15 Best BIM 360 Document Management Software in 2023

bim 360 document management

BIM 360 document management is a unified BIM platform that provides real-time data to construction project teams to help them make better decisions. To link your data and workflows, BIM 360 document management interfaces with a number of technologies. Takeoff, design coordination, estimating, bid management, and accounting are some of the software categories that BIM 360 connects with.

15 Best BIM 360 Document Management Software in 2023

The BIM 360 document management mobile app allows users of the Document Management, Field Management, and Project Management modules to view and collaborate on project papers, checklists, daily logs, and problems while on the go.

Review and Overview of Autodesk BIM 360 document management

Any high-quality construction project needs end-to-end planning, coordination, and monitoring. It’s also linked to on-time submissions and sticking to budgets, as well as better safety and lowered risks. Any problems with data on the project site could cost your company a lot of money.

As a result, you’ll need a solid platform that can handle all of your construction management demands while also allowing you to work with confidence. Autodesk BMI 360 may be the solution you need to plan and optimize your projects while also dealing with the problems you encounter on the job.

Managing construction projects from a single management team

Autodesk BIM 360 document management is a single cloud-based platform for managing construction documents. It allows you and your team to access and share all project data from a single place. It gives you the ability to forecast project results and execute them on schedule. It automates most of your work and keeps a close eye on quality control to cut down on rework and its costs. BIM’s safety management feature lets you see both the good and bad effects of your actions, so you can improve your process and avoid problems in the future.

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Manage the complete lifespan of your project

BIM 360 document management helps you manage and improve your project all the way through its life. With BIM, multidisciplinary teams may collaborate on designs in real-time and share them through a simplified process. Every change you make to your Revit models can be seen and tracked during construction and building operations.

It lets teams compare versions, find and solve problems, and improve review work in the process. With the use of constructability review software, this may be accomplished. BIM cooperation and coordination lead to better and faster delivery of constructible models by incorporating all stakeholders and keeping the entire team in sync.

Autodesk BIM 360 document management, you can drive innovation in your company

Analytics on BIM, which is powered by machine learning, let you go deeper and learn more about each project’s performance. You’ll be able to evaluate the entire picture and keep tabs on the project status through daily reporting and risk prediction, even if there are a lot of change orders and RFIs.

Over 70 software connections make it easy to work efficiently and save time even when you’re not there. As a result, Autodesk BMI 360 primarily functions as a digital strategy that helps you to make better-informed business decisions while also putting you on the path to success.

BIM 360 Cost

Cost: ITQlick experts have given Bim 360 cost rating of 1.2/5 (where 1-2 means low cost and 4-5 means high cost). Bim 360 cost information is not available on the software’s official website. The Bim 360 cost of a Fieldwire license starts at $44 per user per month and $29 per user per year. It comes with a free trial as well as a free version. BuilderTrend is a monthly subscription service that starts at $99 per month. Touchplan’s pricing information is not accessible on the software’s official website.

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1. Textura

bim 360 document management

Textura is a construction management software that includes everything you need for collaboration and efficiency.

2. Procore

bim 360 document management

Procore is a construction management software with an all-in-one platform to let you work more efficiently and collaborate more effectively.

3. Aconex


Owners, general contractors, and project managers benefit from Aconex, a construction project management software.

4. Buildertrend


BuilderTrend is software for housebuilders and remodelers that helps them construct more quickly and save money.

5. CoConstruct


Based on 13 votes by CoConstruct.

6. Co-Construct


Co-Construct is software for bespoke house builders and remodelers. It’s a type of…

7. Acculynx


All of these features are included in a single suite, so there’s no need to buy anything else.

8. JobNimbus


The user interface is available on both desktop and mobile devices, allowing you to access all of the information.

9. BuildTools


It has communication modules, project scheduling, project budget management, a module for choosing a house builder, and a document repository, among other things.

10. Newforma


People can choose from a lot of different tools to help them with their projects, like the Project Center, Contract Management, Building Information Management, Project Cloud, and Mobile.

11. Oracle Primavera

Oracle Primavera

Primavera is an Oracle product. It helps to cut down on the risk of a project going over schedule, and it also makes planning more efficient.

12. Corecon


Contact management, lead tracking, estimates, contracts, bills, procurement, etc. are just a few of the tools accessible.

13. BuildPro


It’s a cloud-based technology that puts supply chain management and construction schedule in the palm of your hand…

14. DataForma


It eliminates paper from the management process and increases the establishment’s productivity.

15. eSUB


It includes daily reports, information requests, change orders, submittals, purchase orders, and pay applications, among other things.

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