What is XactAnalysis SP? Workflow Statuses in 2023


XactAnalysis SP is safe and easy to use for assignment receivers, like insurance repair contractors, cleaning experts, other construction businesses, and independent adjusters, who get assignments from XactAnalysis SP. XactAnalysis SP is a product for service providers; it is the inverse of XactAnalysis in that XactAnalysis SP is used by insurance companies to give assignments, while XactAnalysis SP is used to receive such assignments.

What is XactAnalysis SP? Workflow Statuses in 2023

The same industry trend reports are available in XactAnalysis SP as they are in XactAnalysis for assignment senders. With your Xactimate subscription, you get this product for free.

What exactly is it?


It’s safe for service providers like insurance repair contractors, cleaning specialists, and independent adjusters to use XactAnalysis (XA) for Service Providers (SP) to keep track of their business. In addition to offering a secure location to store your assignment data, XactAnalysis SP enables you to organise and map your assignments, produce real-time management reports, measure customer satisfaction, and do many other vital operations.

Learn more about XactAnalysis SP and its features by clicking on the links below. The phrase “assignment” will be used. When this is said, it indicates that the work was sent over the XA portal. When working on an assignment, the job shell (shell) will already have the majority of the information filled in and will be connected to the insurance provider/adjuster. The insurance provider/adjuster will have access to all notes, photographs, XM8 estimations, and documentation.

Xactanalysis examples In a nutshell, data


Parsing, validation, signature, encryption, packing, transport, and state management are all handled by the Document Manager. In the instance of timely claimants who did not get paid for their deductible and whose estimated non-materials depreciation can be computed using the Xactanalysis Data, they will receive 95% of the monetary amount of the estimated non-materials depreciation that exceeded their deductible.

We agree that all action options would have negative consequences for environmental justice populations, but we dispute that these consequences would occur predominantly during construction and would be transitory (DEIS, p.

Untimely claimants who received no payment on account of their deductible and whose estimated non-materials depreciation can be determined based on the Xactanalysis Data will receive fifty percent (50%) of the dollar amount of the estimated non-materials depreciation that exceeded their deductible will receive fifty percent (50%) of the dollar amount of the estimated non-materials depreciation that exceeded their deductible.

Tracking of Assignments

  • When it comes to assignment tracking, XactAnalysis SP has a lot to offer. To begin with, you may give tasks to everyone in your business, which can then be monitored from start to finish.
  • You can make your own action items or use standard workflow action items, and then decide who should be told about the action item.
  • These action items will serve as a reminder of the steps you need to take through the assignment’s different stages until it is done.
  • When an assignment is done, the assignment editor will send you the finished file. This file will include line items, photos, drawings, and many reports.
  • Finally, XactAnalysis SP, like the XactAnalysis application used to deliver assignments, will provide you with latitude and longitude coordinates as well as a map of your assignments.
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Reporting to Management


XactAnalysis SP comes with a lot of reports that will help your bosses make important business decisions. In XactAnalysis SP, you can get activity reports, industry trend studies, and even reports on customer satisfaction surveys.

Activity Reports: These reports give you a quick overview of assignment activity, including how long it has been and how much it has cost. You’ll also be able to see how quickly your company responds and how well you did on any online assignments you’ve done for them.

When viewing projects online, you may notice both general information and specifics such as scope specifications, images, and even two- and three-dimensional drawings.

Because Xactware’s products are so extensively used, you can get some of the most thorough and accurate industry trend reports available, as well as see how your firm stacks up against the competition. You can look at labor and cost statistics over three years, as well as look at industry trends with explanations.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys: XactAnalysis helps you save a lot of time by including customer satisfaction surveys in your marketing research. This type of survey allows you to keep track of your company’s performance and read consumer feedback.

Claim Filed With Insurance Provider (Us)

  • Updates from service providers
  • Workflow Statuses, also known as Data Points, are a kind of data.
  • We’ll go through these in further detail later.
  • The customer contacted Site Inspected Job Began
  • Insurance Provider Returned Estimate Data Insurance Provider Resolved Claim

Status of Workflows


All third-party administrators (TPAs) that utilize XA create a scorecard based on our task performance on each file using the native XA Workflow Status (es). We keep a high score by using the XA scores that XA generates. So that entails…

  • A high score equals more job opportunities.
  • Each state should be viewed as having its own clock.
  • Each clock/status has its own set of score goals.
  • Within 10 minutes of receiving the assignment, we aim to contact the customer.
  • When you’re on the phone with the consumer, though, you should do this.

If you don’t do the status update straight away while on the phone with the consumer, it’s easy to forget. In my opinion, calling the consumer and leaving a voicemail counts as initiating contact. Simply click the Customer Contacted Pencil/Edit Icon and type “Customer Contacted-LM for a follow-up call” –that’s all there is to it. In this scenario, I believe that providing the minimum amount of information and getting right to the point is the ideal approach.

Site Inspected: As you or the project manager approach the location’s front door, snap a photo of the front of the property and either click the Site Inspected Pencil/Edit Icon or go to Slack and post the photo to the jobs channel. This will notify the office that you have arrived, and the “Site Inspected” clock will be stopped.

There’s another “clock” that won’t stop since it doesn’t have the same weighted score value as this one. There is a running picture clock, so if you provide a photo of the front of the house and the office uploads it, the photo clock will stop. Even though each project requires a lot more images than one, posting only one will satisfy that basic clock, and we’ll upload more thorough photos when we upload the estimate.

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Job Started: For water mitigation works, this should be done as soon as the Work Auth is signed, which should be within 30 minutes of the Site Inspected note being entered. This will take a little longer for recon tasks since we need to upload the estimate for permission before commencing the project. Depending on the scale and extent of the recon assignment, this might take weeks or even months.

Job Completed: In an ideal world, mitigation jobs would be completed three days later. And, once again, if this is a recon, it will very certainly take longer than three days. However, there are times when you may use this clock to your advantage. In this case, pad refers to raising our score for this specific scoring criterion.

On a Thursday, for example, we began a mitigation project. We’ve struck every note flawlessly. On Sunday, though, the work will be dry. We shouldn’t have to enter the task finished note until Monday; this would lower our score. We’ve discovered certain processes and rules that the TPAs follow after doing this for a number of years.

As a result, we know that TPA reviewers do not QA any uploads made after 3 p.m. on Fridays (Eastern). So what I’ll tell you to do is wait until 4 p.m. on Friday before uploading the estimate that will be picked up on Sunday. We’ve now increased our score by 48 hours. which will enhance our score or, at the very least, cancel out a job that would have taken longer that month.

Score Padding Suggestions

When you add a note to particular TPAs, a popup will appear that allows you to input the time you completed that specific status change. With most TPAs, you will be able to control just the time. Not the date. So, it’s 11:49, we’re working on an assignment, and you’re filling out the Customer Contacted note.

This appears to Take note of the time component When you click the status link, it immediately sets the current system time. Set the time to 12:01 a.m. We’ve now trimmed 11.5 hours off the time it took us to contact our customer.

However, because you can’t have a negative clock score, our rating (minutes to finish from the time the assignment was delivered) would be 0.0, giving us a perfect 5/5 score. This is especially useful for those occasions when you forget to input the note while on the phone with a customer. However, you should always try to input the customer’s contact note while on the phone or as soon as you leave a voicemail.

An Overview of the Product

Xactware Solutions Inc. is the developer. Other Software by Xactware Solutions Inc. Client OS WindowsClient OS Windows Other Software by Xactware Solutions Inc. Type Field Service Management Software Client OS Windows Other Software by Xactware Solutions Inc.

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