5 Best AirTag Alternatives for Android in 2023

AirTag Alternatives

Let’s take a quick look at the top AirTag Alternatives for Android that were covered in this article. Apple created the AirTag device to allow iPhone users to locate their things on a map. This is a useful tool for finding daily items like your wallet, backpack, or keys.

If you use Android but are inspired by this device and want to find more ways to find your important things, there are a lot more ways to do so. These are the Bluetooth-capable gadgets that receive updates on object locations from an app.

5 Best AirTag Alternatives to Android

The top Android alternatives to AirTag are listed below.

1. Tile Mate

Tile Mate

One of the top manufacturers of Bluetooth trackers is Tile. In addition to the Tile Pro model that we just mentioned, Tile also has the Tile Mate model, which is very popular. If you’re looking for the greatest AirTag alternative for Android at a reasonable price, this version is the best option.

Like AirTag, Tile Mate connects to your device using Bluetooth low energy (BLE). The most distance you can get is 250 feet, which is less than what you can get with the Tile Pro or other trackers, but it is still enough for most situations. The Tile app enables you to find the tracker even if you are out of range. The battery for the Tile Mate is inexpensive and simple to replace.

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2. Samsung Galaxy SmartTag

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag

The best option for Android users using Samsung Galaxy handsets is the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag. This is not the one for you if you don’t own a Samsung handset because Galaxy SmartTags are incompatible with other Android devices. AirTags and Samsung Galaxy SmartTags have features that are very comparable.

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3. Cube Pro

Cube Pro

Due to its functionality and numerous other advantages, the Cube Pro tracker is also the finest AirTag substitute for Android devices. The Cube Pro’s selfie remote, which allows you to shoot hands-free selfies without shaking them, is its most amazing feature. You can track your phone with this two-way tracker as well. In comparison to the AirTag, its Bluetooth tracking range is smaller, only reaching 200 feet.

4. Chipolo One

Chipolo One

The Chipolo One trackers are the best among all brands in terms of value, both financially and technologically, if we’re talking about Chipolo trackers. Because the Chipolo One tracker sends timely alerts even when you are outside of its range, you won’t leave or lose your valuables anywhere.

The alarm on the Chipolo One tracker features a loud sound that makes it easy for you to hear and locate your goods.
The tracker’s two-year user-replaceable CR2032 battery is another excellent feature. The Chipolo One Bluetooth tracker is available in six different colours, giving you plenty of colour options. In addition to getting to choose the colour, you also get a slim yet lightweight design.

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5. Tile Pro

One of the greatest Bluetooth trackers is the one that Tile offers. Tile offers a number of models, including the Slim, Mate, and Tile Pro. When looking for the best AirTag alternatives for Android, we only took into consideration the Tile Pro and Tile Mate models of Tile when looking for the best AirTag alternatives for Android. Due to its 400-foot range and stronger alarm alert, Tile Pro is preferred over Tile Mate. Other Bluetooth trackers can’t operate within this range.

The likelihood of finding tagged things quickly is increased by the largest range. When it comes to the design, this tracker is extremely sturdy and portable. You will get that the Tile Pro is waterproof, that the battery will last for a year, and that you can change the battery.

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