Passion.io Reviews : Is Passion.io Trash or Worth It?


Are you seeking for a means to develop digital courses that you can store in an app? Or are you a course creator searching for a more straightforward approach to create and sell your courses? You’ve come to the correct place. As a tutor, I recall looking for software that would make it simple for me to build my courses.I was already sick of the old method of making it.I tried a lot of applications, but it was ineffective.Fortunately, I came upon Passion.io and have started using it to create my courses.

What distinguishes it from the rest?

Because of its features and what it accomplishes, Passion.io is unlike any other software out there, as explained in this article.This complete Passion.io piece is authentic, and it is expected to act as a review article.This page also includes information about the features and cost of Passion. Io.So, without further ado, let’s get started.

What is Passion.io and how does it work?

Passion.io is a piece of software that has three functions.The software is defined by these three goals.Passion.io assists in the most efficient construction of courses.Passion.io gives you with all of the current and sophisticated tools you’ll need to create your courses as a tutor.These tools are both effective and simple to use.Passion.io also assists with the development of mobile applications that are required to stack your created courses.The best feature about this software is that you don’t need any technical skills or experience to use it.

Passion.io also facilitates the sale of courses, which is why marketing technologies like Sales Funnel, Push notification, and Ads campaign manager have been incorporated.To put it another way, Passion.io is a multifunctional platform that allows anybody to create courses, simply create apps to pack and store the courses, and facilitates the sale of the courses as well as the apps.

Who is it intended for?

There have been a lot of inquiries about who Passion.io is for.To be completely honest and generic, this programme is suitable for everybody for the following reasons.-It does not necessitate any technological skills because it includes simple features like drag and drop.Anyone can use it because no technological knowledge is necessary.

– Anyone can decide to create and sell courses based on his or her experience or skills.It’s no longer news that teaching others what you already know is one of the finest ways to generate money online. Anyone can utilise it in that sense.However, to filter it down to those who primarily use passion.io, we have the following users.

Entrepreneurs and ecommerce owners

You can use Passion.io to run an ecommerce store.Because it supports marketing and comes with the majority of capabilities, you may create an app for simple business goals and sell it.


ELearnig is a fantastic innovation that allows students to learn outside of the classroom through the use of an online learning portal.The school or professor can choose to make his courses eLearning by taking them online.He can utilise passion.io to construct courses and a portal by utilising the app capability.

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Creators of online courses

Online course designers can utilise Passion.io to create courses for their digital students.He could design the courses and have them saved on an app, then invite students to download the material.

Passion.io’s features

These qualities sum up what passion.io is all about.They provide a wealth of information about how Passion.io operates and how each tool works.On-demand and live streaming are also available.You can use this function to broadcast live to your entire audience and pupils.You won’t have to worry about giving each person your undivided attention because you’ll be broadcasting live to everyone.

Content that drips

This lets you to monetise your material by charging a fee or requiring a subscription before releasing fresh content.
You can put a timer on the price of your material and send out push notifications to keep your audience informed.


You can start a community and ask your users questions to learn more about their desires and concerns.You’ll be able to address the majority of your users’ questions with the help of the community.

Challenges that are automatically generated

Create automatic challenges with a little price attached to engage your users.It’s a method of monetizing your course and app.You can also utilise this automated challenge tool to sketch and create new users.

Notifications by Push

Push notifications are an excellent approach to alert your users and the general public about any updates or information you wish to provide.It appears out of nowhere, reminding your users of an upcoming event or new information update.This tool assists you in attracting new users and keeping existing ones informed about upcoming events.

Worksheets, Calculators, and Quizzes

This feature allows you to keep your users engaged and on the lookout for new content.You may use this tool to make interactive quizzes for the whole community.


You can use this feature or tool to create audio courses for your students.It’s particularly useful for dropping morsels or bits of information into your coGuarantee

Passion.io Price —How Much Does It Cost?

Passion.io offers two basic pricing options, each of which differs in terms of price and underlying features.Each of the pricing levels comes with a different set of features.The two basic plans and their features are listed below.

Pro Plan on Passion.io

With the underlying features, this is Passion.io’s initial plan, which is worth $79 per month.


-Apps for iOS, Android, Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), and Desktop Apps

-One-time, recurring, free-trials, freemium + invoicing/taxation in-app and web purchases

-Integrations, offline mode, progress tracking, gamification, push notifications-

Streaming in real time Usage

-100 people subscribed

-a hundred videos

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-1,000 monthly push notifications


-30-day Expert Unleashed Challenge to successfully launch and begin selling

-Expert access to the community and accountability coaching

-Support via email and chat

-Tutorials for onboarding

Fee for using the platform

With Passion Payments, you’ll save -3.9 percent.Passion.io Ultimate Plan comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.The ultimate plan, which costs $239 per month and includes the following features, is the second price plan on Passion.io’s list. The Ultimate Plan gives you access to the following tools:

  • Apps for iOS, Android, Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), and Desktop Apps
  • One-time, recurring, free-trials, freemium Plus invoicing/taxation in-app and web purchases: one-time, recurring, free-trials, freemium + invoicing/taxation
  • Apps for iOS, Android, Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), and Desktop Apps
  • Offline mode, progress tracking, gamification, push notifications, and integrations are just a few of the features available.

External checkouts or Passion Payments:

  • Subscribers can join at any time.
  • Videos are available indefinitely.

Support for the Ultimate Plan:

  • Expert Unleashed for 30 Days
  • Launching and selling successfully is a challenge.
  • Access to experts in the community and accountability coaching
  • Support via email and chat
  • 3 calls for onboarding

Platform Fee for the Ultimate Plan:

  • External checkouts account for 0%, whereas Passion Payments accounts for 3.9 percent.
  • Money-back guarantee for 30 days

Pros and Cons of Passion.io

Passion.io’s advantages and disadvantages are the drawbacks and benefits of utilising the software.These advantages and disadvantages are based on Passion.io users’ experiences.The advantages and disadvantages are listed below.

Advantages of Passion.io

  • Here are some of Passion IO’s advantages and disadvantages.
  • You don’t need to know how to code to develop amazing courses.
  • You may create a course that works on any device.
  • It offers a Payout feature as well as live broadcasting.
  • It assists in providing a tailored learning experience in ways that have never been feasible before.
    You can create interactive courses using pre-built themes or create your own from scratch.
  • It has an easy-to-use user interface.
  • There’s no need to be concerned about code or technical issues.
  • Money-back guarantee of 30 days and one-click cancellation feature
  • Subscribers will receive push alerts.

Passion.io’s drawbacks

  • Passion payments incur a 3.9 percent platform fee.
  • Passion.io may take some time to get used to due to its numerous features.
  • The Pro plan includes the drip content option.

Final Thoughts

Passion.io is a platform that serves as a one-stop shop for digital product makers, replacing your online course platform, app builder, and email marketing tool.Its simple app construction tool puts it ahead of rival membership sites and course hosting platforms.Passion.io assists you in developing an app for your digital product that allows you to engage your students, set projects, interact with them, test their knowledge, and more.The best thing is that it is quite inexpensive compared to other tools.

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