12 Best Kodi Alternatives, Apps like Kodi in 2022

Best Kodi Alternatives

In the world of online streaming, Kodi is a titanian figure. For years, this website has become a trademark for offering quick access to a nearly infinite amount of video content. But sadly, for some time now, the site has had some bad news.

The software has been possibly illegal. It is also precarious to use kodi alternatives, whether different add-ons or the persistent worry that the whole site will be shut down. That’s why we assembled a list of good choices to use as a contingency plan.

Why do I suppose I should have apps like Kodi?

The truth is that in the past few years, the online censorship of different streaming services has only been more serious. It is prudent to observe these occurrences for you to brace for unexpected changes.

While the Kodi streamer was probably the media outlet for millions of people worldwide, it is done. There’s no doubt that Kodi was excellent, but it may well be time to give up a new ship. It won’t only be fantastic insurance if a Kodi Shutdown happens. Still, it also offers a certain degree of peace of mind knowing that you won’t be in a potentially awkward circumstance.

The following list is customized to offer alternatives to Kodi, which provide a comparable interface and features missing in Kodi. The idea is not to acquire a satisfactory substitute, which is as successful or even better than the original.

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Would these Kodi Alternatives Still be Safe to Use?

The validity of apps like Kodi and add-ons broadcasting for the third party was never black and white. Even many Kodi alternatives users are now uncertain as to when and who can fault the software?

The truth is that Kodi is not illegal in technological terms. Kodi is simply a program piece that makes audio and video file playback. This is not wrong by itself.

The argument Kodi alternatives and other related applications is that any content used on the web infringes the copyright law.

For example, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act ( DMCA), where a third-party add-on is built-in Kodi, has unauthorized entry to material and is not entitled to it. The transfer of content or data you don’t own is unconstitutional, but it is a bit more challenging to have the content streamed from your phone or device at the receiving end of this delivery.

Many who consider content that breaks copyright laws are at risk, even though they do not conform to businesses who have carried out unlawful transactions first. For this function, a VPN (Virtual Private Network) can also be used in combination with specific media networks.

The VPN will obscure your IP address on your ISP and any agency intended to fight copyright breaches. VPNs are going to shield you if you have not yet learned such stuff. In modern digital times, VPNs are a powerful weapon, and that does not matter if you are using apps like Kodi or another choice.

Best Kodi Alternatives in 2022

#1 Plex

PlexThis fantastic streaming network, called Plex, is the first Kodi alternative in 2020 you really should pay attention to. You’ll be happy to have it on the radar if you have never heard of it.

Plex is perhaps the perfect alternative to Kodi streaming regardless of how much the apps like Kodi platform itself has in general. Plex is a program that’s well-optimized. It can also function very well, irrespective of how strong or fragile they are, on many computers. Plex works if you’ve got a new $2000 desktop computer or an outdated laptop that is out of date for years.

Plex is versatile, too. Not only Windows and Mac OS are compatible, but Linux is also compatible. It is also easy to run on smartphones, Android, and iOS. It can also be used for Roku and many game consoles such as the Xbox One or PlayStation 4. However, one thing to remember is that Plex is mostly used to download on your device or server from your own media library.

#2 Stremio


Stremio is my choice apps like Kodi for film & series streaming. This service helps users watch films, TV shows, live TVs, channels, episodes, etc. on one screen from several different platforms. Furthermore, the provider guarantees all videos are of high quality in all formats. The service also offers an outstanding control experience with other services such as casting assistance or subtitles’ support.

It lets you build your library where all your favorite films or shows can be stored. Naturally, most of the computers have the service available, and the libraries can be synchronized through all computers. The Linvo database guarantees the right arrangement of the data on each computer. When new episodes of your favorite show or videos of your interest are available, the board choice offered by this service shall alert you. The Stremio will also allow you to find new shows with the advice features you would need.

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You need to use the Stremio account, but it is effortless to build it. You will use the software after making an account. You can select episodes, screens, and movies individually on the Home screen.

