Top 30 Contact Center Companies For Your Business

call center companies

Check out our ranking of the top contact center companies to see which one is right for your business. Voice service providers add value to your business since they give you the freedom to focus resources on important firm-building initiatives by automating client communications.

For your evaluation, we have compiled a list of the top call centers. To locate the firm that is the perfect fit for your business, go through company profiles, previous clients, and significant projects.

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Top 30 Contact Center Companies For Your Business

#1. Invensis


Invensis is a Bangalore, India-based provider of IT, BPO, and is like other contact center companies with a location in Wilmington, Delaware. More than 350 people work for Invensis, a company that was founded in 2000 and provides contact center and non-voice BPO services. A marketing company needed to manage more incoming calls. It engaged Invensis to answer phone calls, handle orders, and offer customer support. The firm’s efficiency increased by 37% thanks to Invensis. The company valued Invensis’ attention to detail, punctuality, and other skills.

#2. Atlantic Growth Solutions

contact center companies
Atlantic Growth Solutions is a voice services firm similar to other contact center companies situated in Fredericton, Canada with a staff of more than 10 individuals. Founded in 2013, they offer not just voice services but also corporate training for clients in the fields of financial services, IT, and manufacturing. Pilot projects for a care coordination business are being managed by Atlantic Growth Solutions. They play a coaching and training function in the business, aiding in the development of the value proposition and lead generation.

#3. Strategic Sales And Marketing

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Farmington, Connecticut-based Strategic Sales & Marketing (SSM) is a lead generation contact center companies. Founded in 1989, SSM aids organizations with lead generation and appointment arranging services focusing on B2B large clients. The typical client uses a “solution sell process,” requires multiple touch points during the sales cycle, and seeks to speak with the Owner, Director, VP, or C level of contact. A heating and air conditioning contractor’s lead generating partner is Strategic Sales & Marketing. After discussing the client’s objectives, they created a script and started putting their plans into action.

#4. AMBS Call Center 

contact center companies

From its headquarters in Jackson, Michigan, as well as additional locations in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Tampa, Florida, AMBS Call Center offers voice services. They were established in 1932 and today, with roughly 27 people, service a wide range of clients in several industries. A digital sales and marketing business received call center services from Ambs Call Center companies. The group is in charge of answering phone calls and provide switchboard services for transfers.

#5. Flatworld Solutions

contact center companies
The headquarters of the outsourcing firm Flatworld Solutions are in Princeton, New Jersey. They were established in 2006 and currently employ over 750 people. With locations in India, the UK, and the Philippines, the contact center companies foreign offices have experience in nonvoice/back office, transcription, and contact center services. Most of their clients are employed in the healthcare, education, and manufacturing sectors. A marketing and advertising firm managed its CRM level-one support duties, including contact centers, with the assistance of Flatworld Solutions.

#6. First Point Communications

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San Ysidro, California-based First Point Communications is an appointment-making business that was established in 2014. The contact center companies provides direct marketing, and content marketing solutions for customers in the commercial and financial services sectors with the help of more than ten professionals. For a telecom company, First Point Communications produces leads. For them, the vendor mostly performs cold calling.

#7. Answering Service Care

contact center companies

Answering Service Care, based in Margate, Florida, provides voice services to small contact center companies. This involves responding to a range of phone calls from stakeholders with questions. Less than 50 people work at the telecom company, which provides services to businesses in the real estate, legal, and medical sectors. The business was established in 1974. A roofing company can take customer calls when they are unavailable with the aid of an answering service. For the client to follow up properly, they gather information about the clients and ask pertinent questions.

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#8. Wow 24/7


Based in Kyiv, Ukraine, Wow24-7 is an omnichannel customer outsourcing business. Wow24-7 was established in 2016 and offers both voice services and non-voice BPO/back office services. An e-commerce services provider uses WOW24-24/7 7’s customer care. They have taken care of talent hiring and training. The account is currently being worked on by four personnel, including a team leader.

