The Best 15 pharmacy software in 2022

pharmacy software

Pharmacy software helps them fill and process prescriptions, keep track of their stock, and take payments. The program saves vital information about drugs and patients to guarantee that the correct prescriptions are issued at the correct dosage. Pharmacy software also takes care of tasks that are done over and over, like requests for refills and checking insurance.

The Best 15 pharmacy software in 2022

This allows pharmacists to devote more time to patient care rather than paperwork. Most pharmacy software has many of the same features and capabilities as retail point of sale (POS) systems. They also include aspects that are unique to the pharmaceutical industry.

Features of Pharmacy Software

Management of Prescription Processing

  • E-Prescribing electronically sends and receives prescription information.
  • Requests for Prior Authorization Send the patient’s prescription information to their insurance company to see if it’s covered and how much the insurer will pay.
  • Management of Refills Allows patients to seek refills online, over the phone, or in person. Set up refills to be replenished automatically as needed.
  • When refills are running low, notify patients. When your prescription refills run out, ask your doctor for more.
  • Synchronization of Medication To avoid patients skipping doses, schedule automatic refills to be picked up at the same time.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) lets patients ask for refills over the phone by following automated audio prompts.
  • Management of new prescriptions (Rx) Receive notifications when a patient’s prescription is filled.
  • To enhance medication adherence, we provide advice on side effects, drug interactions, and administration instructions.
  • The capture of electronic signatures When patients pick up their medicines, electronic signatures are recorded.
  • Track medications and immunizations are given to the patient with the Medication Administration Record (MAR).

Payment Processing Feature Descriptions pharmacy software

  • Accept payments by credit card, gift card, cash, or check at the POS or online.
  • For periodic refills, set up automated payment debits. Purchases made over-the-counter (OTC)
  • Allow clients to buy over-the-counter (OTC) drugs without a membership. Keep track of any purchases of restricted substances or pseudoephedrine (PSE).
  • Scanning of Barcodes Scan the barcode on the prescription to enter patient information into the POS system. This makes it easy to make a record for a new patient.
  • Management of Inventory Track medicine inventory levels in real-time and place automated purchase orders when supplies are running low.

Additional Features pharmacy software

  • Scans of patient insurance information and medicines should be scanned and uploaded.
  • Back up essential papers so you can get the information you need at any moment.
  • Accounts Payable Track amounts due at the time of collection and automatically add interest to overdue balances as needed.
  • Reporting Create bespoke reports to get a better understanding of earnings, prescription and patient patterns, and overall pharmacy operations.
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Prescription Management Software from a Pharmacy

To avoid future health problems, most drugs must be picked up and taken on time by the patient. Thanks to pharmacy management software, inventory is stocked and refills are ready on time. To avoid patients forgetting their pills, the system will send out pickup reminders. The pharmacist is alerted when a physician submits new prescriptions.

After that, the pharmacist can check with the patient’s insurance company to see if the prescription is covered. When the patient picks up the new prescription, the pharmacist will be asked to give instructions and information about side effects and drug interactions to make sure the medicine is taken correctly.

Pharmacy software Point of Sale

With pharmacy point of sale software, patients can sign for and pay for their medicines electronically at the time they pick them up. Patients can also buy over-the-counter drugs, vitamins, supplements, and ointments at the pharmacy. Some pharmacies must additionally keep track of sales of prohibited substances such as pseudoephedrine. The system will keep track of patient information, purchase date, and amount. The system will reject the transaction if a patient has reached their limit.

What Do You Need for Your Pharmacy?

A community pharmacy software is the type of pharmacy you require. To handle orders efficiently, independent pharmacies and retail pharmacy chains should search for pharmacy management software with an easy POS system. Inventory monitoring, refill management, and document management are all crucial things to look for. Prescriptions will be tracked when they are transported between stores at multi-location pharmacies.

Long-Term Care Pharmacy

Pharmacy software are used in nursing homes, hospices, assisted living centers, and other long-term care institutions to minimize drug processing time and improve time spent delivering patient care. Medicare and Medicaid billing, as well as automated refill requests, are among the features to look for in a pharmacy solution. For increased patient safety, the system also requires precise medicine administration instructions. Preventing pharmaceutical theft requires accurate, real-time inventory management.

