kodi 17 Not Working On Windows 10 – How You Can Fix Common Kodi

kodi 17 Not Working On Windows 10

This post will teach you kodi 17 Not Working On Windows 10 not functioning on Windows 10 in this article. When Kodi has a problem, it’s aggravating since it’s difficult to figure out what’s causing the problem on your own. While the most common piece of advise is to “examine Kodi’s logs,” this isn’t always helpful so because logs are designed for pros.

Here’s all you need to know about Kodi 17 not functioning on Windows 10 in this article:

The good news is that many of kodi 17 Not Working On Windows 10 issues can generally be resolved in a matter of minutes. This article will assist you in repairing and resolving many of the most common Kodi issues. With any hope, your problem will be resolved, and you will be able to resume watching your favourite TV shows and movies in peace.

The following are examples of Kodi issues you could encounter:

  • When Kodi loads, it causes collisions.
  • Add-ons will not be removed.
  • Hardware acceleration problems
  • Buffering issues with Kodi
  • stuttering in video
  • A blank screen or a black screen

Kodi freezes during playing Kodi search isn’t functioning on addons HD and 4K streams aren’t working We’ll provide you some pointers, advice, and insight into some of the most common difficulties you could encounter when using Kodi. It’s important to remember that third-party addons aren’t as secure as official ones. They’re well-known for being unstable, and they usually come with their own set of problems. In addition, third-party addons frequently use unauthorised content. For these reasons, we recommend that our users utilise just the most important addons and look for correctly licenced content whenever possible.

What are some of the most typical issues with Kodi?

Kodi is one of the most portable media centre software packages available, and it can be loaded on a wide range of devices such as Roku, Apple TV, and Nvidia Shield. Despite the fact that Kodi functions similarly across platforms, each device has its own set of system resources, customer profile files, and subroutines. This might make repairing Kodi difficult. For example, while attempting to maintain Kodi on your Firestick, you may encounter issues that do not exist on the Android version of the software. While the techniques described below work in the majority of cases, we cannot guarantee that they will resolve the fundamental cause of a problem in all Kodi settings. Kodi keeps collapsing, freezing, or halting.

Remove any recently installed extensions, updates, or developments

If Kodi is collapsing or freezing on a frequent basis, it’s a solid indicator that something is amiss. Consider when the problem first arose and what you were doing prior to the onset of the problem. Whether the problem started after you installed a certain addon, remove it to see if the problem persists. If you just installed an addon update or a customised Kodi build, you may want to delete it to eliminate it as a possible cause. It’s worth noting that certain older addons may not have been updated to work with Kodi 18; if you haven’t used Kodi in a while, it might be preferable to start afresh rather than manually reinstalling every addon you’ve ever used.

Hardware acceleration is disabled

One of the most common reasons of Kodi crashes, especially on Android, is equipment velocity. You might try disabling this option to see if the problem goes away. This is simple: from the Kodi home screen, choose the equipment symbol to access the setup’s food menu.

On Windows 10, Kodi 17 isn’t working

After that, go to Gamer setups. A separate gear icon with the words “Standard” next to it may be seen at the bottom of the side. It must count on “Expert” if you click this three times. Select the Video clip tab, go to the bottom of the right-hand list, and uncheck the Enable equipment velocity– DXVA2 option. Check to see whether the collapse persists after restarting Kodi.

kodi 17 Not Working On Windows 10cache must be cleared

When Kodi streams a video, it uploads a few seconds to the cache each time. This enables faster access as well as smoother streaming. However, as the shop becomes overcrowded, Kodi may become unpredictable. A choppy video clip is a symptom that the cache is filling up, and while the cache usually clears itself, it may need to be flushed manually on occasion.

Because Kodi doesn’t have any built-in facilities for this, you’ll need to download and install the Indigo addon from the TVAddons repo. When everything is in place, go to the Upkeep Tools page and then the Clear Cache button on the right. On Windows 10, Kodi 17 isn’t working. TVAddons also has an addon called Indigo that works similarly if you’re looking for an alternative maintenance option. There’s also a cache-clearing tool can be found there.

Install Kodi again

If the procedures above haven’t fixed your problem, you might want to try getting a fresh Kodi setup. You may do this manually by downloading your preferred variant from or by utilising the Manufacturing facility Bring back option on the Indigo device, which is found under the Maintenance Devices menu.

kodi 17 Not Working On Windows 10 broadcasts aren’t going to cover everything

There are three major causes for a stream’s failure to fill. To begin, make sure you’re connected to the internet. It’s simple: you can’t watch online videos if you don’t have access to the internet. It’s possible that the addon is no longer functional. Growth teams, on the other hand, come and go all the time, often owing to the dangers of legal work. In such circumstances, you won’t be able to install new additions from the repo in question, and any ones you already have may become unstable or stop working.