 #3 Emby


Emby was used earlier in the day as a primary media browser, which had several drawbacks. But the most recent update of this app, like Kodi, contains various features, which will improve your eye-catching enjoyment and appreciate Cloud Sync or Folder Sync.

Emby also provides parental control that allows DLNA devices to be detected. The Emby is a vast range of proprietary apps where you can carry your media wherever you go. It is available in three categories. Emby Server, Mobile Apps, and TV apps are the first classification. The Emby servers available in Mac, Windows, and Linux are the second classification.

The final grade is the TV apps, which support Android TV, Samsung Smart TV, Chromecast, and many more. This sophisticated system has mobile Android, iOS, and Windows applications as well. Emby is essentially a great solution to Kodi Alternatives, which you can install and enjoy in a heartbeat.

#4 MediaPortal


MediaPortal is one of the Kodi alternatives and most definitely worth trying. First of all, you can record live TV and play any media file on your hard drive, DVDs, or Blu-Rays.

Home Theater or PC is the right place to listen to all your music, radio, and stream your media. These features, together with the superb MediaPortal user-friendly interface, make this service an excellent alternative to Kodi. You can also pour content from the popular services you like if you install proper add-ons. MediaPortal is based on the design of Kodi, making it an excellent alternative. It’s only designed for Windows, however. If you use Windows and need an alternative to Kodi, it’s an app like Kodi.

#5 Infuse


Infuse doesn’t have anything to say. It’s a great video streaming app like Kodi in general. It allows you to watch films across multiple devices and is a multifunctional media server and multi-platform media player.

You don’t have to transform the videos to play them on various platforms because the framework supports media apps and subtitles. You will first note how well this software is planned. The user interface is perfectly balanced and enjoyable to view.

From the viewpoint of accessibility, the software includes a range of functions not provided by rivals. It’s useful whenever a lot of films spread around your hard disc in a bunch of different formats. You can load about any format. This software will help you to search and arrange them all. You will only use the downside for macOS and iOS.



The next name on our list is OSMC or Open Source Media Center. It is a very easy and clean app like Kodi anybody can use for watching films, shows, and other videos. It can be found on all significant platforms such as Android, Windows, Linux, etc. OSMC is made of Kodi so that all Kodi add-ons function well. It can send videos from the local storage facility, from LAN, or via the internet.

With the support of a powerful built-in transcoder, OSMC will play almost any big media format out there. You can also use OSMC as your media center as Kodi, in addition to online content. Your film archive, TV programs, songs, pictures, and much more can be handled.

Best of all, OSMC scraps for your movie posters, synopses, and other related web-based material. It’s a lot closer and in charge than apps like Kodi to add the media player on OSMC, which is an extra advantage. And what do you expect? Only continue to update and see if OSMC can replace Kodi on your computer.

#7 Jellyfin

JellyfinJellyfin is a modern media hub, but among the former Kodi users, it has developed a reputation. An app like Kodi is open source and free like Kodi is, but it is not its point of sale. You can maintain your content library locally, thus maintaining a website and viewing your content via the site.

Jellyfin is a mixture of apps like kodi for firestick and Plex, an essential blend you can wish for. And not all of that, the user interface has dark fashion and contemporary user knowledge. Besides, the Media Player is bundled with features and options such as easy forward, subtitles, full-screen buttons, separate panel volume, and more.

Jellyfin will arrange films and shows automatically with posters, their seasons, synopsis, etc. You can produce playlists and listen to your server if you have a music library. All that said, Jellyfin supports live TV, and even the stream can be captured with a built-in DVR feature. This is brilliant and makes Jellyfin an acceptable Kodi substitute. In all, Jellyfin is a community-built media center, and you must check out its many features that can also dwarf Kodi.

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#8 Kokotime


Kokotime is a dedicated Android append the best alternative to Kodi that enables you to search files on your home network, check your playlists, and stream them to your Android device (or indeed, any platform your Phone streams too). One of the freshest media centers!

