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Vista software Construction Software offers comprehensive, flexible software programmes for all elements of construction management to construction professionals. vista software by Viewpoint is a cutting-edge software system that combines accounting, job costing, payroll, and a project management ERP solution with unit-based costing and powerful reporting, all on a single Microsoft.NET/SQL platform for exceptional workflow and productivity. You can trust us with your commercial construction project.

Vista Software Viewpoint for Medium to Large Contractors 2022

Rock-solid construction management vista software is what we offer for the three main types of commercial construction.

General Contractors

  • Accounting and Payroll Human Resources
  • Integrated Project Management Operations
  • Analysis and ProductivityGeneral
  • Contractors Accounting and Payroll

Human Resources Operations for Heavy/Highway

vista software

  • Contractors Integrated
  • Project Management.
  • Analysis and Productivity.


  • Accounting and Payroll Operations Productivity and Analysis Integrated Project ManagementSubcontractors
  • Work Orders and Service Agreements

Accounts Payable

  • Now you have access to your information.
  • Cost control and reporting that is always up-to-date.
  • Now you have access to your information.
  • Cost control and reporting that is always up-to-date.
  • vista software is fully integrated.
  • Modules for Accounting and Operations
  • Accounting using a single-step posting process
  • Worksheets for payments (from which module?)
  • Multi- and inter-company payables can be made on the same invoice.
  • Vendor compliance to alert you of subcontractor problems
  • Invoice comparison between subcontractor stated costs and PO’s accounts

Accounts Receivable

  • Viewpoint Job Billing and Material Sales modules are fully integrated.
  • Multi- and cross-company receivables management and reporting
  • Sales tax, write-offs, and discounts are all fully automated.
  • Invoice production and recording are both automated.
  • Customer accounts and contract status are available quickly.
  • The General Ledger and Cash Management must be updated immediately.
  • financial study of your company that is up-to-date

Insight into the business world

vista software

  • Keep track of trends to make more educated judgments.
  • A graphical representation of your company’s performance
  • Job Cost, Project Management, Equipment Management, and Human Resource key performance metrics, frequencies, and durations
  • SQL Server may be configured to automatically load data into visual dashboards.
  • Full data security allows users to see just the information they are allowed to access.

Cash Flow Planning

vista software

  • Never be in the dark about your financial situation; find out what you need to know when you need it.
  • The Payroll and Accounts Payable/Receivable modules are fully integrated.
  • Inquiry of the cash account on the screen for instant chequebook balance information.
  • Account transfers, interest, and bank charges may all be recorded straight into the system.
  • Entries to the General Ledger are created automatically.
  • Bank reconciliation that is simple to use for clearing checks, deposits, and adjustments.
  • Cash requirements, retainage on hold, and discounts are all examined.

Management of Documents

vista software

Vista’s scalable material management and workflow solution helps to minimise the issues associated with paper and other electronic-based content by reducing needless expenditures and overhead through integrated process automation and document archiving. Document management provides an easy-to-use interface for attaching, indexing, and routing documents around your company. You may also use transaction papers to add to existing data entries.

You may use features to

  • Content may be easily indexed and safely stored in the database.
  • Batch scanning allows you to take photos of paper documents in real time.
  • Scans or drag-and-drop emails, images, contracts, invoices, and other documents right onto the record are both options.
  • Documents are captured, validated, approved, and routed.
  • All documents should be kept electronically in a single place, where they can be found quickly and easily.
  • Document-based processes may be made more efficient by eliminating bottlenecks and other inefficiencies.
  • Using your preferred mobile device, upload or download documents, photographs, and more.

Management of the Equipment

vista software

It is now more critical than ever to find better strategies to manage equipment assets. Leading contractors are seeing immediate returns on their investments by installing a modern software system that enables insight into all profit areas. In the competitive construction industry, managing costs and revenue on equipment is critical to success and may have a significant influence on your bottom line. For single-step data entry, Equipment Management is completely connected with other vista software modules.


