Clone Hero: Ultimate Guide to Best Rhythm Games, Alternatives & More

Clone Hero: Ultimate Guide to Best Rhythm Games, Alternatives & More

Ryan Foster created the immensely famous freeware music rhythm video game Clone Hero, which is a near-exact replica of the legendary Guitar Hero series. The game was first made available in alpha in 2017 and was eventually launched in full in 2022.

Clone Hero is well-known for its wide range of customization choices, especially the installable custom songs feature, which has contributed to the development of a devoted player, creator, and influencer community.

In addition to offering a thorough rundown of how to download, install, and improve your Clone Hero experience, this guide also offers insight into the game’s active community and prominent content developers.

Key Takeaways

  • Similar to Guitar Hero, Ryan Foster created the free rhythm game Clone Hero, which was eventually launched in 2022. A devoted community is fostered by the game’s vast customization options, which include the ability to install and play original tunes.
  • Clone Hero may be downloaded and installed quickly from the official website; no further installation procedures are needed; all that is needed is file extraction.
  • For a customized experience, users can add their music to the game’s “songs” folder by downloading them from community resources.
  • For the best possible experience, the game includes a wide range of setting modifications, including adjustments for the controller, audio, and visuals.
  • With tools like Facebook groups, subreddits, and Discord, Clone Hero has a vibrant community where members can remain informed and share personalized content.
  • Troubleshooting advice is provided to handle common difficulties and ensure a seamless gaming experience.

What is a Clone Hero?

Ryan Foster’s freeware music rhythm video game Clone Hero was originally made available in alpha form on March 1, 2017, and it was eventually made available in full on November 29, 2022. The gameplay of the game is almost the same as that of the Guitar Hero franchise. Though it does come with pre-loaded tracks that the artists have permission to use, Clone Hero is well renowned for the creative songs that can be placed on it.

How to Install and Download Clone Hero

  • Step 1: Visit, the official website of Clone Hero. Select the v0.23.2.2 download option. When a new version is made available, the version number will also change.
  • Step 2: If this version is compatible with the operating system on your PC, click the Download button on the new page. Click “Can’t find your operating system?” if not. After that, it will show every Clone Hero version compatible with each OS, allowing you to select the appropriate one.
  • Step 3: A 7z compressed file will be downloaded to you after the Clone Hero download is finished. It is best to use programs like WINRAR and 7z to extract files from it.
  • Step 4: Installing Clone Hero may be a question that some people have. There is no need to install this game. The extracted folder just has to be placed in one location, which will serve as the installation path for the game.
  • Step 5: After the folder has been extracted, open it and make a music folder.

How to Include Music in Clone Hero

You ought to download some music for Clone Hero first. Downloading Clone Hero music is not a difficult task because you can download songs with ease using a website and a public Docs document.

These are the links to them:

  1. Clone Hero Songs
  2. Use this link to search charts:

First, download the tracks for Clone Hero and place them in the music folder.

  • It’s possible that someone submitted a compressed file with much of the music in it. In this instance, all you have to do is download and extract the file. After that, transfer this music to the songs folder you just made.
  • A single song may be all that someone uploads. They didn’t upload a folder with everything associated with the music in this instance. Then all of these files—album. png, background.jpg, song.ini, song.ogg, and others—should be downloaded. After that, compile them into a folder and transfer it to the music folder you just made.

Step 2: To start the game, double-click the Clone Hero app. After that, choose Settings > General > Scan Songs. This will enable Clone Hero to identify the tracks you recently moved into the songs folder.

How to Include Music in Clone Hero

Setting Up Preferences

Run the “Clone Hero” executable file to start the game after the files have been extracted. Set up the game’s settings a little before you start to get the most out of it.

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Video Configuration:

  • Resolution: Select the resolution that works best on your screen.
  • Fullscreen: Switch between the windowed and fullscreen modes.
  • VSync: To lessen screen tearing, either enable or disable VSync.

Sound Configurations:

  • Audio Device: Choose the output device that you want.
  • Lateness Buffer: To get the best audio performance, change the buffer’s size.

Controller Settings:

  • To map the buttons on your controller, press “Space.”
  • Adjust the tilt sensor and whammy bar.

Local Resources

The vibrant community provides participants with a wealth of resources. Become a member of the official Facebook group, subreddit, or Discord server to interact with other players, exchange original music, and learn about new releases.

