The Vivohome Tankless Water Heater Electric Review, Pros, Cons

The Vivohome Portable Tankless Water Heater, VIVOHOME Propane Water Heater keeps your showers warm and provides hot water whenever you need it, no matter where you are!n While camping or traveling in an RV, it can be difficult to get a hot shower because there is no running water or electricity.

What else can you do to warm your H2O if you can’t rely on the sun’s heat? You’re forced to take an unbearably chilly shower that makes you quiver with misery.

What is The Vivohome Tankless Water Heater?

VIVOHOME’s portable tankless water heater is the ideal remedy! With the help of this energy-efficient gadget, you can always have hot showers wherever you go and enjoy home comforts when you’re camping.

Turn it on and enjoy—no more icy cold showers! Because Unpacked Reviews is reader-supported, we can receive a commission if you click on links to products on our website and buy something. But we only advocate for goods that we truly adore, and our opinions are our own.

The Vivohome Tankless Water Heater Features

For all of your hot water needs, the Vivohome Portable Tankless Water Heater is a handy and user-friendly solution.

  1. This water heater can be safely hung thanks to its handle and digital temperature display.
  2. Easy installation is ensured by its fast hookup and two 1/2” to 3/4” adapters.
  3. The capacity of this product to deliver instantaneous hot water is what really makes it unique. You won’t have to wait for preheating because the gas water heater will instantly supply you with the ideal temperature.
  4. Even 2.64 liters of hot water may be produced by it in a minute! The range of water pressure that is applicable is 3–145 PSI.
  5. Safety has also been considered; as this tankless water heater doesn’t require power, there is no chance of electrocution.
  6. It includes over four safety systems and a CSA-certified gas pipe. With this product’s protection against boil-dry, flameout, freezing, and overheating, you may enjoy your shower worry-free.
  7. With its cutting-edge design, this heater uses less gas and produces less noise during combustion, increasing its energy efficiency.
  8. In order to save energy and guarantee your safety, it also features flameout and automated ignition settings.
  9. This gadget is a great option for outdoor camping or RV excursions because it can be used for a variety of tasks, such as outdoor showers and outdoor vehicle or boat washing!
  10. In the desert, an RV with good quality
  11. Because it is constructed of cold-rolled steel, the gas tankless water heater is incredibly dependable and long-lasting.
  12. Its precise digital temperature display lets you customize the temperature for your bath or shower.
  13. Its quick connector simplifies installation, and its pre-installed handle makes it simple to hang firmly anywhere.
  14. This is a fantastic option for anyone searching for a dependable hot water solution because of its long-lasting construction and minimal energy consumption.

Qualities and Advantages

The following are a few advantages to employing a propane gas water heater:

  1. Get instantaneous hot water that reaches a hot temperature without the need for preheating.
  2. Utilize cutting-edge combustion technology to save energy.
  3. With four safety features and CSA-certified gas pipes, you can feel secure.
  4. Even while traveling by RV or camping, feel rejuvenated after a warm shower.
  5. With the knowledge that you can still enjoy all the comforts of home, you may confidently go on any trip.
  6. When you need a hot shower, take one and enjoy the outdoors more.
  7. simple to use and assemble; no complicated installation is required.
  8. Because of its small size, you can carry it anywhere. A shower nozzle with strong water pressure is a great way to round off a day.
  9. Enjoy constant temperatures when taking a shower or soaking your feet—free from any swings or spikes in heat.
  10. a digital display that is suitable for outdoor showers when RV camping.
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Advantages of a Propane Tankless Water Heater: Outdoor Shower

  1. The first benefit of the VIVOHOME Portable Tankless Water Heater is its energy efficiency.
  2. Because of its sophisticated combustion technology, which lowers noise and gas consumption, this gadget saves energy. It also features flameout and automated ignition settings to save energy and guarantee your safety.
  3. Due to its small size, it is portable and easy to assemble with the help of two 1/2′′ to 3/4′′ adapters and a quick connector.
  4. You will always be able to enjoy a comfortable hot shower thanks to its dual antifreeze and antidry protection.

Drawbacks of Tankless Propane Water Heaters

A drawback of the VIVOHOME Portable Tankless Water Heater is that, at 2.64 gallons per minute, its maximum output is smaller than that of some other heaters of a similar kind; therefore, it might not be able to supply hot water for several fixtures or showers at once.

How much is a tankless water heater? Cost and accessibility

The VIVOHOME Portable Tankless Water Heater is a terrific choice for anyone searching for an economical hot water solution because of its reasonable price.

