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how to change google background

Chrome OS may appear to be lightweight and lacking in features when compared to Windows or macOS, yet it allows you to personalise the majority of the OS’s aspects. The new Wallpaper app allows you to enable dark mode on your Chromebook. You may even add widgets to the Chromebook desktop, among other things. In this article, we will show you how to modify the Google backdrop on a Chromebook in detail. On your Chromebook, you can download and instal a new theme, change the desktop wallpaper, and add a new screen saver background. So, with that in mind, let’s get started.

Chromebook Google Background Customization (2022)

We’ve included several methods for changing the Google wallpaper on your Chromebook in this article. You can change the theme, the background of the Chrome browser, the desktop wallpaper, and the screen saver. Simply expand the table below and navigate to the appropriate section.

Chrome Browser: Change the Google Background 1. To begin, launch the Chrome browser on your Chromebook and select “Customize Chrome” from the bottom-right corner.

Change the Google Background in Chrome

Then, in the “Background” area, select a wallpaper from Google’s numerous collections. You should have no trouble finding anything to your liking here. If not, proceed to the next point. . In Chrome, you may also set a custom background. Simply select “Upload from device” from the “Background” settings tab. Modify the Google Background in Chrome 4. Now, select an image from your Chromebook’s local storage. Change the Google Background with Chrome. That’s all. And that is how you may change the backdrop of Google Chrome on your Chromebook.

Change the Google Chrome Browser’s Background

Change the Chrome Browser’s Theme and Background 1. If you wish to change the theme and background, go to Settings in the Chrome browser. To do so, select “Settings” from the 3-dot menu in the top-right corner. Chromebook theme . Navigate to the “Appearance” area in the left sidebar and then to the “Browser themes” section in the right pane. Chromebook theme. It will take you to the Themes page in the Chrome Web Store. Explore the numerous themes available on your Chromebook.  Open your preferred theme and select the “Add to Chrome” button. Change the Chrome Browser’s Theme and Background  And this is how it appears when you’ve applied the theme you’ve chosen. Isn’t it beautiful?

Change the Chrome Browser’s Theme and Background

Change Your Chromebook’s Desktop Background 1. Right-click on the desktop and select “Set wallpaper & style” to change the background of your Chromebook. Change Your Chromebook’s Desktop Background 2. Next, click on “Wallpaper” in the window that opens. Change Your Chromebook’s Desktop Background 3. Here you will find a variety of amazing wallpapers created by artists from various backgrounds. Change Your Chromebook’s Desktop Background 4. Simply choose a wallpaper and it will be set as the background for your Chromebook. If you want to view a new wallpaper on your Chromebook’s desktop every day, activate it by clicking “Change Daily” at the top.

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Change Your Chromebook’s Desktop Background

Aside from that, you may set your Chromebook’s wallpaper directly from Google Photos and local storage. Yes, Chrome OS provides themes and customization choices comparable to Windows and Mac. Change Your Chromebook’s Screen Saver 1. You may easily configure a dynamic screen saver wallpaper on your Chromebook. Simply right-click on the desktop and select “Set wallpaper & style”. Screen Saver Background 2. Next, click “Screen Saver” in the window that appears. Background for Screen Saver 3. Enabling the toggle at the top will enable the dynamic screen saver feature on your Chromebook. Background for Screen Saver 4. You can select the image source for the screen saver wallpaper directly below. You can choose photographs from your Google Photos library or Google-curated artwork. That’s all there is to it.

Background for a Screen Saver

Change Your Chromebook’s Background Wallpaper and Theme So those are the four options for changing the background images on your Chromebook. Custom wallpapers can be used to modify the Chrome browser, the Chromebook desktop, and the lock screen. That’s all we have for now. Go to our linked post to enable the new Chrome OS launcher on your Chromebook. If you want to learn more about Chrome OS tips & techniques, see our in-depth post.

Find a theme using the search bar, or by categories and rating

Many of us use Google’s search function at least a few times every day because it is the most popular search engine, followed by Microsoft’s Bing and Yahoo search. You may have observed that Google’s search page is quite simple with white hue and may be wondering if there are any ways to change the internet giant’s background theme. The good news is that changing the Google backdrop in the Chrome browser is really simple. In this article, I’ll teach you how to accomplish it quickly and easily on your devices.

Using the Google Chrome browser, you may simply alter Google’s default white background. You can change the background image and accent colours in this browser to your preference. You can even change the Chrome background whenever you like or schedule it to change automatically every day. Here are the steps for doing so.

Changing the Google Chrome Desktop Background

  • To begin, log in with your Google account in your Chrome browser.
  • Then, on the Google Chrome browser, start a new tab.
  • Click the Customize Chrome button at the bottom right corner.
  • You will encounter Google’s own image gallery.
  • By clicking on an image, you may choose which one to use.
  • Finally, click Done, and Google Chrome’s backdrop will automatically change to that theme.
  • Changing the Google App’s Background on Androi
  • First, download and instal Google Go from the Google Play Store on your Android device.
  • After installing it, launch Google Go and select the gear icon in the upper right corner.
  • Now, from the top of the screen, select the “Choose wallpaper” option.
  • Select a picture from your image library to use as the background.
  • Simply select the “Set wallpaper” option.
  • Finally, the white backdrop will be changed with the newly selected image.
  • That’s all there is to know about changing Google’s backdrop in Chrome. In the meantime, don’t forget to read How to Delete Google Search History and How to Change Default Google Account.
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How to Modify Your Theme

Changing the theme on a Chromebook does not alter the design of the OS; rather, it changes the look and feel of Chrome to any of the products in the Chrome web shop. The simplest way to instal a theme is to launch Chrome and browse the Chrome web shop for new and exciting themes to replace the drab default theme that comes pre-installed. You may also go there the long way by going to Settings > Appearance > Browse Themes. Now that the Chrome web store is live, you can search for themes using the search bar, category selector (albeit the only possibilities are Google and artists), or rating.

How to Uninstall a Theme

Simply follow the steps indicated above to instal a different theme in Chrome. If you no longer want a theme installed in Chrome and want to return to the traditional one, you must restore Chrome to the default theme using the Settings app. Welcome to our guide on changing the backdrop of your Chromebook. Customizing some of the settings on a new Chromebook to give that personal touch is part of the joy. In fact, changing the appearance of the background is one of the first things people do when they first set up their Chromebook. It’s natural to be dissatisfied with your Chromebook’s default dull wallpaper; you can always alter it to make it look more personal and visually appealing.

If this is your first time using a Chromebook, knowing how some of its settings function, even for simple things like changing your background wallpaper, can take some time. One thing to keep in mind is that while the Chrome operating system interface is the same on all devices, changing the wallpaper and theme is the same for all Chromebooks. In addition, the Chrome Web Store offers a plethora of free themes for customising the appearance of the Google Chrome browser.

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