimating


MicroEstimating is a business tool and a precision estimating tool for tailored profitability. For the machining and fabrication industries, the solution lets you figure out how much it will cost to make, quote, and manage costs. This includes process planning, estimating, and creating a bill of materials, among other things.

13. KipwareQTE


KipwareQTE is a job costing and estimating software for machines. This machine shop quoting software has a user-friendly interface that assures users they won’t make any mistakes during the quoting process, and the estimated expenses indicate more profitable work.

14. G-Wizard Estimator

G-Wizard EstimatorThrough work costing and estimation, the G-Wizard Estimator helps milling machines, lathes, CNC routers, and novices and hobbyists enhance speeds and feeds. Machine shop estimating and quoting software provides simple and precise manufacturing cost estimates.

15. Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP

Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP

Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP systems are designed to satisfy the unique needs of your industry while also ensuring profitability, streamlining the supply chain, and de-risking business processes. Their products give you comprehensive visibility into your shop floor, which leads.

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