  • Time-saving, single-step data entry and updates with full integration to Vista
  • Set up variable revenue rates for each piece of machinery.
  • Easily track the position of moving equipment.
  • View monthly book depreciation estimates using fixed asset schedules.
  • The aspects of equipment management that were designed to supply equipment revenue and cost information to all profit centres from a single point of entry are listed below.


  • Uploads from industry-standard 3rd-party depreciation packages are automatically
  • Payroll, Purchase Orders, Inventory, Job Costs, Job Billing, and the General Ledger are all integrated seamlessly.
  • Alerts for preventative maintenance Set up maintenance schedules that include everything you need to do, how long it will take, how many parts you need, and so on.
  • During the setup of a work order, automatic notifications for parts or components that are still under warranty are sent out.
  • Work orders for maintenance can be made automatically based on the date, shop equipment, job, and other things.
  • With a single action, you may close several work orders.
  • Update metre readings from the equipment system’s different processes.
  • By cost item, enter the time spent by mechanics on the equipment or a component inside the equipment.
  • Calculate the labour load of mechanics on a precise basis or as a percentage of labour.
  • Equipment Management is completely integrated with Vista, a software system that is meant to cut expenses, optimise operations, and ultimately increase the profitability of every project.

Management of the Field

Mobile Field Manager is a mobile application suite that allows you to track and record time, equipment, and production hours while on the job. The Mobile Field Manager works with vista software or almost any other construction accounting system to enable real-time visibility anywhere, at any time.

The following are some of the features:

  • The ability to track workers, equipment, and production hours from any location, including those without internet access, is a must.
  • Visibility into what has been done in the field in real time
  • Payroll, work costs, and equipment modules may all be updated with a single click.
  • iPad, iPhone, and Android smart phones and tablets are all supported.
  • Viewpoint provides complete client assistance with only one phone call.

Ledger General

  • Profit centre reporting has been improved across the firm.
  • Vista’s accounting and operations modules are fully integrated.
  • Account codes can be configured to report on user-defined profit centres.
  • Journal entries that are created automatically based on your company’s methods
  • Profit centre reporting at multiple companies and levels
  • Budgeting flexibility, including revisions, notes, and the option to auto-reverse entries.

Human Resource Management

  • Managing employee data may save you a lot of time.
  • Compatibility with the Payroll module
  • People and reporting obligations may be easily managed.
  • Maximum data sorting and reporting flexibility.
  • It distinguishes between application and employee data.
  • Employment history with the company
  • OSHA reporting and workers’ compensation records are part of the safety history.
  • Employee drug testing: dates, places, and actions
  • Discipline and complaints against employees
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  • When and where you need it, you’ll find it here.
  • All accounting and operational components of vista software are fully integrated.
  • Inventory management across many sites—warehouses, factories, and so on.
  • Inventory pricing based on tasks or equipment
  • Updates to the Job Cost and General Ledger are made automatically.
  • Interact directly with purchase orders and accounts.
  • Modules that can be paid for Create a bill of materials to track the quantity of each component that goes into a final product.
  • A comprehensive inventory transaction history.
  • Inventory may be seen by location, including quantities on order, in hand, and allocated.

Billing for Services

  • Invoices that are adaptable to your customers’ needs
  • vista software Accounts Receivable, Job Cost, and General Ledger modules are fully integrated.
  • Estimates for owner pay can be started based on cost or percent completed.
  • Holding and releasing the retainage is simple.
  • Crystal Reports gives you the most versatility when it comes to customising invoices.
  • The AIA preprinted forms provide billing alternatives.

Price of the job

Vista is built around the concept of job cost.

