Search Engine Marketing: Top 25 Search Engine Marketing Companies

search engine marketing

Search engine marketing are increasingly taking the lead as the most significant source of new clients, and search engine marketing gives your company the chance to engage and acquire customers through these channels.

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Top 25 Search Engine Marketing Companies

For your evaluation, we have compiled a list of the top search engine marketing companies.

#1. SmartSites

search engine marketing

Established in 2011, SmartSites is a full-service search engine marketing business with offices in Paramus, New Jersey. Its staff of around 100 designers, writers, developers, marketers, and problem solvers put in countless hours to create effective websites. SmartSites provides its customers with innovative website development, planning, and promotion solutions. They concentrate on organic SEO, PPC marketing, and site design.

#2. Ignite Visibility

ignite visibility

One of the most highly recognized names in the field of search engine marketing is Ignite Visibility, which focuses on digital marketing strategy, SEO, paid search, social media, email marketing, analytics, Amazon, and CRO. Ignite Visibility has achieved four Inc. 5000 rankings by using the same techniques they do with its clients (2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020). With over 110 full-time workers and a revolutionary digital marketing forecasting methodology that enables customers to routinely exceed quarterly targets, Ignite Visibility is directed by renowned industry expert John Lincoln.

#3. Netpeak

search engine marketing

Search engine marketing company Netpeak is based in New York. Their staff has increased from the initial 100 employees in 2006 to over 300 today. Netpeak specializes in mobile & app marketing, PPC, and SEO. They have developed a clientele that is concentrated in small and mid-sized businesses.

#4. SocialSEO

search engine marketing

Digital marketing company SocialSEO focuses on SEO, PPC, and social media. Since its establishment in 1996, SocialSEO and its staff of approximately 70 workers have been dedicated to assisting customers in rising in search engine results and marketing their brand. The company has four locations, three in Colorado (Denver, Colorado Springs, and Boulder), and one in Phoenix.

#5. Radd Interactive

search engine marketing

San Diego-based Radd Interactive is a technical SEO and PPC firm. 50 people work for this 2012-founded business. Only SEO and PPC-related services are offered by Radd Interactive.

#6. Coalition Technologies


Coalition Technologies is based outside of Los Angeles in Culver City, California, and focuses on search engine marketing and PPC in addition to providing web design, e-commerce development, and WordPress development. Since its start in 2009, Coalition Technologies has expanded to a team of over 100 employees and opened new offices in Austin, Texas, and Seattle, Washington.

#7. WebSpero


A digital media, search engine marketing, and management firm called WebSpero Solutions has its main office in Mohali, India, and a second one in Los Angeles, California. This business was established in 2015 and currently employs over 100 experts. WebSpero Solutions offers digital marketing, PPC, and SEO services.

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#8. SearchBloom

search engine marketing

Modern search engine marketing is offered by Searchbloom to companies all around the world. Their staff is an expert in local, national, and e-commerce SEO & PPC, and they were established in 2014 and are situated in Draper, Utah. They help clients by boosting their profits and have swiftly established themselves as an SEO authority.

#9. SEO Brand

seo brand

A company called SEO Brand is situated in Boca Raton, Florida, and specializes in search engine marketing that incorporates technology. The company offers services including blog maintenance, content marketing, public relations, and website building from locations in Miami, Pennsylvania, Paris, and Montreal. The company also provides services tailored specifically for Amazon, assisting customers in being noticed on Amazon through thorough keyword research and well-written product descriptions.

#10. Outerbox

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Located in Akron, Ohio, Outerbox is a bespoke web design company that works with clients  all around the world. OuterBox, which was founded in 2004 and now employs 48 people, offers SEO, web design, search engine marketing and e-commerce development services to businesses of all sizes and in a variety of sectors.

#11. NextLeft

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NextLeft, founded in 2016, is a digital content marketing and search engine marketing agency. The company’s goal is to eliminate digital clutter by producing the useful, pertinent material that internet users need. The 14 full-time SEO & Content Strategists on the NextLeft team, with its headquarters in sunny San Diego, amplify the most well-known brands in the world.

