Top 16 Best Auth0 Alternatives Plaform For Authentication

A collection of standardized APIs called Auth0 allows your company to manage users and allow single sign-on for applications. The tool gives your company’s SaaS application authentication, privacy, and security.

It enables the IT teams to provide seamless, dependable, and intuitive experiences to all users and employers inside the company, accelerating revenue growth and lowering compliance and security concerns.

It also makes low-code integrations possible and adjusts to the needs of contemporary workers. Finally, it uses third-party platform connectors to monitor application data and keep tabs on activity.

This post will provide you with a list of several alternatives with extensive access management features because this one has certain limitations. Let’s first examine the shortcomings of Auth0 before going into the alternatives.

What Is Auth0?

For SaaS applications, the platform Auth0 offers authentication and authorization services. It may be readily implemented into online and mobile apps and enables developers to authenticate and authorize users using a range of techniques, including single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA), and social logins.

Auth0 offers identity access management (IAM) features and supports a range of frameworks and application types. It aids in ensuring secure setups for every process and authorization request. It enables you to customize the application’s login behavior and design an intuitive authentication process.

Limitations of Auth0

The drawbacks of Auth0 are listed below.

  • The tool’s API connectivity is ineffective and does not handle various integrations, which restricts its capacity to authenticate other business apps.
  • It is challenging for customers to completely modify the platform to match their unique demands because the tool offers a lot of functions in one location.
  • The tool’s high price relative to its rivals makes it challenging for businesses with tight budgets to buy.
  • Sometimes it doesn’t support protocols like WS-Federation and SAML-P, which are frequently used in businesses, which restricts their use in such businesses.

Why Is Identity Access Management Important?

You may have peace of mind and maintain tabs on your staff’s actions with the help of IAM software. A company’s security and operational operations will benefit from knowing which software and applications are accessible exclusively to certain employees.

The variables of the system can also be altered to spot any suspicious user activity, communication, or abnormalities that are prone to be missed. Tracking login information, including usernames and credentials, may easily turn into a difficult process in the absence of an effective management system.

IAM assists administrators in preventing security breaches by automating several user account-related tasks. This entails having the capacity to create an automated onboarding process for people, granting them access to the systems and software that depend on their role.

Key Factors to Take into Account When Choosing an Authentication Solution

When selecting the appropriate authentication system for your business, keep the following things in mind:

  • User base: Take into account the amount, complexity, and nature of the people who will be using your resources and applications.
  • Access needs: Identify the different access methods and resources that users will require, such as online and mobile apps, on-site resources, and external services.
  • Security requirements: Assess the security needs of your company, taking into account compliance laws, industry standards, as well as your own security policies and practices.
  • Integration: Take into account how the solution will work with your current infrastructure and systems, including other identity and access control programs as well as any specialized programs or services.
  • Scalability: Take into account how the solution will scale as your business expands, both in terms of the user base and the number of resources and applications.
  • Cost: Take into account all of the solution’s expenses, including implementation, upkeep, and ongoing expenditures.
  • Support: Consider the training, documentation, and technical support options that are available for the solution.
  • Flexibility: Consider if the solution is adaptable enough to meet evolving organizational demands and is simple to integrate with other systems and services.
    Consider whether the solution is simple to use and offers a positive user experience for administrators as well as users.

Best Alternatives To Auth0 in 2023

1. Passport


This Node.js authentication framework serves as an alternative to Auth0. It is quite easy to integrate Passport, a highly versatile and adaptable online application framework, with many other web apps.

A wide range of technologies provides credential-based authentication for numerous apps, including Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites. Social networks are only one of the many services that Passport, a session management and authorization solution, is compatible with.

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Passport offers a range of authentication alternatives for incorporating security in modern apps. Additionally, the system will present a list from which you may select your chosen supplier. They all provide the host module with hundreds of schemes and support passport authentication.

Either a database record or an SSO using OAuth provided by different social networks can be used for authentication. There are other modules available for certain systems and databases.

