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Boohoo Review 2022 – Is It Legit & Safe To Buy Clothes & More


Boohoo is a popular international shopping site with low prices. Every month, thousands of shoppers look for jeans, coats, swimwear, and other clothing that the retailer sells. But is it genuine? Can you rely on Boohoo to deliver on time? Will you receive the item that you ordered? When it comes to returns, how responsive is Boohoo customer service?

We researched reviews and Boo clothing reviews from other websites to help you learn more about this online boutique. Is Boohoo clothing a good investment for your next wardrobe piece?

In our own review, we will look at the company’s history, take a look at the Boohoo app, and bring you rating averages and details on Boohoo clothing reviews. We will look at the reviews of dresses, shoes, and clothing in general with an open mind so you can make an informed decision before you buy.

What Is Boohoo Clothing? What Is the Boohoo Clothing Company?


You’re looking for the perfect outfit to round out your new wardrobe at an affordable price, but is clothing the place to shop? What does the company stand for or specialize in? Take a few minutes before purchasing one of their many Boohoo dresses or pairs of shoes to learn a little bit about the company itself. was founded in 2006 and bills itself as a “global brand that never sleeps.” Their philosophy is to make fashion approachable and enjoyable by not taking it too seriously. Mahmud Kamani and Carol Kane founded this international company in Manchester, UK. Since its inception, the company has acquired numerous fashion brands, most recently Nasty Gal and Karen Killen, as well as MissPap.

While they claim that their jeans, dresses, and other clothing are “for girls,” It also sells men’s clothing. Their stated demographic is between the ages of 16 and 40. constantly reviews its inventory and adds over a hundred new items to the site every day. Boohoo plus sizes for all body types are a popular section of their website.

Is Boohoo real?

Yes, the company is legitimate, and because it is public, it is required to disclose far more information than many other fashion websites. So, while the company may be legitimate, what do Boohoo reviews on review sites have to say? First, we’ll look at their history and previous Boohoo reviews, as well as things that customers typically care about, such as:

  • How simple is it to get in touch with customer service?
  • How challenging are returning?
  • How long will it take for your Boohoo order to arrive?

How Has Boohoo Clothing Performed in the Past?


Its reviews show that it has been successful for a long time over the last 13 years. In 2007, the startup went from zero to over 110 million GBP (over $144 million USD) in sales by the end of February 2014.

It wasn’t until March 2014, when the company went public, that more reviews started to appear. The founder and the family members who make up the senior team have traditionally kept the company running quietly. However, when the stock market listing went live, it provided them with a quick injection of capital as well as a closer look from investors and shoppers alike.

Unlike many new online retailers, such as RoseGal and SammyDress, one of the positive aspects of reviews is their emphasis on their own house brand. While other companies buy goods from different stores and dealers to sell in their own stores, which can lead to a very different quality experience for customers, It has its own supply and brand of clothes.

According to reviews from their year in review, the company is still doing well financially. According to their chairman, group revenue is up 48% to £856.9 million GBP ($1,125.97 million USD), and profit before tax is up 38%.

How Do You Return a Boohoo Purchase?

If you’re looking for new clothes, It is perhaps best known for its extensive collection of low-cost dresses. In a review, one blogger from the website Flutter and Sparkle detailed her experience with her first dress purchase. She began by noting that most people find that sizing runs particularly small on the site, which is something to keep in mind if you want to avoid the hassle of processing an online return.

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Her review, on the other hand, did not mention a problem with the quality of the items she received (though they were not her favorites), but she did think the return process was difficult. We decided to investigate their return policy in order to be thorough in our review. It appears to have been simplified since that review.

Customers in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand have 28 days from the date of delivery to return their plus-size dresses, swimwear, or other purchases, according to the Boohoo return policy. Everyone else has 14 days.

If you return the item (in its original packaging), will review your submission, which usually takes three days after the item arrives at their warehouse. Once approved, it may take up to 7 days for the refund to appear in your account. Most of the time, your refund will be given to you the same way you paid for the dresses, shoes, or other clothing items in the first place.

The only steps we could find for our review to process a return seemed the standard for an online retailer. Pack the product securely, print the Boohoo return labels, and mail it back. Once you’ve initiated the return process, Boohoo customer service will send you the return label to attach to your package, and returns are free. This is a big advantage over many other online fashion stores that make you ship returns across the world.

Shipping Review by Boohoo


Most online stores, especially those that ship from abroad, have a hit-or-miss record when it comes to shipping. How does shipping to the United States work from the United Kingdom? In reviews, many people complain that their orders take longer to arrive than they said they would. Some clothing customers claim they never received their orders. In some cases, this is due to an item being out of stock but not being mentioned during the order process. One reviewer said that she wouldn’t have had to wait if Boohoo customer service had told her about the difference between her original order and the stock problem.

