Depression Therapy: 20 Best Online Resources For Depression

online therapy for depression

In the United States, a large percentage of people experience depression on a regular basis. One of the most prevalent mental diseases, major depressive disorder affects around 16.1 million individuals nationwide each year. 1 According to the CDC, women are twice as likely to have had it as males, and it is more frequently found in young people. 2 Depression may have a big influence on your daily life, and treating it can be difficult, especially if you don’t have much money or time. However, depression therapy is now a lot simpler thanks to internet counseling.

Through phone, video, and text communication, online counseling services enable patients with depression to connect with therapists and support groups while remaining at home. These services could also provide educational materials and self-directed courses that will assist you in learning coping mechanisms for improved symptom management. Online treatment for depression may be more helpful in reducing the severity of symptoms than in-person therapy, contrary to popular belief, which is supported by an analysis of more than 17 papers on the issue. We examined many leading telehealth businesses to find the best online therapy for depression. These ones caught our attention.

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20 Best Online Resources For Depression

1. Amwell

depression therapy

You can pick a depression-focused psychiatrist and get in touch with them pretty much whenever you want, day or night, during the week or on the weekend.

Amwell is well-equipped with some of the best professionals available to address the symptoms of depression. It has a large number of therapists and psychiatrists on hand to assist you whenever you need them: Throughout the year, you can reach out to a therapist at any time. However, their availability may become slightly more constrained after you begin working with a certain therapist and wish to continue receiving therapy from them.

For people dealing with depression, Amwell also offers a frequently updated blog authored by mental health professionals on a range of subjects. For individuals who use social media, Amwell’s Twitter feed provides a wealth of information about forthcoming webinars, helpful collaborations, and mental health advice.

Bipolar illness, postpartum depression, seasonal affective disorder, and other forms of depression are all treated by the therapists at Amwell, which provides a comprehensive range of depression therapy services. Additionally, it includes therapists who can use medicine to treat acute symptoms. The service is pay-per-session, though, so if Amwell doesn’t take your insurance or if you don’t have it, it might get pricey.

Why We Chose It?

You can pick a depression-focused psychiatrist and get in touch with them pretty much whenever you want, day or night, during the week or on the weekend.

2. Peer Collective

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Peer Collective is one of the few online depression therapy providers that tries to alter this by providing reasonably priced care without insurance. Many online therapy providers don’t accept insurance or are out of network.

Fill out the short survey provided by Peer Collective to see the counselors’ biographies and choose the right one for you. Then, for $14 for a 30-minute session or $28 for a 60-minute session, you may live chat with that counselor. Although these counselors lack therapist licensure, they have expertise dealing with a variety of mental health conditions, including depression.

Why We Chose It?

One of the most readily available and reasonably priced sources of online mental health therapy is Peer Collective.

3. Doctor on Demand

doctor on demand

One may quickly begin developing a treatment plan with the help of Doctors on Demand by quickly signing up and establishing a connection with a therapist.  First complete a two-minute survey to gauge your degree of anxiety and depression. You then  routed to a list of therapists that can help after that. If you believe you require medicine, there is an easy procedure to have a psychiatrist assess you before having your prescriptions written and delivered to your house.

Many of the licensed therapists with Doctors on Demand have expertise assisting patients in overcoming various forms of depression and their associated symptoms. Additionally, it features a blog and a social media presence backed by doctors who provide background information and guidance on problems across the gamut of health care.

Why We Chose It?

Talk therapy and medication management are simple to get whenever you need them thanks to Doctors on Demand.

4. The Trevor Project

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In comparison to cisgender, heterosexual kids, members of the LGBTQIA+ community are almost twice as likely to experience symptoms of anxiety and despair, according to the Trevor Project. They also have a four-fold higher likelihood of having tried suicide. 4

The Trevor Project, which bills itself as the biggest crisis intervention group in the world, provides a network of support for LGBTQIA+ kids struggling with depressive symptoms including suicide thoughts. The organization’s crisis counselors are available via phone, text, or message every day of the week for anybody under the age of 25.

