15 Best Resource Management Software In 2022

Resource Management Software

If you’re looking for the best Resource Management Software, you’ll discover a concise, easy-to-read comparison of 15 of the best applications Resource Management Software open source on the market as of 2022 on this page. Allocating, scheduling, and aggregating resources often requires a number of technologies. People often think of a Gantt chart when they think of scheduling resources, but resource managers and project managers also use calendars, timelines, and histograms with aggregated resource data. To help you compare and choose the best team and project resource scheduling solutions for you, I’ll also describe resource scheduling software in this piece, explain how it can help you better manage, allocate, and schedule your team and resources, and offer an overview of its capabilities. Do you realise that the major difficulty facing project managers is Resource Management Software?

Also, poor management of resources has gotten a lot worse since 2018, making it the biggest worry about Resource Management Software for small business. So, we’ll discuss how resource management software free can make this process simpler. When resources aren’t managed well, projects often have too many or too few people working on them, both of which are very bad. It is as a result of improper planning and resource allocation. According to PMI research, firms utilise Resource Management Software to estimate and allocate resources 36% of the time.

15 Best Resource Management Software In 2022

Also, project managers don’t give the necessary overview of resources, which could cause a bad chain reaction. In addition to these initiatives alone, they impact all of the company’s procedures. Here are some reasons why you should use resource capacity planning software.

  • is the period for hiring new personnel.
  • To keep resources from sitting idle
  • Resolution of resource disputes Making the most of the resources
  • Fairly and consistently allocating responsibilities
  • Be sure to use resources as efficiently as possible.
  • Making a workable schedule

Evaluation Criteria for Resource Management Software

To determine which products should be included in this list of resource management software for professional services, I looked at the following factors:

  • User Interface (UI) In what ways is the user interface (UI) well-designed? Does it provide easy navigation and clear displays?Is it simple to use and simple to learn and master?
  • Usability:Are there any tutorials available to assist in making it easier to use?
  • Integrations:Does the business provide reliable tech and customer support?
  • Integrations: Can you easily link to other tools with this one? Is there any pre-existing integration?
  • For the money: How reasonable is the price given the product’s characteristics, abilities, and intended use? Is the price straightforward, clear, and flexible?
  • Customizable: Can the software be modified to suit your demands and the needs of your team? Do you have any drag and drop features that let you swiftly make changes? Can you switch between views such as calendar and kanban views?

Resource Management Software Features

How many and how strong are the main features and functions of the application’s resource management software? I specifically searched for:

Automation: Because resource scheduling software can automatically schedule resources, it’s a good idea to use it. This means that at least the dependencies you’ve set up will cause your jobs to change when they are moved. Additionally, it may incorporate automated custom workflows to assist in speeding up time-consuming procedures.

Real-time Scheduling: The best resourcing systems allow you to monitor progress, see resource usage, and make modifications in real-time while providing you with real-time visibility into workloads.

Alerts: A smart resource scheduler lets you customise the notifications and alerts that each user gets (by email, desktop, etc.). This way, the right people are always aware of how resources are being used and how much work is being done.

At a glance resource schedule: A quick look at the resource schedule Can you get a bird’s eye view of the resources’ capacity, billable hours, and resources through this tool?

Overviews of the 15 Best Resource capacity planning tools free

Following a list of other resource planning and scheduling tools to check out, this study goes through the aforementioned resource scheduling optimization tools in depth.


An enterprise Resource management tools and techniques is Mavenlink. It offers a full range of tools for managing the resources and projects under your management. It provides all the controls for resource allocation, resource assignment, and rapid modification. Master planning with Mavenlink is perfect for project managers who want to make resource management more organised with the help of a clear, easy-to-use interface. Allocation of all organisational resources becomes controllable through master planning with Mavenlink. Additionally, you may view the workloads and resource availability through the many projects the firm is working on.

The master plan is also a great way for small and medium-sized businesses to figure out what resources are available right now. The tool for sharing resources is by far the best thing about Mavenlink when it comes to managing resources. Mavenlink has features for managing resources as well as custom task dependencies, built-in timesheets, full reports, and file sharing.

