6 Best Commercial Real Estate Software

Real estate software is crucial for all companies that want to streamline their daily procedures. By relying on such a program, you can simplify complex operations connecting everything to one access point.

Like any other modern technology, most of these platforms rely on intuitive design, integration, and cloud-based data storing. In this article, we will review the 6 best commercial real estate software and some of their main features.

1.   North Shore Systems

North Shore Systems focuses on financial solutions within the real estate sector. To be more precise, this is an all-in-one lending and investing platform.

The software can help you will all sorts of things ranging from asset and portfolio management, loan origination, servicing, construction, and CMBS. With this platform, you can create a customizable workflow that can be utilized by all sorts of market participants from banks to housing agencies, construction lenders, REITs, etc.

North Shore Systems platform is fully based on a cloud and allows a high degree of integration with other tools. If you wish to learn more about the software, make sure to visit

2.   DoorLoop

DoorLoop is an incredible software that provides various property management solutions. By relying on this tool, you can grow and manage a portfolio without ever breaking a sweat. DoorLoop relies on its highly intuitive dashboard that will make life easy even if you have limited experience within the field. The interface has a plethora of features that are meant to streamline and centralize processes.

Although very simplistic in its nature, the tool has everything you need. This includes a complex accounting suite that is meant to be a replacement for other traditional accounting programs (such as QuickBooks). DoorLoop also has a built-in CRM that makes rent collection a breeze. You can also utilize this portal to check on current maintenance issues or to communicate directly with tenants.

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3.   Total Management

As the name implies, Total Management is a platform that should replace all other real estate programs that you might be using. It is a cloud solution that can be utilized by both commercial and residential management.

Although the interface is quite robust, with numerous features, it doesn’t take too long to get adjusted. Among others, this platform offers insurance and tax reconciliation, and it can serve as a communication hub. Total Management can easily be implemented in your daily processes. However, it is worth noting that the platform is more expensive than most of its competition.

The platform’s main features include duplicate invoice catcher, employee work order communication, and tenant portal.

4.   RealPage Commercial

RealPage Commercial is another complete solution for your daily real estate needs. Although you can use it for various types of companies, it shines for commercial real estate. This is especially noticeable when you start browsing through its features. The tool has numerous nifty features, but it is known for its lease administration options, as well as maintenance reconciliation.

The software allows you to perform several different actions. Among others, you can utilize it to place work orders, automate leasing processes, and perform various accounting tasks. Financial teams often use RealPage Commercial for recurring charges, late fees, and rent percentages.

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5.   AppFolio

AppFolio platform consists of numerous tools that are especially great for commercial property management. It encompasses numerous features that should help you with daily accounting tasks.

The interface is rather intuitive, and it shouldn’t take too long to get used to the basic functions. However, if you’re looking for more advanced options, it can become a bit intimidating due to the sheer number of features. Luckily, the company has provided a thorough tutorial that will help you get the hang of the basics.

AppFolio’s best features include great reporting tools, rent payment suite, work order management functions, utility management features, and smart bill entry. The tool is a bit more expensive than its competitors.

6.   CRESSblue

Like all other tools on the list, CRESSblue is a cloud solution. The platform is tailored for commercial properties, and it focuses on net lease properties. As such, it can be a great assistance for large shopping centers.

The thing that separates CRESSblue from its competition is its automation features. It has a lot of great functions, such as full integration scheduling and making automatic leasing calculations. The main issue with the software is that it takes some time to set up. This is especially troublesome for larger companies with huge portfolios.

The platform can be utilized for various things such as CAM reconciliation, advanced reporting, lease budgeting and abstracting, work order, and asset management.

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