Troubleshooting Typical Problems

  • In case your controller isn’t detected, attempt to utilize another USB port or adapter.
  • Update your audio drivers or modify the “Latency Buffer” option to address latency problems with audio.
  • Try launching the game as an administrator or in compatibility mode if it crashes.

The History of Clone Hero

Srylian’s love of creating Guitar Hero-style games served as the inspiration for Clone Hero, a game he created in 2012. After its 2017 release, a thriving community of producers, influencers, and ardent followers was swiftly established. The enduring love for Guitar Hero and Rock Band, as well as the active participation of content developers who broadened the game’s audience, helped boost its appeal.

The Influencers of Clone Hero

Competent Guitar Hero users frequently moved to Twitch and YouTube during the game’s heyday. With hundreds of thousands of followers, influencers like Acai consistently broadcast Clone Hero videos, sustaining the game’s appeal and active community.

The Community Content of Clone Hero

One distinctive quality of the Clone Hero community is its independence. Clone Hero promotes creative freedom with a simplified download and detection mechanism, in contrast to Guitar Hero’s altered versions. Custom music and charts made by players turn Clone Hero into a vibrant community-driven content hub that sets the game apart from other indie video games.

Including Note Skins, Backgrounds, and Custom Highways

Your experience may be further customized by adding unique note skins, backdrops, and highways.

  • You may either make your own or download the unique materials from neighborhood websites.
  • In your game directory, locate the downloaded files in the corresponding “Highways,” “Backgrounds,” or “Note Skins” folders inside the “Custom” folder.
  • To choose your personalized assets, open the game and go to “Settings” > “Game Modifiers.”

Configuring the Multiplayer Mode

You may play the game with friends in both local and online multiplayer modes.

  • To play local multiplayer, attach more controllers to your PC.
  • Go to the “Player Setup” option and designate a player for each controller.
  • Select a tune and begin performing it together.

Internet multiplayer:

  • The “Clone Hero Online” mod may be downloaded and installed from the official website.
  • To create an online server or sign up for an already-existing one, follow the procedures provided.
  • Find online players to jam with or invite pals.

Configuring the Multiplayer Mode

Controls for Guitar Clone Hero

Keyboard Functions

  • Fret Buttons: To strike notes, press one of the five colored buttons (Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange).
  • To add depth to your playing, sustain the pedal and press with your foot to hold sounds longer.

Controls for Drums

  • Cymbals and Pads: Five cymbals and pads, one for each color of the note: Orange (bass drum pedal), Blue (tom/cymbal), Green (floor tom/cymbal), Yellow (hi-hat/cymbal), and Red (snare).
  • Bass Pedal: Press the pedal down in sync with the music using your foot.
  • Activation of Star Power: Press down on the Blue and Yellow crash cymbals at the same time.

Controls for a guitar

  • Fret Buttons: For striking notes and holding chords, there are five colored buttons (Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, and Orange).
  • Strumming up or down using a strum bar allows you to play notes and chords.
  • Whammy Bar: By tilting it up and down, it raises Star Power and adds vibrato to sustained sounds.

Activation of Star Power

Star Power doubles your score multiplier when you tilt the guitar controller upward or hit the Select button.

Changing the Controls

  • Customization of Guitars: To adjust the strum bar sensitivity, fret button mappings, and other settings, go to Options > Controls > Guitar.
  • Customization of Drums: To change the sensitivity of the pad and remap the buttons, navigate to Options > Controls > Drums.
  • Personalized Keyboard: To change the sensitivity of the sustain pedal and remap the fret buttons, go to Options > Controls > Keyboard.

Clone Hero Tricks & Advice

  • Practice challenging passages by utilizing the “Practice Mode.”
  • You may adjust the game’s speed to facilitate song learning.
  • Try out several “Game Modifiers” to put yourself to the test or alter the way you play.

Top 15 Clone Hero Alternatives – Best Rhythm Games

If you like Clone Hero but want to try out some other rhythm games, these fifteen thorough options provide a range of musical challenges and gameplay types.

1. Rock Band Series

Like Guitar Hero, Rock Band lets you play with drums, bass, piano, and vocals in addition to the standard instrumentation. For those who want a wide music selection and a live band sound, it’s a great substitute.

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2. Guitar Hero Series

Clone Hero takes its cues from the Guitar Hero series, which offers a huge song collection and iconic guitar and band gameplay. It provides fans of Clone Hero with a comforting and recognizable experience.