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#2. MS Projects

MS Projects

Microsoft Projects has management tools for distributing project assignments among the team members. To view the resource planning, it employs a timeline, board, and grid. In order to enhance their deadlines and assignments, customers may also compare and analyse the resource distribution of all projects. If you are familiar with Excel, you will be at ease with the navigation and interface. Teams may utilise it to a useful extent since the software facilitates training and is thus well evaluated in terms of usability. Microsoft software like Skype, Excel, and Outlook may be integrated with MS Projects if necessary.

#3. TeamGantt


Netflix and Amazon both utilise the project management application TeamGantt. It has characteristics like Resource Management Software capabilities. For instance, an “availability” page can include time monitoring and a budget. TeamGantt not only gives you planning tools and charts, but it also keeps track of your team’s availability, cooperation, and workload. Tagging, conversations, and customisable notifications are also included. In the usability segment’s evaluation criteria, TeamGantt receives good marks. This is due to how user-friendly TeamGantt is. Regardless of the limitations or resource structure of your project, the programme accommodates and records all of its components. In the end, you’ll have a fantastic and simple read-only URL that you can share with other people.

#4. eResource Scheduler

eResource Scheduler

eResource Scheduler can also be called a re-scheduler because it can be changed and adapted, which are two of the most important qualities of good management software. The software’s foundation is the management of the complexity and craziness of any type of large corporation. This software was developed to reduce the amount of time wasted on unneeded tasks and difficulties with project completion. A planning tool that gives you information on a single screen is called the eResource Scheduler. This tool’s functionality and simplicity are exceptional since it makes use of Gantt charts. You may thus balance your processes as a result. Also, the eResource Scheduler gives you detailed information on how resources are used, how well they perform financially, and when they are available. You can use this information to keep accurate records in real time. Other sets of features that keep you informed when you log in to your account with this software include calendar and email alerts.

#5. Celoxis


Celoxis is the most cost-effective resource management system for thorough planning in large enterprises. Celoxis may just refer to their products as project management tools. We concur with that! It is a comprehensive programme that provides full Resource Management Software, project management, and business planning. It wouldn’t be incorrect to refer to it as an all-in-one solution. As a resource planning tool, Celoxis offers its users interactive dashboards and dynamic reports. This is due to the fact that your training time would be reduced. Additionally, Celoxis is a mobile phone software that is completely responsive.

It can also be completely optimised. The best thing about its responsiveness is that it prevents any clogging with mobile phone Resource Management Software. Other apps can be used with Celoxis. As a result, integration is simple. It simplifies the project planning process in this way.

#6. Primetric


Primetric is great software for managing projects. It can be used to manage anything from resources to a portfolio of projects. It is simpler to monitor your workers and determine when they are available or busy with features like heatmaps and Gantt Style View. Using a smart search assistance tool, you can quickly figure out which one is best for a certain task. The search is conducted based on talent, availability, and hourly rate.

#7. GanttPRO


A project management application called GanttPRO provides effective and simple job management. It is much simpler to use thanks to the drag-and-drop feature. Along with many other international firms, teams from NASA, Intel, Salesforce, and Sony are also using it. You can work with various resources thanks to GanttPRO’s Resource Management Software. This application lets you manage and organise the budget and cost figures for your project processes. Additionally, you will be able to set up the hourly computations for the fixed costs, materials, and labour. With GanttPRO, you can see who is focusing on which tasks and projects at any given time. It uses different colours to show the work that should have been done, the work that was over-allocated, and the work that wasn’t given enough time.

8. SilverBucket


A Resource Management Software called SilverBucket turns out to be the ideal remedy for all failing firms. It therefore aids in raising their profitability. They offer a calculator so that you can figure out how much money you will earn from purchasing this software. The average hourly rate of the company’s users and the total number of users are used to determine it. You can effectively arrange your resources with SilverBucket. This is because the whole project’s workload and resources are planned and shown on a single screen. It also makes it easier to find and quickly get rid of any parts of the plan that don’t work.

