Change VLC Skins & How to go Frame by Frame in VLC

VLC skins

When it comes to video files played on your vlc media player for windows 10, Linux, or Mac machine, VLC Media Player is one of the best there is available. It can conveniently play almost any type of media file VLC dark skin, Custom Skin VLC skins VLC for windows 10.

The VLC skin is known for its characteristics and its ability to play many types of files. None to write home about is it is GUI VLC dark theme. It’s an easy, no non-sense UI that doesn’t care about architecture, usability, or accessibility, vlc media player for windows 10 dark mode. If you don’t like the default UI, you can use the VLC for windows 10 Player Skin to change it entirely. Since it is built to be easy to use except for someone with no programming experience, its GUI vlc media player for windows 10 skin is quite basic and can be repetitive over time for others. A choice to change the default VLC skin night mode is a positive thing.

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Change VLC skin in Windows 10 and macOS

VLC Skins

  • On your VLC for windows 10 skin desktop, open your VLC media player browser.
  • Then, from the menu choices, click on the Tools settings.
  • Pick the choice for Preferences, and the window for Preferences will open. Or, by using vlc media player for windows 10 skinned to open the Preferences window, you can click Ctrl + P.
  • Then, on the top left, you need to pick the Gui option vlc media player for windows 10 dark theme. You can see the “Look and Feel” feature under the Device Settings, with two options: 1.1. Apply Native Type 2. Using Custom Skin
  • Click the Use Custom Skins button, and it will view the VLC skin resource file option VLC night mode.
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VLC Skins

  • To change VLC skins from the official website, you can click on the VLC dark theme Site link shown below or go to this URL.
  • Click on the select button and select from the VLC Skin site the .vlt skin file you have downloaded.

I downloaded the VLC for windows 10 dark skin file here, and I selected the dark vlc media player for windows 10 .Vlt file. If you want to see a dark VLC style, it can download the same dark skin.

  • For the new skin to be used, you must leave the VLC player skinned and prelaunch the VLC dark mode.
  • After you relaunch the VLC, it will reveal the freshly installed VLC skins. This tutorial operates for VLC 0.9.0 or later on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and macOS computers.

VLC Dark Theme

On your Android or iOS system, you can allow VLC Dark Theme by going to Settings > Gui > Additional Settings. Choose Day Night Mode and choose Black Theme. There is no inbuilt dark theme support for the VLC for windows 10 desktop framework.

VLC Media Player Skinned

This is the VLC Media Player Skinned Variant, which comes with the app’s original non-skinned version. You should run the Skinned.exe VLC Media Player file to open this.


  • As any of the skin adjusts the toolbars’ position, be vigilant when moving the player’s VLC skins. Any shortcuts (such as the Ctrl + P shortcut you have just used) may not be available. You can have a tough time handling, so carefully pick your custom skins and vlc skins.
  • Don’t worry because the skin you have chosen adjusts the navigation, such as the toolbar position. Apart from the toolbars, there are other ways to navigate the settings (such as the right-click menu); you must be careful to find your way into the fresh VLC skins.

How to go Frame by Frame in VLC Media Player for Windows 10

VLC is the undisputed monarch when it comes to freeware media players. It plays everything from directories, discs, webcams, feeds and works with that strange codec-encrypted file that you downloaded from some Eastern European websites (but please don’t download strange files from Eastern European websites).

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Any platform is running: Windows, Debian, Mac OS X, iOS, UNIX, and Android. Then, if you haven’t already added it to Windows 10 or any other platform you use, press this tab to import VLC for windows 10. Frame by frame VLC is one useful feature VLC show frame number provides, which helps you to play one move at a time through a recording. If you need to catch snapshots from recordings, or if you want to inspect every frame of the sick skateboard hop you caught on your smartphone carefully, this can be helpful.

It would help if you pressed a hotkey to play a video VLC frame by frame. First, in the VLC advance frame, open a video by choosing Media > Open File; and then play the video. Click the E key now. They’ll stop the recording. Now, each additional press of the E key would shift the video one frame forward. Just touch the space bar to resume your video again.

E is the hotkey default for the vlc media player for windows 10 Frame by frame setting, but it can configure that keyboard shortcut and others. To open the list of keyboard shortcuts, as below, press Tools > Preferences > Hotkeys. Then scroll down to the window’s next picture. To open the window shown below, double-click it.

Frame by Frame in VLC

Click the latest Next frame hotkey to customize it. In the Quick Preferences pane, press the Save button. Then this can press the current Frame by Frame keyboard shortcut.

You may also use the toolbar button to trigger the next photo. If your playback toolbar is not already on, press Tools > Configure Gui to open the window shown below. Until you get the Frame by Frame option, scroll down the Toolbar Elements list. Drag the button to Line 2 somewhere so that the replay toolbar selection can be picked.Frame by Frame in VLC

With a hotkey or the toolbar button, you can go through a video frame by frame. Anyway, this option helps you to grab precise video snapshots with the Snipping Tool or the Take Snapshot vlc media player for windows 10 option Custom Skins.

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