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Learn Coding for Free

Learning code has progressed from a pastime to trade over the years. Today, you can learn to code for free on the internet like online coding programs. Gone are the days of learning programming language was only available to a small few or cost a significant sum of money.

Even if you have no plans to pursue a career in production, learning a programming language can be extremely beneficial: It will assist you with properly handling the websites. It will lessen your dependence on a third-party developer for your own ventures. It will allow you to easily create games, websites, and other projects.

This section is for you if you have a desire to start a career as a programmer, learn how to develop websites, or create projects for fun.

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20 Free Coding Websites, Learn to Code for Free

Now, let’s look at some of the best free coding websites for learning code for free. Here are 20 free online coding websites where you can learn to code for free:


edX is a major open-source learning site for higher education. It also has a student network of over 5 million people. The site is divided into a variety of sections that go way beyond programming. Since you’re here to learn to code, the ‘Computer Science’ field would be more useful.

You’ll find videos here that will show you languages and skills such as:

  1. Creation of mobile apps using jQuery, C++, C#, Python, and SQL
  2. HTML and CSS are two distinct types of markup languages.
  3. Java is a programming language that is used.

There are also paid classes online, but there are plenty of free resources to show you the fundamentals of online coding programs.


Codewars uses a set of exercises to teach you the preferred programming language. Since each challenge is referred to as a kata, these learning code challenges are inspired by martial arts. The aim of each challenge is to help you improve your current programming skills or learn to code for free a new one from the ground up. Try these free coding classes to learn coding online.

The challenges get more challenging as you advance through each kata. When you’ve completed a challenge, you’ll be able to compare the approach to others’. This will demonstrate various methods for resolving specific implementation issues.

The following are some of the languages you will learn with Codewars:

  1. Ruby
  2. Javascript
  3. Java
  4. Python
  5. SQL
  6. C#

Khan Academy

Khan Academy’s course page for computers and computer programming is a perfect place to practice learning code for free. Khan Academy is a huge online learning programming. It’s an outstanding place to continue mastering a wide variety of online coding programs expertise and skills. You’ll find classes and videos ranging from the fundamentals of computer programming to technical applications.

Experts teach all of the lessons. Students are, however, invited to discuss what they’ve learning programming through the process. With Khan Academy, you can study and practice programming languages such as: Databases in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. There are also foundational classes that teach you the theory and fundamental skills of computer programming.


BitDegree has a large number of free courses ranging from scripting to game creation. Try these free coding classes to learn coding online. They have both traditional and gamified online classes. Gamified classes encourage students to participate in the learning process by rewarding them for their accomplishments. Everything you have to do now is picking a language and begin practising it.

There are a number of programming languages covered, but the most common are mentioned below:

  • JQuery
  • SQL
  • HTML
  • PHP
  • CSS
  • Javascript

BitDegree goes beyond and beyond by integrating blockchain technology into the educational process.
Businesses may attract engineering talent and assess course performance with the aid of straightforward incentives and an award scheme.

Google Android Training

Google Developers Training is a free online coding program provided by Google. What better way to learn how to code and achieve a Google Developers Certification than from the experts themselves, as created by the Google Developers Training team?Try these free coding classes to learn coding online.

You will check out coding programs tutorials, manuals, and best practices for developing online skills with web fundamentals.
It also has learning aids such as Chrome DevTools, Lighthouse, Workbox, and others. Since the site is geared toward beginner and experienced developers, you’ll want to brush up on the fundamentals before diving in.

The following services are available:

  1. Firebase is a software platform that allows you to
  2. Tensor Flow in Machine learn to code for free
  3. Web design and development
  4. Android programming

You should also engage in other projects and give input to your colleagues. The group mindset is all about assisting one another in achieving success.


Professors from top universities teach online coding programs -based workshops, tutorials, and tools on Coursera. You can select from hundreds of different coding-related classes.Try these free coding classes to learn coding online.

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They collaborated with some of the finest professors from top-tier institutions to create these courses. This implies that you can learn to code for free from some of the best tools available. Any course on the web is free to take, but if you want a diploma, you’ll have to pay for it.