This issue usually occurs when you try to access a region-locked solution from a country other than the one that requires it. If you try to use the iPlayer WWW extension from outside the UK, for example, the streams will not populate. By connecting to a VPN server in the proper location before running the addon, you may get around these limitations.

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Kodi keeps crashing and rebooting

There are a few reasons why Kodi could have a crash/reboot loophole embedded in it. If you’ve recently installed any customised constructions, they might be the culprit and should be removed with the Indigo tool. If this fails to cure your problem, try disconnecting your computer from the internet. We recommend this since the URLResolver requirement frequently causes issues, and Kodi will be unable to function if it does not have web accessibility.

If this resolves your collapse issue, try upgrading it by selecting System setups from the gear icon on Kodi’s main screen. After that, go to the Attachments tab and select Manage dependencies. Then, under URLResolver, click Update. If this does not work, you may either uninstall addons until you find the one that is causing the problems, or you can just reinstall Kodi to start again.Kodi is unable to establish a connection to a source. The most common way to mount Kodi databases is to give the source a course. You may see that as soon as the original has been uploaded, a window appears informing you that it cannot be viewed.

This is usually due to an erroneous source address. Examine it and double-check that you’ve entered it correctly.
Misspellings, not using the proper letter situation (e.g., placing upper or lowercase letters where they don’t belong), failing to include “http://” at the beginning, and, in many situations, omitting the repo’s file extension are also common errors.

If the address was input properly, the database has most likely gone offline or been relocated to a different location.
You may check this by going to the source address in your browser and seeing if the folder is empty or otherwise found; if it is, it is the root of your problem. Look into the repo to check whether it’s been moved, but keep in mind that other hosts aren’t usually reliable.

kodi 17 not working on windows 10

Kodi is unable to install an addon. There are various reasons why an addon fails to install after you’ve successfully mounted a repo. It’s possible that the addon is no longer supported by its creators. There isn’t much you can do in this case. Older versions may still exist elsewhere, but they aren’t guaranteed to function properly. The more senior an addon becomes, the greater the risk it poses to your system when installed.

Additionally, older addons may not be compatible with newer Kodi versions.New Kodi versions have changed the way the programme reads and processes addon code, rendering certain older addons obsolete with newer Kodi versions (for example, several addons stopped working after Kodi 18 was released).

It’s also conceivable that the addon’s dependencies have been removed. These are additional additions that are required for the original addon to function properly. However, addons that use these reliances are unofficial and pose a significant risk to your system’s safety and security. As a result, we don’t recommend attaching them in the first place. Finally, it’s possible that this addon isn’t compatible with your version of Kodi. For example, LibreELEC users couldn’t utilise the Netflix addon until recently since it relied on data that wasn’t available on just-enough-OS platforms.

Kodi addons cannot be uninstalled or deleted. It’s possible that a build or a specific Kodi addon will cause a problem with your Kodi configuration. If this happens, you can try to launch Kodi, only for it to crash at any time. The good news is that you can delete Kodi addons from outside of the Kodi user interface. You may delete any Kodi addon from your percent APPDATA percent Kodi addons folder if you need to.

Do the following to discover it on a regular basis:

  •  Most likely, go to your C: drive – Select Customers – Locate and choose the name of the user account that you use to log onto your computer – click AppData
  • Select the Kodi folder from the Roaming menu.
  • Right now, find the details plugin that’s causing you problems and delete it from this folder.

If you’re not sure which plugin is causing the issue, try uninstalling any recently installed extensions or databases and reinstalling Kodi to see if it works. If the worst happens, you may delete as many addons or databases as you need without causing any damage to your Kodi installation. However, you may need to reinstall your addons at a later time. Videos stutter or take a long time to load. The majority of the time, streaming difficulties are caused by a poor network connection or sluggish browsing speeds.More information on this can be found in our Kodi buffering post, so that’s an excellent place to start. If you can’t find any problems with your network, there might be another reason. Certain web content producers utilise a procedure known as geo-locking or region-locking to restrict access to their films.

This examines the IP address of anyone attempting to see the web content and disables the connection if the IP address is not from a certain area. Fortunately, this may be easily avoided. Customers can connect their virtual private network (VPN) to a web server in the appropriate region and gain access to previously banned material. The relevant web server to connect to is typically obvious: the BBC blocks anyone who isn’t in the UK, NBC blocks anyone who isn’t in the US, and so on.

Kodi 17 isn’t functioning on Windows 10 since the videos seem funny or the colours are wrong. Shade issues are significantly less prevalent, and they aren’t necessarily unique to Kodi. If the shades are somewhat off, the issue is most likely due to incorrect display configurations. This problem isn’t always obvious, and it could only be noticed in specific video snippets.

This is due to the fact that each monitor’s shade profile is unique. Many will undoubtedly include a button on the front that allows access to a menu of picture settings. However, if your display is correctly set, there are several more options. You’ve probably zoomed in or out incorrectly if your video clip is too big or too little. Click the equipment symbol while watching a video. After that, go to Video Setups. Try to find the Zoom amount option– if it’s anything other than 1.0, you’ve got a problem. Make sure the Sight Mode is set to “Regular” as well. It’s also worthwhile to look at the Illumination and Comparison values. These should be set to 50%, and if they aren’t, they’re most certainly causing your video clip to seem strange.

