Best Summer Activities in Michigan Like Football, Lottery in 2023

Are you considering visiting a beach this summer to experience a soothing and calming beachside gateway? Put your thoughts to rest and continue reading to learn more about the beautiful vacation destinations around Lake Michigan. The lake of Michigan is incredibly beautiful and well-known for the peace and beauty of a beach view without the hassle of boarding a plane and travelling great distances.


In Lake Michigan, there are several beaches from which to choose, allowing you to revel in the abundance of the natural world. Because of the intense sunshine and the beauty of the waves lapping on the lakeside, these locations have a special vacation in the hearts and souls of many people who live in the mitten. These locations have you covered whether you’re looking for a quiet place with sun, sand, or waves, a camping vacation, or a visit to a winery. Around Michigan’s lakefront, you may discover your summer gateway with ease.

Summertime in Michigan

Sand Dunes at Silver Lake

Sand Dunes at Silver Lake

One of the most remarkable sights along Lake Michigan are the Silver Lake Sand Dunes in Michigan, which are a must-see attraction. The place lies towards the top of the lower peninsula and surrounded by Michigan’s lush woodlands. It is one of nature’s most beautiful beauties and welcomes visitors with breath-taking vistas.

Between Lake Michigan and Silver Lake, the lake is surrounded by acres of tall sand dunes. The place satisfies your appetite for exploration and satisfies it not only with beautiful sights but also with an amusing touch. Around Michigan, there are several internet casinos. When visitors have satisfied their desire for beauty, it provides a room for gaming for them as well. You can satiate your need for discovery right here in Silver Lake. Beach trips, camping, trekking, and new adventure experiences are all ideal in this place.

Douglas Oval Beach Or Saugatuck

Douglas Oval Beach Or SaugatuckOne of the most beautiful locations to visit while on vacation in Michigan is Douglas or Saugatuck. You must go to Pristine Oval Beach if you wish to have a special beach experience. One of the best beaches in the country has been praised for it.

The place is made a popular tourist destination and a suitable beach destination by travel publications, television programmes, and other tourist guides. While on your trip, you are free to explore the place, stop by Douglas’s cafés, organise a picnic, and stay at one of the beachfront hotels.

There are several hotels, campers, and bed and breakfasts located across the place. Numerous vineyards, eateries, breweries, and cideries are available to pique your interest and revitalise your palate. The place is ideal for beach trips, celebrations, beautiful events, vineyard tours, shopping, and breathtaking scenery.



Cycling, running, and hiking trips with friends and family are very common in Muskegon, which is a popular Lake Michigan vacation destination. If you’ve decided to extend your vacation or have already done so, Muskegon offers a broad range of activities to keep your group occupied and amused. The water and amusement park in Michigan is a fun area for families and a wonderful opportunity to spend time together while dining at different restaurants and breweries and shopping with friends.

The town is well constructed, and visitors frequently enjoy driving about the streets. The museums and historical places in Muskegon serve as an expression of beautiful beauty throughout history. The beaches and mountain bike trails in Muskegon are great places to spend a day outdoors while making memories for miles. The place is ideal for family trips, theme park visits, beach trips, and outdoor experiences.

Southern Haven

Southern Haven

South Haven is the ideal beach location for you if you’re looking for a remote, quiet area of Lake Michigan. It has miles of flowing sandy beaches, many parks, acres of woodlands, and unending hiking paths. The many outdoor pursuits may be found at South Haven at their best. You may simply take a stroll around South Haven’s natural beauty, get a satisfying lunch or dinner, and then travel to the local beaches with your friends and family to unwind for a bit.

Visit the Pilgrim Haven Natural Zone or the Nature Preserve if you’re looking for a distant entrance. For indoor entertainment, the place also has a variety of B&Bs, restaurants, breweries, vineyards, hotels, historic buildings, and museums. The stunning beauty is ideal for outdoor activities like camping, beach trips, hiking, and brewery or winery tours.

Michigan Take a Beach Vacation

Describe it. You’ll fall in love with Michigan’s beautiful beaches this summer. Why Do It? The lakeside beaches in Michigan provide plenty of space to unwind, warm water for swimming, and countless chances for paddling boats, canoes, and kayaks.

Good to Know: Silver Beach in St. Joseph is a summertime favourite due to its public swimming area and watersport rentals. It spans 2,450 feet along Lake Michigan. You should also visit Esch Beach in Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, Dune Beach at Leelanau State Park, and Ottawa Beach Parks in Holland if you’re looking for other fantastic Michigan beach locations.