There are a number of courses to choose from, including: HTML and CSS in Python and Java, Programming in the C language for the Internet of Things (IoT).

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Code Academy

One of the most famous areas for learning programming  for free is Code Academy. This website has helped over 24 million people learn to code.

They offer a wide variety of programming classes, from beginner to intermediate. The immersive learning method allows you to put what you’ve learned into practice right away. Over 300,000,000 hours of free online coding websites content are available to help you progress from total novice to working programmer.

You’ll be able to master the following languages at Code Academy:

  1. Ruby is a girl who likes to
  2. JavaScript CSS jQuery PHP HTML JavaScript
  3. Python is a programming language.

There are a number of other courses open, but the languages mentioned above are the primary emphasis.

The aim of is to make programming a part of the standard education curriculum. This site has been used by over a million users to develop their programming knowledge and skills.Try these free coding classes to learn coding online.

It is entirely up to you to decide if you will educate your children. You can either jump right into the one-hour tutorials or follow a more formal route. There’s even a wide course catalogue separated into age ranges, including K-5, 6-12, and also University level.


Udemy is an online learning platform with thousands of lessons. There are many paying courses available on the website, but there are still many free ones. Plus, coupons and specials are still available, offering discounts and even free copies of paid lessons. There are several programming courses available where you can learning programming topics like:

  1. Internet and video game production
  2. Creation of mobile applications
  3. Creating an e-commerce website

You’ll find all the programming languages you’ll ever need.

Dash General Assembly

Dash is a free online program that guides you on the foundations of web creation using just your browser. You’ll learn the fundamentals of HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript, as well as how these languages interact to create stunning, cutting-edge online coding websites.

Furthermore, it allows you to complete a series of small tasks that will finally come together to teach you how to create your own website. You’ll have a greater view of the bigger picture of website growth by working with Dash. It’s an excellent starting point for someone with no prior programming experience.

You can see right away that offers a variety of programming languages to learn to code for free . Once you’ve selected the course you want to take, you’ll be taken to a list of tutorials where you can filter the course to your tastes. You can choose whether you want to learn for free or for a fee, whether you want to learn at a beginner or intermediate level, and which language you want to learn in.

The following are some of their most common programming courses and tutorials:

  1. Python, JavaScript, and Java are two programming languages.
  2. Android Programming
  3. C and C++ are two programming languages.
  4. Algorithms and Data Structures in PHP
  5. And there are plenty more. also has a blog where they have advice on various coding languages as well as answer questions from their customers. Furthermore, the Roadmaps section guides you through a suggested learning programming path so that you can acquire the necessary skills in a systematic manner. Roadmaps assist people who are unsure where to proceed in order to reach their goal.

Free Code Camp

Free Code Camp is all about forging real-world connections and fostering a sense of community around computer education. It allows you to learn to code for free by competing in different competitions. To assist you in completing each challenge, you’ll have access to programming tutorials and courses.

You’ll be able to apply your talents in the real world by creating tradable prototypes and online coding for non-profits after you’ve gained some experience. The following are some of the languages and expertise covered: Node.js React.js D3.js Databases HTML5 CSS3 Javascript Node.js React.js D3.js Github and Git coding websites.Try these free coding classes to learn coding online.

The greatest thing is that you won’t be coding alone. There’s a group site where you can speak to other people who are learning the same things you are. You will have the option of meeting other local coders for a conversation or information sharing.

Code Avengers

Learning to code and software with Code Avengers is an enjoyable and immersive experience. You will learning programming how to code blogs, applications, and even games through a number of coding websites.

Each course on the website takes 12 hours to complete and is available in a variety of languages. There’s even a group of programming professionals to help you out.

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Script Avengers will teach you languages and skills such as:

  1. HTML
  2. Query j
  3. Javascript
  4. Web design and development
  5. CSS

There is a 7-day free trial available to help you decide whether the whole package is worth your time and money.