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Searches and streams in Kodi addons aren’t working

Your Kodi addons may not execute searches, updates, or streaming effectively due to a little-known problem.
Some addons, for example, may not be able to fetch any newer or older content, despite the fact that it should be available. If this is the case, consider looking at your tool on a different day and time. There’s a chance the day and hour are wrong, especially if you bought your set-top box on or To properly draw information, Kodi and its addons make use of the system day and time. If such information is incorrect, in-addon searches may return inaccurate or limited results, and it may potentially affect your streaming or addon updates.

Kodi not working? How to fix Kodi problems (Updated for 2022)

Issues with Kodi’s black screen or blank display

On Windows 10, Kodi 17 isn’t working. A black screen on startup or a blank screen throughout the typical Kodi process are two examples of possible troubles.When trying to upgrade from Kodi 16 to version 17+, one such issue arises. You may see issues relating to the Addons.db data after switching from the Confluence skin to the new Estuary skin. As a result, the only way to fix this issue is to delete your Addons.db records, which essentially cache information about your addons. Don’t worry, deleting the file won’t remove any of your addons. Depending on your operating system, you can find this file in the following locations:

Android/data/orgkodi/data/. kodi/userdata/Database

– On Windows, click the Start button and enter percent APPDATA percent kodi userdata Data source.

– Individuals/ [YOURUSERNAME]/ Library/Application Support/Kodi/userdata/ Database on the Mac.

– On Linux, go to /.kodi/userdata/Database.

– private/var/mobile/ Library/Preferences/Kodi/ userdata/Database.

– Data source: OpenElec/LibreElec:/ storage/kodi/userdata/

Alternatively, if you’re using an Android box or an Firestick, you may Force Quit Kodi and then Clear Cache in the programme settings. This should also help to clear up the mess. Kodi search does not function with addons, and Kodi 17 does not operate on Windows 10. If you’re using Kodi v. 18 Leia, you might notice that the search function in your addons isn’t working. This is due to the possibility that you’re using addons that haven’t been updated for Kodi 18.

When you use an addition’s search tool, the addon saves information in order to provide you with a rapid result.
Kodi 18 modifies many Python code needs for the search function, ensuring that any addon that hasn’t been updated to match will be unable to use the integrated search functionality. There is nothing that customers can do to fix the problem. You’ll have to wait till the addon’s code is updated. Most addons have not yet been publicly upgraded to work with Kodi version 18, so you may have to wait a little longer or stick with Kodi 17.6 Krypton until more addons have been properly upgraded.

Streams in HD and 4K are stuttering. Streams that are failing raise a number of problems. For example, your internet connection may not be fast enough to handle the 4K or HD broadcast, resulting in greater buffering. However, especially with 4K, there’s a potential your device won’t be able to handle the higher resolution video.

Do a simple Google search for your specific device. If you’re running kodi 17 Not Working On Windows 10 and trying to handle 4K broadcasts, you’ll notice stuttering. This is also true if you’re trying to watch 1080p streaming with an earlier Firestick. In October, a brand-new Fire TV stick will be released that will be capable of handling 4K feeds. On October 31, the Fire TV Stick 4K will undoubtedly be available.

Kodi 17 isn’t functioning on Windows 10 and my YouTube addon isn’t working

YouTube recently changed the way their API operates, which harmed the YouTubekodi 17 Not Working On Windows 10 and any other extensions that relied on it. Nonetheless, equipped with nothing more than a Google account, there is a rather simple method to fix this.

In essence, you’ll need to create your own API trick. This may appear difficult, but the Kodi forums have a comprehensive, exhaustive explanation that will get you back up and running in minutes. I’m having trouble getting a certain kodi 17 Not Working On Windows 10 to operate. We get a lot of questions from folks who have just installed Kodi and are having trouble watching anything. After a little digging, they reveal that everything they’ve set up is a ruse. There are a number of problems with this:

Informal additions are common in develops, and we are unable to give assistance for them. Builds, in our experience, are seldom maintained up to date, which means they frequently contain a number of addons that have since been removed. These constructions have a tendency to produce more problems than they solve. Our recommendation is to remove your build and install each addon separately. You won’t end up with dozens of additions you’ll never use, and you’ll be able to pinpoint the particular addon that’s causing any issues if something goes wrong.


Because Kodi can be installed on so many different devices, troubleshooting is much easier than you may think.
One of the most common Kodi issues may be resolved rather easily. In case you’re having problems using Kodi on a Fire TV Stick, we’ve written a troubleshooting guide specifically for you. Hopefully, this overview has assisted you in resolving your issue, and if there is a simple cure that we haven’t included, please let us know.

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