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We wanted to provide you with a summary of the services and plans that Cricket Wireless offers cricket wireless customer service, even if it did not rank among the Best Cell Phone Plans of 2023. The business uses AT&T towers and is one of the prepaid mobile services offered by AT&T. Cricket provides 2 gigabytes (GB), 10 GB, and unlimited data packages starting at $30 per month, along with unlimited texting, calling, and access to AT&T’s 5G network. For $100 a month, a family plan with four lines and unlimited internet is also available; however, the maximum data speed is eight megabits per second (Mbps).

What is Cricket Wireless?

Quick Facts:

  1. Prior to
  2. Countrywide access to 5G
  3. Affordable, Unlimited Data
  4. Possibility of data tethering
  5. Plans are limited to the data available.

Cricket subscribers utilize AT&T’s towers since the business owns Cricket. Customers of Cricket Wirelesswill therefore get 5G service anywhere there are AT&T-owned 5G towers, as long as they have a compatible handset. Cricket subscribers will be able to access the considerably wider LTE network in areas where 5G is not accessible.

Cricket’s affordable unlimited data rates are what draw most people in. Nevertheless, the less expensive options come with some significant limitations. The base unlimited plan, dubbed Cricket Core, has a data speed restriction of 8 Mbps, which is much less than the current average for internet speeds. Cricket may potentially cause data to lag at peak times. It is also not possible to utilize your smartphone as a mobile hotspot.

You’ll need the unlimited plus plan (Cricket Extra) in order to get rid of the data speed limitations. This plan costs extra but also comes with a free HBO Max subscription and 150 GB of cloud storage.

For other network-compatible devices, such as tablets and laptops, Cricket also provides data-only contracts. You may get 25 GB of data for $35 per month or 100 GB for $50 per month. Nevertheless, you have to wait until the beginning of the following billing cycle if your data allocation runs out because these plans do not roll over.

Cricket’s limitless packages

Although they used to restrict unlimited speeds, Cricket now provides premium unlimited data. Cricket offers two unlimited wireless options. This implies that speeds won’t decrease because of reaching a data cap; rather, they will only decrease as a result of heavy consumption.

Additionally, there are no fees associated with limitless texting or phone calls.

Cricket’s Limitless Packages

  1. The main distinctions between Cricket Wireless plans are related to data use and autopay setup preferences.
  2. Here’s some expert advice: Set up autopay to save a few dollars each month. If you follow through on it, your wireless cost will be extremely low.
  3. The largest drawback of Cricket Wireless plans is the 4 Mbps (4G) or 8 Mbps (LTE) download and 1.5 Mbps streaming speed caps.
  4. In other words, your connection will be slower than it would be if you used a different cell provider.
  5. We’re talking about a few more seconds, of course, when you search on Google. You may get an inexpensive unlimited package if you’re willing to wait for fast enough internet and streaming speeds.
  6. Hotspot connections are also available, but if you don’t receive one with the Unlimited $60 plan, you’ll have to pay an additional $10 a month for them.
  7. After the first 8 GB, you’ll receive reasonable speeds, but after that, the speed drops to a pitiful 128 kbps. Whoa.

Comparison of Cricket Unlimited Plans

Isn’t it great to sort search results based on cost and discover an incredibly low-cost option? Cricket Wireless can help with that.

It’s important to remember that Cricket’s wireless broadband speeds are not very fast before getting too enthusiastic. Nor is this a case of “Tortoise and the Hare.” In this scenario, the tortoise is the cricket, and everyone else is the hare. The tortoise loses badly.

You do, however, get an incredibly low-cost wireless cell phone plan with a respectable network, provided you can put up with the slower internet download rates and mediocre streaming quality.

Family plans for Cricket Wireless

New users of Cricket can add up to five lines of service to a single account, with each additional line costing $10 less. You can receive a maximum discount of $150. Even if we don’t like savings caps, we have noticed alternative carriers who provide better family plans or none at all with regard to group savings.

You should probably assess your need for fast internet connections before selecting a package. Choosing the slower speed will save you a good amount of money, but you may also lose some of your sanity in the process. a moment at a time. as you wait for the loading of your Instagram stories.

Let’s now evaluate Cricket’s family plans in comparison to those of the other main providers.

Comparison of Cricket Wireless family plans

The family plans offered by Cricket are not as affordable as the individual unlimited plans. It’s regrettable that the family plans don’t offer a considerable price advantage over the competition.

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When it comes to family plans, Metro by T-Mobile and Cricket Wireless are like the Spider-Man pointing meme. Both have comparable costs, but none has really quick speeds. When it comes to upfront expenses, Cricket offers a benefit over Metro.

Cricket Wireless offers pre-paid programs that are quite simple to use. plus several data (and service) options of 2 GB, 10 GB, unlimited, and unlimited plus 15 GB of mobile hotspot data, all plans include unlimited calling and texting. Cricket’s monthly plans start at $30 for 2 GB, $40 for 10 GB, and $55 for unlimited data, with an additional $5 for data tethering. Multi-line plans provide reductions per line, with the ability to have up to five lines on a single package.

