Survey Sites – Top 100 Sites To Make Money In 2022

Survey Sites

Anyone looking for a way to supplement their income can do so by taking paid online surveys. Some of them are even trustworthy. Paid online survey sites are simple: participants answer questions or complete tasks online and receive money in exchange for their time. But is it easy money ? No, unfortunately. However, some paid online survey sites may be worth your time if you follow a few rules:

Never pay to participate in an online survey. You are the one who is meant to be compensated. If you have to pay to join these sites, you are most likely being duped. Shopping at a retailer via these sites is plainly acceptable; in those circumstances, you are purchasing things. Don’t rely on best paid survey sites for revenue. There are better side jobs available. These paid online survey sites are great if you appreciate saving money and earning extra cash – and if you don’t mind spending a few minutes filling out a survey just to be informed you don’t qualify because you fall into the wrong demographic.

Be realistic about your time commitment. Filling out a survey sounds like it will only take a few minutes. Don’t be duped. Surveys can take up to 15 or 20 minutes to complete. Don’t expect to be compensated right away. It can take days or weeks to accumulate enough points or money to pay out. Spend little time on survey websites. If you’re having fun while making a little more money, that’s fantastic. If it feels like labour, you should strive to find something that pays well.With those caveats in mind, here are some of the top paid online survey sites for making additional money.

Survey Sites – Top 100 Sites To Make Money In 2022

These are the following best survey sites :

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1– Harris Poll Online

Harris Poll Online for Android - APK Download

You don’t earn cash with Harris Poll Online, but you do get prizes (which is sometimes better!). The best part is that even if you don’t qualify for the survey, you’ll still get points, so there’s no time wasted. Online surveys usually take about 15-20 minutes to complete. Short surveys take about 5 minutes, while very long surveys take about 25 minutes.

2 – EarningStation

Earning Station Reviews [Shuts Down In 2 Months?!] - Your Online Revenue

EarningStation makes me think of Swagbucks.It operates in the same way. Earn money by watching movies, taking surveys, and shopping online with EarningStation. I normally spend some time using EarningStation on weekends when I’m watching movies or lounging on my couch doing nothing. They occasionally send you emails for surveys.
You earn points that you may exchange for gift cards. Sign up for EarningStation and you can get 1,000 SD (worth $10) just by signing up for 5 websites. The offer’s name is “Easy $10,” so make that the first thing you do when you register.

3 – Survey Downline

The Best Survey Sites Where You Can Make Money

Survey Downline is a paid survey site where you may earn money by taking their surveys. Individual surveys can earn up to $20 in incentives. Survey invites will be sent to you through email. Survey Downline pays via Paypal once you meet the $20 minimum. You may join Survey Downline by clicking here. top survey websites, paid survey websites, online survey websites, make money online, money surveys.

4 – Mr. Rebates

Mr. Rebates Review - Yay or Nay? (Details Revealed)

I recently discovered Mr. Rebates and must tell that I am really impressed. They provide excellent savings for Amazon, eBay, Groupon, and a variety of other retailers. Every time I want to buy something from Amazon, I use Mr. Rebates to obtain a discount. They also provide complimentary things for you to try and review on occasion. You can join Mr. Rebates by clicking here. top survey websites, paid survey websites, online survey websites, make money online, money surveys

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5 – Nielsen Mobile Panel

Audience Is Everything™

As a member of the Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel, you can earn money by taking surveys, giving your thoughts, and using the Internet as you normally would. You may even win weekly and monthly prizes, and they give away more than $10,000 in prizes every month. You can sign up for Nielsen Mobile Panel here. top survey websites, paid survey websites, online survey websites, make money online, money surveys

6 – My Survey

7 Cool My survey ideas | surveys, surveys for money, online surveys

My Survey is an international initiative that is available in the majority of countries. They give you actual money to take surveys, visit websites, test free deals, and refer friends and advertisers. There is no minimum barrier and payment is made by PayPal or gift cards. You can participate in My Survey. top survey websites, paid survey websites, online survey websites, make money online, money surveys.

7 – Global Test Market

Global Test Market | LinkedIn

You will be rewarded for sharing your thoughts. You’ll be able to participate in surveys about shopping, restaurants, cooking, and other topics. You simply sign up, receive surveys in your inbox, complete them, and receive cash via PayPal or a paycheck (PayPal is quicker).

