Best Kantime Healthcare Software in 2022


KanTime is a cloud-based home care software system that was made for private duty and home health agencies. It was made for these types of businesses. It enables you to monitor and handle data, which streamlines and profits your business operations. KanTime and FrontStream Payments have worked together to make payment processing fully integrated into KanTime’s management system.

Best Kantime Healthcare Software in 2022

FrontStream Payments has more than a decade of expertise in the home health care business, offering dependable, integrated payment solutions to franchisees and software partners such as KanTime. We have a credit card processing service for your individual franchisees and customers, which makes it easy for them to pay by check or cash.

What exactly is KanTime?


KanTime is a cloud-based, customized EMR system that helps healthcare organizations improve productivity, make money, and meet regulatory standards. It has powerful business intelligence modules that help users look deeper into financial, clinical, and operational data in order to get useful information.

Businesses can use it both online and offline on any Android, iOS, or Windows device. It helps doctors record pertinent patient data while giving back-office workers real-time KPIs via interactive dashboards. It enables rapidly developing agencies to handle several revenue streams. They accept all major credit and debit cards, as well as ACH and Flexible Spending Account/Health Savings Account cards.

  • Complete integration with KanTime—no additional development work required.
  • Simple reconciliation with payments is reflected instantly in your system.
  • Process payments from your customers on a one-time or ongoing basis.
  • Pricing is competitive, and the application and approval processes are expedited.
  • Dedicated customer service was also offered.

An Overview of the kantime

KanTime is a completely integrated system that manages patient and client information, caregiver information, scheduling, billing, accounts receivable, and payroll. The integrated telephone system enables caregivers to check in and out, warns caregivers of no-shows, and allows caregivers to enter mileage and expenditures directly from the client’s location.

Client consent data, care plans, caregiver-signed applications, and any other scanned images can be stored in the office’s integrated Document Management system. This makes the office closer to being paperless. KanTime enables your business to operate more efficiently by lowering administrative expenses, increasing staff retention, increasing profitability, and providing the high-quality care that your clients demand.

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It streamlines the processes of scheduling, timesheet management, billing, and payroll. It is meant to help you achieve your company’s goal and vision for success. It meets your current needs and grows with your business and the market through the use of different branches. KanTime is built on Microsoft’s robust.Net framework and has an “N” layer architecture. This architectural framework enables easy expansion and scaling to any extent. The system uses the traditional Windows look and feels and includes online support.

Key Features:

  • Secure user logins based on roles. The rights management function lets you designate what information and tasks each user have access to.
  • Simple to use: very intuitive and simple to use with online assistance. It allows you to work from anywhere, at any time, while maintaining incredible control over your business.
  • Because the program is available 24 hours a day, you will always have up-to-date information regarding your caregiver’s activity and billing.
  • Customizable: Extensive configuration features enable businesses to tailor the system to their own needs.
  • Predefined procedures ensure that users follow business rules, do what they need to do, and follow industry rules.
  • Users may select from a variety of prepared reports to fulfill regulatory and business needs, as well as export them to Adobe PDF, Microsoft Excel, or Quick Books.


KanTime delivers significant value to any firm in the clinical, operational, and financial realms. These perks are included in the monthly fee of KanTime, which ranges from $1,000 to $1,500.

Tracking of Physician Orders



This hands-off approach to a labor-intensive procedure elevates automation to a new level. You can send and track physician orders, assign follow-ups to the system of WorldView, and check-in and check out doctor orders that have been signed or are still not signed. Monitor progress via a simple dashboard to gain a birds-eye perspective of your orders’ processing.



Your medical records processing behemoth. This method uses technology by utilizing Optical Character Recognition. It analyses documents, categorizes them, and helps your team quickly assign patient records for review to the right patient records. Documentation of patients has suddenly gotten a whole lot easier.

Complete Mobility


The name is self-explanatory; it is your all-in-one mobile solution. It’s a one-stop-shop for uploading and retrieving relevant patient documents from any location. Our “doc capture” feature lets you automatically collect and upload documents to the patient’s record. WorldView SMS enables you to send and receive HIPAA-compliant communications. With our wound care part of the program, you can track the course of your wounds. Additionally, our signature capture capability enables you to electronically capture signatures.

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Management of Referrals


WorldView Intake enables clients to easily traverse the time-consuming intake procedure. To begin with, it simplifies the process of organizing and categorizing the paperwork necessary to process a recommendation. Second, it rapidly detects any paperwork that is missing from the referral bundle. Finally, it oversees the entire process.

User Ratings and Reviews Synopsis

A SelectHub Market Analyst has put together this list of benefits and drawbacks based on reviews from the sources above.


  • The system centralizes all documents while facilitating internal collaboration across teams and departments.
  • According to 93% of people who talked about how the product worked, its tabs are easy to use, checkboxes are easy to fill in, and notes can be changed and carried forward.
  • Easy-to-Use: Nearly 86 percent of reviewers noted the product’s user-friendly interface and ability to perform well in offline mode, which helps prevent chaotic circumstances.
  • According to 75% of customers who cited authorizations, the program connects patient insurance verification directly to suppliers, expediting the patient authorization procedure.


  • According to 78 percent of users who commented on the layout, the program has an ugly layout that does not group various objects for efficient efficiency.
  • Learning Curve: Nearly 83% of reviewers indicated that acclimating to the application’s operations, such as scheduling, is time-consuming due to the application’s limited training alternatives.
  • Updates: The program sends an excessive number of pop-ups and notifications, creating distractions when objectives and baselines are expressed in percentages, according to about 82 percent of reviewers who discussed updates.

Researcher about kantime

KanTime centralizes all patient records for simple access and fosters good interdepartmental collaboration. It can be used to change and send patient assessment notes, as well as for patients to sign documents electronically using any device. It has an intuitive interface with easy-to-navigate sections. However, the system generates an excessive number of pop-up notifications, lacks organization, has a steep learning curve, and is inept at medical record recording and intake paperwork.

KanTime User Reviews

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