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The YouTuber and hardware analyst pondered why the PlayStation vr gave him a bad feeling after utilizing virtual reality on numerous devices for many years. Lynch hypothesized that the high display persistence of the PSVR 2 was to blame for this, and he supported his hypothesis with a high-speed camera and a week-long experiment. The duration of a VR display’s illumination during a single frame is known as persistence. The persistence should be as brief as possible to prevent motion blur from being seen by the eye.

Without needing to alter the refresh rate of the VR display, low persistence technology allows for VR displays to produce a clear image even when the user moves their head. This method was one of the most significant developments in the VR industry at the time it was created more than ten years ago.

PSVR 2 outperforms its rivals in terms of persistence

Lynch analyzed the level of persistence in the displays of different VR headsets, including the Playstation VR 2, HTC Vive & Pro, Meta Quest 2 & Pro, and Valve Index. Even at the lowest hardware brightness levels, he discovered that the PSVR 2’s display exhibited greater persistence than the others. Lynch speculates that this might be the source of some of his sickness. Lynch states in his YouTube video that each pixel emits the same amount of light when it is turned on. However, fewer ‘0ff’ timings provide the impression that the scene is brighter at the expense of motion clarity.

Motion sickness can also result from reproduction

Lynch advises adjusting the brightness in the headset’s hardware settings as low as possible (0 to 25 percent) for those who get motion sickness. As a result, Lynch’s gameplay was greatly enhanced, and he was able to use the device for longer periods of time. Also, he claims that the so-called mura effect, an uneven screen uniformity that may be rather evident on the PlayStation vr is less noticeable due to the lower brightness. Several studios (the creators of “Kayak VR: Mirage” and “Song in the Smoke”) have incorporated a slider in the game settings to enhance the brightness of the games on the software side to counterbalance the darker image.

psvr 2 launch lineup

Yet, there may be another reason for the motion blur that PSVR 2 users experience. I’m referring to the reprojection technology in the VR headset, which artificially increases the frame rate in VR games like Horizon Call of the Mountain from 60 to 120. Only extremely difficult PSVR 2 games employ this method. To get rid of the motion blur, several games, like The Light Brigade, were tuned and then switched from fake 120 to native 90 frames per second. We can only hope that Sony will upgrade its software to improve its reprojection or that studios will eventually optimize to native 90 or 120 hertz.

Regarding persistence, it’s unclear whether Sony wants to resolve the current problem. I inquired as to Lynch’s opinion. The best they could do to make up for that, he said, “is enhance the light output during the ‘on’ period, but I have a sense they don’t want to touch it since it could shorten the lifetime of the panels. As a result, I believe they won’t consider the trade-off. Users have the choice to squat down for better motion clarity.

The PSVR 2 comes with a single, neatly coil-up 14-foot USB-C cable that you may use to connect it to the PlayStation 5. When not in use, the headset may be easily disconnected from the system thanks to this simplified connection, which eliminates the need for the original PSVR’s separate processing box and maze of connections (shown in the image above). Although this wire is a modest concession, bear in mind that while playing room-scale games, it might encircle your leg. The first setup process for the PlayStation vr takes less than five minutes once you insert it into the front of the PS5. The console then detects that you have connected the system. The PSVR 2’s external cameras will map out a 3D mesh of your playspace and calibrate eye tracking once you press the PlayStation button on either of the two Sense VR controllers to pair them with the system.

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PS menu options

The original PSVR needed you to stand directly in front of a camera to monitor your actions, thus limiting your play area. Now, the room calibration procedure is fully automated and does away with this requirement. You can modify your play style to move about mapped-out digital environments whether sitting, standing, or in full-room VR. Your headset will start you out in the PSVR 2’s main menu, which is a replica of the PlayStation 5 console interface after the basic setup is finished. This displays all of your installed apps, and with a single click, you may start or join an activity. Since competing headsets’ menus feature separate app and gaming drawers, burying content, and frictionless navigation like this is welcome. Anyone can put on a PSVR 2 and understand how to start a game without being inundated with notifications or pop-ups for app discounts.