If you don’t feel ready to speak with a counselor, there are a ton of educational materials available on the organization’s website that might assist. These resources cover anything from sexual orientation to handling family rejection to mental health conditions like depression. TrevorSpace is a monitored online forum where you may communicate with people who might be experiencing similar problems, get advice, and perhaps even meet new friends if you’re looking for a new peer support group. On the numerous social platforms provided by the Trevor Project, you may also communicate with other people and counselors.

Why We Chose It?

The Trevor Project offers a variety of resources for LGBTQIA+ assistance, including peer counseling, in-depth instructional materials, and crisis therapy.

5. The Recovery Village

Depression therapy

Addressing depressive symptoms is simply one component of comprehensive treatment programs for drug misuse, which can treat both depression and substance dependence. Through Recovery Village’s Nobu app, a variety of treatment options are available, including partial hospitalization and intense outpatient care. All forms of substance misuse, including alcohol, illicit substances, and prescription medications, are treated.

Through its app, Recovery Village also offers treatment for a number of co-occurring mental health conditions, including as anxiety and depression. If managing your medicine is a part of your rehabilitation process, its medical staff can also offer assistance. A medical evaluation, a clinical evaluation with a certified therapist, and financial counseling, where you can find out your insurance coverage possibilities, are the first three sessions you’ll have. You will meet with the same therapist you were initially matched with if you opt to proceed with online treatment, unless you’d want to switch to someone else.

You may always browse through Recovery Village’s extensive online library of informational materials on the many forms of substance misuse. Read recovery-related articles, use the sobriety calculator, and even take part in free online sessions for recovery.

Your treatment plan will be adaptable at Recovery Village to accommodate your life as it needs to. However, if necessary, more extensive levels of treatment, such as partial hospitalization, are offered. You can choose to participate in group sessions with people who are dealing with similar drug misuse problems. Support is offered for certain groups, such as veterans, first responders, and those who identify as LGBTQ+.

Why We Chose It?

Those who battle with drug misuse of any type can develop treatment programs with Recovery Village, a simple-to-use tool.

6. 7 Cup of Tea

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It may sometimes be beneficial to discuss depression with friends its a best kind of depression therapy, which is why 7 Cups is such a valuable service. Since its founding in 2013, 7 Cups has trained volunteers it refers to as “active listeners” who are accessible to converse online 24/7 via its nifty app. In order to learn how to help users with empathy, understanding, and respect, active listeners must successfully complete an online course. If individuals wish to communicate with others going through similar problems, they can do so through forums and private chat rooms.

7 Cups features an extensive blog authored by mental health professionals that gives guidance on topics like enhancing self-esteem and creating appropriate boundaries with loved ones for those who are just dipping their toes into peer therapy for depression.

7 Cups also offers traditional therapy if that’s what you’re after. For only $150 per month, you may have unlimited online sessions with a certified, accredited therapist. According to the platform’s website, a number of peer-reviewed articles support it. However, this service is not for you if you’re wanting to have a live audio or video session with a therapist.

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Why We Chose It?

Both a free service where you may talk with volunteer listeners and a reasonably priced online counselling service are offered by 7 Cups.

7. Good Therapy

good therapy

A free directory service called Good Therapy tries to provide you with as much background information about therapists as possible so you may feel confident moving ahead with the appropriate person the first time.

Simply enter your zip code and choose whether you want in-person or telemedicine sessions, and Good Therapy will provide you with a list of therapists with a range of specialties. Additionally, each therapist includes a bio explaining how they practice and what areas of expertise they have in addition to the bullet items. You may refine your search by age group, languages spoken, accessibility, gender, kind of therapy (such as cognitive behavioral therapy or collaborative therapy), and insurance. In essence, Good Therapy makes it exceedingly simple to quickly find a therapist that meets all of your requirements with little to no effort.

If you’re still unsure of how to go, Good Therapist provides a number of blog entries with questions to ask yourself once you’ve chosen a therapist and begun treatment about what you’re seeking for and how you feel therapy is moving.

Why We Chose It?

A large portion of the therapists in Good Therapy’s extensive database specialize in treating depression.


depression therapy

Sometimes those who suffer from depression lack the resources to successfully treat their symptoms, either because they lack insurance or the expense would be exorbitant. A somewhat different strategy is used by the Canadian Nonprofit Center for Interactive Mental Health (CIMHS), which puts control over your mental health treatment back in your hands.

