What is Peel Remote App? Everything About Peel Smart Remote

Peel Remote App

Over the years, from one of the top universal remote apps to one of the wickedest Android apps, the Peel Remote app has degraded. Yet, as a pre-loaded function, a few smartphone manufacturers have the audacity to include it on the device.

In the early days, when the idea of “universal Android phone remote” was still fresh, among tech enthusiasts, the Peel Smart Remote app gained immense popularity.

The Android App was initially launched in 2009 and has gained 25 million users in only a few years. In addition, collaborations with smartphone manufacturers like Samsung and HTC, with a user base of 70 million, rapidly transformed it into one of the most downloaded smart remote applications.

For several factors, however, the the software has been highly criticised. The Samsung T.V. remote app has blasted users with lock screen advertisements and overlays, in addition to using wicked tactics to keep it running in the background.

The half-hearted move also did not fix many problems with the Peel Remote App, although the company tossed a choice in the settings menu to turn it off.

What exactly is the Smart Remote App for Peel?

Peel Smart Remote App

It is a universal remote smart app that mainly transforms your smartphone into an all-in-one remote, enabling you to monitor appliances such as T.V.s, air conditioners, setup boxes, and even gadgets such as Roku, as well as few smart devices.

The remote App uses the built-in I.R. blaster, which is only accessible on a few smartphones, turning the device into a universal remote. Alternatively, to monitor a few supported computers, WiFI may be used as well.

The Peel Smart Remote App features:

Peel Smart Remote App

Comprehensive Guide to televisionTelevision

The T.V. guide allows you to select between shows and episodes of various genres. You should search for “what’s trending” and “recently watched.” The guide provides you with tailored suggestions and displays information about the following shows.

Replica Physical Remote Similar to a physical remote, remotes available in the App feature all keys, making it easy to change channels at the moment. You can also get a personalised remote and incorporate channels of your own.

Better interface

The graphical interface makes it easy to navigate the application through the various parts. Switching between channels and guides, in particular, is seamless.

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Live Youtube

For live streaming devices such as Roku and Chromecast, the App also allows you to directly cast YouTube content. Regulation of Voices

In the App, the voice assistant can help you monitor your television’sTelevision’s basic functions, such as  “Turn on T.V.” or “increase volume by 10.” But for a few televisions, this only works.

How to Connect a Remote Peel App Device?

Wifi Using

Peel Remote wifi SetupPeel also works via wifi for devices that do not have I.R. technology.

So it will come with a pop-up initialising the configuration of the wifi system when you open the App. There are only a few devices that can be operated via wifi as of now.

Note: The phone and the gadget should be on the same network for this to work.

I.R. Blaster Use

IR Blaster

The I.R. blaster, a.k.a infrared blaster, is primarily used by a universal smart remote app to monitor all electronics. It is a smartphone sensor that emulates electronic remotes such as a T.V. remote, A.C. remote, etc., found in few devices.

Then follow the steps below if your phone has an I.R. blaster.

How to Configure a Smart Remote Peel.

Download it for iOS devices from the Play Store for Android and Apple Store models. Open your Apple Store for iOS devices you need to instal other appliances such as A.C. Or Home Theatre, pick the T.V. brand or tap other devices. Point the gadget to your phone and press the power button to check if it’s turned on.

You can now freely use your Android Remote to power your T.V. or any other gadget once you set up the buttons.

Testing the Peel Remote ButtonIf the initial button test does not work, before you encounter a working one, you can search for alternative buttons.

You can also connect more devices to the same location once you have set up a single device, too. Just press the Plus button
just below your name for wifi.


Why are they questioning the Peel Smart Remote App?

Peel Remote Ads

Peel Remote Ads

With Peel Remote Little customer feedback of the Google Play Store. Truth be told, because of the drastic measure to raise money, Peel Remote has been scrutinised for more than a year. The application launched a malign ad practise with unethical lock screen advertising and overlays in 2017.

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Without any approval, the application began inserting advertisements over the lock screen. As a result, people were annoyed because every time they unlocked their phone. They still saw an ad. The App did not have any way to turn it off, surprisingly.

Some other best Universal Smart Remote Apps

  1. Galaxy Universal Remote
  2. SURE
  3. AnyMote

How to get the Peel Remote Software removed?

Another factor people dislike the remote Samsung smart app is the essence of its bloatware. Smartphones, which come with a remote peel virus pre-installed, do not allow users to uninstall the Android App by normal means. The only available option is to uninstall it, but individuals have confirmed that the App is resurfacing.

Let’s see if that is what we can repair. This is how the Peel Smart Remote App will get rid of you:

How to uninstall the Remote Peel App

Peel Remote App

  • Go to the App Settings the menu on your Android smartphone.
  • In the App Manager, look for the ‘Peel Remote App.’
  • If the “Uninstall” button is open, select it to delete your computer from the Peel remote app.
  • But if the Uninstall button is missing, to disable the programme, click the ‘Disable’ button.
  • The disable feature would delete the App from the app drawer.

But several users have confirmed that the programme resurfaces time and time again. If it keeps coming back, then try the steps below.

How to remove Peel Remote App

Peel Remote App

  • Go to the Playstore’s Peel Remote App
  • Tap the three-dot vertical button on the top right.
  • Disable automatic software updates by not choosing the ‘Trigger automatic update’ checkbox.
  • Peel Smart Remote App Alternatives

Although there is no Android Universal Remote app that is as bad as the Peel Remote, there
are a few that adopt the same ugly strategies as bombarding commercials, taking memory chunks, and much more.

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