How Android 17 Came Back to Life After the Cell Games

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Android 17, who was destroyed during the Cell Games when he attempted to self-destruct with the villain, was conspicuously absent from the list of Cell’s victims revived by the Dragon Balls. Instead, Bulma had secretly removed his inner explosive device. Android 16 is entirely mechanical in contrast to Androids 17 and 18, wherein the twins have been fitted with cybernetic modifications created by Gero. As 16 is not an organic being, it is permanently destroyed and must either be totally rebuilt or be brought back through a separate desire from the Dragon Balls to be revived.

Since making his hostile debut, super android 17, he has developed into one of the most significant Z Fighters in Dragon Ball Super. During his entrance in DBZ, 17 has developed physically to the same level as android 17 family after transforming into a Super Saiyan Blue while maintaining the limitless energy that makes him and his sister so lethal. And since Android 17 had saved the Z Fighters and Universe 7 during the pivotal Tournament of Power in Super, his resurrection during the Cell Games would unintentionally preserve reality, even if it was at the time mostly ignored.

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Future Gohan, the son of Goku and Chi-Chi from the alternate future where Androids 17 and 18 nearly wiped out civilization, is one of the most sad characters in the Dragon Ball saga. In this universe, Gohan was slain after teaching Vegeta and Bulma’s son Trunks, and Goku died of a fatal heart virus as the majority of the Z Fighters were mercilessly destroyed by the androids. The character is set to make a comeback in Super Dragon Ball Heroes, despite the fact that Future Gohan died an untimely death in Dragon Ball Z.

Based on the well-known Dragon Ball tabletop and video games of the same name, Super Dragon Ball Heroes is a non-canonical anime series. The series follows well-known Dragon Ball characters from various timelines and parallel universes as they join forces for new adventures, frequently under the leadership of the formidable

Trunks, who defends the space-time continuum as a member of the Time Patrol working for the time god Chronoa. The non-canonical anime movies, Dragon Ball GT, and more current aspects from Dragon Ball Super all come together in this plot for the ultimate Dragon Ball jam session, and as the Time Patrol deals with a new threat to reality, Trunks runs into an old friend with a terrible twist.

The Supreme Kai of Time, Aios, an omniscient deity who uses the Time Patrol to monitor the entire space-time continuum, makes his entrance in the most recent Super Dragon Ball Heroes storyline. As Supreme Kai of Time, android 17 family, who came before Chronoa, decides to host the Super Space-Time Tournament, an epic martial arts competition where twelve teams of seven fighters compete against one another to see which timeline triumphs overall. One of Xeno Trunks’ opponents appears to be a future Gohan who was pulled from the timeline right before his demise and is hiding his identity by donning a mask.

This Future Gohan, along with the rest of Aios’ soldiers, has been enhanced to be powered by an unnatural dark energy rather than only having the Super Saiyan abilities of his alternate future counterpart. With this improvement, Future Gohan is now a match for Xeno Trunks, and his former student has become a Super Saiyan God. Aios herself interrupts their battle in order to intervene. Future Gohan is fully committed to Aios’ mission, choosing which timelines to obliterate from existence forever.

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Dragon Ball Super Unveils Gohan’s Unexpectedly Adorable Piccolo Presents

Prior to DBZ, Future Gohan made additional appearances, including flashback scenes that expanded on the character’s backstory in Dragon Ball Super. In the non-canonical plot of the video game Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai – Another Road from 2007, Majin Buu appeared in Future Trunks’ timeline, causing this universe’s Elder Kai to resurrect Future Gothan in order to assist. Future Gohan’s full potential was unleashed by the Elder Kai after his resurrection, making him substantially stronger. He assisted the Z Fighters in destroying the Majin Buu of this reality as well as a host of other terrible foes.

Future Trunks promised that Androids 17 and 18 would become the evildoers, but this never happened. None of the various answers for why both people are so dissimilar to the two mass murderers who brought about devastation on Earth in Trunks’ timeline were adequately addressed in the anime. The heroic actions of 17 and 18 are frequently thought to be the result of the temporal changes, yet nothing Future Trunks initiated explains these specific deviations.