Some other reviews complain about delays with expedited shipping. For example, an item was supposed to arrive the next day, but Boohoo was a day or two late. In one Trustpilot review about this kind of delay, the reviewer said that Boohoo’s customer service was very helpful and that the problem was solved quickly through WhatsApp.

What is the average delivery time at Boohoo?


Shipping options and delivery for customers in the United States are as follows:

  • Standard shipping to the United States is $8.99 per order, with a shipping time of up to 7 business days.
  • USA Express Shipping: $16.99 per order, with a shipping time of 2-5 business days.

Please keep in mind that Boohoo delivery to Hawaii takes 4-5 weeks.

Some of the negative reviews about late deliveries of clothing and shoes may be due to orders taking several days to process before leaving the clothing warehouse.

Review of the Boohoo App

When the app first launched, it had a rocky start, with founder Mahmud Kamini openly criticizing it back in 2014. Since then, the company’s public relations department has issued statements about the current upgrade process to make the Boohoo app better and easier to use.

A recent review of the app shows that the improvements have been fairly successful. The iOS version of the app has 35,900 reviews on the iTunes store, with updates as recently as November 20, 2019 (as of this writing), giving it an overall rating of 4.7 stars out of 5.

The Android version appears to be lagging a little behind, with 6,587 reviews and a Boohoo app rating of 3.8 stars out of 5. According to the reviews, the company takes criticism seriously and works hard to make its services better all the time.

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Boohoo app reviews highlight the following positive and negative experiences:

  • The app is slow and buggy (Android).
  • It doesn’t filter properly (Android).
  • The most recent update significantly improved the app (iPhone).

What Are the Boohoo Reviews Saying?

What do reviews say about the real quality of their jeans, coats, and other products when compared to those of other online retailers? Most people who buy from the Boohoo clothing store seem to leave positive clothing reviews, but reviews vary from site to site.

Boohoo Trustpilot Reviews:

The overall rating for clothing was 4.4 out of 5 stars. Only 10% of all reviews gave the lowest rating of “bad,” while 61% gave the highest rating of “excellent.” With so many reviews available and a large number of positive Boohoo reviews on Trustpilot, it seems likely that clothes and shoes are worth your time and attention.

Customers frequently mention the following themes (both good and bad):

  • Excellent customer service from Boohoo.
  • product of poor quality.
  • The staff is extremely responsive.
  • Occasionally, products do not match the website image.
  • Refunds are straightforward.

Better Business Bureau Boohoo Reviews

However, Its reviews at the Better Business Bureau (BBB) may make you hesitant to use this online retailer. The BBB’s rating for is an “F,” with 42 reviews, the majority of which are negative with a 1-star rating, and 181 complaints resolved in the last three years. The most common complaint in Boohoo reviews at BBB is slow order delivery.

Sitejabber Boohoo Reviews

Sitejabber also has a large number of negative Boohoo reviews, with 721 reviews and an overall rating of 2 stars.

Some of the issues discussed in the Boohoo reviews are as follows:

  • Its clothing is of poor quality.
  • Unresponsive customer service at Boohoo
  • Orders from Boohoo are being delivered slowly.
  • The sizing charts were incorrect.

To be fair, some of the positive Boohoo reviews had a variety of experiences:

  • It offers quick product delivery.
  • Excellent value
  • Returns are simple.

Our own review discovered that Boohoo reviews vary greatly between sites. The vast majority of Trustpilot reviewers (who also make up the vast majority of total reviews) are generally pleased with the site, whereas BBB and Sitejabber reviewers tell a different story.

So, if you only looked at the reviews from all the sites together and not from each one separately, Its reviews would be positive overall. If customer reviews are important to you when making a decision, you should think about how different customers’ experiences have been before buying from

If the low prices on dresses, shoes, coats and other clothing are too good to pass up, shoppers should be prepared to wait longer than usual for shipping, and keep in mind that sizing may differ from what you’re used to.


Is it worth investing in a new wardrobe full of dresses, shoes, swimwear, or clothing in general based on clothing reviews? While there are many positive reviews, it is important to note that a large number of customers are dissatisfied with the quality of the clothes and various issues with Boohoo delivery times.

In the case of—and many other low-cost online retailers—there are some trade-offs that come with steep discounts. These sacrifices are frequently manifested as delayed shipping, lower-quality clothing, and, according to many reviews, questionable customer service. In the case of Boohoo, some praise their customer support responsiveness, while others criticize it.

Nonetheless, no reviews would lead customers to believe that it is a scam. Indeed, based on customer reviews on Boohoo, it appears that they have better quality control than many comparable retailers. Their customer service is also available via WhatsApp but not by phone.

So, if you’re looking for some new fashion pieces to add to your wardrobe and aren’t sure which company to try, look no further. Because it is a public company, Boohoo is one of the safer options and has more transparency than most.

As long as you go in with the expectation that Boohoo clothing may arrive later than expected and that you may encounter quality issues and need to request an exchange or refund, you might want to give Boohoo clothing a try.

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