Job Cost includes a broad library of reports and drill-down enquiries to provide Accounting and Operations with fast, reliable information on the progress of jobs in convenient formats. These reports and inquiries can be copied and updated, or new reports can be made with the help of Crystal Reports. Businesses can use Job Cost to:

  • Streamline Data Flow: Enter job budgets and change orders directly into Job Cost, or use the vista software Project Management system to import data from multiple estimating packages. As the job “buyout” runs through the Purchase Order and Subcontract modules, committed costs are established, and real costs are updated from Payroll, Accounts Payable, Equipment Management, and Inventory.
  • Keep track of job progress in terms of units or percentage completed. All saved variables, including units, hours, and prices, as well as computed values like cost/unit, hours/unit, units/hour, and so on, may be used to compare task performance to budget.


  • View real-time cost statistics to ensure that every project stays on track and is profitable.
  • Provide management with real-time updates on job progress.
  • Payroll, Accounts Payable, Equipment Management, and Inventory all provide real-time cost updates.

Accounting for Projects That Work

  • Task Cost allows you to enter job budgets and change orders directly or import them from a variety of estimating packages using the vista software Project Management system.
  • Calculate anticipated final expenses based on job-to-date costs, units, or % completion automatically.
  • To assess item profit or create job billings, link job cost stages to billing items.
  • People and equipment are broken down during the projection process.
  • Flexible multi-part codes can be used to make work numbers and phase numbers that can be broken down into multiple levels or parts.
  • Set a maximum retainage amount on a percentage or flat rate basis with automated retainage tracking; as the limit is decreased or met, the billing mechanism adjusts or discontinues retainage.
  • With the optional Project Management module, you can track change orders from pre-approval or “pending” status all the way through the approval process, changing budgets, committed costs, and contract values in Job Cost.
  • Make overhead allocations automatically based on user-defined criteria.

Enhancing Efficiencies and Financial Results

  • For work-in-progress and financial reporting reasons, override revenue and cost assumptions at the job/contract level.
  • In the General Ledger, keep track of jobs or contract items that are tied to profit centres.
  • Because income and expense categories are related to specific account codes, reconciling job costs to the general ledger is simple.
  • Using Job Cost, you can see how many hours and dollars your employees worked, how many resources your equipment and materials used, and more.
  • The Purchase Order and Subcontract modules are used to set up work “buyout” processes.
  • Actual costs from payroll, accounts payable, equipment management, inventory, and material sales modules are automatically updated.

Reporting Made Simple

  • Access a large database of work cost reports and drill-down questions.
  • Crystal Reports allows you to copy and alter reports and enquiries, as well as generate new ones.”..
  • Drill down into reports from summary levels without having to go between screens.
  • To monitor random information for sorting and reporting purposes, create user-defined memo fields and notes across the system.
  • In Vista, which is a fully integrated software solution, job cost is an important part. It tries to save money and improve workflows, and it also tries to make every project more profitable.


  • Payroll flexibility that expands as your company does.
  • Complete integration with the rest of the vista software modules
  • Easy editing and high level control with batch entry. Multi-user capabilities for time-card entry on one screen.
  • Online suggestions to help you get rid of your heaps of reference printouts
  • capabilities for producing daily job cost reports in a timely manner.
  • The ACA and other federal, state, and local regulatory standards are up to date.


  • Get a leg up on the competition in the bidding process and when it comes to subcontractor qualifying.
  • vista software is fully integrated.
  • modules for project management and accounting.
  • To aid your estimating staff in handling the bid process, use bid administration.
  • Manage your SWMBE goals by keeping track of small or minority business bids.
  • A better understanding of market trends and performance in terms of wins and losses
  • Keep track of project prospects and bid results.
  • Workflows that are simple and easy to use
  • Pre-qualification is a good idea before employing subcontractors since it gives you piece of mind.

