CRM: 20 Best Customer Relationship Management Software 2022

No matter the sector, businesses cannot exist without consumers. As a result, businesses that wish to succeed need to develop and sustain good customer connections. Implementing CRM software is one of the finest strategies to enhance your customer connections.

What Is Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?

CRM software was created to streamline and speed up the customer relationship management process. The capabilities included in some of this software range from categorizing customer data to more simplified and effective access to records and logs. As technology advance over time, software solutions become ever more effective, which ultimately leads to an advancement in customer relationship management techniques. Sales dashboards that offer a brief summary of how the sales processes are performing are frequently praised by sales managers.

What Is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software?

The simplest definition of Client Relationship Manager (CRM) is a procedure for controlling customer relations in your company. However, it may also refer to a way of thinking, a strategy, or a piece of software.

CRM software was created to streamline and speed up the customer management process. It aids companies in keeping track of and managing customer contacts as well as documenting communications between a company, its potential clients, and its current clients.

The Benefits Of CRM Software

CRM software compiles all client information in one location and enables organizations to spur development and profitability. It facilitates, among other things, the following for businesses:

Improve Efficiency – Improved project management, simpler team communication, and better workflow are all made possible by having all of your company’s data in one location.

Have More Transparency – Every employee in your company has access to information about your business operations, which promotes greater clarity and improved cooperation.

Retain Customers – Everyone can operate more confidently when they rely on a single source of truth, which will ultimately result in stronger customer connections.

Increase Sales – Sales and sales productivity will grow as a result of streamlining the sales process, creating a funnel, automating operations, and collecting and evaluating sales data.

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Choosing The Right CRM

With so many CRM software options available, picking the best tool for your company is no simple feat. It may rapidly become overwhelming with anything from basic tools to more complete solutions. The reality is that there is no right or incorrect response; it all relies on the requirements of your company. We examined most of the top CRM products available to you in order to make your assessment process simpler. Here are our picks for the best 2o CRM tools available.

Every CRM Software Listed Here:

  • Is rather simple to use and requires little setup time.
  • Its certain qualities that set it apart from other CRM programs
  • Is from a reliable supplier, has frequent updates, and has strong security

Best 20 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software In 2022

#1. Scoro

CRM software

With a comprehensive collection of capabilities, including as sales pipeline management, project & task management, collaboration, billing, and reporting, Scoro CRM software aids in the coordination of your sales process and enhances the effectiveness of your team.


  • Drag & drop your leads with ease from one step to the next while managing them in a pipeline view.
  • Get a quick overview of each client, including their contact information, quotations, history of communications, connected projects, etc.
  • Learn how to handle your projects, calendar, invoicing, and other aspects of your sales process.

What’s Interesting About This Tool: Scoro reduces the time you now spend on reporting, meetings, and double data entry by more than 50%.

Pricing: From $26 user/month

#2. Sugar CRM

CRM software

You may view a summary of the whole customer journey with Sugar CRM, which also provides the contextual knowledge required for a full customer perspective and opportunity anticipation.


  • handling of accounts
  • Possibility management
  • cooperation in sales
  • Pipeline administration
  • Automation of processes

Interesting Fact About This Tool: To achieve both short-term and long-term goals, create many customized dashboards.

Pricing: From $80 user/month

#3. SalesForce

CRM software

Salesforce links sales to customer service, marketing, and other departments so you may uncover selling opportunities throughout your whole company.

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  • Contact administration
  • cooperation in sales
  • lead supervision
  • integration of email
  • predicting sales

What’s intriguing about this tool is that it provides you with an exact picture of your complete organization together with thorough projections.

Pricing: $25 per user each month for Sales Cloud.

#4. PipeDrive

CRM software

Pipedrive is a sales management application for small teams that helps to prevent the loss of crucial tasks and discussions by visualizing your sales funnel.

Top Qualities:

  • Contact information
  • Tracking and integration of emails
  • Setting objectives and reporting
  • Integration of Google applications

What’s intriguing about this application is how thoroughly it has transformed the cumbersome world of CRM into a user-friendly solution.

Pricing: A basic package starts at $12.50 per user per month.

#5. WORKetc

CRM software

With integrated CRM, projects, billing, help desk, reporting, and collaboration features, WORKetc is a single cloud computing platform.

Top Qualities:

  • Access to clients and project management
  • certain fields
  • Outlook and Gmail add-ins
  • History of customer accounts
  • Billing with several currencies

What’s intriguing about this solution is that you can make sure the client is always taken care of by integrating support issues immediately into all sections of WORKetc.

Pricing: Two users start at $78 per month.

#6. Insightly

CRM software

With tools for project and company administration, Insightly is a potent CRM application.

Top Qualities:

  • Routing leads for effective lead management
  • Process automation
  • management of email
  • tying relationships

What’s intriguing about this application is that Insightly CRM is made to fit every experience level, from novice CRM users to seasoned sales professionals.

Price: From $29 per month per user

#7. Keap (formerly infusionsoft)

CRM software

Keap is software created especially for small businesses. It consolidates your client information and everyday chores into one location, relieving you of tedious tasks and giving you more time to concentrate on expanding your business and providing excellent service.

Top Qualities:

  • Integration between Outlook and Gmail
  • individual communications
  • templates for pre-written emails

What’s intriguing about this technology is that when you add a new lead, Smart Forms allows you to immediately get the precise information you want.

Pricing: From $79 per month

#8. Freshdesk

CRM software


Customer relationship management and an automated help desk are combined by Freshdesk. You’ll be able to better service your consumers because of your increased understanding of them.