Visit a Local Glamping Spot for the Night

Describe it. In Michigan, camping is a well-liked activity, but going camping doesn’t need you to be a tough outdoorsman or give up comfort. In Michigan, there are several fun ways to go glamping. You have the option of staying in a cabin, opulent tent, yurt, treehouse, or one of the other unusual accommodations.

Good to Know: If you’re looking for other glamping choices in this fruit-growing region of Michigan noted for its cherries, have a look at Rocky Top Farms near Ellsworth. Other popular glamping spots in Michigan include the Wild Cherry Resort, Paddlers Village, Mount Bohemia, and the Fields near South Haven.

Visit Belle Isle for some time

Spending time at Belle Isle during the summer is one of the nicest things to do in Detroit. This island, which is roughly a mile by three miles in size, is located off the coast of Detroit. There is walking-friendly green space, an aquarium, and a museum nearby. Good to Know: The zoo, golf course, and Livingstone Memorial Lighthouse are among more attractions on Belle Isle.

A Michigan winery visit

Michigan’s winemaking sector is thriving, and several excellent wines are made there every year. It’s fun to go to a nearby vineyard in the summer and maybe take a tour and a taste to learn more about the establishment’s operations and specialties.

Good to Know: Popular wineries to centre your trip around include Brys Estate Vineyard & Winery close to Traverse City, Tabor Hill Winery & Restaurant in Buchanan, and St. Julian Winery in Paw Paw.

Hike at a state park in Michigan

If you like hiking, camping, and water sports, Michigan’s state parks are among the greatest in the nation. You may hike in many areas of Michigan all summer long, even on the hottest days, because there are enough trees to give shade. The several state parks nearby provide alternatives for tent and RV camping as well as wilderness solitude.

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Important Information: A few parks offer visitor centres and tiny museums where you may learn more about the surroundings. Plan to visit as many state parks as you can, such as Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park, Muskegon State Park, Ludington State Park, and Maybury State Park, to take in the distinctive features of nature that Michigan has to offer.

Discover the museums in Grand Rapids

Plan to spend some time in a fun museum on hot, muggy, or wet summer days when it’s too uncomfortable to be outside. The family-friendly city of Grand Rapids is one of the top vacation spots in Michigan for museum enthusiasts. Good to Know: While you’re here, visit the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum, Grand Rapids Children’s Museum, and Grand Rapids Art Museum.

Take pictures of the lighthouses

Historic lighthouses are another feature of Michigan that make for beautiful settings for summer photography. The Big Sable Point Lighthouse at Ludington State Park is a well-known location. A state park beach house is close by, and the 112-foot lighthouse on Lake Michigan gives excursions.

You may also access the beach and water at the Point Betsie Lighthouse location near Frankfort, Michigan, and you can take a guided or unguided tour of the lighthouse. Another well-known lighthouse attraction in Lake Huron is Tawas Point Lighthouse.

Celebrate July Fourth.

Due to all the fun local activities that go on throughout this holiday, Michigan is a great spot to be during the Fourth of July. Cities like Grand Rapids provide fun family events and magnificent fireworks displays.

Small communities in Michigan, meanwhile, come alive on July 4th with their own parades, music festivals, food stands, and fireworks displays. Good to Know: Traveling to Boyne City, South Haven, or Ann Arbor for your Fourth of July weekend is enjoyable.

Family trip to Mackinac Island

If you’re planning a family trip or a romantic retreat, Mackinac Island should be on your summer travel itinerary in Michigan. There are several restaurants, historical monuments, shops, and world-famous fudge in this popular tourist destination.

As you indulge your inner gourmand, get active on the trails and canals, and enjoy a slower pace of life, staying at a B&B here is fun. Good to Know: Popular activities nearby include fishing excursions and horse-drawn carriage rides.

Discover the Sand Dunes

Many sand dunes may be found in Michigan; they are fun to climb, hike through, and even ride a sandboard down. Anyone who believes that Midwestern landscapes are monotonous and uniformly beautiful obviously hasn’t visited Michigan’s sand dune areas.

Good to Know: Warren Dunes are a fun area to play in the sand and are near to Chicago. There are dunes, a beach, hiking trails, and birding possibilities at Saugatuck Dunes State Park.

Attend a festival in Traverse City

There is always something fascinating going on in Traverse City, Michigan, making it a fun summer destination. Since 2005, there has been an annual tradition of the Traverse City Film Festival, which takes place in July and August.

Know This: In July, this location hosts the renowned National Cherry Festival, which includes more than a week of cuisine and family fun.Rosé Food-themed events like Between the Bays on the Old Mission Peninsula and the Leland Wine & Food Festival are common in the region, and so are arts and craft fairs.

