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Email Marketing Software

Email Marketing Software helps to establish a profitable blogging business. To turn readers into subscribers and subscribers into customers, you must employ innovative strategies. The Best Email marketing software can help with this. The top best email marketing software 2022 assists you in generating leads and compiling a list of your most ardent supporters. Let’s now examine the top free email marketing tools. While some of these offer different “free versions” or trials, others are “always free.” I have a more thorough list of these services on my site as not all email marketing software provides a free option. The description of each of these tools will, however, cover the freebies. When it stops being free, I’ll also offer the most affordable price you can buy it for. You may communicate in a few different ways after you have a list of emails.

What is Best Email Marketing Software?

Examine pricing, dependability, technical support, template designs, usability, deliverability, automation, integrations, and any other features you want before selecting the finest best free email marketing software. You should be able to simply create emails, segment your list, customize your messaging, and check analytics results using the finest email marketing software for windows. Most crucially, they ought to land in users’ default inboxes. Sending the appropriate message to the appropriate person at the appropriate time is ultimately the goal of outbound email marketing software.

What Kinds of Email Marketing Are There?

You can send one of three major sorts of emails to your list:

  • 1. Newsletters and email marketing software These emails contain up-to-date material, news, and offers and are delivered once to your list.
  • 2. Business-related emails These emails may include order confirmation emails, receipts, invoices, and delivery confirmation emails. They are used in e-commerce.
  • 3. emails displaying inappropriate behavior These are emails that are sent in response to subscriber activities. Examples include welcome emails sent to new subscribers; upsell and cross-sell emails; post-purchase review emails; re-engagement emails; and emails sent when a free trial period is about to expire.

Things to take into account while selecting an email marketing software

The following elements should be taken into account when choosing the finest email marketing software for your site now that you are aware of what Hubspot email marketing is and how it may help your blogging career.


If you’re a new blogger, you should pick the most reasonably priced email marketing software available without sacrificing quality. For individuals on a very low budget, there are free bulk email marketing services available, albeit they sometimes have limitations.

Simple to use

You need a digital marketing service that doesn’t require highly developed technical knowledge. The better, the easier it is to utilize.


Features focused on making you successful should be present in the best email marketing software. Templates for landing pages and forms, broadcasts, email sequences, and automation are a few elements to take into account.


It’s critical to select email marketing software that offers deliverability assurances. You don’t want a reader who provides their email to get a freebie from your website to have to wait hours for it to arrive. Additionally, you don’t want your emails to end up in their spam folder.

Top 15 Email Marketing Software to Check Out in 2022

One option is to broadcast or send one-time emails, to your list. You may publish a new blog article or make an announcement to your subscribers via a broadcast. When a new subscriber signs up, you can frequently set up automatic sequences that send out a series of pre-written email marketing software free over the course of many days. This strategy enables you to “set it and forget it” and, hopefully, generate sales or affiliate commissions automatically. Whatever tactics you decide to use, keeping in regular contact with your list can make readers feel more connected to you and your site.

#1. ConvertKit


Since I use ConvertKit for my email marketing software, it deserves to be discussed first. I was genuinely astonished to hear that they had a free tier given the extensive capabilities. ConvertKit offers only a few restricted functionalities and is only free for the first 300 subscribers. These include the ability to offer digital goods and services, landing sites and forms, limitless email blasts to those subscribers, community support, and more. You will receive a sales page, a link page, and a landing page. You may sell goods and subscriptions, encourage opt-ins, and get access to the creative community. Paid subscriptions begin at $9 per month and include extra features.

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#2. Sendinblue


SendInBlue offers more than just email marketing software, as they also offer some basic text messaging and chat functionality. Users that sign up for the free version are given access to segmentation, signup forms, CRM, basic reports, basic integrations, compliance, 300 emails per day with unlimited contacts, and simultaneous chat support. Paid packages begin at $25 a month.

#3. MailerLite


MailerLite offers both free and premium services, with the latter offering a 14-day free trial. All of the fundamental components of email marketing software, such as segmentation, registration forms, and compliance, are available for free. Landing pages, segmentation, automation, campaign analytics, and surveys are all free, and built-in text and graphics editors are available. Finally, the free edition includes certain website tools. Premium subscriptions cost at least $25 per month and provide more features.

#4. Mailchimp


As long as you don’t have more than 2,000 subscribers, Mailchimp is one of the free email marketing software that you may continue to use. However, it’s a feature that free users can readily access. They also receive modest branding tools like email templates and a content studio, basic CRM with no segmentation, landing sites and social network sharing, and simple registration forms. With 500 users, the starting price for paid subscriptions is $11 per month.