2. Google Authenticator

Google Authenticator

A two-factor authentication technology that is open-sourced and available to all companies is Google Authenticator. Your online accounts are given an additional degree of protection thanks to the tool, which also securely stores your secret keys in the cloud.

Additionally, IT administrators may import data from mobile devices and create accounts by scanning QR codes. It gives you the freedom to import and export data when changing devices.

3. Frontegg


In order to assist businesses with their digital transformation, product-led growth (PLG) efforts, and customer engagement optimization, Frontegg offers a number of features and solutions. For the purpose of creating and delivering online and mobile apps, it provides a collection of pre-built, programmable, and self-served components. Frontegg supports common authentication techniques, including single sign-on and passwordless (magic links, quick logins), and enables extensive role and access management.

The platform’s primary goal is to give developers simple tools for implementing standard user management features, including onboarding processes, billing management, and analytics. It also includes crucial connections with well-known services like Salesforce, Slack, and Twilio. Frontegg also offers a number of tools for controlling and securing access to APIs and apps. Additionally, it provides a plugin environment that enables users to quickly add their own features to the platform.

4. Okta


The single-sign-on (SSO) platform at Okta is expandable. The technology offers passwordless authentication for SaaS apps and multi-factor authentication for privileged access.

This application also facilitates partner cooperation by scheduling and distributing only the desired material. Additionally, automation allows IT teams to optimize their processes and enable the minimal code platform.

5. Keycloak


Keycloak by JBoss is a top-notch free alternative to Auth0. Additionally, it is an open-source application now distributed under Apache License 2.0. Depending on the protocol you select, there are several systems that are completely supported. At the moment, Keycloak supports three protocols.

KeyCloak has a long range of features, including user management, SSO, LDAP server integration, and more. Additionally, it supports three different authentication techniques, enabling you to address a variety of apps with a single solution.

Additionally, you are free to choose any methods that you feel will benefit your company more. Its large community makes it clear that there are a lot of examples you can use as models and that you can rely on individuals to help you with your issues.

When your users are already logged in, Keycloak’s built-in technique for synchronizing with databases like LDAP or Active Directory may be highly useful. Keycloak could be a useful tool for your business if you utilize social login on social media sites like Facebook.

6. FusionAuth


For online and mobile SaaS applications, FusionAuth’s IAM platform offers authentication and authorization services. It may be used for on-premises, cloud-based, or hybrid deployments and is designed to be simple to use and interface with other applications. User registration, login, passwordless authentication, single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, and social login are just a few of the services offered by FusionAuth. Additionally, it offers user management, user profile storage, and an event-based architecture that makes it simple to design unique processes.

Additionally, FusionAuth provides a web-based administration interface for managing user accounts and permissions, as well as an API-first design that enables developers to quickly connect and add custom features to the platform.

7. OneLogin


By safeguarding end users, devices, systems, and apps, OneLogin gives you the ability to safeguard your business. With multi-factor and smart-factor authentication, it secures your assets and data and offers single-sign-on (SSO) for all apps.

Before deploying to support organizational changes, the tool’s cloud architecture enables you to develop and adopt new technologies while doing trustworthy security checks.

8. Cognito by AWS

Cognito by AWS

This Auth0 rival was introduced by Amazon Web Services. It makes user management, authorization, and authentication for web and mobile applications simple and safe.

As a result, application developers may concentrate on writing code rather than building and maintaining back-end infrastructure because the service saves and syncs end-user data. It encourages the creation of more mobile applications.

A service user can log in using credentials obtained from Amazon or through a third-party app like Facebook or Google. You can easily add user credentials and access control to their apps using Cognito’s built-in user interface and straightforward configuration.

Users may examine all information pertaining to their Cognito profile and billing in the Console, which is a component of an organization’s AWS ecosystem.

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9. Ping Identity

Ping Identity

You may easily interface with the IT teams thanks to Ping Identity authentication, which also improves the flexibility and resilience needed by the IT teams. Performance and security for large-scale companies are supported by this app. Additionally, it facilitates digital experience and change by providing access to the resources needed to connect whenever necessary.

