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apps like discord

Since the COVID-19 epidemic broke out, internet communication tools have taken over and transformed nearly all social interactions into online ones. Most businesses continued to operate online even after the lockout was lifted in case there was another disruption. Even young children have taken online courses to avoid group apps like discord meetings.

Whether used for work or school, a great communication tool may be convenient and entertaining. For a while now, Discord has been the students’ top pick among a variety of messaging applications. Discord, though, might not be business-appropriate for the entrepreneur. Additionally, some schools might decide that Discord is too enjoyable to use for learning, in which case they would require a substitute. Knowing about other apps like Discord is beneficial for any number of reasons. Therefore, we’ll examine the features, advantages, and disadvantages of the top 10 Discord alternatives in this article.

What is Discord, the app?

A platform for hosting live text, video, and audio chat is called Discord. Discord is separated into servers or numerous smaller communities, unlike other social platforms that revolve around a single central community. Server rooms can be either public or private. You can build a smaller private server for a group of pals or join a large community for people who have similar interests. Discord doesn’t sell adverts, in contrast to the majority of social media sites. Instead, it generates revenue through marketing server or user account upgrades.

How was Discord founded?

Discord was first introduced in 2015, and a significant part of its early success was due to the extensive use of gamers. But it didn’t really start to draw in more people until the COVID-19 pandemic. In May 2020, the firm adopted its new clientele and changed its tagline from “Chat for Gamers” to “Chat for Communities and Friends” to reflect its more inclusive approach.

Who currently uses Discord?

Beyond gamers, the platform’s user base is still expanding. Discord users reported using it for purposes other than gaming 70% of the time in Spring 2021, up from 30% in 2020. Additionally, the platform will have 150 million active monthly users by 2022, up from 2.9 million in 2016.

People that are interested in your company may now connect and communicate in real time on Discord. The majority of Discord’s users are young. In 2021, 5% of American teenagers indicated Discord was their preferred social networking site. That outperforms Twitter (3%) and Facebook (2%), but it lags well behind third-place Instagram (24%) in terms of usage. From spring 2018 to spring 2021, the preferred social media platform for US youths

The best way to use Discord for business

Discord is decentralized and devoid of advertisements, therefore it’s sometimes unclear how to use it for your company. That does not imply that it cannot be a component of your marketing plan. Here are a few specific instances of how Discord can help with the social media marketing of your company.

1. Promote community

Discord’s key advantage over other social media networks is its real-time user engagement. Consider which components of your company or product are benefited by client communication, then create channels on your server to support these features. For instance, Fortnite uses its “lfg” (looking for group) channels, where users can locate other players to play the game together, to take advantage of the platform’s advantages in real-time community development.

Finding a group channel in Discord for Fortnite

For Fortnite, these lfg channels achieve two goals. By making it simpler for fans to connect, they start by creating a community around the brand. Additionally, they facilitate the utilization of their goods by players.  In this instance, Discord does more than just facilitate communication between Fortnite players. It enhances how they perceive the product itself.

2. Apply roles to alter the Discord experience for your audience

Discord lacks the tools other platforms have to target particular populations because it is not an ad-driven platform. To give consumers individualized experiences, you can employ roles after you learn how to apply them. (Discord roles are predetermined groups of permissions you can provide users. They come in beneficial for a variety of things, such as personalizing your community’s server experience.

In your server, you can use roles in the following ways:

  • Use roles to grant users visual advantages, such as altering the color of their usernames or providing them with unique iconography.
  • Use “@role” in the chat bar to send out a custom alert to all users who have that position. This enables you to communicate with particular groups in your audience.
  • Role-based channels: Give users access to restricted channels that are only available to those who possess particular roles.
  •  Give clients or paying subscribers special treatment. You can create subscriber-only channels by combining them with role-based channels.
  • Roles in identities: Discord profiles are quite minimal. Users can communicate with one another about their pronoun usage and nationality using roles.
  • The server for Terraria leverages roles to provide its users with the information they want to know.

Discord app: Everything you need to know | CNN Underscored

Why do you need App like discord ?