Pharmacy Specialty

If you provide specialized pharmacy software, you’ll need a system to keep track of pricey pharmaceuticals used to treat chronic or uncommon diseases. These drugs frequently have unique storage and administration needs. Your pharmaceutical management system should include clear administration and storage guidelines. Mail-Order Pharmacy Patients must be able to make refill requests online using pharmacy management systems for mail-order pharmacies. Before the prescription can be filled, the system must be able to verify the information about the patient, the doctor, and the insurance.

1. PioneerRx

pharmacy software

PioneerRx’s aim is to save and revitalize independent pharmacies, making it the instrument of choice for successful community pharmacies looking to compete and earn from patient care. PioneerRx pharmacy collaborates with innovative luminaries.

2. WinRx


Computer-WinRx Rx is a Windows-based pharmacy management system. It was created with the goal of enhancing productivity. Prescription monitoring, inventory tracking, and reporting are among WinRx’s most useful functions.

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3. Liberty Software

Liberty SoftwareLiberty Software is a pharmacy management system that can help you improve customer service, keep patients safe, and make more money. Liberty Software has three solutions: overall pharmacy management, point of sale, and management of multiple stores.

4. PrimeRx


Micro Merchant Systems’ PrimeRx Pharmacy Management System is a prominent pharmacy management system. This technology helps manage the flow of work and automate the refill process in retail pharmacies and hospital pharmacies for outpatients. The answer was made in a

5. BestRx

BestRxBestRx is a pharmacy software solution that assists independent pharmacies in managing their operations. BestRx enables point of sale, electronic signature capture, e-prescribing, document management, and more. They are all accessible with BestRx. Patients can use the search function to find

6. VIP Pharmacy

VIP Pharmacy

VIP Pharmacy helps both small and large pharmacies fill prescriptions and run their daily business. Rx Image Scanning and an Intelligent Perpetual Inventory feature are included in this program, giving you complete control over your pharmacy operations. ..

7. Winpharm

WinpharmDatascan supplies pharmacy software to independent pharmacies all around the United States. Winpham, their flagship product, is a pharmacy management system. Mobile refills, web refills, MTM integration, and cutting-edge MedSync are all available. owned independently…

8. Pharmaserv

PharmaservMcKesson’s Pharmaserv is an on-premises pharmaceutical administration solution. This system aids in the management of pharmacy operations, medicine dispensing, and clinical services for patients. Workflow in the pharmacy; multi-location support; point-of-sale; perpetual inventory…

9. ScriptPro Central Pharmacy Management System

ScriptPro Central Pharmacy Management SystemThe ScriptPro Central Pharmacy Management System is a simple tool that helps with dispensing, managing inventory, and making sales at the point of sale. The SP Central Pharmacy Management System allows pharmacies to track, process, and distribute their medications in a safe and precise manner.

10. Rx30

Rx30Rx30 is a pharmaceutical software program. Delivery management, prescription refill requests, inventory control, patient alerts, and electronic signature collection are all available as mobile apps. Accounts payable; prescription fulfillment…

11. RxGENESYS Suite

RxGENESYS SuiteRxGENESYS is a pharmacy management system that runs on Windows. Small to mid-sized pharmacies generally utilize this system to manage prescriptions and day-to-day operations. Patient Care Module; Accounts Receivable; Inventory Tracking…

12. FrameworkLTC

FrameworkLTCFrameworkLTC is a long-term care pharmacy management system. The main functions of this system are workflow management and billing. FrameworkLTC also assists pharmacies in effectively managing inventories and tracking the costs of items. You may use the program to see the

13. RxAXIS Suite

RxAXIS SuiteRxAXIS is a pharmaceutical program that runs on Windows and Linux. You can use technologies like barcode scanning, a mobile refill app, point of sale, interactive voice response, and more to help run your business.

14. Abacus Pharmacy Plus

Abacus Pharmacy PlusRetail pharmacies, long-term care pharmacies, and mail-order pharmacies all benefit from AbacusRx’s software. AbacusRx also provides a fully integrated point of sale system. Scanning of prescriptions and barcodes; document management; inventory management…

15. RxCALIBER Suite


RxCALIBER is a mail-order system based on orders. It’s made for organizations that process thousands of prescriptions every day, from modest to large volumes. Credit Card Processing; Call Recording; Refills by Phone, Internet, or Mobile; Document Scanning; Order Processing.

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