Fleet Management Software: 20 Best Fleet Management Software In 2022

fleet management software

An program called fleet management software helps with activities associated with the purchase, use, and repair of a company’s cars. Any firm that needs many vehicles on the road may benefit from this. This might include everything from delivery vans and trucks to management and C-suite executives’ personal vehicles.

In order to monitor and improve the lifespan performance of business cars, vans, trucks, buses, and other vehicles, fleet management systems are largely used. The majority of systems are made to continuously monitor the following:

  • vehicle information (make, model, VIN, etc.)
  • vehicle background (miles, repairs, etc.)
  • drivers (insurance, performance, behavior, etc.)
  • preventing future problems
  • route improvement
  • both buying and renting

Features Of Fleet Management Software

Asset tracking is easy with basic methods. Additionally, the following qualities are linked to effective fleet management solutions:

Driver Record: Keep a note of the driver’s details, including insurance details and driving history. This helps with risk management since it enables you to look for warning signals of possible problems in the driver’s conduct.

Work Order: Keep up-to-date work orders for all requests for maintenance, vehicle history, and driver conduct.

Service Management: For maintenance that is planned, create notifications. Keep a record of every maintenance done in the past.

Parts Database: Keep track of the components and supplies needed for maintenance for businesses who maintain their fleet internally.

Route Mapping: Turn-by-turn directions and GIS mapping are two examples of mapping systems. See the locations of all your assets on a map. When you need to locate the nearest competent driver, this is useful.

Vehicle Location History: Check out the animated car history trails. Not only can you plan a route for the car, but you can also track its whereabouts down to the last turn, stop, and time. Reduce trip times while holding your drivers responsible. You may also check when your drivers are exceeding the posted speed restrictions by using the mapping feature.

Route Optimization: You and your drivers may design the finest and most effective route for improved fuel management with the aid of route optimization. Additionally, make enables you to re-route technicians or drivers as necessary.

Maintenance: Entering and managing the data from those repair calls is crucial, whether you handle your fleet maintenance internally or by outsourcing to a third party.

How Much Fleet Management Software Cost?

The cost of software varies per product but is generally influenced by the features needed and the quantity of monitored cars. You may assess possible costs to create an acceptable budget by knowing these two criteria.

Costs often rise with the addition of premium services like GPS tracking, route planning, or condition monitoring. The majority of systems are billed monthly, per car. The expense of purchasing enterprise on-premise systems is greater up front, but the monthly vehicle cost is cheaper.

Prices per car, each month, ranging from $15 to $150. The typical use cases cost $35 a month per vehicle.

In-House Maintenance In Fleet Management Software

Internal fleet management requires a lot of resources, particularly when you have to remove cars for maintenance, arrange divers, and schedule upkeep. Fortunately, by simplifying your review procedure, the proper fleet maintenance software may help you relieve some of the load on those resources. Fleet management software makes it easy to manage personnel, plan work, procure components, and keep records internally.

Parts Management

Keep track of your supply of frequently used items, including as filters, oil, and gasoline. Likewise, keep note of the other parts you may need less regularly in your inventory by making, model, and year. Set up notifications to tell you when your supply is becoming low and keep track of how much is being used. It is simpler to maintain a modest inventory and place an order right before the maintenance is planned because you are arranging your service job. This enables you to stock up on fewer things.

Coordinate Scheduling

Work scheduling may not appear that challenging when managing a small fleet. Scheduling becomes more crucial when you are in charge of a large number of cars. The car must be returned to service and put back on the road, therefore you must ensure that you have the people and components needed to finish the job on hand.

Reduce Liability

Keeping track of driver and vehicle history may benefit your business in a number of ways. GPS monitoring systems may be used by fleet managers to monitor which drivers adhere to predetermined routes and imposed speed restrictions. These driving records serve as evidence of excellent behavior, which can minimize your insurance prices. Similarly, by indicating when maintenance was most recently conducted and the components utilized, maintenance documents help defend your business in the event of an accident.

Outsource Maintenance In Fleet Management Software

Even if you leave your maintenance to a dealer or repair facility, it’s crucial to keep track of the work done. You must maintain a service history of those devices together with the related repair costs. To determine when the vehicle requires scheduled maintenance, you may also refer to the service history.