Kokotime organizes the media, by genre or ranking, to organize the media saved on the network. It still supports Chromecast, but it does best with a feature called Universal Cast, which will stream media to your phone or display devices linked to your network from your storage devices. While very small, the repertoire of Kokotime’s third-party add-ons is good and can only grow over time. Incredible apps like kodi for firestick .

#9 Universal Media Server

Universal Media Server

You can conveniently view this app like Kodi across various devices and even apps in such devices as web browsers. In addition to alternate viewing solutions for non-DLNA users, Universal Media Serbia has DLNA support and can view (and transcoding) content through laptops, consoles, and Smart TVs.

It is not the most straightforward app to develop, but it is pleasant and comfortable to consolidate your internet when you get there. It has a limited and robust range of plugins and can also be optimized for video streaming by more technologically advanced users.

#10 Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time gives its customers plenty of features and a chance to view endless films and shows online. As such, this is one of the best Kodi alternatives for your favorite shows. Initially, only Android mobile devices and Android-based TV devices can be supported. Over time, however, it has changed, increasing its support for other platforms, such as Windows PC, Mac, and iOS.

Popcorn Time is a program that acts only as a content aggregator for third parties. Consider using a powerful VPN to discourage monitoring.

#11 JRiver


If your device uses a media center and not for more giant TVs or computers, the JRiver is an acceptable alternative to Kodi. Like Kodi, it helps you control your entire local video library, TV shows, songs, videos, and more. In comparison to apps like Kodi for firestick, you have no large set, but JRiver provides a range of applications and plugins to schedule, update, and handle cloud-based media networks. They will also gather information about all of your content and splits everything into a tabbed-layout. Regarding listening, JRiver supports Twitter, RadioTunes, BBC, and a few other radio channels in their entirety.

Best of all, you can upload loads of lossless music from your Cloudplay service that you can play on any platform through your client. That is so cool. It will play standard media formats such as Blu-Ray, MPEG4, AVI, MOV, etc. for video playback. JRiver Media Center defends you on all fronts. Be mindful that JRiver is not free and gives free users only a 30-day preview. You’ll then have to buy the paid plan. In light of all these problems, Jriver can be a good substitute for Kodi if you wish a nearby media center to handle your library.

#12 SPMC

For Semper Media Center, the SPMC stands. It is a free media player that can give Android users a somewhat intimate Kodi experience. The add-ons that work with Kodi are also completely SPMC compliant. The developers built it when the architecture of apps like Kodi for firestick , yet Android is taken into consideration. This also serves as a retrofit for the platform, though, because it is not for iOS. So it’s an excellent application for other gadgets such as the Fire Stick and other STBs.



The next significant Kodi alternative you can use is Serviio. It functions pretty much like a PLEX media server. You will use this program on Windows, macOS, Linux, and several other platforms. It can be used to distribute a range of media files, including audio, games, and videos. Serviio can also broadcast media to Xbox 360. You should probably try this application at least once if you want to experience real SD or HD media on your computer.

#13 Mobdro


We have to share with you the last Kodi alternative today: Mobdro. The press forum is overlooked and has done a perfect job of solving some of Kodi’s shortcomings. Other than its legal troubles, one of the main issues against the Kodi platform was sporadic load time and buffering. Mobdro has solved these types of technological challenges.

Mobdro is a live streaming program that can also connect very quickly and safely. The app is also regularly updated so that we know that the developers still play high quality. This website acquires content from several sites worldwide. Not only will you be able to find content from Europe and Asia, but you will be limited to American programming.


Kodi’s on many PCs, laptops, and even Raspberry Pi hobby boards. However, not everyone’s this tech. Some people may find that it lacks some looks or characteristics. Therefore, sure consistency Kodi alternatives are so important to shed light on. From Plex to Media Hub, this list is protected for those who want to leave Kodi to get into something else.

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