The Top EHS Management Software of 2022

EHS software is a data management system for gathering, storing, and analysing information on occupational health and safety, waste management, and sustainability. Businesses typically employ EHS solutions to ensure regulatory compliance by maintaining inventory of hazardous chemicals, monitoring environmental performance indicators, and executing inspections. EHS software is also used by safety experts and compliance officials to lead risk management analysis and remedial measures.

How We Chose EHS Management Software?

Environment, health, and safety (EHS) management software assists enterprises and workplaces in adhering to federal and local environmental, health, and safety regulations. Previously, specialised staff were engaged in the workplace to maintain and guarantee that EHS requirements were observed. However, thanks to recent technological breakthroughs, digital tools and software now allow you to automatically comply with these criteria.

It’s easy to become perplexed while trying to decide which EHS management software to utilise in 2022. We’ve compiled a list of the top 20 EHS management software to assist you in finding the perfect solution for your company. Three factors guide our selection procedure.

Implementing EHS Software Into a Business

Because EHS software’s scope is so broad and enterprise businesses’ needs are so specific, finding EHS software that fits your company often necessitates close collaboration with an EHS platform provider. While this isn’t an overnight process, it can make things a lot easier for your company’s long-term success. EHS managers should meet with their software vendor to discuss the tools they want and create a platform configuration that matches their requirements. Following that, IT will need to install the software and, if possible, migrate their old databases to the new system.

Due to the fact that EHS systems often coordinate data from a wide number of departments, a comprehensive training system is required. While there may be some legwork involved in getting EHS software up and running, that extra effort may result in a considerably more efficient and accurate evaluation of your company’s rules. Software suppliers are experienced in this type of training and would gladly collaborate with you every step of the way. These platforms are flexible, and as a firm grows and evolves, it may be necessary to make upgrades and modifications.

General Pros and Cons of EHS Software

The most obvious benefit of EHS software is that it helps a company to remain competitive. Simple spreadsheet methods are increasingly inefficient in keeping a corporation sustainable as mandatory rules get more complicated. And the simple reality is that if your rivals have already built an EHS platform into their infrastructure, they will be able to beat you on price and effectiveness.

That isn’t to say you shouldn’t do your homework before signing a contract with a software vendor. Because EHS covers such a broad spectrum of sectors, certain suppliers are better suited to some firms than others. It might take a long time to find the proper spouse, but it’s well worth it in the end. Some organisations may be concerned about security problems since the databases that EHS manages typically contain sensitive information. However, those fears may be exaggerated. EHS runs on cloud-based platforms, which are frequently more secure than local servers. However, be sure that your supplier has a security procedure in place that matches your requirements.

Top EHS Management Software

1.  ETQ Reliance QMS

ETQ Reliance QMS
ETQ For quality-centric customers in manufacturing, health sciences, electronics, food and beverage, automotive, aerospace, and more than a dozen other sectors, Reliance is the world’s most complete, versatile, and reliable quality management software (QMS). Reliance NXG, the most recent version of the product, is a completely multi-tenant SaaS service that harnesses the boundless power of cloud-native technology to boost quality processes and decrease technological risk, all while extending Reliance’s well-known quick user adoption.

2. The Compliance Genie

The Compliance Genie Reviews

The Compliance Genie is the brains behind Be-Safe Technologies’ All-in-One Safety and Health App. This H&S compliance software helps you better manage the health and safety of your firm, including audits, paperwork, and risk assessments. Because the programme is cloud-based, you and your staff may access it from any device, including a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

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3. EHS Software

EHS teams are needed to drive performance through a variety of functional procedures and activities that allow for high EHS performance and productivity. This software is a powerful tool that helps EHS teams achieve such high levels of EHS performance. The programme is an excellent tool for making informed judgments in a data-driven environment. Because it can be modified, deployment is simple, with large returns and shorter payback times.

4. Forms On Fire

Establish a safe and efficient work environment, reduce risk, and adhere to regulatory requirements. With our cloud solution, you can completely digitise your environmental, health, safety, and sustainability data gathering and procedures. Our system is mobile-friendly, has offline functionality, and includes stunning reports, KPIs, repeat items, automated email notifications, and more.

5. 3E Protect

3E Protect from Verisk 3E gives you instant access to your chemical inventory and accompanying Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Unlimited users may utilise the user-friendly interface to get the SDS they need in the jurisdiction and language they demand, rather than digging through several binders, spreadsheets, or websites. With this extremely efficient and cost-effective EHS solution, you receive immediate internet connection as well as unrivalled round-the-clock services and support.