Third-Party Fleet Services

Integrated management software can make it simple to maintain track of their work if your fleet maintenance is done by a third party company. Maintaining accountability for your third-party partners, fleet tracking systems display real-time changes to vehicle positions and maintenance work orders.

Out-Of-State Fleet Services

Have workers spread throughout several states? No issue. For improved record-keeping, have the driver mail or scan the invoice and service record into the system. The documents may then be kept with the vehicle. assemble data from various repair shops, then save it in the program.

Systems for tracking vehicles are especially useful for fleets that operate across many states or nations. Always be aware of which cars are being repaired and which are currently on the road. Additionally, you can locate all of your cars and drivers in real-time, wherever they may be in the globe, thanks to fleet tracking services.

Additional Software Options For Fleet Management

Fleet management relies on business procedures that software provides. Systems that may be accessed from anywhere through the cloud are great for large organizations. Others include smartphone applications for updates while on the road. You can find software that meets your demands.

We can assist you if you have reached the stage where you are prepared to choose which fleet management software alternatives are best for you. Our software consultants will try to better understand your company and software requirements over the phone in order to point you in the direction of a few options that can solve the problems you are now facing.

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20 Best Fleet Management Software In 2022

#1. Samsara Fleet Management

fleet management software

The fleet management software from Samsara is designed for both small and large organizations. The program has mobile applications for iOS and Android devices and is cloud-based. It is possible to monitor locations and assure driver safety using real-time GPS monitoring.


  • Dash cameras, real-time GPS tracking, and trailer safety
  • Dispatching and Routing
  • Document Control
  • Fleet Management
  • Reporting
  • ELD Conform Wireless Hotspot

#2. Nova

fleet management software

The integrated accounting system known as Transportation Solutions was created exclusively for the transportation industry.


The following are the main services offered by Nova Truckload Software:

  • Invoices Payable
  • Receivables Accounts
  • Driver Compensation
  • Ledger General
  • Payroll
  • Procurement Orders

#3. Fleet Commander

fleet management software

Agile’s FleetCommander is a web-based fleet management software that makes it simple to oversee any fleet’s vehicles. Your end customers don’t need to install anything because it is totally web-based.

A partial fleet management solution already in place? That’s alright. In addition to others, we have connected FleetCommander with systems for risk management, HR, accounting, maintenance, and ERM. Find out from us how we can work with your current systems.


With features like customizable interfaces, online reservations, automated policy enforcement, fleet optimization, maintenance and work order management, key control, fuel management, GPS integration, reporting, user management, permission-based access, and much more, our fleet management solution, which is constantly evolving, makes it easier for fleet managers to manage their drivers.

#4. OnFleet

fleet management software

With the most cutting-edge logistics, Onfleet, a last-mile delivery platform, can grow operations and increase fleet efficiency. Use this software to make better fleet management decisions.


  • route improvement
  • Lookup and filter
  • Auto-dispatch
  • evidence of delivery
  • Live information
  • driver conversation
  • Onboarding
  • ETA predictions
  • Analysis

#5. WorkWave Route Manager

fleet management software

WorkWave Route Manager aids organizations in increasing productivity and optimizing transportation routes. Route Manager will predict arrival times, offer real-time information on driver and vehicle whereabouts, and provide warnings in the event of delays.


  • Viamente Route Planner is being replaced by WorkWave Route Manager, according to advertising.
  • Create Routes
  • Routes for Dispatch to Drivers’ Mobile Devices
  • Track departures and project arrivals
  • GPS Monitoring
  • Send updated routes to the drivers
  • Analytics and Reporting

#6. AUTOsist

fleet management software

Are you trying to manage your fleet with a SIMPLE solution? You can track maintenance, inspections, gasoline, and other crucial documents with the help of AUTOsist a fleet management software. You can manage your fleet whenever, whenever, and on any sort of device with this web-based solution that also offers a mobile app for iOS and Android. It’s simple to assign numerous users, upload receipts, and upload documents. Any type of fleet may utilize AUTOsist to help you boost productivity, save downtime, and lower expenses.

#7. Fleetio

fleet management software

Fleetio is a cutting-edge web-based fleet management software that enables fleet managers, drivers, mechanics, parts managers, and others to handle the whole lifecycle of cars and equipment, from purchase to disposal.

