Ways to Resolve Mozilla Firefox Couldn’t Load XPCOM Error

mozilla firefox couldn't load xpcom

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular browsers after Chrome; it’s a favorite of web developers because it has a lot of extensions to help with development; Mozilla releases updates for Firefox because it gets newer features; however, it can sometimes become incompatible with Windows due to new features or other installed programmes; even after extensive testing, it still fails to be compatible with Windows and the Error mozilla firefox couldn’t load xpcom.

It can operate strangely at times and give you errors. When running Firefox on a Windows computer, one of them says “mozilla firefox couldn’t load xpcom” If you’ve tried running a virus scan, cleaning trash files, and restarting your computer several times but still can’t get rid of the error, here are a few suggestions for how to cure the “mozilla firefox couldn’t load xpcom” error.

Mozilla Firefox Couldn’t load XPCOM

mozilla firefox couldn't load xpcom

Method 1:

Close mozilla firefox couldn’t load xpcom Error If the problem message “Couldn’t load XPCOM” appears, switch to another browser, such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.

Upgrade to a newer version of Mozilla Firefox by downloading the most recent version. After the upgrade is complete, you should be able to use Firefox as usual.

Firefox should be completely uninstalled and reinstalled.

Method 2

Method 1 may not be suitable for everyone because upgrading to the remake may not eliminate the underlying source of the problem.
If the preceding procedure works, wonderful; if it doesn’t, you’ll need to uninstall Firefox altogether and reinstall the most recent version to get this problem fixed.

Complete uninstallation entails removing all Firefox-related files from your computer, including Firefox uninstallation

  1. Registry entries should be removed.
  2. Delete the program’s files
  3. Delete the AppData folder’s entries.
  4. removing files from the Program Data Folder

All of the above tasks will be time consuming, especially erasing registry entries. I don’t encourage messing with Registry Editor because deleting the erroneous registry keys can result in other issues or system failure.

So download and install Iobit Uninstaller, then use Uninstaller to uninstall Firefox. Also, use Powerful Scan to detect all registry entries and leftovers of Firefox, then select and delete all leftover objects.

  1. You must delete one more folder from AppData after uninstalling Firefox with Iobit Uninstaller.
  2. Enter percent appdata percent in the Run dialogue box by pressing Win+R.
  3. It’ll take you to the Roaming folder.
  4. Locate the Mozilla folder and delete it.
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Method 3

Install the most recent version of Firefox.

Many customers found this approach to be effective in resolving the error; however, it is recommended that you do not uninstall the current Firefox version.

Download the newest Firefox installer using another web browser such as Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Internet Explorer.

Follow the on-screen directions to fix or upgrade the Firefox application that is already installed on your computer.

I hope this helps you fix your problem.
If you get the firefox couldn’t load xpcom windows 10, try the next remedy.

Method 4

Create a new Firefox profile

If the above approach does not work for you, you may want to try creating a new Firefox profile.
Many customers were able to resolve that issue of XPCOM could not be loaded by using this method.

To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Enter firefox.exe –p in the Run box by pressing Windows Key + R.
  2. XPCOM could not be loaded in Firefox.
  3. After that, click the Create Profile option and then Next.
  4. XPCOM could not be loaded
  5. Then give your new profile a name and click Finish.
  6. You can also provide the profile’s storage directory.
  7. XPCOM Error could not be loaded
  8. Select the new profile, then click Start Firefox.
  9. mozilla firefox couldn’t load xpcom
  10. Check to see if the Firefox XPCOM Error has been resolved.
  11. Continue to use the new Firefox profile if the error does not occur.

However, if the issue persists, consider deleting the Firefox profile and creating a new one.
It’s worth a go because it might work for you.

Method 5

Delete the Temporary Internet Files folder

The transient folder may be causing a problem, so follow the procedures to eliminate it.

Type percent temp percent in the Run box by pressing Windows Key + R.

XPCOM could not be loaded

  1. After that, press Enter.
  2. Select all files in the Temp folder and delete them.
  3. Check if the Couldn’t Load XPCOM problem has been addressed after deleting the files.
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If not, check to see if you’re using a third-party antivirus application, and if so, temporarily disable it.
If this works for you, great, but make sure your antivirus programme is turned on.

 Method 6

  1. Run the programme as an administrator
  2. By running the browser as an administrator, some users were able to fix the Firefox Couldn’t Load XPCOM problem.
  3. So, to launch the browser as an administrator, perform these steps:
  4. Right-click the browser executable on the desktop.
  5. Then select the Compatibility option from the Properties menu.
  6. Check the option to Run this Program as an Administrator in the compatibility tab, then click Apply.
  7. Twitch was unable to verify the Minecraft version.
  8. you will run the browser again. You will see if the problem has been repaired.

It is now estimate the Xpcom Error.The issue with Firefox not being able to load XPCOM has been rectified, and you can now use it again. If not, the only option is to switch to an other browser, such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, or another, and begin using it.

Method 7

Start Firefox in Safe Mode and turn off all of the extensions (Add-ons)

If you’re still experiencing the mozilla firefox couldn’t load xpcom , try starting Firefox in safe mode and turning off Firefox’s extensions (add-ons).

To launch Firefox in Safe Mode, follow these steps:

  1. To open the Firefox application, hold down the SHIFT key and double-click.
  2. Select Start in Safe Mode from the drop-down menu.
  3. Firefox will no longer installed on your computer.
  4. Now, using another browser, download the current version of Firefox and install it; you should be able to open and
  5. browse the internet on Firefox without any problems.

To see the whole uninstall and reinstall of Firefox.If you run into any problems during this process, please let us know in the comments section below. Because It will  cause by malware that interferes with mozilla firefox couldn’t load xpcom . it’s a good idea to scan your computer for malware using a reputable antivirus tool like Kaspersky Total Security.

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