#9. Leading Solutions

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With more than two people, Leading Solution is a marketing firm and is one of the top contact center companies with its headquarters in Kyiv, Ukraine. Since its establishment in 2015, they have offered direct marketing, market research, and email marketing services. They collaborate with clients in the IT services and real estate sectors. A tutoring business hired Leading Solution to manage their email outreach programs. They were entrusted with compiling a thorough list of prospects and assisting the customer with targeted optimization.

#10. Answer Connect

AnswerConnect is a Portland, Oregon-based provider of contact center solutions. They were founded in 2002, with 38 staff members, and provide many voice-oriented customer care choices. Voice and non-voice BPO/back office services are among their available solutions. An attorney’s office in New Jersey uses AnswerConnect’s ongoing services as contact center companies.

#11. Superhuman Prospecting & Pereus Marketing

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A marketing firm called Pereus Marketing is situated in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. Pereus Marketing, which was founded in 2014, employs roughly 10 people. Voice services, direct marketing, marketing strategy, market analysis, and business consultancy are their areas of expertise. A robotics firm uses the outreach marketing services of Superhuman Prospecting & Pereus Marketing. They pursue existing leads and target leads in certain sectors.

#12. Outsource And Save

contact center companies

Contact center companies lie Outsource and Save was established in 2019. Their midsize team, which is based in Los Angeles, California, provides contact center services as well as back office outsourcing, customer service outsourcing, sales outsourcing, and other services. For a staffing and recruitment firm, Outsource and Save provides sales and recruiting services. They offered a service contract that laid out the details and helped the client’s restart the business.

#13. Leadium

Leadium is like contact center companies with headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia, and a second location in Kiev, Ukraine. The 100-person company, which was founded in 2016, focuses on email marketing, market research, CRM consultancy, and SI. They mostly work with clients in the IT sector that are small businesses. In order to find more leads and increase their client base, a SaaS firm can use Leadium’s sales prospecting services.

#14. Go4Customer

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Go4Customer is a contact center outsourcing business with headquarters in Noida, India, with facilities in Houston, South Tiverton, UK, Jaipur, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Ahmedabad, and other Indian cities. Since 2004, their team of more than 200 specialists has offered BPO/back office services as well as voice/contact center companies. The sectors Go4Customer works with include those in information technology, financial services, and consumer goods.

#15. MonneyPenny

A communications contact center companies called Moneypenny was founded in 2000 and has its headquarters in Charleston, South Carolina. Their 750 personnel provide a wide range of phone communication solutions, such as bespoke switchboard services, conventional answering services, and customer support. A drug testing business receives call center services from Moneypenny. The team’s primary goal is to field customer calls and organize their leads.


contact center companies

An average-sized call center is SRG ASIA PACIFIC. The business, which is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, was established in 1996. Contact center companies provide services like voice services, market research, business consultancy, HR services, and more are provided by their team. An corporate IT maintenance provider uses the call center services of SRG Asia Pacific. They assist clients in contacting the company’s technical support staff by interacting with consumers.

#17. Ecost Marketing

eCoast Marketing is a Rochester, New Hampshire-based marketing agency. Their 199-person staff offers voice services, marketing, and direct marketing solutions. The business was founded in 2000. A cybersecurity SaaS startup received lead generating services from eCoast Marketing. Contact center companies do conduct background checks on new clients and made contact to arrange conversations.

#18. NEXA

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Phoenix-based Nexa is a virtual assistant company. Their staff of about 440 people, who were hired in 1982, is mostly focused on voice services. For an advertising firm, Nexa provides services as contact center companies do. For both regional and international campaigns, the crew handled incoming calls. They were also in charge of lead generation and intake services.