8 – Shop Tracker

Shopify adds Amazon order tracking to Shop app

Download the ShopTracker app (available for PC or phone) and connect it to your Amazon account to receive a $3 Visa Gift card as a welcome bonus. It takes only 2 minutes. The longer you use ShopTracker, the more rewards you will receive. Simply go about your normal purchasing routine. They will also send you surveys on occasion. It is not yet available for Mac. This programme is only available to residents of the United States. You can sign up for ShopTracker here.

9 – Live Sample Survey

64 Post Event Survey Questions Examples (Ready-to-Use Templates) - Whova

Another survey service that pays you to complete surveys. Every time you complete a survey, you have the chance to win an additional $10,000.It’s not my favourite survey site, but I try to perform a few surveys every month to increase my savings. After entering your email address, you will be routed to a survey; complete it, and your account will be created. You can participate in the Live Sample Survey by clicking here.

10 – TopCashBack

TopCashback Official Site: UK's Highest Paying Cashback Site

My second favourite cash back company is Top Cashback. Many hotels offer 20 percent to 30 percent savings when you vacation. Signing up also entitles you to a free $5 Amazon gift card for a limited time. TopCashBack helped me save $275 on my auto insurance this year. In addition, I earned $135 in payback for my current internet provider.

11 – Vindale Research

Vindale Research Reviews, Features, Shutdown & Alternatives [2022]

Vindale is a favourite online survey company of mine. You can make a decent amount of extra money each month by completing a number of these surveys per week. In terms of income and time invested, they are one of the top survey firms.The nicest part is that you can see how much they will pay and how long it will take to complete every survey before taking it. I just do the ones that pay $2 to $20. You can join Vindale Research by clicking here. top survey websites, paid survey websites, online survey websites, make money online, money surveys Joining is completely free.

12 – PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel - Home | Facebook

I discovered PrizeRebel a few weeks ago and have fallen in love with it. PrizeRebel is a free rewards site where you can earn gift cards and cash for performing tasks. I’ve already redeemed more than $100 in rewards and couldn’t be  happier. I earn daily points and complete applicable questionnaires every day. They also pay to watch films and to play contests and games.

13 – Rakuten

About Us | Rakuten Group, Inc.

Simply by signing up with Rakuten (formerly Ebates), you will receive 3.0 percent cash back on all Amazon purchases. Since I began using Rakuten a few months ago, I’ve received more than $300 in cash back. It has quickly become my favourite cash back company. There are more goods where you can get up to 30% cash back on every transaction. In addition, if you sign up through my link, you will receive $10 off your first purchase of $25 or more.
You can sign up now and get your $10 a few months later.

14 – Swagbucks

Is Swagbucks legit and Safe? (Full Review 2021)

Another of my favourite survey businesses is American Consumer Opinion, which I highly suggest. The payment procedure is simple. If you just want to work for one survey business, make it this one. You may join American Consumer Opinion by clicking here.top survey websites, paid survey websites, online survey websites, make money online, money surveys

15 – American Consumer Opinion

Consumer Spending as an American Virtue - The New York Times

What’s more, the best part? If you use my partner link to create your blog, you’ll also receive a free premium theme worth $249, plus I’ll complete your site installation for free!

16 – PineCone Research

The 7 Best Pinecones | Britannica

PineCone Research has quickly become one of my favourite polling sites. They pay a minimum of $3 each survey, which is among the most in the industry. The best part is that you will not be disqualified from surveys. You can also organise your time more effectively knowing that you will always get paid $3 or more for each survey you complete.

17 – Survey Junkie

Earn Passive income with Survey Junkie

Before you may make money from surveys, you must first fill out your profile with some personal information (age, contact info and consumer preferences). They will then use this information to deliver you pertinent surveys. You can expect to earn between $1 and $3 for each completed survey. It’s not much, but if you complete a couple of them every day, you’ll have enough money to cover a couple of expenses each month.

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18 – InboxDollars

InboxDollars - Apps on Google Play

InboxDollars is one of my favourite survey websites, and I highly suggest it. You can be compensated for watching television, doing surveys, or making online purchases. You’ll also receive a $5 signup bonus simply for signing up. I earn money with it by taking surveys, purchasing online, and redeeming supermarket discounts.

19 – OneOpinion

OneOpinion - Home | Facebook

When you complete a survey on OneOpinion, you get points.The points can then be exchanged for incentives (I always choose the $25 virtual Visa Debit Card). If you prefer cash, OneOpinion has now added the option to have your prizes delivered directly to your PayPal account, which I plan to attempt the next time I reach 25,000 points.