#9. Resource Guru

Resource Guru

One of the most well-liked and straightforward resource scheduling programmes is called Resource Guru. Adding appointments and tasks based on resource availability is possible with Resource Guru. A smart calendar lets project managers mark certain tasks as billable or not billable. The job addition feature of the Resource Guru App, which helps you maintain the speed of your operations and save time, is its most crucial feature. Additionally, project managers can address a serious issue before it becomes too complicated. Real-time resource availability is always listed using this software. These resources may be allocated extremely quickly, giving you plenty of time to plan your project well. Each team member has a dashboard where they can see all the tasks they have been given and keep track of their own efforts. The resource allocation tool is a drag-and-drop device.

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#10. Hub Planner

Hub Planner

A cloud-based online Resource Management Software for all kinds of companies is Hub Planner. It functions effectively for all types of organisations, regardless of how big or small they are or how many employees they have. The main issues that businesses face, particularly time management, were the inspiration behind Hub Planner’s software. Online shoppers select Hub Planner as the top resource management tool. You can manage the aggravation of time forecasting with integrated time approval and monitoring. Later, it provides insightful information on performance. The performance of the staff can be better understood thanks to this information. This programme also allows each team member to arrange their duties in a transparent manner. Additionally, if necessary, you can reassign or reschedule the time. It also cuts down on time wastage.

#11. Saviom


Saviom is software for managing projects that is supposed to cut costs for big businesses and make employees more productive. It does not imply that it was created for large-scale businesses, though. It is designed to help all businesses who want to achieve their own objectives. Saviom is the most adaptable resource planning tool because of these and a plethora of additional features. It is crucial for the business’s strategic expansion as well. It is a whole project management software that offers a specific module. The programme also provides you with a number of specialised project and reporting features. Additionally, a platform for creating reports for your company exists. Worksheets in Excel and PDF are also created for these reports.

#12. Float


Float is a great Resource Management Software for project managers who want to find tools that help them plan and manage their resources well. The finest speed it has to give is added to all of this. Its UI is simple to learn and intuitive to use on both PC and mobile apps. Working with this tool doesn’t require a lot of time. You may import data, create projections and plans, manage budgets, and track projects with the help of the float. The drag-and-drop user interface of Float is similar to that of many other resource management software. You may use this tool to track real hours worked and alter tasks to keep the workflow streamlined and quick. The fact that everyone on the team will respond in accordance with the real-time alert alerts is another crucial factor. As a result, everyone will receive the most recent news and updates. As a result, there is a less chance of being late.

#13. 10,000ft by Smartsheet

10,000ft by Smartsheet

Smartsheet was primarily developed for SaaS companies. This tool’s objective is to support teams in efficient Resource Management Software. The key distinction between 10,000ft and other resources is that 10,000ft’s design and presentation are both aesthetically pleasing. This solution is better for companies that want their workplaces to be more fun and easy to use. The fact that 10,000 ft is very versatile and adaptable is another key characteristic. All of the features are focused on maximising the overall experience. The finishing touches on these functions are automation and speeding up. Additional capabilities include integrated timesheets, mobile time tracking, and expenditure monitoring. The tool for filtering project data aids in producing project reports for users.

#14. functions as a centralised solution for all project activities. It provides free resource management software, and new users can try it out risk-free. Project management’s large picture is always provided through a forecast a thorough operational and financial report detailing all the activities and initiatives. You can foresee and decide strategically with this report. You’ll notice that your ability to manage your time is improving in the interim. Additionally, it is more effective at allocating time for every phase of the project. In exchange, you are free to choose your own pace. The primary components of this project management solution are project planning and So, you can keep an eye on your clients and tell them what’s going on and what they can expect.



Resource Management Software One of the strongest instruments for resource allocation is Monday. You can control everything from a single dashboard thanks to it. They provide the most user-friendly interface and let you set everything up in a matter of seconds. It also takes care of everything you overlooked. Compared to other solutions on the market, the app permits more integrations with this instrument. integrates with every Resource Management Software and planning tool available. For instance, any social media platforms, email providers, and applications that you could require for your business. also offers some automation solutions for different views and tasks that your organisation needs to do over and over again.

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