What is LiveLeak? Best Alternatives To Watch Videos On LiveLeak

If you’re looking for a LiveLeak replacement, you’re most certainly from a generation that appreciated the website’s outspoken, contrarian spirit. Sure, it was a very contentious site that occasionally hosted questionable films, but there was much else to keep users coming back for more.

LiveLeak’s concept is similar to that of video-streaming services such as YouTube, which also allows users to upload footage. However, the goal is to locate a real-life video of significant historical events, such as international affairs, politics, violence, and so on. The website promotes free speech and objective viewpoints on specific issues.

As a result, the website regularly confronts disagreements regarding published films or live broadcasts. For example, the website posted several videos on “Panorama,” a sensitive topic to discuss because it features young children who have been physically assaulted. Despite the sensitive nature of the subject, videos were released to reveal the truth. Similarly to this, websites like LiveLeak are becoming increasingly popular.

What is LiveLeak, and how did it become popular?

LiveLeak originated in the section of the Internet known as “shock sites.” Its founders previously established Ogrish.com, which was built on a similar premise to LiveLeak. That might explain why Ogrish.com was pulled down on the same day as LiveLeak, October 31, 2006.

The goal of this business was to provide an alternative for those who wanted to share the kind of streaming web films that were frequently reported by sites such as YouTube. LiveLeak enabled you to broadcast true footage of politics, conflict, terrifying movies, and a variety of other global events. It may be said that it promoted and supported a culture of citizen journalism.

Why was LiveLeak shut down?

Because of its no-censorship policy, LiveLeak was frequently in hot water. While this path was important to keep the site’s founding promise, certain movies did occasionally cross it. This was evident in 2007, when footage of Saddam Hussein’s death was uploaded to the internet, prompting the White House to cite LiveLeak in a news briefing. Several such contentious films, including one depicting a journalist’s beheading, have drawn unfavourable attention to the site over the years.

While similar videos were quickly removed by sites such as YouTube and Facebook, LiveLeak maintained its policies. Following the mosque massacres in Christchurch in 2019, some telecom carriers and internet service providers stopped giving access to sites like LiveLeak.

The video-hosting site gradually began removing major functionality and even started displaying suggested videos hosted by YouTube, Dailymotion, and VK. Finally, the LiveLeak website was shut down on May 5, 2021.

14 Best Alternatives To Watch Videos On LiveLeak

Here are some of the best alternatives to liveleak to watch videos.

#1. Ebaumsworld


If you appreciate watching a range of terrifying movie material, you should only visit this well-known website, Ebaum’s World. The video section includes anything from breaking news (such as Nurse Utah’s forced arrest) to punching random clips (such as a student throwing a fit after the teacher steals her fake ID).

The video section of Ebaum’s World is constantly surprising, which is one of the reasons it’s so enjoyable to visit. Keep an eye out for these excellent NSFW videos (which are actually grouped under the label “NSFW”). However, if you appreciate unexpectedly humorous, disturbing, or frightening films, you can never go wrong by visiting the Ebaum’s World website.

Website: https://www.ebaumsworld.com/

#2. EngageMedia


EngageMedia is a non-profit website that supports free expression and human rights by using media and technology to influence change. This service competes with Liveleak as an open video-sharing platform. Years after its inception, the website announced a collaboration with Canadian television, furthering the use of social justice and democracy in media, and it continues to do so now. This website, like many others, needs registration before you can publish and share videos. Furthermore, EngageMedia may be seen on almost any device, including desktop PCs and Android and iOS mobile phones.

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Website: https://engagemedia.org/

#3. D Tube

D Tube

The name alone makes it comparable to YouTube. YouTube, which has gained popularity, has borrowed the aesthetic style of Google. D Tube distinguishes itself by permitting explicit content on the main display. Furthermore, it is not restricted in any way. More beautiful films are flooding D Tube, a well-known and renowned service comparable to Liveleak that requires a login to view videos.

D Tube’s best feature is that it is a decentralised platform. More significantly, D Tube operates on the Steem blockchain and awards rewards in bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular these days. a stride ahead towards the future!

Website: https://d.tube/

#4. Flickr


Prior to the creation of YouTube in 2004, Flickr was popular for sharing photographs rather than videos. A fantastic website similar to Liveleak, such as Flickr, may also be used as a social networking handle. Awesome films up to 1 GB in size may be posted alongside your photos. If you wish to upload videos, you must first register and maintain a Flickr account.

Flickr allows you to upload photographs and videos, which may assist you in keeping track of your memories. Those are the ideal spots to remember happy moments.

Website: flickr.com

#5. ItemFix


The following website on the list is ItemFix. This LiveLeak competitor is a video-sharing service designed for video enthusiasts. The webpage is only in English. This platform allows you to browse, post, and share content such as videos on this website. The majority of the films are about arbitrary acts committed by people and home troubles. The website features straightforward navigation and is easy to use. It’s fast, and the navigation is good in terms of how soon each video loads.