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#19. Tiniter BPO

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A BPO service provider having operations in Chatrapatti, India, and Davao City, Philippines, Triniter is headquartered in Miami. The 2015-founded business offers small and midmarket contact center companies voice services as well as non-voice BPO/back office services. It has more than 500 workers. A landscaping company hired Triniter BPO to create a photo-rendering program and offer digital organizing services. The client cancelled the project after receiving insignificant results.

#20. Lex Reception

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2011 saw the establishment of the communications company LexReception. The two-person team, which is based in Portland, Oregon, focuses on voice services and non-Voice BPO/Back office services like contact center companies. They mostly work with customers in the legal sector. A small law office receives regular answering services from LEX Reception. The team’s main goal is to reply to all of the client’s potential clients, and they assist with arranging consultations.

#21. Devott Co., Ltd

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A market research firm with offices in Tianjin, China is called Devott Co., Ltd. The tiny group, which was founded in 2007, provides market research, business consultancy, back office outsourcing, customer service outsourcing, and other services as small contact center companies. With the use of thorough market research, Devott Co., Ltd. is assisting a real estate advising business in its analysis of the Chinese marketplaces. They make advantage of the information to give their clients wise counsel.

#22. Specialty Answering Service

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King of Prussia, Pennsylvania-based Specialty Answering Service is a call center outsourcing business. They were established in 1985, employ roughly 30 people, and collaborate with a national network of independent customer service professionals. They provide non-voice business process outsourcing in addition to voice client care. A trucking firm like other contact center companies uses the after-hours contact center servies of Specialty Answering Service. After hours, the staff focuses on responding to driving emergencies.

#23. Respect.Studio

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In 2016, Respect.Studio, a digital marketing agency in Lviv, Ukraine, was established. About 20 people work for Respect.Studio, which offers small and midmarket firms digital marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, and digital planning services. For a financial firm, Respect.Studio offers digital marketing services. They coordinated lead generation, content production, and keyword research while conducting a discovery dialogue for corporate goals. A robotics firm uses the outreach marketing services of Superhuman Prospecting & Pereus Marketing. They pursue existing leads and target leads in certain sectors.

#24. LawyerLine

Call center company In 2009, LawyerLine was launched. They have a medium-sized crew and are located in Easton, Pennsylvania and Basking Ridge, New Jersey. Voice services are offered through LawyerLine. An insurance law practice uses the call center services of LawyerLineTM. They offer their services around-the-clock.

#25. Verbatim Virtual Receptionist

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Contact center companies like Verbatim Virtual Receptionists was established in 1997. The team of roughly 10 workers, which is based in Thatcham, United Kingdom, provides back-office and non-voice BPO services, including virtual receptionist, inbound appointment scheduling, B2B lead generation and qualifying, and online customer support. The customer receives answering services from Verbatim Virtual Receptionists. All customer calls are answered by them, and they route them to the internal staff as necessary.

#26. Lead Generator International

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Business-to-business telemarketing company Lead Generators International  Contact center company was established in 1992. This 11-person team is based in Burnaby, Canada, and offers lead generation, appointment setup, market research, database maintenance, and mail list acquisition services over the phone.

#27. Face For Business


Face for Business is a like contact center companies that was founded in 2011. The small group outsources customer support. The business is located in Burscough, Great Britain. A financial adviser firm uses the call answering services of Face for Business. From 8 a.m. until 8 p.m., the receptionists’ duties involve answering phone calls.

#28. GCS Agents

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The Salisbury, North Carolina-based company GCS Agents was established in 2001. For its mainly midmarket clients across several industries, the 300-person team focuses in voice services, consultancy, and BPO services.

#29. ARDEM Incorporated

Business process contact center company ARDEM  Incorporated has offices in India and Hillsborough, New Jersey. ARDEM was founded in 2004 and now employs over 250 people. The company offers voice call support as well as non-voice services, but its area of expertise is data entry.

#30. AMD Digital


AMD is a firm that offers business consulting. The tiny agency, which is situated in London, United Kingdom, was founded in 2019. Business advice, email marketing, advertising, voice services, and other services are available from them.

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