MIT Open Courseware

With MIT Open Courseware, you can learn to code for free online. All of MIT’s undergraduate and graduate courses are now available online through the OpenCourseWare Initiative. You can get an MIT-level education even though you don’t get into MIT if you have the drive to finish the job coding websites.

Computer science is only one of the many options. You have the option of completing the degree program or taking individual classes. For example, introductory computer programming courses such as Python, C and C++, and Java are available.Try these free coding classes to learn coding online.

The Odin Project

To get started coding for free, go to the odin project login tab. The Odin Project removes all of the guesswork in web creation. It can be daunting to bring all of the skills you’re learning programming together while you’re learning to program on your own.

You have all of the puzzle bits, so you’re stumped as to where they should go. This website has placed together a logical framework using the best educational tools on the internet. Furthermore, you will learn to create projects along the way and will be encouraged by an engaged group.

You’ll master a variety of programming languages and techniques, such as: HTML and CSS are two distinct types of markup languages. Databases for Git, Javascript, Ruby, and Ruby on Rails


W3Schools has coding tutorials, guides, samples, and drills to assist you in learning how to code. Their tagline is “The World’s Largest Web Developer Site,” and they deliver. Begin by deciding on a programming language.

Code Conquest

Code Conquest is a fantastic forum for learning the fundamentals of coding tutorials. Even if you’ve never written a line of code before, this tool will lead you through the process.

You’ll find a number of tutorials on the web to help you learn programming languages such as:

  1. HTML and CSS are two distinct types of markup languages.
  2. PHP/Javascript
  3. jQuery Ruby
  4. MySQL in Python

It’s supposed to lead you through the steps of:

  1. Understanding what coding tutorials
  2. Choosing which languages to learn is a challenging job.
  3. Knowing how to develop your talents and abilities
  4. Putting these skills to use in real-life situations

In addition to anything listed above, you’ll get detailed tips on how to further your education using various resources and platforms.

Solo Learn

Solo Learn is a free website that teaches you how to program in a variety of languages. One of the best features is that it is compatible with mobile devices. The software receives the same amount of traffic as the coding websites.

There’s a place in the Solo Learn Playground where you can share the code you’re working on and have others support you. They can make suggestions or be inspired by your code or definition. Try these free coding classes to learn coding online.

The following are some of the courses offered by Solo Learn:

  1.  jQuery, and Swift 4
  2. Python and JavaScript
  3. C / C# / C++
  4. Fundamentals of Ruby
  5. HMTL CSS PHP SQL C / C# / C++

In addition, you can read the most current news on games, technologies, and coding tutorials tips on Solo Learn’s blog.


Upskill is a free online boot camp that will teach you everything you need to know about programming, from beginner to advanced. The course’s main goal is to teach you web creation, and it’s a perfect place to start if you have no prior experience.

You’ll pick up coding skills like:

  1. PHP is a scripting language.
  2. Node.js MySql
  3. Rails is a Ruby on Rails system.
  4. HTML5 and CSS3 for Javascript
  5. Good practices with WordPress
  6. Plugin creation for WordPress

The curriculum is completely project-based, but as you advance through the program, you’ll be creating a real-world portfolio.

Bento is learning how to code a website. takes pleasure in assisting other developers. They agree that learning to code should not be expensive, and they want to provide you with all of the coding skills you’ll need to excel.

Its new dashboard greets you with a feed featuring all of your favourite topics and activities. You were making it simple for you to resume where you left off or move to a new thread. It even displays the latest learning schedule and what you have expected for the future.

The tutorials are divided into tracks, which allow you to get a quick rundown, estimate how long it will take, and see whether you’ve either begun or finished them. It also suggests what you should attempt to learn next. currently offers the following topics on its website:

  1. SQL
  2. Shell
  3. Heroku
  4. Git
  5. Python
  6. Flask
  7. HTML
  8. CSS
  9. JavaScript not only has its own content, but it also has a page with links to other websites if you need more detail.
You can simply type in the topic you’re searching for to find additional websites that provide a different viewpoint on the issue.

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