Apps for voice and text are crucial since communication is the lifeblood of every business. Discord makes it simple to stay in touch with loved ones, particularly if you’re a gamer. Although the app is great, not everyone will find it to be the best communication tool. Over time, we’ve heard Discord Alternatives from a variety of people, from parents to professionals. The majority of them believe that Discord is better suited for gamers and that parental controls are not supported by the software. Business owners also mentioned that using Discord to start a meeting with coworkers could be awkward because the program lacks threads and has a number of other limitations, such as the size of files that can be uploaded. They want to find the finest apps like discord for these and other reasons. But Discord is without a doubt a fantastic communication tool. We’re going to introduce you to additional apps like discord in this article.

1. TeamSpeak

TeamSpeak was the most popular voice over internet protocol (VoIP) program used globally long before Discord for everything from gaming to audio chatting to hanging out to conducting interviews or having serious conversations. Even though it doesn’t have as many functions as Discord, TeamSpeak is still in use, and its main benefit is that it is lightweight. Because it uses so little system resources when running in the background, this software won’t slow down your computer once you install and use it.

No matter how many users are active on a server or how big the servers are, TeamSpeak’s military-grade security is another benefit it has over Discord. In a recent update to TeamSpeak, new responsive user interface, secure global communications, enhanced privacy and security capabilities, and most crucially, improved audio quality were all added. You can host a server and have complete control over it for personal use with an extensive permission system without compromising the privacy of everyone who joins the server. Since TeamSpeak has long been a popular option in the eSports sector, if the audio quality is enough for experts, it will be more than adequate for the typical user seeking a Discord alternative. In this article, learn about some of the top TeamSpeak alternatives.

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2. Ventrilo

One of the first and best-known voice-over-internet-protocol programs is Ventrilo. Ventrilo is still an excellent option if you’re seeking for the most basic VoIP software that you simply need for its audio quality. It is still one of the most dependable audio tools you can use to maintain your connection stable and secure, even though it doesn’t offer as many capabilities as Discord or an appealing or dynamic user interface. Ventrilo is renowned for being simple to use, lightweight, and capable of instantly establishing connections between individuals anywhere in the world. When everyone is connected, Ventrilo offers good on-server functionality like effects, configurable levels, and many more.

Another benefit is that the connection is always encrypted, ensuring complete security between the client and the server. Additionally, to guarantee top audio quality at all times, all Ventrilo servers are housed in secure locations throughout the world with ample power, backup alternatives, and superb internet speed.

3. Chanty

Chanty is an excellent option if you’re searching for a Discord substitute that won’t offer as many gaming elements but will instead concentrate on other communication capabilities important for team communication and efficiency. Although Chanty operates in a very similar manner, it has a strong emphasis on offering the finest means for teams to interact and digitally collaborate. In addition to unlimited communications, this VoIP application offers 4K video and high-quality audio for free. You may form groups inside the channel, assign members to each group, and even set tasks to keep everyone on the same page. You can use audio or video features for meetings, and you can even gain from integrated features like a calendar, discussion board, and other things.

4. Tox

Tox might be a better option if Discord has been your main method of communication with a group of friends, coworkers, or any other group you have been a member of. Tox is a comparable but distinct Discord substitute that offers the best instant messaging capabilities available. Tox is much simpler to use and highly effective for all types of groups and chats while maintaining a high level of security because it is much simpler to set up than Discord and has significantly fewer functionality. Tox incorporates voice, video, screen sharing, file sharing, groups, in addition to instant messaging, so you can maintain all of your communications in one place. Tox has several advantages over Discord, including the absence of adverts, independence from larger corporations, complete privacy protection, lack of tracking, and total lack of censorship.

5. Rocket.Chat

It is a flexible alternative to Discord for business communication, Rocket. Chat integrates Discord and other messaging board solutions like Slack by fusing the greatest features of both programs into one. It offers a messaging platform that is perfect for in-the-moment communication while maintaining the confidentiality and level of security required for each chat Rocket. Chat has a fairly straightforward interface where you can keep track of all your contacts, chats, and groups. For easy access, it also incorporates audio and video.