#12. Softtrix

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Softtrix Web Solutions, a web design company, was founded in 2009. Their midsize team is based in Chandigarh , India. Web development, pay-per-click advertising, search engine marketing, and web design are the areas of expertise of Softtrix Web Solutions.

#13. SEO Experts 

seo experts

Full-service Internet marketing firm SEO Experts India is based in Chandigarh, India. Founded in 2009, the team specializes in search engine marketing, web design, and content marketing.

#14. PBJ Marketing


A digital search engine marketing and consulting company with its main office in Washington, DC, PBJ Marketing also has a location there. The agency and its 12+ employees have experience in providing the best in digital strategy, PPC advertising, and social media marketing, among other services.

#15. Digital Authority Partners

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Digital Authority is a digital search engine marketing agency. The company was founded in 2016 and has its corporate headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. Their services include SEO, PPC, Web Design, and Digital Marketing. A technology business with venture capital backing received SEO services from Digital Authority Partners. To increase traffic and inquiries, the team devised a plan and informed the client about content and off-site SEO.

#16. Thrive Internet Marketing Agency

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Thrive search engine marketing Agency is a results-driven digital marketing agency based in Dallas. Since 2005, we have been providing digital marketing consulting and management services that include web site design and development, search engine optimization (SEO), PPC management, social media marketing, conversion rate optimization (CRO), Amazon marketing services, video production, and more.

#17. eBusiness

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eBusiness UK is a web design and search engine marketing agency in Blackburn, England. Founded in 1999, they comprise seven employees specializing in website creation and design and PPC and SEO marketing. They work primarily with small and midmarket businesses in a range of industries.

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#18. The SEO Works

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The search engine marketing Works offers clients throughout the UK digital marketing, websites, and paid social media. About 35 content managers, link builders, brand managers, and online marketers are based in London and have expertise in SEO, advertising, and web design. The SEO Works is accredited by Bing Ad and is a Google Partner Specialist for SEO and PPC.

#19. Funnel Boost Media

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Funnel Boost Media is a search engine marketing and lead generation company based in San Antonio. The company, founded in 2012, has a team of more than ten that provides PPC, SEO, web design, and branding services. Funnel Boost Media serves small and midmarket companies in the legal; medical; supply chain, logistics, & transport; e-commerce, and financial services industries.

#20. Panem Agency


Panem Agency is a search engine marketing agency based in Lyiv, Ukraine. Founded in 2015, this company has a team of 22 employees. Services provided by Panem Agency include SEO and PPC for small to mid-sized businesses. Panem Agency managed the SEO of a publishing company’s website. This involved conducting an SEO audit, doing keyword research, and optimizing ad campaigns.

#21. Comrade Digital Marketing Agency

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Comrade Digital Marketing is a Chicago-based full service digital marketing agency with a staff of 20. Since 2008, Comrade Digital Marketing Agency has assisted clients with SEO, web design, and e-commerce development. Comrade Digital Marketing Agency has developed a website for a law firm. They write content and help with keyword research and PPC efforts for Google Ads. They also host and maintain the site.

#22. GenieCrawl


Genie Crawl, formed in 2018, is a digital marketing business situated in Twickenham, U.K. They have a staff of less than 10 that specialize in SEO, PPC, and web design services. GenieCrawl designed a website with an admin panel for a leisure review blog. They built the site with a minimum speed of 95/100 for both desktops and mobiles.

#23. Minty Digital 

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Minty Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency founded in 2015. The company has two locations in Barcelona and London and a team of fewer than 10 employees who provide SEO and PPC services. Their clientele includes small businesses in the business services, advertising and marketing, education, gambling, and health care and medical industries.

#24. Devenup SEO

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Devenup Health, LLC is a brand promotion and search engine marketing company, founded in 2015 and located in Chernihiv, Ukraine. They have eight employees specializing in digital strategy, branding, social media, and video production for healthcare companies. Services include healthcare SEO, digital health marketing, medical web and app development, and IT consulting.

#25. Search Engine People

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Search Engine People Inc. is a digital marketing company based in Pickering, Canada. The company, founded in 2001, has more than 60 employees and provides SEO, PPC, content marketing, conversion optimization, and digital strategy services. Search Engine People Inc. serves small and larger-sized companies in various industries that include business services, consumer products & services, and financial services.

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