Pet Insurance 101: How to Find the Right Plan for Your Household

Finding the right pet insurance can seem like a daunting task to undertake. The moment you say the word, ‘insurance’, a plethora of memories dealing with normal health insurance probably come to mind. The paperwork, the phone calls, the premiums, it can cause anyone to stop short. The good news is that pet insurance is nothing like that.

Getting affordable peace of mind for your furry friend doesn’t have to be a hassle, and it never has to be complicated. In fact, finding the right pet insurance is something that you can do and feel great about doing. Here is the basic 101 information you need to know when looking for what kind of pet insurance is right for you.

What Is Pet Insurance and Is It Worth It?

From the second you bring your new furry friends member home, they start to take up residence in your heart and become one of the family. Whether you got the breed you have always wanted and are bringing home your eight-week-old baby, or you just adopted and saved an older dog, they are special.

Owning a pet is one of the simple pleasures of life and it’s something that millions of people throughout the United States do. It’s hard to think of another kind of investment that brings an equal amount of joy into a person’s life. Whether you are single, or have a family, owning a pet brings an added level of life and color to the picture that it’s hard to imagine living without.

If you are a new pet owner, or perhaps have never heard of pet insurance, then wondering what exactly pet is and why it should matter to you? Let’s take the first question first.

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What exactly is Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance is a plan that works like most health insurance that you are already familiar with. You pay an annual deductible, and the coverage deals extend to multiple health, illness, and injury-related scenarios that your pet may find themselves in.

Here’s the good news tho, it’s so simple! No headaches, or network providers designating where you can and can not take your pet. So now let’s look at what you get with pet insurance that makes it so worth your time and resources.

Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

In short, the answer here is yes, and here are some of the best reasons why. First and foremost, your pet means so much to you. These incredible animal companions not only become a part of your family and take over your heart, but they also represent a huge investment. The average pet owner is thought to spend around $16,000 or more for a dog over the span of its life, and upwards of $13,500 for a cat.

The simple truth is, veterinarians don’t have cheap bills. Over time everything from annual checkups, illness, and catastrophic injuries can add up quickly. This represents a huge investment, on top of the sentimental investment you have with your pet. Pet insurance works to help make the process of owning a happy, healthy, pet that can live a full life full of love affordable and doable.

Cost prohibitive services for pets are a very real thing, and pet insurance works to help keep your pet clear of such risks.

What All Can You Get Covered?

To fully understand how pet insurance is worth the cost, you need to know what you can get your pet insured for. The good news, this is extensive. While most pet insurances will not allow coverage for pre-existing conditions, this only applies to conditions that can not be cured or healed within 180 days.

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Examples of these kinds of conditions would be UTIs and bone fractures. If your pet is currently healthy, then you don’t have to worry about any of that. Pet insurance covers a wide gambit of services that help your pet lead a healthy life. Illness and accident coverage is one of the most financially important areas to get coverage, as these can represent the biggest price tags.

For instance, an impacted bowel from the puppy that chewed too much, or the kitten with a bad case of parasites. These are all examples of conditions that can have rather large price tags to address in a vet clinic, however, pet insurance works to make them accessible to you and yours.

Preventative care is also covered in pet insurance, which covers the cost of making sure your pet has the best chance at avoiding illness.


When you look for pet insurance, make sure you are getting the kind of coverage you need. Covering illness, accidental, and preventative care are all ways of helping to ensure that your pet stays healthy at a price point that you can afford. One of the biggest ways to guide your decision is to go off of your peace of mind. Talk to trained professionals who know how to get you the coverage that will keep your pet healthy, and give you the security you want.

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