What’s intriguing is that Rocket.speak enables communication with partners, vendors, or other businesses to be integrated so you can speak with them straight from one dashboard. This holds true for your clients, various business divisions, and more, which is a significant advantage over Discord because productivity is boosted and there is no need to hunt for third-party alternatives. Discord cannot integrate nearly as many apps as Rocket.Chat. The most well-known applications include HubSpot, Salesforce, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Gmail. Additionally, because it is based on open-source code, you may fully adapt this tool to meet your unique communication needs by digging deep into the code.

6. Skype

One of the most popular tools for making and receiving video conversations is Skype. It is also regarded as the best tool to use instead of Discord because it continues to receive regular upgrades that include new capabilities that Discord doesn’t offer. The features that distinguish Skype from its rivals and Discord include the ability to add a list of friends and contacts, establish groups, make audio and video calls, and group calls. You can even add credit to make phone calls directly through the purchase of Skype credits. The ability to conduct virtual coffee shop meetings and even family vacations is another of Skype’s many benefits. As a result, you may virtually connect with family, friends, or anyone and hang out and relax as if you were in person.

A frequently updated user interface, real-time captions during audio or video chats, and live reactions that let users convey their feelings are some other features. The way people communicate online is altered by Skype, which also makes things simpler while offering many of the crucial features that Discord offers.

7. Element

Element is a terrific substitute for Discord if you’re searching for a great, effective, and secure way to keep texting everyone you care about or even to utilize for work and business needs. The sole goal of Element is to give you a safe method to utilize your smartphone to its fullest potential. This features a highly secure tool that makes it incredibly simple to communicate, send audio notes, make audio calls, and conduct video conversations.

The entire piece of software is based on Matrix, a decentralized technology that supports communication while maintaining privacy and security and preventing data leaks. As a result, nothing you send or say when using Element is disclosed to anyone. Additionally, because this app is specifically designed for smartphones, you may use your smartphone as a secure communication channel without worrying about what you share. That is one of the reasons Element is utilized for businesses in addition to its personal use.

8. Mumble

Mumble is an excellent option and consumes a lot less resources than apps like discord if you’re searching for a tool that is comparable to Discord and offers the same audio quality, minimal latency, and ease of use. Mumble is a free alternative that continues to receive regular upgrades and new releases (including feature additions). Additionally, you have the option to delve deeply into the code and adapt this VoIP solution to your own requirements.

Due to features like a multi-channel audio recorder, the capacity to support hundreds of voice participants on a server, or its high adaptability to different needs and workplaces to connect team members or employees, Mumble—while frequently used for gaming—is very versatile and can be used in a variety of industries. Additionally, you will never have to worry about whether all the data is secure since when you host and manage your Mumble server, you have control over the data and privacy. Even while the user interface isn’t as expressive as Discord’s, it is still fairly simple to use, making it straightforward for any new user to get to know.

9. Microsoft Teams

Discord undoubtedly let you down with its basic video call features, which is why Microsoft Teams is a perfect alternative if you want to plan and conduct group video conferences and have a lot of control during these meetings. Users are given additional options, power, and functionality for video calls. It can accommodate a respectable number of participants in a video conversation, is quite simple to set up, and can even be utilized for audio-only conferencing. Microsoft Teams contains capabilities including integrations with third-party tools, file sharing, screen sharing, use reports, together mode, and many others in addition to offering dependable and seamless video connectivity. Teams is highly dependable, highly secure, and it has a free version that is slightly constrained but often more than enough for most users because Microsoft maintains it. For the most recent Teams pricing schemes, go to their official pricing page.

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10. Telegram

The advanced messenger from Telegram, which includes a desktop and mobile messaging tool that functions similarly to Discord but offering greater versatility, is an excellent apps like discord. The PC version syncs effectively with the smartphone version, allowing you to stay connected at all times. It also has a really appealing layout and is quite simple to use. Since it supports Windows, macOS, and even Linux operating systems, it is also very compatible.

Telegram is highly expressive, dependable, secure, and quick. Since it is less resource-intensive than Discord, it is also more powerful because there are no size restrictions. It is updated frequently. The ability to safeguard the content you communicate over Telegram and even select a date when it is removed from the servers for further protection is one of the most important enhancements. Even better, Telegram groups can accommodate up to 200,000 users, far more than a Discord server or group can support. Additionally, Telegram Messenger is created using open-source code and can be incorporated via an API, allowing you to completely personalize your experience.