It will streamline fleet maintenance procedures and make sure that regular inspections and repairs are carried out as well as preventative maintenance. For you to better understand the real cost of ownership of your fleet, Fleetio will also gather data from telemetry devices, fuel cards, and outside repair shops, or it will let you to manually enter data.

#8. VIVOCabs

fleet management software

A fleet management software with features including live trip monitoring, fare prediction, user wallet, driver/rider rating, commission setting, and more, VivoCabs is a customisable white-label solution for starting an online cab booking business like Uber, Lyft, and Grab. Riders and drivers can download the mobile apps in Android and iOS versions. Additionally, a web admin interface is accessible for managing users, cars, drivers, coupons, withdrawal requests, and much more.

#9. FleetCam


For fleet vehicles, FleetCam® is an all-in-one camera system that accommodates up to 8 cameras per vehicle. With in-cab notifications and a built-in system for teaching driver behavior, it is intended to provide managers access to information and to support the improvement of driving practices.


  • Live-streaming from various camera angles (up to 8 cameras per vehicle).
  • The use of a mobile phone while driving, smoking, and many other behaviors are all detectable by AI cameras.
  • Drivers are quickly informed when risky driving behavior is recognized through in-cab feedback (falling asleep, following vehicle in front of them too closely, etc.).
  • System for driver coaching.
  • All previous videos are all accessible online.
    duplicate video clips.

#10. NexGen FMS

fleet management software

Fleet management software of the construction and equipment sectors, second generation.

The most adaptable and complete piece of software now on the market for managing the assets of the construction and equipment rental industries is NexGen FMS. The NexGen FMS system provides businesses with unmatched control over expenses and revenues in a user-friendly system that uses the most recent and cutting-edge methods.

Key Features And Benefits

  • Managing and Dispatching Equipment, Vehicles, and Personnel
  • Seamless Drag and Drop Scheduling with One Click Accounting Interface
  • World-class assistance combined with sector expertise
  • Web site services and updates that add value
  • Cost-effective for Small and Large Businesses

#11. Cetaris Fleet


Cetaris Fleet is a solution for fleet management software that reduces expenses, frees up time, and boosts productivity. Every day, Cetaris products give maintenance teams the resources they need to manage their assets.

#12. IndusTrack


A complete hosted field fleet management software with GPS tracking is called IndusTrack. They make it possible for commercial and residential service contractors, particularly those working in the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC sectors, to expand their businesses more easily.

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Through more effective operations and application consolidation, they use the connected apps to finish more works in the same work week, enhance client connections, and save costs. Every field management and customer service function that a service contractor requires to run their business is included in IndusTrack.

Dispatch, Inventory, Time Tracking, Mapping, Built-in GPS Vehicle Tracking, CRM, Customer Portal, Invoicing, Forms, and a mobile app for complete tasks administration are a few of the important features. They take away all the barriers for contractors who want to increase their business and enable their technicians to serve as full-service reps on the job site with limitless onboarding, unlimited support, and affordable pricing.


fleet management software

This convenient online GPS fleet tracking and management tool is available whenever and wherever you need it. View fleet management software positions in real time as well as past fleet activities using simple lists and satellite or map data. Configurable alarms to provide immediate notice of extraordinary circumstances


Works in 30+ languages and all nations. The GPSWOX program operates flawlessly in every nation. Any sort of company or sector can use it. More than 30 languages have software translations. They can include a new language if necessary.

#14. Trucking Integration

fleet management software

Built on Microsoft Dynamics GP, Trucking Integration is an integrated trucking and transportation system. These characteristics are:

  • Freight Invoicing
  • Manifests (both In-house and Carrier Manifests)
  • Processing of Carrier Assignments
  • Monitoring and Reporting
  • Fleet Vehicle Maintenance
  • Driver Monitoring
  • Processing of Load Confirmation Forms and Loads
  • Tracking of intermodal containers and chassis

This solution is intended to completely automate the trucking broker sector or the private fleet carrier business. This comprehensive package, which fully connects with the AP and AR modules and GL via these two other modules, is created to have the same appearance and feel as Great Plains. To automatically compute route mileages and provide routing reports that smoothly enter Great Plains, it is integrated with PC-Miler and Rand McNally Tripmaker. Explorer objects and go-tos are made using AnyView products.