6. 3E Insight for Chemicals

Improve the speed with which better, safer goods are developed and released. Your team can rapidly access accurate, complete, up-to-date, and value-added regulatory knowledge with 3E Insight for Chemicals. Our award-winning chemical regulatory compliance reference tool gives you instant access to worldwide substance and product compliance data, as well as advanced analytics and decision assistance.

7. ProntoForms

ProntoForms’ mobile forms software is strong and simple to use, giving field workers more control. The App, which is use by over 3,500 enterprises, allows field workers to record, submit, and evaluate field data using mobile phones and tablets. Users may also use the app to send partially completed forms, track the time and location of form submissions, take images and doodles, and gather data.

8. Gensuite


The Gensuite EHS Management Software tools make managing, tracking, and reporting safety data simple. Our user-friendly solutions cover all facets of a high-performing safety programme, ensuring employee safety and facilitating OSHA reporting and the OHSAS 18001 standard compliance.

9. LexComply


With the most complete and integrated GRC solutions, LexComply enables clients to know, delegate, report, monitor, and manage their regulatory compliance and internal controls. Enterprises, Advisory Firms, and Consultants may benefit from India’s leading compliance management software, which provides 13 SaaS-based risk and compliance management solutions.

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10. HSEQ Innovate

HSEQ Innovate

Enterprise-class EHS software built on Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 that integrates seamlessly with all of your Microsoft apps. Configure your system and use sophisticated Business Intelligence dashboards and ad-hoc reports to examine your EHS data.

11. Safesite


Safesite is a full-featured inspection software for businesses and government agencies. End-to-end Web App solutions are available from Safesite. Photos in Reports, Report Templates, and Subcontractor Management are all available at one spot with this online inspection system.

12. Emsphere Headcount Management Solution

Emsphere Headcount Management Solution

When disaster hits, having a plan in place to protect your staff is a crucial aspect of your business continuity plan, according to emCount, a headcount management software. With the frequency of natural disasters/emergencies on the rise, it’s more important than ever to prepare your company for an emergency.

13. IndustrySafe


For over 15 years, IndustrySafe has been a major provider of web-based EHS management software. We’ll set up our full software package to keep track of injuries, risks, inspections, training, and more all in one spot.

14. Chemical Safety EMS

Chemical Safety EMS

Chemical Safety EMS is a full-featured environmental health and safety software developed for agencies and startups. In addition, It offers Windows-based end-to-end solutions. Training Management, Inventory Management, Environmental Risk Assessment, OSHA Recordkeeping, and Safety Risk Assessment are all included in this online EHS system.

15. Enterprise EHS on SharePoint

Enterprise EHS on SharePoint

Enterprise EHS on SharePoint is a full-featured EHS solution for agencies and startups. This offers end-to-end Windows-based solutions. Moreover, Inspection Management, Safety Management, Root-Cause Diagnosis, OSHA Recordkeeping, and Corrective Actions (CAPA) are all included in this online EHS system.

Companies That Can Benefit From EHS

EHS software is some of the most adaptable on the market, and the features it offers may assist a wide range of enterprises. Using a comprehensive EHS system, industries with high levels of risk to their workers, such as mining and manufacturing, oil and gas, and construction, may create safer conditions for their employees and lower their liability. In  addition, When it comes to storing sensitive information like that found in medical, government, aerospace, and aviation jobs, EHS can be just as effective, and restaurants and food manufacturers may maintain more orderly procedures for maintaining compliant with FDA laws and mandatory audits. In terms of utility businesses, EHS gives a better way to track the environmental effect of energy suppliers.

The Future of EHS Management Software

An investment in EHS should be make with the future of your organisation in mind, but you should also consider how technology will evolve in the next years. Industry shifts are beginning to place a greater emphasis on end-to-end systems that track environmental compliance and workplace safety at every stage of the process. And, as the world of technology shifts toward the software as a service paradigm, EHS is following suit. Because of the versatility of cloud-based systems, this is the case. Moreover, Less infrastructure investment and downtime for maintenance and upgrades are two advantages of SaaS systems. Finally, Many firms, however, are adopting a hybrid architecture in which cloud-based software serves as a backup system for more traditional local servers.

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