Visit a posh resort

If you don’t want to camp, Michigan also offers some amazing luxury resorts that put you in fun locations with all the facilities you could want. Stay at the Bayshore Resort in Sleeping Bear Dunes in Traverse City to be close to the seashore.

Good to Know: If you want to treat yourself to a holiday escape, The Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, Marina Grand Resort in New Buffalo, Lake Ranch Resort in Holland, and Lake Shore Resort in Saugatuck are all fantastic resort possibilities.

Visit the zoo with your kids

If your kids are animal lovers, you should include a trip to a Michigan zoo to your summer agenda. The state has a number of suggested zoos where you and your children may learn about various animals, ecosystems, and conservation initiatives.

It’s Good to Know: One zoo features a zip line and a sky trail ropes course. It’s the John Ball Park Zoo in Grand Rapids. In contrast, the 125-acre Detroit Zoo contains more than 2,000 creatures from 230 different species.

Observe a Tigers baseball game.

If you enjoy baseball, the summer is usually a terrific time to visit Detroit.Comerica Park, where the Detroit Tigers Major League Baseball club plays, is a fun site to watch a game.

Good to Know: When there aren’t any planned games, the park also provides tours. The park’s carousel and Ferris wheel are among well-known attractions. To discover if a game is scheduled during the time you’ll be in town, check the team’s web schedule.

Get Some Shade Near a Waterfall

Despite being in the north of the United States, Michigan may have rather hot and humid summers. Hiking in a covered forest and feeling the cold spray of a waterfall brush your skin as you pass by is one of the finest ways to hike cool.

While visiting the numerous state parks and natural regions in Michigan, you may witness several magnificent waterfalls. Good to Know: Tahquamenon Falls, one of the biggest waterfalls east of the Mississippi River, is a magnificent cascade. It is surrounded by woods and streams.

Take a Boat Riding

Being aboard a boat in Michigan during the summer is also a fun and thrilling experience. Fortunately, there are many of locations where you may launch your own boat or hire one from a nearby marina.

Good to Know: The Les Cheneaux Islands in Lake Huron, Torch Lake in Alden, Big Manistique Lake in Curtis, and Gull Lake in Battle Creek are some of the best boating locations in the state.

Spend Time at Belle Isle

What Is It? One of the best things to do in Detroit in the summer is to spend time at Belle Isle.

Why Do It? This island is off the Detroit shoreline and about a mile by three miles in size. There’s green space for walking, an aquarium, and a museum here.

Good to Know: Other ways to spend your time on Belle Isle include the golf range, zoo, and Livingstone Memorial Lighthouse.

Visit a Michigan Winery

What Is It? Michigan has a robust winemaking industry with lots of wonderful wines being produced each year.

Why Do It? In the summertime, it’s fun to visit a local winery and perhaps do a tour and tasting to learn more about the venue’s operations and specialties.

Good to Know: Popular wineries to plan your trip around include St. Julian Winery in Paw Paw, Tabor Hill Winery & Restaurant in Buchanan, and Brys Estate Vineyard & Winery near Traverse City.

Hike in a Michigan State Park

What Is It? The state parks in Michigan are among the very best in the country if you enjoy hiking, camping, and water recreation.

Why Do It? With lots of trees to provide shade, you can hike in many parts of Michigan all throughout the summer even on the warmest of days. The various state parks here offer camping for tents and RVs, as well as opportunities to find solace in the backcountry.

Good to Know: Some parks have small museums and visitor centers where you can learn more about the area too. To enjoy the unique aspects of nature that Michigan has to offer, plan to visit as many state parks as you can, such as Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park, Muskegon State Park, Ludington State Park, and Maybury State Park.

Explore the Grand Rapids Museums

What Is It? On summer days when it is too hot, humid, or rainy to be outdoors, plan to spend some time at a fun and educational museum.

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Why Do It? One of the best destinations in Michigan for museum lovers is the family-friendly city of Grand Rapids.

Good to Know: Check out the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum, the Grand Rapids Art Museum, and the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum while you’re here.

Photograph the Lighthouses

What Is It? Michigan is also known for its historic lighthouses, which provide picture-perfect backdrops for your photography pursuits in the summer.

Why Do It? One popular spot is the Big Sable Point Lighthouse in Ludington State Park. The 112-foot lighthouse is along Lake Michigan and offers tours, as well as a state park beach house nearby.

Good to Know: You can also visit the Point Betsie Lighthouse area in Frankfort, Michigan for beach and water access, as well as a semi-guided or self-guided tour of the lighthouse. The Tawas Point Lighthouse is another popular lighthouse destination that is along Lake Huron.