Analysis of Productivity

  • Analysis and Productivity.
  • Organize your papers.
  • Tasks should be streamlined.
  • Profits must be safeguarded.
  • Attaching, indexing, and routing documents is simple with intuitive document management.
  • It is possible to scan documents, drag and drop emails into a folder, index material, and store things in a safe way in a database.
  • Workflow capabilities and simultaneous multi-user capability for greater efficiency
  • Business Intelligence provides a graphical representation of your company’s performance.
  • Microsoft Excel dashboard layouts and pivot tables are pre-built and integrated.

Financial Analyst

Viewpoint’s financial planning tool, Financial Manager, includes Financial Reporter as a basic feature. The vista software Financial Reporter is fully integrated with the Vista General Ledger for ease of use in producing flexible, presentation-quality financial reports. It gives you control over your data and allows you to print or send reports in multiple file formats on demand or at predetermined periods.

As you finish the budget and go through the financial year, report packages can contain summary level reports with dig downs to particular line items or variance reports comparing data to actuals. A report visualizer is a tool that lets you design even the most complicated report layouts right on your computer screen.

Many operations that must be performed on a regular basis, such as interfacing (imports and exports) with other systems, allocations, add-in routines, and reporting, may be chained and automated using the Job Scheduler.

  • Create and change reports without requiring IT help or special code.
  • With a sophisticated export that keeps formulae and style, you can easily alter data in Excel.
  • Schedule and distribute reports automatically to save time.
  • Financial data may be shared via a file export and a web-based viewer that allows others to see, delve down into, and print reports.
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Financial Advisor

Viewpoint’s financial planning product, Financial Manager, has an add-on module called Financial Planner. Financial Planner includes easy-to-use capabilities for thorough budgeting, planning, and forecasting in important areas such as operations, salary, and capital projects, and is fully linked with vista software General Ledger for simplicity and efficiency.

By combining Web technologies, a secure central database, dynamic data entry views/templates, and a multi-level workflow system, you can allow for infinite collaboration without giving up your own control. With Financial Planner, you’ll have the tools you need for great financial management that meet the demands of every department in your company.

  • Reduce the time it takes to budget and get rid of spreadsheets.
  • With multi-level workflow routings, you can easily manage the budget approval process.
  • See how a budget change affects a single account, department, division, or the entire company right now.
  • Assign a variety of customizable security roles to specific users so they can get the access they need while cutting down on maintenance work.
  • You can easily plan and anticipate your employment needs and costs.


  • Automate time-consuming activities.
  • vista software is fully integrated.
  • Job establishment and buyout, new employee paperwork, and quarter/year-end processing may all be automated.
  • Assistance in identifying inefficient regions
  • It allows managers to check on the status of certain internal initiatives.
  • Create checklists and assign people to certain tasks.
  • Tasks should be updated for review.
  • Notifications of tasks that need to be completed through email are sent automatically.
  • Multiple users can work through a procedure at the same time.

Insight into the business world

  • Keep track of trends to make more educated judgments.
  • User-friendly Graph reports provide a graphical snapshot of your company’s performance.
  • Job cost, project management, equipment management, HR key performance indicators, frequency, and durations are all useful pieces of information.
  • Configure SQL Server so that data is automatically loaded into reports.
  • Data security for the whole project
  • Individuals are only allowed access to their own data.

Management of projects

These days, having a project management system that can handle all of the complicated work processes that happen at the same time is very important for on-time, profitable businesses. vista software Project Management is simple to use, mimics real-world construction workflow and procedures, and is connected with vista software Accounting, which improves operational efficiencies, streamlines processes, and eliminates duplicate entries, resulting in more lucrative projects.

Project management services include:

Information about the Project at Your Fingertips Through Work Centers, a single hub, project managers may access, evaluate, and make decisions using essential data such as predicted cost to finish, budget overruns, unapproved change requests, unresolved RFIs, delayed submittals, and changed specifications. Submittals, RFIs, transmittals, daily logs, project meetings, punch lists, and other project papers may all be tracked.

