20 Best SolarWinds Alternatives In 2023

solarwinds alternatives

A software firm called SolarWinds creates products to assist organizations in managing their IT networks, systems, and infrastructure. David and Donald Yonce launched the business in 1999. SolarWinds currently serves businesses, MSPs, DevOps, and IT professionals worldwide from its headquarters in Austin, Texas.

The software company also provides log management and analytics with SolarWinds Loggly and IT performance monitoring through Orion. SolarWinds had $1.02 billion in sales in 2020. The company has roughly 3,200 workers and anticipates $712 million to $716 million in sales in 2021. SolarWinds extended its goods and services through acquisitions. After purchasing Loggly in 2018, the firm joined the log management and analytics sector. Its IT management solution, Orion, serves more than 30,000 enterprises.

In 2019, Russian APT29 hackers broke into the company’s network and infected Orion with malware. More than 18,000 SolarWinds customers were impacted by the malicious malware, which propagated undiscovered throughout 2020. SolarWinds managed to stave off significant competition like ServiceNow, Microsoft, ManageEngine, Freshworks, and Splunk.

Top 20 Alternative To SolarWinds

Here are some of the best alternatives to SolarWinds for you to try for your business.

1. Atlassian


Atlassian is an Australian software firm that delivers enterprise-level solutions. Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, and Trello are just a few of the company’s market-leading business management tools. Atlassian has 5,752 workers and made $1.6 billion in sales in 2021.

In the past two years, Atlassian has made significant investments in Jira Service Management. Percept. AI, which provides automated virtual agent assistance, was bought by Atlassian in January 2022. This follows other purchases, including Halp, Mindville, and ThinkTilt.

Jira Service Management will get a competitive advantage over SolarWinds by integrating these technologies. Atlassian currently provides workflow automation for DevOps, project management, IT support, and more on a single platform with the help of these technologies. A worthy rival to SolarWinds is Atlassian.

2. Zendesk


Helpdesk and customer management solutions are offered by the SaaS business Zendesk.

The startup uses AI to help enterprises increase customer engagement and efficiency. In 2021, over 3,570 people worked for Zendesk, and the company brought in roughly $1.3 billion in sales.

Although Zendesk Support Suite competes with SolarWinds Online Help Desk, Zendesk Helpdesk competes with SolarWinds Service Desk.

Zendesk purchased the AI firm Cleverly in August 2021. Zendesk’s customer support skills will be enhanced by this purchase, giving them an alternative advantage against SolarWinds.

3. Microsoft


Microsoft is a global technology firm that provides comprehensive business solutions. Its Dynamics 365 platform, which combines CRM and ERP, offers an all-in-one company management platform. In 2021, Microsoft had 166,475 workers and generated $143.02 billion in sales.

In June 2021, Microsoft became the second firm to attain a $2 trillion market valuation. Microsoft’s broad business management tools are its key competitive edge against SolarWinds. Most firms already utilise Microsoft products such as Azure and Teams. SolarWinds faces stiff competition from Microsoft.

4. ServiceNow


ServiceNow is a cloud-based SaaS platform for company administration and workflow automation. Around 6,200 businesses benefit from its products, which streamline operations and increase operational effectiveness. ServiceNow has over 12,500 workers and generated $4.52 billion in sales in 2020. For the fiscal year 2021, the business anticipates subscription revenue of $5.53 to $5.54 billion.

The top vendors of business management software are ServiceNow and SolarWinds.

ServiceNow, on the other hand, specialises more in digital process automation. The firm, through newly acquired subsidiaries like Attivio, Element AI, and Lightstep, provides comprehensive business solutions.

In only three months in 2021, ServiceNow recruited more than 1,200 new clients and landed over $1 million in contracts. Overall, ServiceNow is the main rival of SolarWinds.

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5. Splunk


Splunk is a tech business that provides software for monitoring, analysing, and displaying data in real-time. In the business analytics market, its solutions compete with those of SolarWinds Loggly. Splunk has over 7,500 people and $2.23 billion in sales in 2020. For FY 2021, the business projects revenues of $2.53 billion to $2.60 billion.

After acquiring Loggly in 2018, SolarWinds expanded into log management and analytics services. Splunk Analytics now faces competition from Loggly and SolarWinds’ Log Analyzer.

The business provides services to 92 Fortune 100 businesses, including Cisco, IBM, Adobe, and Visa. Splunk has an alternative advantage over SolarWinds thanks to its outstanding customer base.

6. Freshworks


As a rival to SolarWinds, Freshworks offers CRM and HR management software.

About 50,000 clients, including Bridgestone, Chargebee, Klarna, ITV, Multichoice, and TaylorMade, are served by the company’s 13 locations worldwide. Freshworks anticipates sales of between $365.5 million and $366.5 million for the entire 2021 fiscal year.

Businesses can interact and assist their customers and workers through a variety of online and physical channels thanks to Freshworks. Freshworks went public in September 2021, and its shares increased by 21%. At this time, the corporation is worth $6.7 billion.