It provides a free application called Bliss that can assist you in learning coping mechanisms for a variety of prevalent mental diseases, such as depression and anxiety. It is based on the concepts of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), which the American Psychological Association considers to be a successful approach to treating depression. 5 Despite being a Canadian nonprofit, anybody can use the service, regardless of where they reside.

Eight “interactive sessions” make up the Bliss program, which aims to treat depression and its symptoms. You learn coping mechanisms, ways for making healthy lifestyle adjustments, and weekly tracking techniques while attending the courses. If you decide that you’d also like to pursue counseling, you may work at your own speed and use the program tool there.

Why We Chose It?

You may learn cognitive and behavioral strategies to help you consistently enhance your mood with CIMHS’s free, self-paced program.

9. Ayana Therapy

Depression therapy for me

Only approximately 30% of Black, indigenous, people of color, and other oppressed populations got mental health care in 2015, according to the American Psychiatric Association. 6 Additionally, their suicide rate is greater, particularly among young black people, as a result of risk factors like racism, economic inequality, and food hardship. 7

Lack of access can make depression symptoms worse along with other risk factors. Ayana Counseling offers more accessible online depression therapy with a pool of competent, diverse practitioners in order to better assist minorities. A blog on the internet covers issues including microaggressions, racial trauma, and compassion fatigue, or the waning of sentiments of empathy and compassion for other people as a result of persistent suffering, as potential mental health causes. On their social media platforms, where you may also ask for assistance, interesting information about mental health are frequently presented.

Ayana matches users with therapists based on answers to a brief questionnaire. Ayana is comparable to other firms in terms of price, and you have the option of paying monthly or per session, which may be less expensive if you don’t want frequent sessions. The ability to communicate with your therapist at any time and from any location may encourage you to continue counseling.

Why We Chose It?

The goal of Ayana Therapy is to support the provision of mental health services for underserved and intersectional groups.

10. Couples Therapy Inc

Depression therapy

Couples counseling often starts with partners addressing their relationship’s surface-level problems, but as treatment progresses, deeper problems—including depression—may surface. When such occurs, partners must cooperate to solve the issue.

Couples Counseling Inc. provides in-person or online intensive couples retreats. If you’d like, you may also join up for more conventional online therapy sessions. If you’re unsure what would work best, you may use the website’s questionnaire to get advice on what will probably work the best for you and your spouse.

The business also maintains a frequently updated blog on its website, which is full of pertinent information on significant relationship topics like emotional intimacy and financial planning authored by therapists. For instance, one article discusses how to help a spouse who is experiencing depression. It also contains a few self-guided programs you may use to master the fundamentals of relationship counseling.

Therapists who have more than 20 years of training in relationship therapy supported by research conduct treatment sessions. You may study their profiles in advance before contacting one. Your selected therapist will ask you to complete an evaluation about your relationship and the issues you want to address before you begin.

Why We Chose It?

To address more serious problems, Couples Therapy Inc. offers intensive retreat choices around the nation. It includes excellent instructional materials as well.

11. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

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Calling this hotline is not required if you are not contemplating suicide. Anyone in need of assistance can dial this number. Answering the phone will be a qualified counselor (yes, a real person), who will listen to your problems and put you in touch with the right resources.

As an alternative, you can use the Lifeline Chat service to obtain assistance. After completing a quick pre-chat survey, a counselor will be assigned to you.

Counselors are accessible around-the-clock on both the phone and the chat lines. This service is available to who needs it and is depressed, going through a difficult time, simply needs to chat, or is contemplating suicide. You’ll be able to speak with someone who is qualified to assist and guide you through any challenges you may be experiencing.

Why We Choose It?

There are qualified counselors that are constantly on hand for anyone in an emotional crisis, so there’s no need to be thinking suicide when you don’t know where else to turn.