Website: itemfix.com

#6. Xfinity


Xfinity is another website similar to LiveLeak. The first scene of this segment acts as a warm-up for what follows. These films are probably only startling to the most conservative people. But where would you go if you wanted to see a ferocious dog, America’s Got Talent, Howard Stern kissing Matt Lauer, or something else?

Gisele Bundchen revealed her breast at a famous event, or a rattlesnake attacked him! “Civilians are shooting raiders, or even looters, with understanding; God bless Texas,” Savior remarked in an audio clip published here during Hurricane Harvey.

Website: xfinity.com

#7. Veoh


If you’re looking for a website with a plethora of fascinating but high-quality videos, check out Veoh. There are more categories accessible here to keep you amused. This website covers a wide range of subjects, including horror, humour, anime, and adventure.

You can view streaming internet videos from the web on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod, just like you can on YouTube. YouTube, on the other hand, exclusively publishes video snippets. In contrast to Veoh, viewers may watch entire episodes of TV series and full-length movies.

Website: https://www.veoh.com/

#8. My Vidster

My Vidster

My Vidster is the next best thing. This Liveleak alternative is a social video hosting and sharing platform that allows you to watch videos that others have posted. It allows you to compile a library of videos and make them available to others. You may also look at other people’s video collections. This website has received a lot of attention throughout the years since it provides a pleasant atmosphere for streamers. Above all, due to its large collection of videos, it is an excellent option for Liveleak.

Website: https://www.myvidster.com/

#9. AOL Video

AOL Video

Are you looking for websites that aggregate a large number of videos, such as Liveleak and YouTube? AOL Video is the ultimate website. You may view a variety of videos on AOL Video without registering. This LiveLeak-like website is another well-known platform for sharing films, thanks to its exceptional features and vast movie collection. You may also watch previous videos on this website. They host not just their own videos on the internet but also videos from other websites.

This organises movies based on your choices and includes a variety of options such as My Queue, Explore, Shows, and more. The films are arranged in chronological and group order, with relevant and related videos grouped together. This feature makes it simple for users to use this platform, which encourages them to visit the AOL video website regularly.

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Website: https://www.aol.com/tag/videos/

#10. OMG News


OMG News emphasises the controversy in the same way that Insane does with viral videos. It is an attempt to capitalise on the viral web phenomenon. You may see a film about a scientist who is not permitted to question accepted theories. Another warns all parents that their children have already seen disturbing and violent films.

Another warning to viewers is that these small water creatures may eat them whole. The objective is to stun and amaze viewers so that they will share this vital material on social media. If you appreciate conspiracy theories or other disputed videos, this is the best spot for you. Consider this OMG News list of the best YouTube videos for venting your rage to be amazing.

Website: https://omgnews.today/

#11. Kaotic


Kaotic is an excellent alternative to LiveLeak since it provides a large number of controversial and unedited videos that may be seen in their entirety. It’s not for the faint of heart, so proceed with caution. The site has violent stuff, age-restricted content, disturbing real-life content, and more that you may see whenever you want.

It conveniently divides films into numerous categories. So you can avoid seeing clips you don’t want to view. The phrase “A Live Leak of Reality” is another method the website seeks to entice users of sites like LiveLeak. It’s certainly a playful way of directing fans of the previous site to this new location.

Website: kaotic.com

#12. DailyMotion


DailyMotion will not provide you with much content that is contentious. It will, however, show videos that you will never see on other sites such as YouTube or Facebook. It has a lax approach to copyrighted content. Furthermore, it offers the official channels of several large corporations, so there are lots of legitimate movies to be found here.

For example, if you want to view films of major American sports after they are broadcast, Hollywood gossip videos from entertainment channels, or post videos yourself, DailyMotion might be your go-to site. It offers a decent recommendation algorithm that ensures you’ll find more films like the ones you enjoy.

Website: https://www.dailymotion.com/

#13. KillSomeTime


KillSomeTime lives up to its name by allowing you to kill time while exploring the internet. It hosts memes as well as internet videos. In reality, its homepage is made up of only two primary sections: featured videos and featured memes. Of course, there’s a lot more to the site than that. This new addition to our list displays information in a vertically scrolling feed and lets you like, hate, or comment on videos. It also allows you to bookmark your favourite clips so you can view them later.

Website: https://killsometime.com/

#14. VideosHub


If you’ve ever heard of Metacafe, you may be aware that it was formerly a rival to LiveLeak. In reality, it was one of the first video-sharing websites on the internet, although it was eventually surpassed in popularity by sites like YouTube. While Metacafe is no longer active, if you enter its URL, you will be sent to VideosHub. VideosHub is the type of website where you will unknowingly lose track of time.It hosts intriguing films from a variety of genres, and the best thing is that there are no limits on the content that may be published.

Website: https://videoshub.com


The decision to close LiveLeak was contentious, but it had a significant impact. It’s up to the websites listed above to strive to live up to that standard and be the type of location that admirers of the original would go to on a regular basis. While none of these LiveLeak alternatives provides an experience similar to the now-defunct website, they all provide at least a portion of what made LiveLeak so appealing to so many people across the world.

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