How to make a folder on Spotify – Complete Guide 2023

how to make a folder on spotify

You may organise your Spotify playlists into different folders, which you can then access as needed, rather than having a single, never-ending list of playlists on your screen. Observe these procedures to create a folder on your computer:

  •  File > Create Playlist Folder from the Spotify interface.
  • On the left sidebar, there is a text box.
  • In the text box, enter the name of your folder.
  • To store playlists, drag & drop them inside the folder.
  • you should feel right at home here if you’re already accustomed to creating folders on a computer and dragging documents into them.

Use the same method for creating folders to create a subfolder that nests inside another folder, and then drag and drop your new folder into the parent folder (the folder that you want to contain your new folder). Double-click the parent folder to see the subfolder, then drag your playlist into the subfolder to add it to the subdirectory.

You can even make sub-sub-subfolders, but if you need to click on folders repeatedly to get how to make a folder on spotify what you’re looking for, going any deeper could get complex and difficult to manage. If your folder structure is complicated, you can add playlists to any subfolders without continually clicking to open each one.

As you drag your playlist over the parent folder, it pops open quickly to reveal the subfolder where you can drop the playlist (repeat the process if you have a deeper folder structure). Moreover, you may drag and drop an already-existing folder with playlists into a parent folder to make it a subdirectory.


Hover your cursor over a folder’s name to reveal an arrow pointing to the right, and then click that arrow to see all of the playlists contained in that folder. You can also click the folder name twice. Now that the arrow is pointing downward, the folder has been opened. The same method can be used to open and view subfolders (if you have any). The arrows become a type of musical sheet sign stacked on another sheet when you move your mouse away from the how to make a folder on spotify sidebar, indicating that they are folders rather than individual playlists.

How to Create a Private or Shared Spotify Playlist

A playlist’s default setting is “public,” which means that anyone who searches for any phrases in the playlist’s name may see it in their search results, follow it, and listen to it. They are unable to alter your playlist in any way, not even by adding or removing new songs. Configure the playlist settings on the desktop or mobile apps to keep your playlist private or allow other users to edit it.

  • With the desktop app, navigate to the left vertical pane, right-click the name of your playlist, and choose Remove from profile to make it secret or hidden from your profile.
  • Remove Spotify playlist from profile
  • Go to the playlist on the mobile app and choose More (three dots) > Delete from Profile. You can also select the option to Make private, which prevents anyone who has ever loved or followed the playlist from accessing it.
  • The Spotify playlist’s Remove from Profile option
  • Create a public Spotify playlist.
  • In the desktop app, navigate to the left vertical pane, click the name of your playlist, and then choose Add to profile from the context menu to make it public or visible in your profile.
  • adding a Spotify playlist to a profile
  • Go to the playlist on the mobile app and choose More (three dots) > Add to profile.
  • The Spotify playlist’s “Add to Profile” option
  • Create a group Spotify playlist.
  • With the desktop app, navigate to the left vertical pane, right-click the name of your playlist, and then select Collaborative playlist to make the playlist collaborative for all subscribers or followers.
  • Spotify playlists can be shared.
  • Go to the playlist in the mobile app and choose More (three dots) > Create collaborative.
  • The Spotify playlist’s “Make Collaborative” option
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How to Create a Spotify Playlist or Duplicate One

If you make more playlists, you’ll probably want to keep them structured and maybe even duplicate some of them so you can expand on them as new playlists.

Spotify desktop create new playlist 001

  • Establish Playlist Folders
  • Playlist folders make it easier to organise comparable playlists so you don’t have to go through your playlists as often. Here is a tutorial on making a playlist folder.
  • Go to File > New Playlist Folder on the desktop software, or right-click the playlist in the playlist menu and choose Create Folder.
  • Create a Spotify playlist folder
  • Provide your name.
  • Drag and drop your playlists into your new folder using your mouse.
  • Add playlist to folder in Spotify
  • Make a Playlist That Is Similar
  • You don’t have to waste time painstakingly recreating your playlist if you already have a superb playlist that you want to utilise as inspiration for another.
  • Choose Make Similar Playlist by performing a right-click on any playlist name that you want to copy.
  • A new one with the same name and a (2) to distinguish it from the old playlist will show up in your playlist area.
  • similar Spotify playlists are created
  • Currently, you can only create folders and comparable playlists from the desktop app, but as long as you’re logged in to your account, any folders you create will show up in the Playlists area of the mobile app.
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How to Take Songs Out of a Spotify Playlist

You can remove any tune from your playlist at any time, whether you accidentally added it or decided you didn’t like it after listening to it a lot. Right-click the tune you want to remove on the desktop programmed, then choose Remove from this playlist.

Track removed from this playlist on Spotify

You can remove a music from a playlist by selecting the three dots next to it in the mobile app, choosing Remove from this playlist, and then tapping the You Added or We Added area of the play list. Taking a song off of a Spotify playlist

How to Use a Playlist’s Radio to Discover New Songs

Actively listening to the radio on your playlist is one of the best methods to find new songs to add to it. It is comparable to a radio station that plays music that is similar to the songs on your playlist. In the desktop app, navigate to the left pane, click the playlist name, and then choose Go to Playlist Radio from the context menu. Next, select Play to start the radio. Also, you have the choice of adding all tunes to a playlist or choosing More (three dots) to access the radio playlist.

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