12. Talkspace

Depression therapy

Cost: $230 to $396 per month
There are three subscription plans offered by Talkspace. The least expensive plan offers unlimited text, video, and voice chatting instead of live sessions, and your therapist will reply to you every day, Monday through Friday. One live 30-minute session per month or four live 30-minute sessions per month are included in the more costly programs. The download of the software is free.

Teens, couples, and individuals can get counseling at Talkspace, and psychiatric help is an option for getting medicine prescriptions.

Following a quick examination during the sign-up process, three therapists will be recommended to you, from which you can select one. At any time, you are free to change therapists.

For people who want to message a qualified therapist at any time of the day, Talkspace is perhaps the greatest online counseling platform.

Why We Chose It?

accessibility of both therapy and medication management availability of live video, chat, or phone connections with qualified therapists

13. Cerebral

Depression therapy

the cost of three subscription plans (app free to download)
$85 per month for medication and care counseling
$259 monthly for therapy

$325 per month for medication and therapy.

Cerebral is an online pharmacy that specializes in providing treatment and medication for mental health disorders. 33 states presently have it operating, and more are being added.

It provides follow-up sessions with certified therapists and medicine providers through video, phone, or text. Additionally, it provides care counselors that may assist you with coping skills and behavioral health techniques. Services may be found on the website and mobile app.

One of the few online pharmacies that accepts insurance is this one. The majority of other providers demand that you submit your claims to a healthcare practitioner. If your doctor is not a part of Cerebral’s network, you may still accomplish it with Cerebral.

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Only a few of the larger healthcare providers have so far been accepted by Cerebral, which is actively trying to grow its network. The fact that it takes Medicare in some areas is a significant benefit for senior clientele. Medicare is seldom ever accepted by other internet vendors.

Cerebral has three subscription packages (some available only in certain states). It addresses a range of mental health issues, such as:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • insomnia
  • menopause and postpartum depression
  • ADHD is a condition that causes excessive focus and attention (in some states)
  • bipolar illness (in some states)
  • (PTSD) post-traumatic stress disorder (in some states)

Why We Chose It?

Has its own mail-order pharmacy and delivers prescriptions to you or a local pharmacy is geared for long-term treatment of a variety of mental health issues, takes insurance, including Medicare, and a few other healthcare providers

14. Sanvello


Sanvello teaches you CBT, which you then put into practice to manage your mental health. You can discover short courses, diaries, and guided meditations to assist you learn practical CBT techniques.  This option is only available with certain insurance plans and is in the highest premium plan. There is no option for self-paying for treatment.

The community is seen by many reviewers as the feature of the program that is most useful. It never bullies and is always helpful and supportive.

Why We Chose It?

Having access to criticism-free guidance and inspiration from other community members, who may remark and ask questions on a variety of topics. Features classes and interactive articles to help you comprehend complex subjects.

15. Pride Counselling

depression therapy

Cost: $60–90 per week (billed every 4 weeks), $240–360 per month, and a free download of the app.
The LGBTQIA+ population is disproportionately affected by mental health issues, especially younger people. During the height of the COVID-19 outbreak, this truth became even more obvious. For instance, the Trevor Project found that, compared to 29 percent of straight/cisgender youth, as many as 59 percent of LGBTQ youth and 66 percent of trans and nonbinary youth reported experiencing depression symptoms during the pandemic.

Pride Counseling was created by BetterHelp specifically to assist the LGBTQIA+ community in accessing therapy because the LGBTQIA+ community tends to experience mental health issues more frequently than the majority of straight, cisgender people.

BetterHelp has a subsidiary called Pride Counseling. It is a company that offers live online depression therapy sessions and matches clients with qualified therapists. It also offers unlimited messaging. The LGBTQIA+ community is a unique interest for its therapists. It is reachable through a website or app.

After a preliminary evaluation, you will be matched with a therapist, though you are free to change at any time. Plus, you get unlimited access to cancel your membership.

Why We Chose It?

Ensures confidentiality and encrypts all communications between you and your therapist, and welcomes persons of any gender, orientation, or identity.
Therapists are accredited social workers, psychologists, or therapists.