3. osu!

A free rhythm game with many game modes and a vast song library created by the community, osu! emphasizes time and accuracy. For those who like playing competitive rhythm games, it’s an excellent option.

4. Phase Shift

Phase Shift is a highly configurable rhythm game that lets users load their tracks and works with a variety of instrument controllers. For those who adore the customizability of Clone Hero, it’s a fantastic substitute.

5. StepMania

StepMania is an open-source rhythm game with substantial modding support that emulates the gameplay of a dance pad. For those who enjoy personalized content and Dance Dance Revolution, this is a fantastic substitute.

6. Frets on Fire

In the open-source rhythm game Frets on Fire, users take on the role of a guitar by using their keyboard. For those who like composing their music, it’s a great option because it has a song editor for making original songs.

7. Beat Saber

In the virtual reality rhythm game Beat Saber, users use lightsabers to cut through blocks that represent musical beats. It’s a compelling substitute for anyone seeking a distinct virtual reality encounter.

8. Thumper

In the rhythm violence game Thumper, severe physicality, fast-paced action, and traditional rhythm action are all combined. It’s an intense and strikingly gorgeous alternative set in a hauntingly beautiful environment.

9. Audica

From the makers of Dance Central and Rock Band, comes Audica, a virtual reality rhythm shooter where players smash and blast targets to the beat of a soundtrack. If you’re looking for a fresh VR rhythm gaming experience, this is an exciting substitute.

10. Intralism

Intralism is a fast-paced rhythm game with a challenge and simple focus that can be played on Steam. It provides a community-driven method of songwriting, which attracts competitive players and makes it a fun substitute.

11. A Dance of Fire and Ice

In the rhythm game A Dance of Fire and Ice, you must control two circling planets over intricate tracks that are synced to music, testing your reflexes and timing. For fans of rhythm, it’s a novel and difficult substitute.

12. Cytus II

The narrative of the first Cytus is continued in Cytus II, a rhythm game with a large selection of tunes and challenging gameplay elements. For gamers who enjoy intricate storylines and a wide variety of musical styles, it’s a captivating substitute.

13. Taiko no Tatsujin

A drum-based rhythm game called Taiko no Tatsujin mimics the feel of playing traditional Japanese drums. For fans of rhythm games, it’s a fun and culturally diverse alternative with a large variety of tunes and gaming options.

14. DJMax Respect V

DJMax Respect V is a rhythm game with a large music library, hard gameplay, and multiplayer online. For gamers who want competitive gaming and high difficulty-levels, it’s a great option.

15. Deemo

Deemo is a narrative-based rhythm game with a variety of piano-focused tracks and exquisite hand-drawn graphics. For those who like their music and narration combined, it’s a compelling option since it provides a distinct narrative experience.


One notable example of the longevity of rhythm games and the inventiveness of their fan base is Clone Hero. Clone Hero provides a dynamic and unique gameplay experience with its easy-to-use interface for adding new tunes, extensive settings customization, and vibrant community involvement. The game has not only survived but also flourished thanks to the efforts of devoted players and influencers. Clone Hero offers countless chances for musical delight and artistic creativity, regardless of experience level in rhythm games.


What is Clone Hero?

Clone Hero is a free music rhythm video game created by Ryan Foster. It replicates the gameplay of the Guitar Hero franchise and allows players to install and play custom songs.

How do I download and install Clone Hero?

To download and install Clone Hero, visit the official website, download the appropriate version for your operating system, extract the files, and place the extracted folder in your desired location. No installation is required.

How can I add custom songs to Clone Hero?

Download songs from the provided links, move them into the ‘songs’ folder in the Clone Hero directory, and scan for new songs in the game settings.

What are the main controls for playing Clone Hero on guitar?

The main controls include fret buttons (green, red, yellow, blue, and orange), a strum bar for playing notes, a whammy bar for adding vibrato, and Star Power activation by tilting the controller or pressing the Select button.

Can I customize the controls in Clone Hero?

Yes, you can customize controls for guitar, drums, and keyboard in the game’s options menu. This includes remapping buttons and adjusting sensitivity settings.

Is there a multiplayer mode in Clone Hero?

Yes, Clone Hero supports both local and online multiplayer modes. You can connect additional controllers for local play or download a mod for online multiplayer.

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