11. Flock

Discord and Flock are quite similar. Users can connect and converse by voice notes, video conferencing, and chat (channel messaging), covering all bases of communication. Tools and features in Flock are designed to increase productivity, teamwork, and efficiency. To-do lists for teams, polls for improved reviews, reminders, and file sharing are some of these tools and capabilities. Flock’s built-in search engine, nevertheless, is its best feature. You may search anything (even documents) and quickly discover information from discussions. You can also bookmark and pin key files so you won’t have to look for them again. Flock is available for free, but there may be some restrictions. Visit their official pricing website to view the most recent pricing apps like discord if you decide to upgrade.

12. Wire

Wire is an excellent alternative to Discord since it is a multi-purpose communication tool that emphasizes collaboration as well as communication. It includes features that, if used, can enhance workflow in addition to having excellent audio and video calling capabilities. With the most up-to-date and sophisticated security available, anything you communicate, share, or work on with Wire remains private.

You won’t require a lot of time to learn how to use the tool because of how straightforward and minimalist the user interface is while still having all of the capabilities. In addition, Wire offers a calendar, secure file sharing, crisis cooperation, reaction planning, and other really helpful collaboration tools, making it the perfect tool for conferences, team management, enhancing communication, and efficiency. Despite being based on open-source code, Wire has undergone an independent audit, and the government has even come to trust it because of its end-to-end encryption and flexible deployment choices, which provide its customers complete control and privacy. The best part is that Wire is free for smaller teams with a few restrictions; for the most recent price plans, however, visit their official pricing page.

13. Slack

Slack is the perfect substitute if you appreciate apps like discord features but don’t think you can use them for business. It will guarantee that all of your business communication needs are covered. Slack is a software that offers messaging and channels in addition to phone and video conferencing. Members of the team can be assigned to rooms and channels in accordance with their preferences. It is a platform that can automate some repetitive tasks, but it also bridges the gap between workflow and communication by offering the best of both worlds.

You may discover practically anything you’ve previously discussed using the integrated search feature, which is included with the chat and makes it incredibly convenient and simple to use. You can still use audio or video conferences to conduct meetings. When it comes to workflow, Slack provides over 2,000 integrations, allowing you to integrate any functionality you could need to increase workflow, collaboration, or productivity onto the platform. Slack is a wonderful Discord substitute because of its top-notch security and corporate key management, which means you won’t ever have to worry about control, rights, or visibility.

14. Hangouts Chat

Hangout Chats is a fantastic alternative to Discord that you can use within the browser, better interact with Google Suite apps, and even communicate with people who don’t use it. Because Google created and maintains Hangouts Chat, all G Suite tools are compatible with it. Additionally, because so many people use Gmail, you may start a conversation or an audio or video call by just importing your contacts into Google Hangouts.

You don’t have to worry about privacy because Hangouts Chat receives regular updates that make it dependable, practical, and current with the most recent security protocols. Even better, Hangouts Chat can be used on Android or iOS devices in addition to the browser, so you can stay connected while on the go. The simplicity, which doubles convenience, is one of its main advantages over Discord.

15. Steam Chat

The greatest apps like discord that will meet your gaming demands is Steam Chat, which incorporates the majority of Discord’s functionality into its gaming platform so that you won’t need to hunt for a third-party choice for communication. The most recent video game releases can be found on the well-known gaming platform Steam. It combines your apps like discord Steam Chat and friends list.

Steam Chat was formerly exclusively used for in-game communication, but it has since undergone improvements and is now capable of offering a rich in-game chat experience, buddy list organization, groups, and—most importantly—audio calls that you can carry about with you when playing any game. You won’t need a third-party tool to make audio calls to your gaming friends as you probably utilize Steam as your gaming platform. Steam chat is more than sufficient if all you need is voice calls for gaming, even though it lacks the other full functionality that Discord can offer.


Although Discord is a robust VoIP tool, TeamSpeak is the ideal choice because it has been around much longer and uses a lot fewer resources. Discord has nothing wrong with it, but TeamSpeak can still offer effective and practical voice communication for any situation. TeamSpeak can check off several items on the list for the most typical user thanks to features like a simpler approach to set up a server, less resource hogging, an advanced permission system, and military-grade security.

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