Top Features to Integrate into Your Real Estate App

Mobile phones help us accomplish a lot of tasks in our daily lives. Fifteen years ago, people had mobile phones, but their function was to text and call contacts. Today, mobile phones have transformed into smartphones and are as good as the number of applications they can support. With the rapid digitalization of our world, mobiles are leading the way forward.

The Real Estate industry is no different from this change. The only rule for surviving and thriving in this era of digitalization is to take risks and initiatives. One such initiative in this industry is real estate app development. With the property search trend increasing daily, buying and selling have become easier for businesses and individuals.

Everything is possible from one app, which is why this digital revolution has made things convenient for end users. It has also become more accessible for businesses to extend their services through smartphones and grow.

In this article, we are going to dissect the research of a renowned mobile app development company , and learn about the top features to integrate into your real estate app to taste success.

Buying property through a real estate app

In this age of digitalization, commerce has become eCommerce, and everything has shifted to mobile phone applications. Everyone wants to either be a part of a mobile app development company or start one to capitalize on the opportunity of the digital revolution.

The real estate market is one such industry where possibilities are endless. If you want to take your real estate business online through an application, you can acquire the services of one of the top Mobile app development company to work on your android app and iOS developers for iOS-powered apps. Make sure you integrate all the best features for your consumers if you want to taste success in the digital market.

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User-friendly Interface

The first step towards success is to take your user on board with an interface that is not only creative but also easy to understand and use. Many companies use complex interfaces that require a lot of hard work for any developer to create. However, if the user won’t understand the intricate working of that platform, they will use it. So, always keep a user-friendly interface even if you compromise on creativity.

Database and listings

If that platform wants to succeed, this feature should be on every real estate app. The listing comprises all properties that are in the same mobile application. Listed properties are defined in several categories. It becomes convenient for buyers and sellers alike when they are provided with categories where properties are listed.

Procurement of properties

If your listing defines you as a buyer, the mobile application will only show you properties for sale. You will be their end user who logins to purchase the property(s). You can see the details of that particular property and its location on an integrated map. From the seller’s contact number, you can call them and know more information, conduct negotiations, and much more. You can also see the images of that specific property.

Property Seller

Suppose your registration is as a seller in your app. In that case, you can upload the details of a property, along with its pinned location, images, contact details, and other essential information from where you can receive messages or calls about potential buyers.

You must input as much information about that property as possible. You should also be open for inquiries, and evaluation parties, and entertain everyone indiscriminately, as they can be your next customer.

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Rental Properties

Properties that are available for rent should have their category. The candidates or tenants looking to rent a property should input their requirements and budget. The app will show them results based on filters users have placed to enhance their search. In this way, rental properties will have a great chance of getting tenants, and the involvement of a physical third party can also be eliminated.


Every app requires some filters where users can enhance their search. Filter helps users preset their requirements and invest their time, energy, and resources in scouting the best properties. Real estate apps must have the following filters for the best user experience:

  • Area
  • Budget
  • Type of property
  • Size of space
  • Residential/Commercial
  • Amenities/luxuries

Profile segments

For any successful real estate app, a profile segmentation feature is essential. Property profiles are necessary when any user is conducting a property survey on the app. It is critical to know any shape of property they make their choice. A profile should concentrate on providing the property’s essential details and characteristics, including the ownership history, parties, etc.

The plotted may, and comparison of two or more properties should also be featured in this segment. A blueprint should also be provided upon request to the potential customer. All real estate mobile applications should employ these features to deliver the best user experience.

The app that tells a great deal of information is considered the most reliable, which is why it is essential to keep everything transparent to secure all investment transactions. In any business, developing trust is very important, which is why we highly recommend our readers build android and iOS platforms that deliver quality and promise the trust and safety of users.

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