Change orders, subcontracts, and purchase orders are all critical papers to keep track of. Streamlined Workflow: Request information from other vista software modules about subcontractors, suppliers, vendors, materials teams, equipment, employees, and phases automatically. A number of third-party estimating software systems can be used to import data into Project Management. These tools can be used to do this.


  • Immediate access to critical information
  • Project managers need quick information to keep their initiatives profitable.
  • Stay ahead of scope changes and expense consequences to reduce profit fade.
  • For effective information flow, seamless connectivity with accounting is required.
  • Workflows for processing change orders, subcontracts, and POs have been simplified.
  • Reduce the amount of time spent searching for and collecting papers, as well as the time it takes for project communication to be completed.

The aspects of project management that provide firms with the capabilities to streamline operations, control expenses, and stay profitable are listed below.

Work Centers-Quick Access to Information

  • One place is all that you need to keep track of important information, complete tasks, look at important records, send emails, and include project attachments, all in one place.
  • Navigate PM records by project, look at document logs, and use the provided data sets to start, amend, and complete relevant actions.
  • With intuitive information displays, you can customise processes and quickly arrange activities.
  • There is a lot of up-to-date information, like how much it will cost to finish, how much the project will cost to finish, how much the project will cost to finish, and how long it will take to finish.
  • View user-defined PM items that require attention, such as upcoming submittals.
  • Create a Pending Change Order (PCO) immediately from an issue or punch list, with the appropriate information pre-filled.

Effective Management of projects

  • Before releasing data to Accounting, make any necessary changes to imported data, such as estimations, billing contracts, and commitments.
  • Project subcontracts, POs, contracts, and change orders accepted in Project Management are automatically updated in Accounting and Job Cost.
  • Respond to changes in scope, figure out how much it will cost, and send change orders to subcontractors or owners for review.

Document tracking that is both quick and secure

  • All papers, including submittals, RFIs, daily logs, project meetings, punch lists, and so on, should be kept track of.
  • Store all forms of construction papers, data, updates, and information in a secure manner.
  • Emails, photos, and other data may be dragged and dropped into project files.
  • With Vista’s simple thumbnail viewer, you can get and look at documents whenever you need them.
  • Manage and index all emails by project, RFI, and other criteria.
  • With a single click, you may send Outlook email and many attachments to the vista software document repository.
  • There’s no need to start vista software, which frees up a user licence.

Management of Purchases

  • Make your shopping transactions go as smoothly as possible.
  • vista software components are fully integrated.
  • controls for controlling parts and material purchases.
  • From the time of request through final review, approval, and issuance of POs, there is an organised “work flow.”
  • Tracking and monitoring of obligations, shipments, and costs
  • ability to deal with large-scale buying orders
  • When stock is low, inventory scans can initiate purchases based on preset order quantities.
  • At the PO header or line item level, there is a large remarks area.

Management of Services

Work Order Management:

  • Integrated Work Order Management (IWOM) allows for more efficient service and small-job processing.
  • Other Vista elements are fully integrated.
  • With inbound call taking, you can respond to customers quickly.
  • Service Pricing That Is Both Flexible and Accurate
  • Billing for several work orders that are flexible
  • Work Orders That Are More Streamlined
  • Productivity and Profitability in the Processing Industry

Service Agreements for Reporting

Contractors who undertake service work rely on excellent service agreement administration to stay afloat. They generate a steady stream of money and genuine value for the organisation, making it feasible to manage an ever-increasing service client base.

  • Other vista softwer elements are fully integrated.
  • Efficiently Manage Service Agreements
  • The Work Order Management Module is fully integrated.
  • You’ll be in charge of the whole service agreement procedure.

Management of Subcontracts

  • You have complete control over your subcontracts.
  • Other Vista modules are integrated.
  • Subcontract deductions, such as insurance and bond, are handled differently.
  • Create work files from which subcontractor pay estimates can be generated.
  • Invoice history broken out by item, including retainage and payments
  • At the invoicing level, keep track of compliance.
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