Celebrate the 4th of July

What Is It? The 4th of July holiday is a fun time to be in Michigan because of all the festive local celebrations that take place here.

Why Do It? Cities like Grand Rapids have impressive fireworks displays and other family festivities to attend. Meanwhile, small towns in Michigan are full of charm around Independence Day with their own parades, music concerts, food vendors, and fireworks.

Good to Know: For your 4th of July getaway, it’s fun to take a trip to Ann Arbor, South Haven, or Boyne City.

Take the Family to Mackinac Island

What Is It? Mackinac Island is a must-visit destination in Michigan in the summertime, especially if you’re looking for a family vacation or a romantic getaway.

Why Do It? This tourist spot has lots of restaurants, historic sites, shopping, and world-famous fudge. It’s fun to stay in a B&B here as you indulge your foodie side, get active on the trails and waterways, and enjoy a slower pace of life.

Good to Know: Horse-drawn carriage rides and fishing charters are also popular here

Experience the Sand Dunes

What Is It? Michigan is home to numerous sand dunes that are open to the public and fun to climb, hike through, and even ride a sandboard down.

Why Do It? Anyone who is under the impression that Midwestern landscapes are boring and all the same clearly hasn’t explored the sand dune regions of Michigan.

Good to Know: Warren Dunes are close to Chicago and a fun place to play in the sand. Saugatuck Dunes State Park has dunes, a beach, hiking, and birdwatching opportunities.

Attend a Traverse City Festival

What Is It? Traverse City is a fun city in Michigan to visit in the summer because there’s always something exciting going on.

Why Do It? The Traverse City Film Festival is a summertime favorite that has been an annual tradition since 2005 and takes place in July and August.

Good to Know: This is also home to the famous National Cherry Festival that features over a week of food and family fun in July. Rosé Between the Bays on the Old Mission Peninsula and the Leland Wine & Food Festival are food-themed festivals in the area, while arts and craft fairs are popular here as well.

Stay at a Luxury Resort

What Is It? If camping isn’t your thing, then you’re in luck because Michigan also has some awesome luxury resorts that put you in fun places with all the amenities you could dream of.

Why Do It? To be near the coast, stay at the Bayshore Resort at Sleeping Bear Dunes in Traverse City.

Good to Know: The Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, Marina Grand Resort in New Buffalo, Lake Ranch Resort in Holland, and Lake Shore Resort in Saugatuck are all great resort options as well to treat yourself to a vacation getaway.

Enjoy a Zoo with the Kids

What Is It? If your little ones love animals, then definitely add a Michigan zoo to your summer itinerary.

Why Do It? There are several recommended zoos in the state that teach you and your kids about different species, habitats, and conservation efforts.

Good to Know: One zoo is the John Ball Park Zoo in Grand Rapids, which also has a zip-line and sky trail ropes course. Meanwhile, the Detroit zoo has over 2,000 animals across 230 species and spans 125 acres of land.

Watch a Tigers Baseball Game

What Is It? Summertime is always a great time to be in Detroit if you love baseball.

Why Do It? The Detroit Tigers Major League Baseball team plays at Comerica Park, which is a fun place to attend a game.

Good to Know: The park offers tours when there aren’t games scheduled as well. The park is also famous for its Ferris wheel and carousel. Check the team’s schedule online to see if a game is going on while you’ll be in town.

Cool Off Near a Waterfall

What Is It? Despite its northern location in the U.S., summers in Michigan can get pretty hot and steamy. One of the best ways to cool off is to hike in a shaded forest and feel the cool mist of a waterfall on your skin as you pass by.

Why Do It? Michigan is home to many stunning waterfalls that you can see while exploring the various state parks and natural areas.

Good to Know: One impressive waterfall is Tahquamenon Falls, which is one of the largest waterfall east of the Mississippi River and surrounded by forests and streams.

Go for a Boat Ride

What Is It? There’s also just something fun and exciting about being on a boat in Michigan in the summer.

Why Do It? Fortunately, there is no shortage of places where you can take your own boat out on the water or rent one from a local marina.

Good to Know: Some of the top boating areas in the state are the Les Cheneaux Islands of Lake Huron, Torch Lake in Alden, Big Manistique Lake in Curtis, and Gull Lake in Battle Creek.

Michigan’s Summertime

It’s time to take advantage of the beautiful state’s natural attractions, including its lakes and beaches. You must have have chosen Lake Michigan as your summer vacation location since you are here.

These locations are the finest for you whether you are travelling for a quick summer getaway or a lengthy vacation.

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