#5. Moosend


You get a fairly comprehensive email marketing software with Moosend without the non-email components, so you’d need additional components in your tech stack. However, you receive nearly all the features of the “pro” package with Moosend’s free 30-day trial. The biggest exceptions to this rule are that you receive limited support and fewer of the backend functionality that Moosend must configure specifically for each client. Additionally, you will only receive one user seat and not receive transactional emails. Paid packages begin at $9 a month.

#6. Mailjet


Mailjet offers freeemail marketing software with a few restrictions. You receive 6,000 emails each month, 200 emails per day, and unlimited email contacts. They’ll also provide you with an email editor, some fundamental statistics, and some fundamental back-end tools, like an API and STMP relay. Paid packages begin at $15 a month.

#7. Benchmark Email

Benchmark Email

You may obtain Benchmark Email’s fundamental email marketing software in a condensed form for free. 250 emails per month are included, along with all of their capabilities for email composition and design, basic drip campaigns, registration forms, surveys, reports, integrations, and restricted picture storage. If you need to send more emails, you can upgrade for a fee based on the number of subscribers you have ($13 per month minimum) and gain access to additional features.

#8. HubSpot


Check out HubSpot if you need free email marketing software that will remain free forever. This marketing firm offers “hubs” of services for purchase, but it has made its email marketing software entirely free. All the fundamentals are there, plus full reporting, CRM integration, support for Facebook bots and advertising, list segmentation, retargeting, mobile apps, and much more. It works with their premium hubs, your current email accounts, and even a few third-party applications.

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#9. SendPulse


This one is mostly an email marketing software. You may send 15,000 emails each month and have 500 subscribers with their free plan. Although it has all the essential features of an email client, you cannot preserve segmentation settings and it has very little data storage space. There will be no A/B testing and fewer sender addresses as well. Paid packages begin at $6.40 a month.

#10. Omnisend


If you want to send SMS or push alerts, check this out. You get 500 emails per month, SMS, push notifications, automation, e-commerce workflows, all of the campaign features, segmentation, cookie tracking for a month, web forms, a content editor that is identical to the paid version, basic reporting, and access to their full list of campaign features. All of these features are paid for. starting at $16 a month.

#11. EmailOctopus


Another free email marketing software that you might never need to use is offered here. All features are available to you if your subscriber count never exceeds 2500, with the exception of limited support, their branding, and the ability to obtain long-term reports. Then you may purchase a pro plan, which depends on the number of subscribers and contains the additional stuff I’ve listed. This is a real chance to put the entire instrument through its paces. starting at $24 per month.

#12. Zoho


Although Zoho offers free transactional email service, it charges for its marketing emails. You only receive a certain number of emails and contacts with the marketing (campaigns) service, along with basic design features, a calendar and reporting system, registration forms, compliance, email authentication, e-commerce capabilities, complete customer support, a developer API, and all integrations. It offers a lot more features, but no mentioned fee for the paid version.

#13. Sender


You can use Sender’s free, perpetual, limited-feature plan. Additionally, you are restricted to 2500 subscribers and 15,000 emails each month. Although there aren’t many features, they cover the essentials, like complete analytics, spam prevention, automation with segmentation, the majority of email content features, all online form features, chat support, and connectors. starting at $15 a month.

#14. Aweber


Aweber also provides a restricted, free-forever plan with a 500 subscriber limit and a 3,000 monthly email limit. The majority of the common email composing tools are included, in addition to a picture library. With the exception of branding on the free edition, you will receive all landing page functionalities. Using an online form and a WordPress connection, increase your subscriber base. Additionally, provided are simple reporting and restricted segmentation. You will get access to limitless users, complete analytics, and all e-commerce tools for account administration. Pricing for paid plans is not provided.

#15. GetResponse


You only receive a very small number of free email marketing software with GetResponse. You are simply given the most basic email design tools, and your list size is restricted to 500 people. You’ll also receive certain SEO capabilities, as well as fundamental compliance and security measures. There is a 1,000 visitor cap on landing pages, and segmentation and autoresponders are not included. Although there is little support, contacts are automatically imported and exported. Last but not least, free users receive popups and signup forms to expand their email list. In comparison, depending on the level of service you choose, subscription plans offer a far greater number of features.

Final Words

As you can see, there is a tonne of free Email Marketing Software options available. However, the features you get for free, the number of subscribers or Email Marketing Software you can have, and the length of time you can have a free account vary greatly between them. Fortunately, the trial offers are usually sufficient to determine if you enjoy the email service or not. In addition, you may use the free Email Marketing Software to test out a wider range of marketing products, giving you flexibility for expansion (at a cost).

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