Arizona First Time Home Buyer Programs of 2022

Arizona First home Home Buyer

Arizona is a popular choice for many individuals because of its beautiful scenery and moderate winters.
Taking advantage of the first time home buyer programs Arizona Department of Housing’s (ADOH) first-time home buyer programmes could help you buy a home in the Grand Canyon State sooner than you expect. Home loan programmes offered by a number of lenders across the country include elements that may help you qualify for a mortgage. Below are some of the loan and down payment assistance programs az alternatives available to first-time home purchaser.

National programmes forarizona first-time home buyer programs 

Because of credit history concerns or a lack of extra funds for a down payment, first-time home purchasers may have difficulty obtaining a mortgage. These national loan arizona first time home buyer programmes, which are available to borrowers in all 50 states, could help.

Down payment assistance in Arizona

Advantage Program for a Home in Five Years

The Home in Five Advantage Program is offered by the Maricopa County Industrial Development Authority (MCIDA) and the Phoenix IDA to assist low- to moderate-income families in purchasing a home in Maricopa County.
Borrowers can get a 30-year fixed-rate conventional, FHA, or VA loan, as well as a three-year forgiving second loan for a down payment and closing costs, under the programme. Unless you sell your house or refinance the first loan, no payments are due on the second loan.

Borrower specifications:

640 minimum credit score for FHA or VA loan borrowers with a debt-to-income ratio greater than 45 percent; 700 minimum credit score for FHA or VA loan borrowers with a debt-to-income ratio greater than 45 percent

  1. Maximum debt-to-income ratio of 50%
  2. A mandatory eight-hour homebuyer education course must be completed.
  3. Property requirements are as follows:
  4. A single-family home, condominium, or townhome is required.
  5. Maricopa County is required.
  6. It has to be your principal abode.

Advantage Program for a Home in Five Years

Certain populations in Maricopa County are eligible for an additional 1% down payment and closing cost help through the Home in Five Advantage Program, which includes:

  1. U.S. military personnel and veterans who are qualified
  2. Those who answer first Teachers
  3. Borrowers without a cosigner who earn less than $36,450 per year

HOME Down Payment Assistance Program in Pima County, Tucson

For first-time homebuyers in Tucson or Pima County, this local down payment aid programme is available.
The help comes in the form of a no-interest second loan that can be forgiven after three years. Currently, the maximum purchase price for an existing property is $179,000, and the maximum purchase price for new construction is $238,000.

Borrowers must earn less than or equal to 80% of the local median income (AMI) for their household size.
For example, the AMI for a one-person household is $35,800 per year, whereas the AMI for a family of eight is $67,500 per year. In addition, the borrower must attend first time home buyer phoenix counselling, have no more than $10,000 in cash assets, and have one month’s mortgage payment in bank reserves. Other financing options for first-time homebuyers

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While you’re looking into Arizona first-time homebuyer programmes, don’t forget to look into national programmes that can help you achieve your goal of homeownership. Begin by reading Bankrate’s comprehensive guide to first-time homebuyer loans and programmes.

Programs for first-time home buyers in Arizona

Home Plus AZ, a mortgage programme offered to all Arizona first-time home buyers, is administered by the Arizona Industrial Development Authority. You’ll need to pick a lender from a list of licenced lenders and complete a home buyer education course, but these are standard criteria for such programmes.
Income limits are also in place, preventing persons with high household incomes (above $112,785 for most loans) from taking part.When compared to other mortgage programmes, Home Plus AZ may have a somewhat higher mortgage rate.

However, the cheaper mortgage insurance rates often compensate for this. Check the annual percentage rate (APR) on your Loan Estimate to discover what you’ll actually pay, and compare it to Loan Estimates from other lenders outside the programme.The credit score minimums for Home Plus AZ are higher (beginning at 640), which is a little tougher than the 620 minimum for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac mortgages — and much worse than the 580 standard for FHA loans.

If your score is a concern, you may have to search elsewhere. For further information, see the Home Plus AZ website and FAQs So far, Home Plus AZ does not appear to be particularly fascinating. So, what’s the point of going any further? Because it offers a fantastic down payment aid programme, which we’ll discuss later.

Grants for first-time home buyers in Arizona

Home Plus Arizona does not offer grants. It does, however, offer interest-free, forgiven loans with a three-year repayment period. Depending on the sort of mortgage you arizona first time home buyer and your personal circumstances, you can borrow up to 5% of the home’s purchase price. There are no monthly payments with these loans. Every month, your loan balance is lowered by 1/36th of the amount borrowed. So you owe nothing at the end of three years.

Just keep in mind that if you sell before the deadline, you’ll have to pay back the percentage of your initial loan that hasn’t been forgiven. Refinancing within that time frame may also need payments. Even so, three years is a small period of time. Home Plus AZ may not be your town’s, city’s, or county’s only home buyer help programme. So make sure you look into other local down payment aid programmes to see if one of them is a better fit for you. Below is a list of city programmes. However, to ensure you don’t miss any, conduct an online search for “[your city or county] down payment aid.” Check your eligibility to buy a house in Arizona. Begin here (Jan 15th, 2022)

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Purchasing a property in one of Arizona’s larger cities

Home prices in Phoenix and Mesa are greater than the state average, however they are slightly lower in Tuscon.
However, between August 2020 and August 2021, real estate values climbed at a slower rate than the Arizona average. For those looking to buy in a big city, there’s good news and bad news.

First-time home buyers in Phoenix

According to Realtor.com, the median list price in Phoenix in August 2021 was $405,000. This was a 9.5 percent increase from the previous year.

The Real Estate Market in Arizona

The median property value in Arizona is at $232,000, and the current annual appreciation rate is around 9%.
The average rent is around $1,400 per month, and if you use the HomeReady 3 percent down payment programme to purchase a $232,000 property, your monthly payment will be around $1,584 per month*, which is slightly higher than the average rent. When you add in house appreciation and principal paydown on each loan payment, our rent versus own calculator may show that buying a home is better than renting.

Highlights from the ADOH, as well as eligibility requirements

The Home Plus mortgage programme in Arizona is aimed to assist people in becoming homeowners. While the Home Plus programme is designed for first-time home purchasers, owning real estate today or in the past does not automatically disqualify you.


Assistance with the down payment and closing costs. Mortgage insurance premiums on conventional loans have been reduced.


Property must be in Arizona and must not exceed the purchase price cap. Borrower must have sufficient income and a good credit score. Allows for single-family homes, arizona first time home buyer , condominiums, and manufactured homes, both new and existing. It is necessary to take a home buyer education course.

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