Best 3 Technical Textile Types in the Chinese Market

Technical Textile

The technological textile sector in China is growing. The industry is complex, with numerous types of technical textiles with a wide range of applications in a variety of industries, including agrotextiles, medical textiles, domestic textiles, packaging textiles, and others. Here are the three technical textile categories that are now in high demand and are expected to help fuel the Chinese technical textile market’s growth in the near future:

1. Medical textiles:

The global medical textiles market is expected to approach USD 8 billion by 2019, with China accounting for the lion’s share of this growth. China is one of the world’s main producers of medical textiles, as well as the largest producer in the Asia Pacific region. The growing need for more efficient sterilisation, sanitation, and antibacterial protection in healthcare settings in Europe and the Americas is one of the primary drivers of increased demand and income in China’s medical textiles business.

In addition, the use of technological textiles in the healthcare industry, such as biophysical monitoring systems and patient tracking devices, will stimulate demand for both woven and non-woven Chinese medical textiles.

2. Industrial textiles:

Industrial technical textiles, notably those used in car manufacturing, are experiencing steady economic growth. This is owing in large part to China’s position as the world’s largest vehicle manufacturer—the average car requires over 50 square metres of textile material for interior trim, and China exports more than 1 million autos each year. Industrial textiles used in agricultural, environmental, mining, and energy applications are also driving growth.

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3. Protective textiles:

In China, the State Administration of Work Safety, the government agency in charge of regulating occupational health and safety issues, has become increasingly interested in boosting workplace safety standards across the country. This is driving up demand for protective technical fabrics and gear with thermal, radiation, and mechanical protection properties.

Furthermore, the technical textiles market in China is seeing an increase in demand for protective textiles for military and law enforcement applications. Protective textiles are frequently made of reinforced fibres and have exceptional strength and performance.

Chinese technical textile suppliers anticipate increased demand for home textiles, sports textiles, and construction textiles as the technical textile market increases. It can help you reach out to sales prospects and decision-makers in the textile industry all over the world, whether you’re looking for dependable suppliers, top textile manufacturers, wholesalers, and potential customers in over 70 major countries, or you want to know what your competitors are buying and which suppliers they use.

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