Top 15 Trucking Management System in 2023

trucking management system

The trucking management system allows you to handle dispatch records, follow drivers, pay bills, and keep track of interstate fuel tax agreement (IFTA) reports all in one place. Single owner-operators, as well as companies managing a fleet of drivers or carriers, might benefit from trucking management system software. Through precise mileage reports and expenditure records, the finest trucking software can also help your transportation sector organization become more lucrative by monitoring essential vehicle maintenance and discovering methods to save on fuel expenses.

Top 15 Trucking Management System in 2023

Often, trucking software doesn’t have back-office features like accounting because some developers focus on features that are specific to the industry, like fuel tax management and correct route management.

Features of Trucking management system

New orders can be given to a person who is available in real-time so that dispatchers and drivers can work together. To minimize the number of kilometers driven, cut long-term maintenance costs, and increase customer satisfaction, planning tools will assist drivers in optimizing the most effective route and giving turn-by-turn guidance. It’s also known as load forecasting.

  • Services provided by the IFTA: Create the gasoline and mileage reports that your company requires. Keep track of receipts, keep track of mileage records, and match fuel to taxes.
  • Process invoices, enter receipts and keep track of spending in accounting. Accounts payable is used to keep track of vendor/supplier information, whereas accounts receivable is used to keep track of customer information.
  • This is how you make financial reports like profit and loss statements and balance sheets. You do this in a general ledger. Establish a predetermined timetable to guarantee that your fleet’s cars are examined on a regular basis.
  • Make work orders for maintenance that are both preventive and predictive. Keep track of all repairs to your vehicles so that you can keep their lives longer as part of your fleet management.
  • Fuel Tax Management: Keep track of your IFTA account’s fuel permits on a trip-by-trip basis. Fuel taxes are due every three months. They must be reported and paid.
  • Monitor jurisdictions, keep track of licenses and exemptions, automate data collection, keep rules/rates/forms up to date, and automate tax filing.

Trucking management system Dispatch Software

Trucking dispatch software, which is also called logistics software for trucking companies, helps you keep track of orders, trucks, trailers, and drivers all in one place. This makes it easier for your drivers to find the best routes and schedules for them. The main goal of the dispatching function in trucking software will be to build a reliable way to get your workers where they need to be and make sure that your customers’ orders are done on time.

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Tracking using GPS

Dispatchers at your main base of operations will be able to track the position of trucks and identify who is available to drive them. This data is important for determining whether or not your firm is running on time. If your trucks are equipped with GPS tracking or if your truck drivers use tablets or mobile devices, their movements may be tracked and messages sent back and forth from the office to the drivers on the road.


There are a lot of great scheduling and dispatching features in trucking software that work together seamlessly to make sure that your drivers deliver on time and that they also make the best use of their time when there are extra orders. Interactive maps will show you where your current and pending orders are, so your office can figure out the most efficient way to finish a certain order.

Access from the Road

As previously stated, smartphone apps enable truckers to receive critical communications while on the road and easily track their whereabouts. This location monitoring is very important for figuring out whether or not the drivers are taking the most efficient route and how long it will take them. This information is frequently automatically entered into trucking software, reducing the risk of human error during data entry. It shows all open dispatch orders and those that are waiting for a truck or driver to be assigned.

1. Prophesy OnDemand

trucking management system

Prophesy OnDemand is a web-based trucking and brokerage system designed for small-to-medium-sized trucking and brokerage firms. In the web-based system, it may accommodate an infinite number of extra users (you just pay for the users you require)

2. Trucking Integration

trucking management system

Trucking Integration is a Microsoft Dynamics GP-based integrated trucking and transportation software. Freight Billing; Manifests (both internal and external); Carrier Assignment Processing; Management Reporting; Vehicle.

3. Tailwind

trucking management system

Tailwind is a comprehensive transportation management software that includes all of the functionality required for freight brokerage, carriers, moving and storage, and freight forwarding firms. It aids the organization of small-to-medium trucking enterprises and freight brokerages.


trucking management system

The finest software packages for trucking management system companies on the market today are “integrated” solutions. That is to say, the programs are interconnected. The data in your Accounts Receivable system is updated when you upload an invoice to your invoicing application.

5. TruckingOffice

trucking management systemOwner-operators and fleet builders may use TruckingOffice to maximize income, produce invoices faster, and keep track of transportation equipment repairs. The organization increased profits, and… are just a few of the main advantages of TruckingOffice.

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6. ezLoads

trucking management system

ezLoads is the most current, user-friendly, and cost-effective trucking accounting software available. Prepare driver payroll and settlements, invoice brokers, and get IFTA and profit data all in one place. It’s web-based, so you can use it from anywhere.

7. Dr Dispatch

trucking management system

For small to medium-sized organizations, Dr Dispatch is a trucking and brokerage dispatch software solution. This system aids in dispatching, cash flow management, and equipment scheduling, among other things. There is a 15-day free trial available.

8. ProTransport

trucking management system

ProTransport is an all-in-one trucking management system software package that includes accounting, routing and dispatching, fleet management, and many other things. The solution aids in the consolidation of your company’s activities into a single unified system, allowing you to better assess your performance.

9. LoadMaster

trucking management system

LoadMaster is truckload software that has a very good dispatch operations management system and accounting software that is made for the transportation industry. Fuel and Mileage; Driver Management; ETA/Out-of-Route; Lane.

10. Truckn Pro

Truckn Pro

Truckn Pro is a professional trucking company. Truckn Pro is a trucking accounting software designed for small fleets and owner-operators. The software comes with access to two computers (one on the road and one at home) that are both Windows-based. Running a truck requires no monthly fees or hidden expenditures.

11. TMWSuite

On-time delivery, short turnarounds, and data integration are all features of the TMWSuite. The software takes care of problems like rising gas prices, a lack of drivers, and a very busy schedule. It is critical to maintaining cost and service competitiveness while also delivering a

12. ROADVision Trucking Software

ROADVision Trucking Software

It was built and is maintained by a team of specialists at Computech, a Microsoft Gold Certified Solution Provider and an IBM® Business Partner, as an LTL trucking software program from the start.

13. Onfleet


Onfleet is a last-mile delivery software that uses the best logistics in the world to help businesses grow and improve their fleets. Using this software, you can make better fleet management decisions. Search and filter; route optimization.

14. Rigbooks


You can use Rigbooks, a trucking management system software for owner-operators, to keep track of your costs, profits, and average miles driven. This way, you can pick the most profitable loads. By managing your spending, Rigbooks allows you to gain a clearer picture of your bottom line.

15. PowerPRO


PowerPRO trucking management system Software is an all-in-one tracking software package that comes with all of the tools you need to run a successful transportation business. Whether you’re a carrier or a broker, the software will help you manage your business more effectively with integrated accounting.

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