16. Teen Counselling

depression therapy

$60–$90 a week (billed every 4 weeks), $240–$360 per month; there is no charge to download the app for depression therapy.
Teen Counseling is an online therapy company that only offers teen counseling, despite the fact that numerous online platforms, such Talkspace, provide services for teens. Teen Counseling is a BetterHelp subsidiary, just like Pride Counseling. Clients can change therapists or end their membership at any moment, just like with BetterHelp.

More than 11,000 certified therapists who have been specially educated to work with teenagers are listed on the Teen Counseling website. Teen counseling is distinctive in that the therapist will meet privately with the parents and the teen. Unless there are any safety issues, every session is private.

Why We Chose It?

focuses solely on teen therapy Parents initially discuss their child’s problems and situation with the therapist before approving the child’s connection.
With an app on their phone, a youngster may contact the therapist.

17. Postpartum Support International

depression therapy

Postpartum Support International (PSI) provides several services that are all free of charge. It serves as an online educational resource to help parents who are dealing with postpartum depression and to raise awareness of the condition. PSI tries to assist all types of parents providing post partum depression therapy near me.

Although many people believe that postpartum depression primarily affects women, in actuality, postpartum depression affects many fathers as well.

The statistics show an obvious picture. After giving birth, 10 to 15 percent of women Trusted Source report having postpartum depression, with 25 to 50 percent of them reporting symptoms for at least six months. In the first three months after giving birth, about 8 to 10 percent of males will also experience postpartum depression in some way.

Why We Chose It?

For new parents, PSI provides a variety of services, such as: the number online forums for support details about a local support group peer mentoring initiatives and online discussion boards with postpartum specialists.

18. The Selfwork Podcast

depression therapy

Dr. Margaret Rutherford is a psychologist giving free online depression therapy with 25 years of experience in private practice. She is also the author of the book “Perfectly Hidden Depression.”  drawing attention to what she refers to as “hidden despair,” or depression that is concealed by excellence or perfectionism. Dr.  urges you to email her or leave a voicemail for her on her website with any queries or issues you need assistance with. claiming to read each one. After then, the doctor bases her podcast on the messages she has been sent.

Why We Chose It?

It is presented by a licensed psychologist and explores depression from different perspectives that are occasionally kept secret from therapists.

19. Lemonaid

depression therapy

Price: $95 a month for services related to depression and anxiety therapy; otherwise, a $25 consultation fee; a free app can be downloaded.
Lemonaid is a widely used telemedicine service that offers prescriptions for drugs to treat various illnesses. Customers will acquire a medical prescription and have their medicine sent by mail after providing information about their health history on an online form and interacting with a medical expert in person.

Lemonaid normally charges $25 for a consultation, which includes a prescription and an examination by a physician or nurse practitioner. The price of the drug is a separate expense.

Once you get your prescription, you may decide whether to have it delivered, which Lemonaid will do at no cost to you, or to have it sent to your neighborhood pharmacy.

However, there is a set monthly price for depression and anxiety therapy, which includes consultations and any prescription medications that are sent by Lemonaid.

Lemonaid can be a suitable choice for you if you’re interested in getting medical prescriptions without having to leave your house.

Why We Chose It?

handles a number of medical disorders, so they are aware if you have coexisting diseases in addition to your depression. Provides consultations and medicines you can access from home.
Set monthly cost for therapies related to depression and anxiety

20. Wysa

 therapy near me

Wysa is provides free depression therapy. The cost of premium versions ranges from $99 per year (or an initial in-app offer of $59) for access to a library of sleep stories, meditations, and therapeutic exercises to $99 per week (or an initial in-app offer of $79) for four live text sessions with a licensed therapist, as well as unlimited messaging support at other times and library access.

An artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot software called Wysa leverages CBT and sympathetic listening to make you feel heard. With a charming penguin bot that listens to you and asks the proper questions to guide you, it’s made to help you talk things out.

The premium edition also includes expert human help. You don’t have to use your actual name or email address when using Wysa because all of your chats are encrypted and confidential.

The free edition offers a good deal of content, such as endless conversations with the bot and links to related resources.

Why We Chose It?

meditations, mindfulness techniques, soothing exercises, as well as a personal therapist accessible in premium plans can act as a bridge between your regular therapy visits when your other mental health channels may not be available.


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