15 Best Managed IT Service for Business Support

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The adage that Peter Parker popularised in Spiderman, “With great power comes tremendous responsibility,” is quite similar to the finest managed IT service VPS hosting options. Your internet business will have greater control, stability, and computing resources after switching to a virtual private server. View the list of top managed IT service companies put together by our team of professionals. Based on factors like typical prices, team size, client testimonials, area of expertise, portfolios, and more, choose the best partner for your forthcoming project. Meeting the IT demands of your organization may be time-consuming and intimidating, even with an managed IT, service team. Without the appropriate IT solution in place, it is quite possible to regress or even deviate from your overall company goals. A managed IT service provider could be the solution if you find yourself becoming overburdened with IT administration chores, possibly as a result of a workforce that is understaffed or undertrained.

Many firms receive a lifeline from managed IT service providers (MSPs), who provide continuing IT support for a variety of services, from network administration to security. This list is for you if you’re a business owner in the Southwest of the United States looking for an MSP to work with! The firms listed below have a track record of providing benchmark managed IT services in the Southwest region of the United States. However, in order to make all those changes, you usually need to understand how to modify each parameter.

15 Best Managed IT Service for Business Support

You won’t need to worry about your website’s technical elements if you choose managed IT service VPS hosting. You may concentrate on operating your business instead of managed IT serviceof  your VPS; your web host will take care of all the daily updates, optimizations, and security responsibilities. The hosts on this list will enable you to operate more productively without compromising online activities.

What does Managed IT service?

After highlighting the top hosting choices available, let’s define “managed IT service” to make sure everyone is clear on what it means. The first benefit of managed IT service hosting is that part or all of your IT chores are handled for you. However, the precise meaning varies from one web server to the next. Some service providers just supply the bare minimum in terms of server upkeep and security upgrades, while others assist clients with performance optimization and third-party software program troubleshooting. The virtual private server, or VPS, sits in the midst of the shared and dedicated server web hosting spectrum. VPS hosting combines the two extremes, as you might expect. Through a process known as virtualization, customers share a physical server but receive specialized computer capabilities.

Site owners have far more granular control over how their virtual machines are set up thanks to the distinct environments. However, designers, small business owners, and people without the necessary technical skills frequently prefer to delegate those responsibilities to the system administrators and experts employed by a VPS hosting provider. Backend developers, experienced site owners, and people who are familiar with secure shell access or the command line typically have no problem taking on the additional responsibility to save money.

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#1. Liquid Web

Liquid Web

With 24-hour support from the “Most Helpful Humans in Hosting,” Liquid Web appears to be well-liked and respected by everybody. With Liquid Web, which focuses on complicated cloud, VPS, and dedicated environments, attention to detail and nuanced server configurations set the bar high.

#2. Cloudways


Cloudways offers consumers boundless scalability and access to the best cloud hosting providers on the globe without any trouble. Many widely available cloud VPS providers, like Digital Ocean, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Linode, are notoriously hard to build, manage, and protect. Cloudways offers customized environments that are completely managed IT service by the company’s reachable staff of hosting specialists on each platform.

#3. ScalaHosting


One of the most open-minded managed IT service, ScalaHosting guarantees never to oversell server capacity. Because the firm gives a free consultation call with none other than the Scala CTO for any new clients, we really adore suggesting this host to novices or first-time VPS renters.

#4. InterServer


For more than 20 years, InterServer has employed a remarkable strategy to deliver cost-effective, high-performance hosting services backed by direct support. Due to the team’s ownership and operation of its own data center, your VPS environment is only a few feet away from competent and experienced system administrators and engineers. The company’s two founders still answer support queries and fix hardware every day, in fact.

#5. Kamatera


Kamatera, an increasingly well-liked supplier of managed IT services and self-managed virtual servers, allows clients complete configuration control right away. Create a default Ubuntu server in a matter of seconds, or take a few extra steps to tailor the processor power, RAM and SSD storage capacities, bandwidth requirements, control panel add-ons, and, of course, the operating system of your choice to your exact specifications. Servers running CentOS, Ubuntu, RockyLinux, and AlmaLinux are available through Kamatera VPS.

#6. Hostwinds


Hostwinds is a new and innovative hosting company that is bursting with cutting-edge technology and committed to providing excellent customer service. They are another terrific alternative for website owners seeking the significant capacity to develop and very flexible resources. Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016, and Windows Server 2019 are the three versions of Windows-based VPS server environments that are available. For many of the most well-known platforms on the internet, you may also find pre-built setups.

#7. Bluehos


One of the many things we like about WordPress is how the enormous open-source community draws participation from people of different backgrounds, from independent developers just starting out to major international web hosting companies. One such organization winning the platform’s endorsement is Bluehost, which plays a key role in code donations, WordCamp sponsorships, and other commitments.

#8. InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting

Even though managed hosting entails delegating the time-consuming technological tasks to the web hosting pros, you’ll still want to have some control over the settings. Without having to delve into the frightening depths of the command line interface, control panels provide a more straightforward, graphical method of navigating your hosting environment. InMotion Hosting masterfully combines opulent managed IT service with cutting-edge technology, as well as the extremely well-liked cPanel and WHM interfaces.

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#9. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting starts all of its managed IT service clients with at least four virtualized processors, full root access, and plenty of powerful computing capabilities, making it particularly tempting for developers and those looking for multi-core environments. Customers will benefit from the best of both worlds and have total control over their fully managed VPS.

#10. SiteGround


SiteGround is already one of our favorites for providing the greatest web hosting assistance, standing behind specialized software programs and cutting-edge technology. SiteGround guarantees almost immediate replies to phone calls and chats and email issues will be resolved in 10 minutes or fewer thanks to the company’s overstaffing strategy and evaluation of each employee’s efficiency and helpfulness.

#11. HostGator


HostGator is a perfect option for inexpensive managed IT service because it is one of the most well-known names in the web hosting sector. HostGator serves as a soft landing area for hesitant site owners who may be switching to their first VPS environment because the company’s plans aren’t as well-appointed as some of the others on our list. Resources may be added with only a few mouse clicks as your website expands, whether in terms of traffic or complexity.

#12. GoDaddy


GoDaddy, one of the most well-known hosting providers in the world, assists more than 19 million clients in expanding their online presence. Having started out as the go-to domain name registrar, the business has now grown to provide a surprisingly wide range of high-end web hosting services. Whether they run an online store or just want a landing page for prospective clients, the firm is focused on helping small business owners.

#13. Media Temple

Media Temple

Media Temple prioritizes providing support and managed IT service to web designers, developers, and creative firms, putting these at the center of all it does. The business has grown recently to include enterprise-grade WordPress and cloud hosting solutions that have an emphasis on unmatched power, speed, scalability, and security – all without the need to spend hours managing a server.

#14. DreamHost


DreamHost has developed from a college dorm room to hosting more than 1.5 million websites and almost a million WordPress installs as an established leader in the market. DreamHost provides root access as well as a specially designed control panel that puts relevant data and insights at your fingertips; for example, increasing memory and storage capacities takes only a few seconds.

#15. AccuWebHosting


Customers at AccuWebHosting are able to design exactly the managed IT service VPS hosting experience they want thanks to the company’s almost limitless possibilities. There are several operating system versions available for both the Windows and Linux varieties of the company’s VPS hosting options.

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