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Pricing is Freshworks’ primary competitive advantage versus SolarWinds. Companies may use Freshworks’ premium plans, Blossom, Garden, Estate, and Forest, for a monthly fee ranging from $12 to $79 per user.

Each provides process automation, marketplace apps, bulk SMSes, APIs, Freshcaller phones, and more. For small and medium-sized organisations, Freshworks is the finest SolarWinds alternative.

7. BMC Software


IT services and consulting firm BMC Software Service management, DevOps, AIOps, and security are all streamlined by its Autonomous Digital Enterprise Solution. BMC will have 6,000 workers and over $2 billion in revenue in 2021.

Over 10,000 worldwide enterprises rely on BMC’s software products and services. 84% of the Forbes Global 100 companies are among BMC’s clients. The business’s BMC Helix solution was named a leader in the Forrester Wave for Enterprise Service Management in December 2021. BMC is a alternative SolarWinds opponent.

8. SysAid Technologies


IT service management software is offered by SysAid, a provider of service automation. IT teams may utilise SysAid’s solutions to automate repetitive processes by streamlining ticket sorting and workflows. Around 5,000 small businesses and Fortune 500 companies use SysAid in 140 different countries.

SysAid facilitates quicker service delivery, reduces workloads, enhances the user experience, and aids in IT problem solving. Companies may use SysAid automation to streamline HR, procurement, and other services.

SysAid was named a niche player in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for ITSM Tools in August 2021. SysAid Technologies is one of the top SolarWinds alternatives in IT service management.

9. Ivanti


Ivanti is a software firm that delivers solutions for managing IT security, service,assets, unified endpoints, identities, and supply chains. Every IT connection between devices, infrastructure, and users is automated and secured by the platform. Ivanti will have over 40,000 clients and 78 companies on the Top 100 list in 2021.

By linking employee devices to IT applications and data everywhere, Ivanti allows for remote workforces and teams. The Ivanti Neurons platform may also be used by businesses for service automation, zero-trust security, and unified endpoint management.

The Magic Quadrant for Unified Endpoint Management Tools from Gartner identified Ivanti as the sole visionary in August 2021. One of the most cutting-edge rivals of SolarWinds is Ivanti.

10. Zoho ManageEngine

Zoho ManageEngine

ManageEngine, an enterprise IT management programme, is provided by Zoho, an Indian IT startup. \Its IT management section competes with SolarWinds’ offerings. With approximately 10,000 workers and $610 million in yearly sales in 2021, Zoho

OpManager, a configurable network monitoring tool, is offered by ManageEngine. This solution, which is excellent for managing IT infrastructure, supports a variety of operating systems and hypervisor interfaces. Like SolarWinds, Zoho ManageEngine is a popular target for hackers.

Users were alerted by Zoho in December 2021 that criminal actors had taken advantage of a serious weakness in Desktop Central.

This hacking effort was the third security issue in less than four months. Moreover, the business provides a cloud-based CRM with over 60 million users. Customers from SolarWinds may be attracted to Zoho ManageEngine and CRM.

11. Datadog


Datadog is a full-stack monitoring and security tool for cloud-scale apps. Users may keep an eye on their servers, databases, tools, and services with this SaaS analytics platform. In 2021, Datadog had over 3,000 workers and made $802 million in sales.

The key competitive advantage for Datadog is its customized platform. Datadog can adapt monitoring services to each user’s specific requirements. To enable uniform, real-time observability, the platform features more than 400 built-in connectors and automates infrastructure and app monitoring.

Users may use Datadog to facilitate cloud migration and digital transformation, foster teamwork, and monitor company indicators. For monitoring cloud applications, Datadog is one of the finest SolarWinds alternative.

12. ConnectWise


Business management automation is a service provided by ConnectWise, a software provider. Tech companies simplify their SaaS companies using their software and services. Almost 1200 clients and approximately 1,865 workers worked for ConnectWise in 2021.

Both SolarWinds and ConnectWise offer corporate automation, IT management tools, and security solutions.

Yet, SolarWinds’ platform is less security-focused than ConnectWise’s.

In order to offer sophisticated customer experience analytics, ConnectWise bought SmileBack in December 2021. ConnectWise now has a stronger competitive edge over SolarWinds because of this purchase.

13. PRTG Network Monitor

PRTG Network Monitor

Paessler AG sells PRTG, an all-in-one network monitoring program. Using drag-and-drop dashboards, this solution features an intuitive user interface. Over 300 people worked at Paessler AG worldwide in 2021.

Network monitoring products from SolarWinds compete with PRTG. Users don’t need to upgrade their subscriptions or add a module to access particular capabilities because PRTG is an all-in-one solution. Paessler introduced PRTG Hosted Monitor to the world in January 2022. For those with sophisticated monitoring requirements, PRTG is among the top SolarWinds alternative.

14. IBM Tivoli

IBM Tivoli

For IT administrators, IBM Tivoli is a platform for corporate system administration. Tivoli Storage Management, Tivoli Monitoring, and IBM Workload Automation are just a few of the SaaS offerings available on the platform. With about $72 billion in revenue in 2021, IBM will employ almost 350,000 people.

