Top 10 Best Panoramic cctv Camera in 2023

Panoramic cctv Camera

One of the main advantages of panoramic network cameras is that they provide a 360-degree panoramic viewing point. Older panoramic security cameras may only collect 360-degree images while losing detail. The panoramic cctv camera is not a new invention in the video surveillance market; it has been around for about ten years. Since dewarping technology (also known as the dewarping algorithm) has been developed, modern panoramic cameras can correct picture distortion and provide flat images. Thanks to the quick improvements in image resolution and quality Today’s panoramic security cameras may give flat picture views with details in addition to the around view. In order to cover the entire area, a panoramic cctv camera can be installed in place of many conventional security cameras. As a result, in the past two years, panoramic network security cameras have gained popularity.

The security camera may use a single fisheye lens or a multi-lens setup to produce a panoramic image. The camera can observe 360 degrees or 180 degrees using a single fisheye lens to take a panoramic picture. When a user wants to inspect a specific region for more information, a single-lens panoramic security camera will employ dewarping technology to rectify lens distortion and provide a flat image. Six or eight lenses will be used by multi-lens panoramic cctv cameras to take the photo, which will then be stitched together to create a panoramic image.

Currently, single-lens panoramic security cameras are more common than multi-lens ones since multi-lens panoramic security cameras are too expensive. Despite the fact that both types of cameras may do the same task Since the camera includes six or eight HD CMOS image sensors to simultaneously record the image in every direction, multi-lens panoramic cctv cameras can offer superior image quality compared to single-lens panoramic cameras, which only have one lens or image sensor to cover the whole scene.

The use of panoramic network cameras in commercial video surveillance applications, such as traffic, airports, the military, and public utilities, has hitherto been limited. A new generation of panoramic security cameras designed for use in home video monitoring has emerged because of the widespread use of smartphones. With smartphones at their core, these new panoramic security cameras offer HD panoramic video viewing. However, many of them provide the ePTZ (digital pan, tilt, and zoom) function, which enables users to rotate the image at any angle, zoom in to examine the details, and even provide a virtual reality (VR) experience by utilizing the G-sensor.

When comparing different manufacturers’ and brands’ panoramic security cameras, resolution is the most important consideration. As previously indicated, an HD CMOS image sensor is used by single-lens panoramic cameras to capture the panoramic image. These days, panoramic cameras are available with image resolutions ranging from 1.0 megapixels to 12 megapixels. A higher resolution is available if you pick up the camera. Although when you watch the video on your smartphone, 1.3-megapixel or 2-megapixel panoramic cameras might give you a picture that is quite clear. The visual quality will “degrade” if you watch the movie on a computer, especially if you zoom in to see the details clearly. Even when zooming in for finer details, a 12-megapixel single-lens camera can guarantee image quality.

10 Best  Panoramic CCTV Cameras

let’s take a look at some of the best panoramic camera for 2023



A 5-megapixel panoramic network camera using a single 360° fisheye lens is the Hanwha Techwin SNF-8010. The camera has a real-time day and night mode and can record 5 MP at 20 fps. It uses the distinctive on-board dewarping technology from Samsung and offers ePTZ, quad view, and panoramic views. With its built-in microphone and speaker for 2-way audio intercom and microSDXC memory card slot for up to 128GB of edge video storage, the SNF-8010 is capable of supporting both. Additionally, it has a vandal-resistant and waterproof construction that makes it appropriate for installation both indoors and outdoors.

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A dual encoder (H.264 and MJPEG), 8 Megapixel, IP addressable, 180-degree panoramic IP camera, the AV8185 SurroundVideo® series network camera With integrated four high-sensitivity 2-megapixel sensors, an 8mm lens, a vandal-resistant dome housing with IP66 water and dust protection, and an optional heater and blower, the AV8185DN SurroundVideo® camera range offers an all-in-one solution. These cameras use MegaVideo® technology to provide bandwidth and storage efficiency that is often up to 10 times greater than those of their standard megapixel competitors.



The DS-2DP1636Z-D from Hikvision’s PanoVu series 360°Panoramic+PTZ Camera is a multi-lens + PTZ panoramic cctv camera that uses image stitching technology to give up to 4K UHD quality. 8 separate 1/1.9-inch 2MP progressive scan CMOS sensors are included within the camera. A PTZ camera may provide 36x optical zoom and clever auto-tracking. This camera, like other Hikvision products, provides smart detection for intrusion, line crossing, object missing, parking, people gathering, etc. It supports motion detection up to 300 meters away and can track 60 targets at once.



The 12-Megapixel CMOS sensor in the market-leading ultra-micron fisheye fixed dome network cameras from VIVOTEK ensures excellent image quality. The camera can completely cover broad, open spaces like airports, shopping malls, parking lots, retail stores, workplaces, and more since it has a 1.5 mm fisheye lens that allows for 180° panoramic vision (wall mount) or 360° surround view (ceiling, wall, or floor mount) with no blind spots.