#15. Envision


Any size or kind of transportation organization may use Envision as a TMS solution. Dispatch, brokerage, accounting, payroll, IFTA reporting, and maintenance (for fleet and/or outside carriers) are all integrated within the system itself. All significant Fuel Service suppliers and several GPS tracking systems may be incorporated.
Scheduling and dispatching Route planning

  • Rates Management for Carriers
  • Optimization of Load
  • Fleet Management
  • Including third-party software in the mix

#16. TMWSuite


On-time delivery, short turnarounds, and information integration are all offered by TMWSuite a fleet management software. The program addresses issues including increased gasoline prices, a shortage of drivers, and a jam-packed timetable. Maintaining cost and service competition while providing noteworthy value in every aspect is essential.
Trucking, brokerage, and 3PL companies benefit from the enterprise strength of TMWSuite.

Starting with TMWSuite, which unifies all the necessary tasks and services for the end-to-end transportation process, control is established. Regional brokers and third-party logistics providers up to major carriers with fleets of 20,000 to 15,000 can use it. Whether you work with bulk products, flatbed loads, vans, refrigerated, specialized and dedicated, or private fleets, it offers trucking software capabilities to handle the distinctive and particular demands of your business. It’s the enabling technology that gives you access to the data you need to create your plans, carry them out, track performance, and make adjustments as needed. To put it another way, TMWSuite can help you excel in your field.

How efficient is TMWSuite? Ask any of our more than 2000 clients globally. Customers have observed:

  • 6% better billed ratio
  • 3.5% more money per mile earned
  • 7% fewer miles on empty
  • 50% fewer drivers changing jobs

$100 million more in income was generated with no additional costs.

#17. ClearPathGPS

fleet management software

A simple-to-use fleet management software called ClearPathGPS provides track points, color-coded status updates, and thirty-second updates on moving vehicles. Real-time monitoring of the autonomous movement of your fleet. There are more than 60 reports, graphs, and alerts available, and it is possible to display the complete fleet history for up to a year. The top-tier support and service teams are experts in dealing with small to medium-sized local fleets. No agreements. Anytime, suspend or cancel. $20/month.


  • 30 second cloud-based web portal with GPS tracking
  • Native mobile applications for the iPhone and Android
  • Geofences
  • Stop status and duration in real-time
  • overlaying a live traffic report
  • a huge library of reports and graphs
  • group chart
  • automobile detail map
  • the crumbs of bread
  • SMS warnings
  • notifications by email
  • Driver’s ID
  • Alerts for fleet maintenance
  • regulations based on time
  • standards based on safety
  • Error codes

Routing, dispatch, maintenance, ELD/HOS, field service management, shipping, and an open API are examples of partner integrations.

#18. Paradigm Transportation Suit (PTS)

fleet management software

PTS records all the information entered by drivers on internal, contractual, and charter trips, including salary data, accounting of driver advances and costs, fuel purchases by state, daily miles by state, and the kind of travel.

  • PTS uses Microsoft Reporting Services and a strong Crystal Reporting engine to provide effective reports with user-defined search parameters.
  • Compile information for simple IFTA reporting
  • Manage the fuel tank and pump meter readings on the premises.
  • Obtain payroll information and incurred costs up until the conclusion of the trip to enable client charge-backs.
  • PTS makes use of the Crystal Reporting Engine and Microsoft Reporting Services and is entirely designed in Microsoft.NET.

#19. S2K Vision

Software for service dispatching and scheduling is called S2K (formerly S2000). The current version, which was completely redone, is based on SQL and is a descendent of the S2000. It offers a full modular architecture to accommodate any service-oriented company’ requirements. The program interfaces with well-known accounting programs like QuickBooks Premier and Sage 50c (formerly Peachtree).

  • Managing Customers using Bar Coding (CRM)
  • Web-based Customer Service Portal
  • Accounting Statements
  • Fixed-Price Pricing
  • Fleet Management
  • Accounting that is fully integrated (or third party-compatible)
  • Ledger General
  • Inventory Control
  • Job costing, budgeting, and quoting
  • Entry of Orders/Point of Sale
  • Maintenance in advance
  • Procurement Orders
  • Retail Management
  • Service Contracts
  • Service Scheduling & Mapping

#20. Husky Intelligence

fleet management software

A field fleet management software called Husky Intelligence is based on AI. It is most effective when utilized by businesses that provide mobile work since it enables you to automate interactions to raise your profit levels. Sales initiatives, offers, sales goals, leads, and customer data.

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