Breakthrough Technology in PSVR 2 Outperforms All Current Headsets

The OLED panels display extraordinarily vivid colors and a clear picture with a resolution of 2040×2000 when you first start a game. That surpasses not just the Meta Quest 2, the most popular headset on the market, but also doubles the sharpness of the original PSVR. In addition to these improvements, PSVR 2 boasts a broader, 110-degree field of view for expansive, vivid images as well as a higher refresh rate (120 hertz) for reduced blur. The major benefit of the PSVR 2 is its built-in cameras for eye tracking, which can be seen when you take off the headset and gaze around the borders of the lenses.

Psvr2 cameras  Tracey Raab

No other headset has eye-tracking technology. The PSVR 2 employs this feature as soon as you turn it on to precisely align the space between your pupils, assisting you in finding the “sweet spot” and getting the finest text and image possible. You can use eye tracking in games to choose things from a menu or make a choice by glancing in a particular direction. In addition to being useful, the technology powers the PSVR 2’s secret weapon: foveated rendering, a method that produces detailed 4K images wherever your sight is directed in the virtual world while lowering the resolution in your peripheral vision. You won’t notice any tearing because this is done in real-time, ensuring that you are constantly viewing the worlds at their best. Yet, this method also gives developers significantly more processing power to create sharper graphics or fit more content into a space. Virtually all games on PSVR 2 appear better and are more realistic than they do on other headsets, whether that be by adding more vegetation to make a jungle lusher or adding ridges to the sand of a beach.

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On PSVR 2, games not only look better, but they also feel better thanks to sophisticated haptic feedback sensors incorporated into the headset and controllers. The analog sticks, face buttons, and triggers seen on standard controllers are present on Sony’s Sense models. Moreover, they provide a cool grip that doesn’t trap heat during extended workouts. You can watch each finger stretch out and grab virtual things or press buttons thanks to the rings around the Sense controller, which capture hand and finger motions. The Move Wands from the original PSVR, which lacked analog sticks and had small face buttons, would significantly improve with only these changes.

Thanks to the addition of adaptive triggers, the PlayStation Sense controllers are now the gold standard for all VR controllers. Developers can customize tactile feedback for specific activities, such as pulling a gun’s weighted trigger or adding resistance to touch-sensitive digital objects. Although it may seem like a minor improvement, doing so significantly improves your sense of presence in a setting when interacting with virtual things, which eventually leads to a better VR experience. The feeling of rain hitting my face and hands in one of the games I played made me realize that the next generation of VR has come, even though I don’t often get “wow moments” in VR these days. The tracking technology, which uses cameras to detect your movement in front of you, had no trouble following my hands as I stretched behind my 6-foot-2-inch body to draw a virtual bow or collect arrows.

Unmatched Game Creators and a Vast Content Collection on PlayStation

In the end, content reigns supreme, and Sony brings decades of expertise. The PlayStation’s biggest strength is its library of blockbuster franchises made by some of the most talented developers in the world, which goes beyond its well-designed hardware. There are plenty of new and released titles. Horizon Call of the Mountain, its first first-party title, is an indication that the system is on track to deliver console-quality experiences that don’t feel like glorified tech demos. As demonstrated by Valve’s now three-year-old PlayStation vr game Half-Life: Alyx, when digital environments are meticulously created, the result is remarkable experiences that endure years after release.

Triple-A titles have long been absent from virtual reality as a whole. Since people are predominantly purchasing games for mobile systems, big studios and independent creators alike are too risk-averse to create higher-end experiences for such a small portion of the market. This has slowed the industry down, which is one of the reasons why titles from the first PSVR like Resident Evil 7, Blood & Truth, and Astro Bot still stand up so well today despite having longer storylines. Here are just a few quick thoughts on some of the most unique next-generation experiences I’ve had that aren’t available anyplace else.

Mountain’s Call on the Horizon

The unique action-adventure game Horizon Call of the Mountain from Sony, which takes place in the Horizon game series’ post-apocalyptic world, is the device’s defining application. That’s a significant task considering the game is famed for its vast locations that stretch for miles in real life and its intricately sculpted and resource-intensive robotic dinosaur adversaries. Without even a stutter, the PSVR 2 delivers a full campaign and a vast universe.

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