Why Androids 17 and 18 Changed Their Personalities in Dragon Ball Z

Trunks’ journey through time resulted in a lot of modifications to the timeline, not all of them had evident causes. Some of them, like the activation of Android 16, can be linked to the butterfly effect because the Z-Warriors may have unintentionally inspired the androids to awaken him by merely being in Doctor Gero’s lab. The unexplainable personality variations between 17 and 18 don’t follow the same logic, either. Simply said, they’re not the same individuals who slaughtered the Z-Warriors in Future Trunks’ universe. Trunks was made aware of this reality when he first met 18 in Dragon Ball Super.

Many have tried over the years to explain why 17 and 18 are so different from the androids of the future. One widely accepted theory contends that Android 16 was the cause of the modification. There have been claims that 16’s calm dragon ball z android 17 had an impact on their choices, however there aren’t any instances in Dragon Ball Z to back up this theory. It’s unlikely that 16 (or any other character, for that matter) had anything to do with why they aren’t bad since neither had a close relationship with him. This is one instance of a chronology modification that seemed to happen overnight.

One of the key figures in the Dragon Ball series, Android 17 is the identical twin of Android 18, and he is a Z Fighter who aids Goku in defeating his foes. You probably weren’t aware of some interesting details regarding Android 17 from Dragon Ball.

What are the intriguing details about this persona, then?

Let’s get started without further ado!

1. Lapis is his real name

Some of you might not be aware that Android 17 goes by the name Lapis, the same name as his twin sister Lazuli. A deep blue metamorphic valuable stone is lapis lazuli. It is unknown why Androids 17 and 18 never use their real names and instead stick to the numbers Dr. Gero assigned them after changing their bodies as part of his research. Yet, it could be that using their real names brings back painful memories of what Dr. Gero did to them.

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2. Was Formerly Human

Nearly all of Dr. Gero’s manufactured humans, including Android 13, 17, 18, and 20, were previously actual people until Gero abducted them and used them as experimental subjects. And regrettably, little is known about their past. After becoming Androids, 17 and 18’s appearances haven’t undergone a lot of modifications.

3. Not an Android, Officially, but a Cyborg

In an effort to defeat Goku, Gero has experimented with three different kinds of Androids. They are officially Cyborgs instead of Androids, which is a better phrase to use to describe humans who have undergone technological enhancement. Gero became a cyborg by transferring his brain into a mechanical body, and it’s likely that he also did the same to Androids 17 and 18 once he abducted them. They were able to age much more slowly since they could reproduce just like regular people. The majority of Androids 17 and 18’s organs have been replaced by machines, thus they no longer require nutrients to thrive. They are robots, whereas Android 16 and 19 are androids. Since real Androids are artificially intelligent robots, they cannot comprehend human emotions.

4. Impervious

When an Android comes in contact with water, almost all of them short out. It’s not the case for ages 17 or 18, though, as they were built to battle on a planet with 60% water. As a result, Android 18 can take a shower like a regular person without fear of short-circuiting.

5. The brother-in-law of Krillin

This may not come as a surprise to those who watch Dragon Ball Super. He is not only a permanent member of the Z Fighters, but also a relative of Krillin. Due to the fact that Androids 17 and 18 are twins, Android 17 is now technically married to Android 18 as a result of their union. This also implies that he is Marron’s uncle, the daughter of Krillin and Android 18.

6. He Joins the Park Service Following the Cell Saga

As Android 17 was absorbed by Cell, the character essentially vanished from the show. While his identical twin sister Android 18, who later married Krillin and gave birth to their daughter, continued to play a supporting role. While Cell was an artificial life form, fans weren’t sure if 17 would be brought back to life by a Dragon Ball when Goku wished for all of Cell’s victims to be. Near the conclusion of the Buu Saga, though, when Goku gathers all of Earth’s energy for a Spirit Bomb, he eventually makes a brief cameo. Goku summons all humans on Earth to help him destroy Kid Buu; Android 17 hears his cries and sends some of his energy to him. In his cameo, it is revealed that Android 17 works as a park ranger, preserving the fauna in the area. When Goku hired him in the Universe Survival Arc of Dragon Ball Super, he was still working as a park ranger.

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