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SolarWinds’ products compete with IBM Tivoli Monitoring. This software helps IT professionals monitor and manage systems and network applications on multiple OSes and improve application performance. In December 2021, IBM will split out its infrastructure services firm, Kyndryl. This division enables IBM to concentrate on AI and the cloud, enhancing its competitive edge. 47 of the Fortune 50 employ IBM’s security information and event management systems.

15. Spiceworks Ziff Davis

Spiceworks Ziff Davis

Spiceworks is a tech expert that provides an IT professional helpline and a marketplace. Spiceworks has raised $111 million in investment since it was established. The company’s yearly revenue is about $55 million.

Spiceworks Help Desk competes with SolarWinds Help Desk. Spiceworks’ community of IT experts is their primary competitive edge. For instance, Steve Wozniak, a co-founder of Apple, interacted with and taught at SpiceWorld 2021.

Spiceworks, like SolarWinds, assists businesses in supporting their operations and resolving problems. For start-ups and small businesses, Spiceworks Help Desk is the finest alternative to SolarWinds Service Desk.

16. LogicMonitor


Enterprises and MSPs can use LogicMonitor’s infrastructure monitoring and observability software. Its automated, cloud-based SaaS solution may be used by IT operations, developers, and business executives to visualise hidden information.

An appealing user interface and a variety of features are provided by LogicMonitor. Users can monitor apps, servers, websites, and more from a single platform. LogicMonitor was named a top-rated IT infrastructure monitoring product by TrustRadius in June 2021. In terms of infrastructure monitoring and observability, LogicMonitor is a fair rival to SolarWinds.

17. Auvik Networks

Auvik Networks

Cloud-based network management software is provided by Auvik. This solution guarantees that IT networks perform properly while reducing security concerns. Auvik received a $250 million investment from Great Hill Partners in July 2021 to hasten the development of its products and international expansion.

By automating network administration, SolarWinds and Auvik both assist IT teams in increasing productivity. More than four million devices across more than 50,000 networks are managed by IT teams using Auvik.

Several awards have been bestowed upon Auvik, including the Deloitte Technology Fast 50. On the FT Americas’ Fastest Growing Companies list for 2020, it was named the top-ranked Canadian business. A worthy rival to SolarWinds is Auvik.

18. Turbonomic


Enterprise software provider Turbonomic provides options for effective resource management. Using real-time data analysis, its software platform automates IT administration. Turbonomic had 553 workers and a value of about $1.5 billion in 2021.

Turbonomic Software models supply and demand factors to help ITOPS arrange computation, databases, memory, and storage more effectively. Turbonomic was purchased by IBM in April 2021 for $2 billion.

To assess application performance and resource use, businesses may now utilise Turbonomic Application Resource Management for IBM Cloud Paks. AIOps is created by this combination, which also incorporates AI into IT operations. Turbonomic can compete with SolarWinds thanks to IBM’s financial support and strong ecosystem.

19. Tyler Technologies

Tyler Technologies

Tyler offers integrated technological solutions for the public sector. Its solutions assist businesses in tying together data and workflows across several systems. Tyler had 5,368 workers and $1.58 billion in sales in 2021.

Tyler and SolarWinds both provide IT infrastructure management. Yet, Tyler’s solutions are made for regional, national, and international organisations. As of October 2021, Tyler had executed over 37,000 installs across roughly 12,000 sites. For public-sector organisations, Tyler Technologies is the ideal SolarWinds alternative.

20. Quest Software

Quest Software

Quest is a software provider that offers solutions for workforce mobility, cybersecurity, data insight, and IT operations management. IT staff’s workloads are reduced by the company’s community-driven software products, which ease IT management. Quest now has 53 offices in 24 nations.

Quest is used to address IT issues by more than 100,000 clients, 15,000 partners, and 97 Fortune 100 firms. Quest Software was purchased by Clearlake Capital Group from Francisco Partners on February 2, 2022.

With this purchase, Quest will be more competitive. IT operations may use Quest to find answers to difficult Microsoft problems. For proactive administration and monitoring, Quest Software is among the top SolarWinds alternative.


What does SolarWinds do?

A significant software provider with headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma, SolarWinds offers system management solutions for network and infrastructure monitoring as well as other technical services to millions of businesses worldwide. Among the company’s offerings is an IT performance monitoring solution named Orion.

What does SolarWinds monitor?

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM), developed by network engineers for network engineers, is a comprehensive monitoring solution that gives you the tools you need to operate more efficiently, get better visibility, and avoid downtime. See why SolarWinds is a leader in network monitoring globally.

What type of tool is SolarWinds?

Software for network monitoring The only unified monitoring, observability, and service management platform on the market is the SolarWinds Platform. It offers the framework for how we address observability concerns for our clients and serves as the cornerstone for a new generation of SolarWinds observability products.

Is SolarWinds a security tool?

With sophisticated search, troubleshooting, and event management tools, SolarWinds Security Event Manager (SEM) is intended to make network security administration and monitoring easier. SEM supports real-time forensic analysis of your logs and event data.

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