Where available, AT&T’s 5G network is accessible to all plans, regardless of data limitations. Data throughput is restricted to 8 Mbps on the less expensive unlimited plan, while video quality is limited to standard definition (1.5 Mbps). When your data allots up on the data-capped plans, your data speeds will decrease to 128 kilobits per second (Kbps).

What Is the Price of Cricket Unlimited Cell Phone Plans?

Cricket offers two unlimited plans that start at $55 and $60 per month, respectively, named Cricket Core and Cricket More. Where accessible, both plans include access to the AT&T 5G network, which spans most US cities, and connected roads, particularly in the east. Customers of Cricket will connect to the far more widely available LTE broadband network in areas where 5G is not available.

Four lines are available for $100 with the Cricket Core plan, which is less expensive than many of the choices in our list of the Best Cell Phone Plans of 2023. You will, however, have to put up with 8 Mbps of sluggish data speeds—possibly even slower if the network is busy—in order to receive the discounted pricing.

Choose the $60 monthly plan, which is $32 extra each month with the multi-line discount on the same four-line plan, to avoid those speed constraints and to have the opportunity to use your smartphone as a mobile hotspot with up to 15 GB of data. Along with these extra perks, Cricket More gives 150 GB of cloud storage space and a free HBO Max subscription with commercials.

How to Change the Plan on Your Cell Phone

With Cricket Wireless, you may switch plans using the Cricket app or the business website. You may make as many modifications as you like if you want them to go into effect right now. However, you can plan just one feature modification to take effect during the next billing period.

You must fulfill certain eligibility conditions in order to receive phone upgrades, one of which is having a $30 monthly plan or more, and the phone needs to be brand new and acquired straight from Cricket. You will not be able to upgrade your phone for another 180 days after paying the $25 upgrade price.

How Much Are Prepaid Cell Phone Plans with Cricket Wireless?

Plans from $30-150 for a 2GB data plan, $40-130 for a 10GB plan, $55-125 for an unlimited plan (Cricket Core), and $60-160 for an unlimited plan with 15 GB of mobile hotspot access (Cricket More) are available for up to five lines.

Since data is shared, the unlimited plans are the superior alternative and a considerably better price for several lines. Each line on four or five lines costs $25 for Cricket Core and $32 for Cricket More each month. Selecting Cricket More also includes 150 GB of cloud storage and a free HBO Max subscription with advertisements.

Cricket Wi-Fi Setup Costs

When you make an online purchase with Cricket, there are no setup costs. However, you will have to pay for the device and the first month’s subscription at the time of purchase. In some circumstances, you may also choose to receive a discount on the purchase of your handset by prepaying for three months of service under the Cricket More $60 plan. At the time of checkout, you will still be liable for the device’s sales taxes.

Cricket gadgets and phones

Good news! Cricket carries the majority of the newest phones.

Cricket is compatible with the majority of current flagship smartphones. Alternatively, you could prefer less-traveled Cricket phones; in that case, you can also acquire phones from Nokia, Motorola, and Alcatel.

However, if you’re a fan of the Google Pixel, you can’t get one through Cricket directly. Instead, you may build up your network by purchasing an unlocked Google Pixel.

These are a few of the most widely used phones that work with Cricket.

To what extent does cricket perform?

That’s fairly excellent because of AT&T’s coverage.

Cricket’s data speed will never be its defining feature, but its total service coverage is quite strong. Cricket provides the same coverage as a more costly carrier since it makes use of AT&T’s network. At the moment, AT&T offers 4G service throughout around 68% of the nation. 1

The main drawback is that, in congested regions, AT&T users may have lower priority than you for internet speeds. Put another way, AT&T’s network prioritizes its own customers, so your internet connection can suddenly disappear at a packed Costco.

To see an overview of the coverage areas you will experience with Cricket Wireless, please refer to the map below.

Cricket/AT&T coverage map, Customer service for crickets

But keep your expectations in check.

  • A vast number of terrible encounters with Cricket customer support representatives exist. We made the decision to investigate further.
  • Can we use an unlocked Google Pixel phone with our Cricket account? was our straightforward query. Though we were only on hold for a short while, the assistance we received was little.
  • We received confirmation that you may use a Google Pixel with Cricket, but all we were advised to do was “look online” when we inquired for further details on how to make the transition.
  • Although it’s possible that our person was simply having a rough day, we’ve found that Cricket customer service consistently receives terrible evaluations.
  • Many MVNOs, such as Straight Talk and Pure TalkUSA, that leverage AT&T’s network and provide affordable cell phone plans are available.
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Does Cricket have any unstated or overage fees?

If there weren’t certain unstated costs, would it even qualify as a wireless provider? Regretfully, there are a few more cricket costs to take into account.