Top Qualities:

  • Strong ticketing
  • Customer service
  • planned reporting

What’s remarkable about this technology is that you can use it to assist your clients in getting immediate answers by building a knowledge base that is accessible anytime they require it.

Price: $15 per user each month

#9. Zoho CRM


With the aid of Zoho CRM, you can connect with prospects at the correct time, interact with them across all available channels, and complete more transactions more effectively.

Top Qualities:

  • Integration of email for quick overview
  • Visitor tracking and sales information with SalesIQ
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Social media marketing for social media

What’s intriguing about this product is that you can make mundane jobs into competitions with Zoho CRM and watch your salespeople compete to send the most emails or add the most notes.

Price: $15 per user each month.

#10. Creatio (formerly bpm online)


Creatio is an innovative platform that combines a unified CRM with an intelligent BPM system to link marketing, sales, and customer support.

Top Qualities:

  • Management of accounts and contacts
  • data enrichment with intelligence
  • panel for communication
  • generating leads

What’s intriguing about this technology is that users may like postings and contribute thoughts and comments, mimicking social network characteristics.

Price: $30 per user each month.

#11. HubSpot CRM


Your pipeline can be easily managed, tracked, and expanded using HubSpot CRM.

Top Qualities:

  • Utilize complete visibility to manage your pipeline.
  • Automated sales activity recording
  • View all lead information in one location.

The tool’s noteworthy feature is that it’s a part of a comprehensive set of sales productivity tools that sync with your email and simplify every facet of selling.

Price: starting at €36.80 per month.

#12. Apptivo


By following up with every lead and closing transactions, Apptivo CRM software aids in boosting sales.

Top Qualities:

  • Sales pipeline
  • Conversions
  • Web lead collection
  • CRM on the go

What’s intriguing about this tool is that you may completely personalize each app’s appearance by adding or removing pre-existing fields that are exclusive to your company.

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Paid plans start at $8 per user per month.

#13. PipelineDeals


With unrivaled visibility into every step of their sales funnel, PipelineDeals CRM enables salespeople and their managers to plan and grow their client connections.

Top Qualities:

  • portable access.
  • Sales pipeline transparency
  • account individualization.
  • Importing data
  • individual list views.

What makes this tool interesting: Install the iPhone or Android applications on your phone or tablet to view your sales funnel from anywhere.

Pricing: $25 per user per month

#14. Zendesk (formerly base)


A sales force automation tool called Zendesk Sell helps teams of salespeople work more efficiently and see their pipelines more clearly.

Top Qualities:

  • Live chat on Zendesk
  • robotic outreach
  • Reporting on activity
  • establishing a prospect list

What’s intriguing about this tool is that it includes a special function called an auto-dialer that calls people on your contact list. To keep salespeople involved, the following number is automatically called once the previous one has ended.

Price: $93 per user per month

#15. Microsoft Dynamics 365

microsoft dynamics

With the help of social insights, business intelligence, and campaign management in the cloud, on-premises, or in a hybrid configuration, Microsoft Dynamics CRM increases sales productivity and marketing performance.

Top Qualities:

  • Management of Customer Opportunities
  • Analytics for sales and reports
  • CRM on the go
  • Forecasting sales

What’s intriguing about this product is that it integrates digital intelligence into every sale, enabling you to anticipate consumer demands and provide the individualized attention that fosters relationships and generates money.

Price: From $63 per user each month

#16. Nimble


From a variety of data sources, Nimble automatically updates itself with the pertinent prospect and customer information.

Top Qualities:

  • Contact Administration
  • Marketing and Sales Automation
  • Deal Pipeline and Reporting
  • Email Analytics and Tracking
  • iPhone and Android App

This tool’s intriguing feature: To save time and have more accurate CRM data, let Nimble automatically build and update contact details.

Cost: $19 per user each month

#17. Odoo


Odoo is a user-friendly open-source ERP and CRM program.

Top Qualities:

  • Customizable predictions and dashboards
  • Scripted automated operations for selling
  • Real-time communications to improve teamwork

What makes this tool interesting: With just one click, convert purchase and sales orders into invoices, and use a sales add-on to follow them all the way to payment.

Price: $12 per month per user.

#18. Less Annoying CRM


Less irritable CRM is a straightforward, approachable solution created especially for small enterprises.

Top Qualities:

  • Contact administration
  • a schedule and tasks
  • pipelines and leads
  • Simple personalization

What makes this tool interesting: Less irritable CRM is hassle-free for small businesses and easy operations.

Cost: $15 per user each month

#19. Capsule CRM

capsule crm

All of your company contacts can be stored and managed in one location with Capsule CRM. All connections, not only those with clients. Manage contacts, leads, clients, suppliers, and other things.

Top Qualities:

  • Add notes, then archive emails.
  • Add contracts, proposals, and other files to your document.
  • Tasks that need to be done for each contact may be added and completed.
  • Share contacts with coworkers so that you all have access to the same, most recent version of them.

Interesting feature of this tool: Through the sales dashboard, Capsule CRM provides a rapid summary of possibilities, including prospective values, where they are in the process, and what has to be done next.

Price: $12 per month per user

#20. Podio


A versatile and incredibly adaptable web center for team and professional communication is Podio.

Top Qualities:

  • Assign tasks, add files, and talk about specifics inside the solution
  • Share huge, encrypted files.
  • Automate your project budget tracking, sales funnels, and other processes.
  • Utilize visual dashboards to get a general picture of your business.
  • Automate your processes.

What makes this tool unique is that you can add if-this-then-that logic to Podio apps using the workflows feature. For instance, tell your app to create a task each time an item is created or each time a certain edit to an item is done.

Price: A full feature set starts at 24 dollars per month per user.



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