Top 15 Seed To Sale Software in 2022

Seed to sale software, also known as cannabis software or marijuana software, is designed to help you run your entire cannabis farming business. Seed to Sale software guarantees you handle every aspect of your legal cannabis business the way it should, from simple compliance monitoring and dispensary POS (point-of-sale) features to predictive analytics.

Top 15 Seed To Sale Software in 2022

Because of the cannabis industry’s strict regulations, players in the market had a hard time finding companies to process the plant (either companies that trimmed a plant into a sellable product or companies that broke down the plant into a good like CBD or a THC-based product like an edible), vendors for seeds or needed equipment, or even clients to sell their product to.

As a result, marijuana growers will have vertical integration, meaning they will control all parts of the supply chain from seed to sale software (production, distribution, and retail). This is what seed-to-sale software will accomplish for you: it will assist you in everything from planting the seed to selling the completed product.

Seed to sale software can, of course, help you manage your entire supply chain process as well as help you in a specific area of seed to sale, such as making. Some companies may be able to use a fully integrated cannabis ERP software that can help businesses run their businesses from seed to sale software and keep track of their finances and inventory.

Features seed to sale software

  • Tracking Cultivation Keep track of your progress and automate it. Keep an eye on any trash that is created and account for any weight inaccuracies due to moisture loss.
  • Improve your time and labour cost tracking to identify inefficiencies in your business. Keep track of notes regarding strains to keep track of their ancestry and potency.
  • Management of Compliance State inspectors want to track every stage of the supply chain, from seeding to harvesting, processing, and selling.
  • A high level of traceability is required. When you use a seed to sale software, its compliance features will go over how to grow and sell plants and products to make sure they are safe.
  • They will also send any compliance data to the state automatically, and they will make sure that reports are written in a way that is legally correct.
  • Production and Processing Keep a close eye on your nutritional cycle by watering, lighting, and applying pesticides. This will help you get the most out of your future products. Analyze your harvest volume to aid in forecasting and optimising future harvests.
  • Management of Inventory Convert a variety of products into finished items. Maintain a record of both raw materials and completed products.
  • Make sure that your inventory can be checked and that the correct weight and dose are recorded. To avoid shortfalls, make sure that purchase orders can be delivered at the right time when inventory levels are low so that they don’t run out.
  • Management of the Supply Chain Transportation manifests that keep track of the shipment in case of an inspection by the government are important to keep track of.
  • Dispensary Point-of-Sale Sales can be processed through in-person transactions, internet ordering, and other methods. Keep track of customer profiles, including patient IDs and any recommendations.
  • Keep track of how often you visit and what you’ve bought in the past. Discount and loyalty schemes are available. To comply with state legislation, set purchase order restrictions.
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Advantages seed to sale software

The following are some of the most significant advantages of seed-to-sale software:

Workflows that are unique

Different plant by-products will have different weights and product quality. Make sure you have various data collection locations to monitor your product’s progress during the growing process.

Ensure that all laws and safety precautions

When you use seed to sale software, it makes sure that states and municipalities have the information they need and that your company pays all taxes and levies that are due. One solution, called MJ Freeway, checks any prescriptions that are needed to complete transactions. It also keeps track of purchases for appropriate reporting in order to comply with any municipal or state regulations.

Stay legal and avoid penalties

Given the rigorous laws governing cannabis manufacturing, you’ll want to make sure your employees are remaining on track and not committing any violations that may land them in legal trouble. Products like this one will need to be handled with the same level of care as any other medicine, and they will be subjected to the same level of inspection and traceability during the manufacturing process, just like any other medicine.

Conversions that are correct

Cannabis may be made into a variety of products, ranging from oil to edibles. As a result, you’ll need to keep an eye on conversion rates and computations to guarantee you don’t miss out on any key merchandise.

Make sure you’re getting enough food

Plants of different shapes and sizes will need the right nutrients and pesticides to grow and thrive at the right time. They’ll also need to stick to a rigorous water and sunshine diet. Seed to sale software will make it simple to track when these nutrients are applied to a specific crop of plants.

1. BioTrackTHC

seed to sale software

BioTrackTHC is a comprehensive cannabis tracking software. From seed to sale, the technology helps growers, distributors, and retailers keep track of every step of the process. BioTrackTHC keeps your company compliant by recording important data.

2. MJ Freeway

seed to sale software

MJ Freeway is a seed-to-sale software for cannabis enterprises. The platform comes with software that will make sure you follow all the rules for growing and selling marijuana. MJ Freeway is a real enterprise solution that can be used by companies of any size.

3. Canix

seed to sale software

Canix is the most user-friendly and functional seed-to-sale platform for current cannabis software solutions. Canix is a cannabis ERP that gives cultivators, manufacturers, and distributors capabilities for compliance, inventory management, and sales.

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4. Nugistics

seed to sale software

Nugistics is the next generation of cannabis ERP software. It’s a system that can grow and change with the needs of the industry. The software is meant to give growers the ability to run businesses, from small businesses to medium-sized businesses.

5. Viridian Sciences

seed to sale software

From seed to sale, Viridian Sciences is a single software package to manage and streamline your business. Viridian Sciences is based on SAP Business One, a safe and dependable platform that powers 60,000+ organisations across the world to assure compliance, tracking, automation, and more.

6. Elevated Signals

Elevated Signals

Elevated Signals is a powerful and easy-to-use manufacturing execution system (MES) that helps cannabis growers improve and get more information about their businesses. Some of North America’s major manufacturers are among its clients, including.

7. Silver Leaf

seed to sale software

Silver Leaf CBC is a cannabis ERP system that is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. It is made for some of the biggest companies in the cannabis industry and has the ability to go from seed to sale.

8. Trellis

seed to sale software

You can use Trellis, which is a cannabis seed to sale software, to make sure your business is legal and to help you improve how you run your business. The system helps you enhance your cannabis growing, production, and distribution operations. CRM and other features are also included in the software.

9. Flourish


Flourish is marijuana software designed for growers, producers, distributors, and retailers. The seed to sale solution allows you to stay compliant by managing inventories and gaining access to the data you need to improve every element of your organisation.

10. TraceWeed


Dauntless Grow & Manufacture (TraceWeed) is a high-quality cannabis and hemp production management software. Traceability from seed to sale works with any state compliance system. You may track your progress using desktop and mobile apps.

11. GrowerIQ


GrowerIQ is a powerful new cannabis seed-to-sale software platform that enables licenced producers in Canada to reduce operational expenses while boosting strain quality and consistency. With recreational marijuana legalisation in Canada on the horizon, Licensed Producers must begin production as soon as possible.

12. Agrisoft


Agrisoft Seed to Sale (previously Agrisoft ERP) is cannabis industry compliance software. From seed to sale, Agrisoft allows you to control the cultivation, manufacturing, and point-of-sale operations. Agrisoft Seed For Sale was created with you in mind.

13. Ample Organics

Ample Organics

The Ample Organics seed-to-sale platform is used by the vast majority of the cannabis businesses in Canada. This technology is used by licence holders to track and report on every step of the cannabis production, processing, packaging, and sale process.

14. ProSoftXP Agronomy

ProSoftXP Agronomy

For all of your agronomy needs, ProSoftXP has one-of-a-kind modular solutions that can be used together. These include process manufacturing monitoring and product pricing. A supplementary plant food analysis tool allows for the creation of nutritional blends based on user input.

15. GrowFlow


If you want to keep track of your inventory, make sure you’re following regulations, and make money at the same time, GrowFlow is the best choice for you. All types of licencing are supported by the software. GrowFlow assists you in selling more merchandise in less time while.

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