Although not excessive, the fees are inconvenient. A $25 activation charge—who wants to pay? Nobody, to be precise.

Review : How good is Cricket Wireless?

Cricket Wireless has good coverage and affordable rates, but family plans and internet download speed are a trade-off. This formula should be the only thing you remember from our review of Cricket:

  1. Cricket Wireless is made up of affordable wireless, reliable coverage, and poor internet.
  2. Cricket is certainly not the best option for everyone (like Instagram models), but it makes a lot of sense for individuals who want a phone rather than a smartphone.


In comparison to other carriers, Cricket provides straightforward plans that are competitive. Whether you’re looking for a family plan or an unlimited plan, Cricket is probably going to be the least expensive choice.
Coverage: Since Cricket makes use of AT&T’s network, if you live and work in a city, you should be able to get decent coverage. But you’re out of luck if you’re in the country.


Cricket is not a speed racer, with 4 Mbps download and 1.5 Mbps streaming speeds.
Customer service: Cricket’s customer service isn’t the finest, but they can handle basic inquiries.

All in all, cricket lives up to the hype. It is functional, affordable, and lacks fast internet download rates. For people who mainly want to call, text, and use a few apps, this is the ideal phone.

A $25 activation charge will be applied to the amount if you choose to visit a store.

Options for Cricket Wireless Features

  1. Cricket Wireless provides two “as needed” add-ons for particular situations in addition to three extra options.
  2. Cricket Protect is an optional device protection package that includes coverage for loss or damage to the device as well as, in some areas, a $29 cracked screen repair.
  3. You may use your smartphone as a Wi-Fi hotspot for other devices, such as a PC or tablet, using the optional Mobile Hotspot service.

Cricket International

  1. People who make a lot of international calls want to think about getting the international calling add-on.
  2. In addition to unlimited calling to 35 countries worldwide, the higher-tier package offers unlimited texting of pictures and videos (MMS).
  3. For $10, those with data-capped plans may get an extra GB of high-speed data. Cricket also provides country-specific international calling, which gives a pool of minutes and limitless image and video messaging if you require international calling alternatives for a particular nation.

Where Can I Get 5G Cricket Wireless?

Especially in the eastern region of the country, major cities and most major roads across the country have access to Cricket Wireless’ 5G network. Cricket clients connect to the 4G LTE network in areas where 5G is not accessible.

FAQ for Cricket Wireless

Can I still register for cricket matches?

You can switch to Cricket if you have an unlocked GSM phone. By calling Cricket’s customer service or visiting a shop, you can receive assistance.

Can you use cricket to make international calls?

Cricket offers two international plans: $5 for Cricket International and $15 for Cricket International Extra. The International Extra plan’s ability to record video messages is the primary distinction. Texting across borders is included with both plans.

You can still make calls to Mexico and Canada if you don’t have an international plan, but you can’t make calls to any nations outside of North America.

If I switch to Cricket, can I still maintain my phone number?

Sure. All you have to do is supply a little more information:

  1. Current number on a wireless phone
  2. Password and account login
  3. Your Social Security number’s final four digits
  4. ZIP code for billing

Is it possible to move all of my contacts to my new phone?

Your previous phone number will be transferred to a new SIM card. This is going to greatly simplify your life.

Sure. To begin with, you must use your current device’s cloud storage service—such as Google Contacts or iCloud—to keep your contacts. After that, you may move contacts to your new phone using the same service.

Examine your previous phone’s user manual before transitioning from a flip phone to a smartphone. It ought to include directions on how to move contacts to a different phone.

How can I sign up with Cricket Wireless?

In addition to its own retail locations, Cricket Wireless has a nationwide network of approved merchants. Additionally, you may reach 1-800-CRICKET (1-800-274-2538) Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. ET and on Sundays from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. ET.

If you want to buy a phone directly from Cricket, shipping is free, and the entire transaction may be completed online via the Cricket Wireless website. In addition, the carrier has an online chat feature that may assist you with the same inquiries that a phone agent can handle.

Can we get a trial term from Cricket Wireless?

Nope. Cricket is a prepaid carrier, so when you sign up for service, you also pay for the device and the first month’s service. The gadget and any extras you buy are covered by a brief money-back guarantee.

Is there a money-back guarantee offered by Cricket Wireless?

Indeed, but it has limitations. Cricket’s money-back guarantee is only valid for newly acquired, unopened, and/or unactivated devices and accessories. Additionally, the return must be completed within seven days after delivery. Cricket exclusively reimburses fees for services that were purchased online; it does not issue refunds for services that were purchased in-store. Moreover, you can only get that return if you never turned on the gadget.

How can I get my Cricket Wireless cell phone service terminated?

Cricket does not offer an online cancellation option for its services. During regular business hours, you must contact Cricket Customer Service at 1-800-CRICKET (1-800-274-2538) in order to cancel. In the event that a device is momentarily lost or stolen, the carrier also allows users to temporarily stop lines.

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