20 – Qmee

Qmee – Share your Opinion & Shop to earn real cash rewards. - Qmee.com

Qmee is a straightforward internet browser software extension that allows you to earn some extra cash on the side.
Basically, you conduct your typical Google/Yahoo/Ebay/Amazon searches, and occasionally advertisements ad links appear on the side.

21 – Nice Quest

Nicequest | Centro de ayuda

Nice Quest is one of those sites you should check out. Why? Because you can specify how frequently you want to get new surveys, which will be delivered to your inbox. Simply by signing up using my link, you will receive 40 Caracola points (worth $4.00). You may then redeem these points for gift cards, cinema tickets, and other items. One of the nicest features is that all of the surveys may be completed using your smartphone. In my instance, I utilise it when I’m standing in line or waiting for someone.

22 – PanelPlace

PanelPlace Review – Legit, BUT… (Not a Way to Earn) - YouTube

PanelPlace is a website that lists all reputable market research panels that have been shown to compensate its members for surveys. All of the sites mentioned in PanelPlace are completely free to join (I adore it!). The nicest part is that it suggests sites that are relevant to your country. So you won’t be completing any surveys at PanelPlace, but it will direct you to amazing survey sites where you can earn money.

23 – OpinionSurveys

19,392 Opinion Survey Illustrations & Clip Art - iStock

To complete surveys, you do not need to register with OpinionSurveys. There is no point system at OpinionSurveys, therefore it is not your normal survey panel. Each completed survey earns you one entry into a monthly prize draw.
The more surveys you complete, the more tickets you will receive (and the more chances you will have to win the $1,000 monthly reward). Make sure you submit accurate information so that they can send the check to the correct address. You can begin with OpinionSurveys. top survey websites, paid survey websites, online survey websites, make money online, money surveys

24 – YouGov

YouGov - Apps on Google Play

One of my favourite online survey businesses is YouGov. You can register for free if you are 14 or older and from the United States. Each survey’s time varies, but in my experience, they don’t last more than 5-6 minutes.They can take up to 20 minutes, but this is rarely the case. The poll’s topics are primarily political in nature, however there are other other survey topics. They make payments directly to your PayPal account or via gift cards (whatever you prefer).

25 – Paribus

Paribus Review: Is it a legit service that can save you money?

I recommend that you sign up for Paribus for free. When prices fall, Paribus reimburses you (it actually will track the prices of the items you purchased and claim for refund on your behalf). Last month, I received a refund of more than $50.

Here is the list of other 75 Survey Sites

26 – Panda Research

27 – Opinion Outpost

28 – Survey Savvy

29 – Survey Club

30 – VIP Voice Panel

31 – Toluna Opinions

32 – Cash4Offers

33 – Cashback research

34 – Legerweb

35 – Ipsos Panel

36 – Survey Momma

37 – Cash Crate

38 – FusionCash

39 – Shopping Jobs

40 – Dollar Dig

41 – Creation Rewards

42 – Send Earnings

43 – Consumer Opinion Institute

44 – Springboard America

45 – Clickperks

46 – MintVine

47 – PaidViewpoint

48 – Tellwut

49 – Brand Institute

50 – Quest Mindshare

51 – MyView

52 – Epoll Surveys

53 – OpinionSite

54 – Crowdology

55 – QuickRewards Network

56 – Maximiles

57 – ClixSense

58 – instaGC

59 – CashCrate

60 – TreasureTrooper

61 – Daily Rewards

62 – EarnHoney

63 – Honey

64 – GiftHulk

65 – Points2Shop

66 – Crowdology

67 – Univox

68 – PaidViewPoint

69 – Darwin’s Data

70 – MySoapBox

71 – Cross Media Panel

72 – Forthright

73 – Scarborough Surveys

74 – KnowledgePanel

75 – Panelpolls

76 – Citizenme

77 – Surveys on the Go

78 – Small Business Knowledge Center

79 – Viewpoint Forum

80 – Center for the Decision Sciences

81 – Consumer Village

82 – KidzEyes

83 – Lab42 Research

84 – Betabound

85 – Engage In Depth

86 – ParentSpeak

87 – Hitpredictor

88 – Microsoft Playtest Research

89 – Surveyon

90 – LiveWire

91 – Reckner Opinions

92 – Research Participants Institute

93 – BzzAgent

94 – SurveyMonkey Contribute

95 – SurveyMonkey

96 – Directive Analytics Panel

97 – Ingather Research

98 – Medical Advisory Board

99 – Life Fun and Everything

100 – SurveyU

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