Gwell panoramic cameras are made primarily to offer panoramic video surveillance on smartphones. The most affordable 360-degree panoramic cctv camera that offers a genuine VR experience is the GW-360CAM. With a 1.44mm single fisheye lens and a 1.3-megapixel CMOS image sensor, the GW-360CAM camera can record video at a frame rate of 25 frames per second with a resolution of 1280×960. The camera can also support ePTZ, allowing you to rotate the image both vertically and horizontally by just swiping on the video. The camera uses H.264 video compression and can connect to WiFi using 802.11 b/g/n. It includes the robust and cost-free Yoosee App for Android and iOS mobile devices. This camera complies with the ONVIF standard.



Axis offers a comprehensive selection of top-of-the-line network cameras for commercial video surveillance applications. The firm is the world’s leading and most inventive producer of network video surveillance solutions. A multi-lens panoramic network camera, the AXIS P3707-PE has four 2-megapixel camera modules to monitor four distinct directions. The 8-megapixel panoramic video produced by this camera employs picture stitching to be delivered at a maximum frame rate of 15 frames per second. The camera supports Zipstream, a proprietary Axis technology. For many surveillance applications, Zipstream can reduce bandwidth and storage utilization by an average of 50% or more.



The mechanical architecture of the 12-megapixel CMOS image sensor is combined with a single fisheye lens construction in the Dahua 4K vandal-proof panoramic camera. This panoramic cctv camera can produce real-time 3-megapixel resolution video or 12-megapixel video at 15 frames per second. It uses image-improving technologies including DWDR, 3DNR, and BLC to perform dewarping and ePTZ operations. With the addition of infrared illuminators and the integration of smart video analysis, this camera can be extensively utilized in schools, hotels, shopping malls, factories, etc., providing a completely novel experience. It can also see up to 10 meters in utter darkness.

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a stylish, very small, and waterproof IP dome camera. The Q25 may be utilized in all new circumstances since it has a 360° panoramic view to record a whole room, a panorama feature, and a quad view to show photographs from four distinct perspectives at once. The Mobotix Hemispheric Q25 employs a 6-megapixel progressive scan CMOS image sensor to shoot videos with a maximum resolution of 3072×2048 at 4 frames per second or Full HD 1080p at 15 frames per second. Additionally, this camera features a microSDHC/XC card slot for internal video recording with a 64GB capacity. This camera has IP65 waterproof construction and supports PoE, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor installations.



The Flexidome IP panoramic 5000 MP is a discrete, aesthetically pleasing, and small panoramic camera. The full panoramic surveillance with total area coverage and fine details is provided by the 5 MP sensor working at 15 frames per second. The camera provides simultaneous high-resolution E-PTZ images and completes situational awareness. The 360° camera lens provides full wall-to-wall coverage when centered on a ceiling. The dewarped camera picture may provide a 180° image when mounted on a wall.



Hikvision continues to be the world’s top maker of video surveillance systems. In 2014, the business unveiled the DS-2CD63C2F-I (V) (S), a 12-megapixel panoramic camera with a single fisheye lens that was reasonably priced. offering a clear image whether operating in daylight or in dimly lit environments. The camera can even record a crisp image in a completely dark area by employing infrared illuminators. Being compliant with ONVIF (Profile S, Profile G) and PSIA standards, this single fisheye lens-based panoramic cc camera supports 128 GB of on-board video storage, a powerful ePTZ function to keep track of everything happening, includes a Gigabit/1000 Mbps Ethernet port, and can be easily integrated with third-party hardware and software.


What is a CCTV panoramic camera?

In the context of video surveillance, the phrase “panoramic camera” refers to cameras with 180–360 degree viewing angles. Diverse technologies, like fisheye lenses, multiple sensors positioned at different angles, etc., can be utilized to achieve these angles.

What are panoramic and 360-degree cameras?

Panoramas record your view when you point your camera straight ahead and turn around once on a horizontal axis. Contrary to 360° photographs, a panoramic picture does not include your surroundings from above or below, unlike a 360° picture.

What advantages can panoramic views offer?

In contrast to when our eyes are fixed on a single object (such as a computer screen), when we employ panoramic vision, our ability to see detail diminishes. Instead, panoramic perspectives help us to perceive the wider picture, which speeds up our response time and reduces our tendency to flee from dangerous circumstances.

Without the internet, can a panoramic camera function?

They can, yes! CCTV cameras may be used without an internet connection, and what’s even better is that they can function without electricity. Only when viewing the video remotely is an internet connection necessary. Although there are advantages to utilizing the internet, it is by no means required.

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