  1. You may get instant hot water without spending a lot of money because of its simple setup and speedy installation.
  2. You can also enjoy quick shipping right to your home with Amazon Prime, allowing you to start using it right away.
  3. You won’t have to wait days or weeks to enjoy hot water thanks to the free two-day delivery.
  4. The best handheld water heater
  5. Purchase yours while supplies last!

Check prices and brand comparisons on Amazon.

In comparison to its rivals, the VIVOHOME Propane Water Heater is an excellent option because it has a number of benefits.

  1. To begin with, its four safety mechanisms guard against freezing and overheating, while its sophisticated combustion technology conserves energy.
  2. Its quick connector simplifies installation, and its pre-installed handle makes it simple to hang firmly anywhere.
  3. The low energy usage, which makes it more affordable than alternative solutions, is another significant distinction.
  4. This device stands out from other propane tankless water heaters because of its digital temperature display, which lets you adjust the temperature precisely for your bath or shower.
  5. You can enjoy hot showers wherever you are thanks to its compact design, which is also ideal for camping excursions or RVing.
  6. For enhanced security, the VIVOHOME Portable Tankless Water Heater also features flameout and automatic ignition settings.
  7. Since this product doesn’t need to be preheated like electric tankless water heaters do, the water heater automatically generates hot water without any delay.

Additionally, the VIVOHOME Portable runs on propane gas instead of electricity, negating the need for an additional power source, unlike electric tankless heaters.

Consumer Perspectives

The VIVOHOME Portable Tankless Water Heater has proven to be a practical and efficient alternative for customers in need of hot water.

  1. Numerous customers have praised the device for its energy-efficient operation, and some have even reported a noticeable decrease in their propane expenditures as a result of using it.
  2. Customers are also intrigued by its digital temperature display, which enables them to accurately adjust the temperature of their bath or shower.
  3. Customer reviews indicate that because of its small size and lack of need for an external power source, this product is perfect for people who are off the grid or are searching for a hot water solution for their RV or camping trips.
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Individual ideas and views

I believe that anyone looking for a dependable and energy-efficient hot water option would be well served by purchasing the VIVOHOME Portable Tankless Water Heater. In addition to preventing overheating, freezing, and other potential problems, the four safety measures aid in energy conservation through sophisticated combustion technology.

Its digital temperature display also makes it simple to adjust the temperature to your preferred setting. When comparing companies, this device sticks out because it uses less energy than other alternatives, making it more affordable.

Consumer reviews are overwhelmingly good, with consumers praising its ease of use and efficiency in producing hot water. Overall, I think that anyone searching for a simple and effective solution to obtain hot water should definitely consider the VIVOHOME Portable Tankless Water Heater!

Frequently Asked Questions Q&As

What are the VIVOHOME Portable Tankless Water Heater’s primary advantages?

There are various advantages to the VIVOHOME propane gas tankless water heater. First of all, it conserves energy by using cutting-edge combustion technology. Four additional safety systems guard against freezing and overheating.

In addition, the heater uses less energy than comparable models and has a digital temperature display that lets you precisely select the temperature you want for your bath or shower. Lastly, its small size makes it perfect for RVing or camping excursions.

In what ways does this device offer greater value than competing tankless water heaters?

With its low energy consumption rate, this product is more economical than other propane tankless water heaters. In contrast, electric tankless water heaters require an external power source, which increases the cost of electricity bills in order to provide hot water.

Furthermore, preheating is necessary for electric tankless water heaters, which adds to the delays and expenses. However, this device eliminates the requirement for preheating, allowing you to enjoy instantaneous hot showers or baths!

Does this product need to be powered by an outside source?

No, the VIVOHOME Portable Tankless Water Heater runs on propane gas instead of electricity, so it doesn’t require a separate power source like other electric tankless water heaters do.

Since it doesn’t need a separate power source, it’s perfect for people who are off the grid or are searching for a hot water solution for their RV or camping trips.

Is it simple to install this product?

Indeed, the VIVOHOME Portable Tankless Water Heater includes all required parts, including a quick connector and a handle that is already fitted, making installation quick and easy.


In conclusion, having a propane water heater can make your life more comfortable and convenient, whether you’re traveling or out in the great outdoors. For individuals who require dependable hot water wherever they may be, Vivohome’s tankless propane water heater is an excellent choice. For a fraction of the price of more conventional ways, it gives you more control and flexibility with a quick installation process and endless hot water without the need for energy. You can have convenience anytime, anywhere, with the Vivohome tankless propane water heater because it is lightweight and portable.
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