10. Akamai Identity Cloud

Akamai Identity Cloud

This Auth0 rival offers an IAM solution that enables businesses to offer a customized user experience while upholding the necessary security. It is made to provide businesses the flexibility they require to handle millions of customers.

Additionally, built-in features like customizable registration, authentication, and other features make it possible to monitor and analyze data in a comprehensive way. The tool aids in smoothly increasing conversion rates by obtaining client information using customizable fields.

Systems for marketing may be connected to the Akamai Identity Cloud to control and customize reciprocal access. Additionally, it features a central cloud directory and a schema that is flexible and capable of managing a lot of user data.

Additionally, an SSO inside the same system guarantees the simultaneous availability of all functions. The data may be used by organizations for marketing, security, and operational intelligence.

11. WorkOS


WorkOS is an API platform that offers a number of construction elements to let you easily include enterprise functionality into apps. An admin portal, SAML, and directory sync functionality are all parts of the WorkOS stack.

The admin portal provides a safe and adaptable user interface for onboarding. Users can access the admin site by clicking on onboarding links that are generated programmatically. A distinct enterprise client may be granted access through each portal. The stack also supports APIs with JSON answers, normalized objects for SAML, and RESTful endpoints. Any identity provider implementing SAML or Open ID Connect may use single sign-on (SSO) with it.

12. Windows Azure

Windows Azure

Your identities are centrally managed by Microsoft Azure to grant access to your apps. With this single sign-on technology, using your applications from anywhere is made simple. In order to further safeguard data, it also offers conditional access and multi-factor authentication. The solution offers total visibility of your surroundings through a single identity control panel.

Additionally, it avoids all risk-based adaptive rules, protects data, only distributes resources to users who have permission, and secures data.

13. Simeio


This Auth0 rival offers professional services, IAM services, and IDaaS. Simeio is expanding as IAM awareness and IT governance, risk, and compliance continue to advance.

For all on-site, cloud, and network resources, it provides secure authentication and an SSO experience. It offers big data and various databases data security solutions as a hosted managed service.

14. Firebase


For developing and distributing online and mobile apps, Firebase offers cross-platform SDKs and documentation. It provides an authentication suite, which is made up of ready-built UI frameworks and SDKs, to assist with app user authentication. Passwords and federated identity providers like Google, Twitter, and Facebook are just a few of the authentication methods it supports.

Utilizing OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0, Firebase Authentication It may be integrated with a custom backend as well as other Firebase services. In order to access further features like multi-factor authentication (MFA), user activity and audit logging, multi-tenancy, enterprise-level support, and blocking capabilities, it is also feasible to upgrade to Firebase Authentication with Identity Platform.

15. Bitwarden


With the help of the password manager Bitwarden, IT teams may scale up their operations and increase productivity. The tool can quickly connect to your environment, cloud directories, and SSO systems. By implementing strict password standards throughout the whole enterprise, also lowers cyber risk by acting as the first line of defense against data breaches.

16. LoginRadius


This client IAM solution is an enterprise-grade, cloud-based alternative to Auth0. It makes it possible for businesses to satisfy customers well without compromising security.

Organizations may utilize this software to speed up information access by using their customer identification platform. It still succeeds in upholding requirements for data protection and digital accounts, though. It has proven to be a successful CIAM solution for companies across a range of sectors.

It provides thorough customer registration and authentication services, as well as identity consolidation throughout your digital ecospheres. Additionally, it provides a special managed service and makes it simple to integrate consumer authorization into your business.

Because of all of these features and advantages, it is an identity and access management software that is highly recommended.


The best Auth0 substitute still depends on your requirements. Auth0 provides the most comprehensive capabilities for assuring user authentication and authorization thanks to exact statistics and a varied selection of user-friendly tools. But Keycloak is a fantastic open-source alternative to Auth0.

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