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1337x is one of the most excellent torrent websites today. However, accessing this famous torrent website isn’t always smooth sailing. This is mostly because various torrent sites are often inaccessible in several regions. Read on to discover more about 1337x, including how you can access the 13377x torrent site without any hiccups.

What is What happened to

Unfortunately, is not working due to over usage of this site. But we have few other 100% working sites like For those unfamiliar with it, is a torrent site that offers many media and programs up for download. These include movies, songs, tv shows, and particular software.

First built in 2007, 1337x saw a rise in order after the eventual closure of another famous torrent site, KickassTorrents. However, 1337x was not released from being banned from Google search queries. This came regarding due to Feelgood Entertainment’s request to ban the website in 2015. As a result, 13377x torrentimmediately changed its former .pl domain to .to as a method of evading this block. It remains a favourite option for torrent downloads, including is even a favoured alternative to The Pirate Bay.

What are 1337x Proxy and Mirror Sites?

Seeing as various torrent sites – 1337x included – are often unavailable in some territories, you might require to examine using proxy and mirror sites. These sites are modifications of the original 1337x torrent website that hosts several movie torrents, among others. Though they usually have various URLs, the torrent contents they host are almost the related. Typically, mirrors and proxies for several top torrent sites continue not in the same region as their parent site. This helps improve path activities, decrease traffic, and ensure that the parent website contents are generally available for other torrent users.

Using a proxy service entails numerous benefits. Some of them include more active downloads during torrents every day and getting torrent websites many more available.

How to Use 1337x

There may be some moments to accessing and downloading movie torrents. Many enforcement groups, including agencies, seek legally approved procedures to eliminate these torrent sites’ presence. This is on top of their applications to collect information about the operators and users of those websites. While free torrents are not contraband, understanding how to use anonymously can help make torrenting less hassling also more comfortable.

As a result of the steady increase in anti-torrent services in recent times, several users are actively exploring ways of protecting their personal information and connections online. Innovative technologies, apps, and programs can help conceal your identity, enabling you to download free movies and different files from torrent websites anonymously.

Amidst keeping your identity secure online lies a Virtual Private Network, or VPN. A VPN service enables you to protect your IP (Internet Protocol) address toward the internet torrent. For the unaware, your IP address is your link to this internet. It also represents your identity on the internet. As such, you are using a VPN to conceal your IP address can be significant, particularly when it comes to reaching torrent websites. With your internet relationship identity hidden, you can scan and download content anonymously. 

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100% working torrent Mirrors/Proxys

Now that we’ve established the greatness of using a VPN when knowing how to use torrent, you’ll now need to have a list of different mirror and proxy servers for the site itself. Proxy and mirror sites are beneficial when you need to access a 13377x torrent approximately two. After all, if Internet Service Providers (ISPs) block an original torrent website, you can do a proxy website to access the content about the new torrent site. Here are some proxy websites that you can use to access 13377x movies and other media assortments:

  • 1337x.unblocked.n

1337x Alternatives websites 

Besides using proxy websites, there are various other torrent websites that you can access on your torrent search. Considering what kind of torrent you’re looking for, these alternatives are excellent for when the main 1337x website – or indeed it’s proxy servers – is down or inaccessible.      

Few more: Sites Like 13377x

1.The Pirate Bay 

Screenshot grabbed from

A trendy option in the torrenting community, The Pirate Bay first came into the torrent scene back in 2003. While it has faced several shutdowns over the years, The Pirate Bay (TPB for short) continues to be one of the best torrent websites today. The website offers a vast collection of torrents. Additionally, much like 13377x, it also has various proxies to make accessing TPB a breeze.


A bit of a various alternative compared to TPB, Limetorrents is an expansive torrent search engine. With that said, it does not have an institution of torrents. Instead, the torrent centre makes use of Limetorrents as a directory for various torrent websites. Furthermore, the website hosts Limetorrents-verified torrents. As such, companies can be assured that their torrent downloads of the website have a significantly more little chance of receiving any malware, including the like.


For those who prioritize movies if it comes to their torrents the best working sites like, YIFY will be the best option for you. Also recognized as YTS (YIFY Torrents Solution), the website boasts various films to choose from. Do take note that its library essentially focuses on movies, so if you’re watching for other types of media, then you’re fine off with a separate option instead.


In 2008, RARBG had an expansive library of torrents that range from films to games to even software. The site’s user interface is manageable and easy to navigate, too. Plus, the RARBG area remains active, so its torrent library always updates the latest movies, including different media releases.


TORLOCK is one of the greatest sites if you are looking towithdraw potentially fake torrents. It is effortless to operate the website, and it features an extensive database of content that you can download. It also highlights a Top 100 list that will tell you everything you need to know about the most famous content available on the market today. We love that TORLOCK pays its users $1 for every fake torrent they find on the website. According to the website, they have completed 5 million verified torrents that will guarantee you get what you are looking for when downloading.

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If movies are your work and you like all the newest movies, YTS.AM/YTS.AG will be one of the top websites that you can consider checking out. The areas only focus on films and feature a massive directory to determine what you are looking for. The torrents are also known to be easy on your capacity. It also has an enormous user base with dedicated seeders the best working sites like that will guarantee you can stream some about your favourite content with little effort, including waiting times.


TorrentDownloads is another one of those websites that will offer you clear and concise quality torrents. The site has a detailed information page, and with amassive database, it will be easy to find anything you might be looking for. All the information is more displayed concerning each of the torrents you force select. If you’re watching for torrents for books, then torrent downloads would be the most suitable option for you. Additionally, the website includes a comment section and enables the users to rate the torrents once they have been downloaded. This will make it easier to withdraw potential false torrents and help that community discover what they are looking for. It is one of the top choices if you are looking for reliable torrents.


If you are viewing torrents of your popular TV shows, EZTV torrents will be an excellent option. The site has been laid out efficiently, andit is possible to find better and newer TV shows. The websites do not focus on movies that much, but you should, however, find a couple of movies if you need something. It’s like 1337x proxy can be accessed through the etc. The best site like 1337x proxy to watch all latest movies and tv shows.

9. Torrentz2

While not a torrent website in and though itself, Torrentz2 is an index that helps users find the most suitable torrents for the content they are looking for from an extensivedirectory of different torrent websites. It is excellent for finding older content that you could have trouble finding on your own.

10.Torrent Galaxy 

Torrent Galaxy the best working sites like has one of the cleaner website designs, including limited obscure publications that are NSFW. The directory is easy, and you can find an extensive database of content that you force be looking for without too many hassles. It might not yet be as famous,but it is slowly growing in traffic, including trusted seeders.


There’s no denying the perks and advantages that appear with torrents. They open up a world of convenience when it appears to access several programs and media online. With 1337x one among many of the most trustworthy torrent sites out there, it’s clear that the torrenting world will only continue to flourish in the years to come.

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