How Old is Inquisitormaster “Alex Einstein” Squad, Levi, YouTuber?

InquisitorMaster Alexandra “Alex” Teran, is not just among gamers, but also outside of them is a well-known YouTuber and female player with @AlexEinsteinn and @InquisitorMaster 2.3K videos/10M subscribers. She was born in the US in 1994 as Alex Einstein, and she spent her childhood playing console and computer games. In addition to being an active YouTuber, Alex is a huge cosplayer. Her first channel was called How I Became the Joker. With over 4.5 million followers on her primary account, InquisitorMaster, Alex’s videos are highly appreciated by viewers for their engaging and humorous content.

Who is Inquisitormaster?

With almost 5 million devoted fans on her YouTube channel, Alex Einstein, also known as InquisitorMaster, is one of the most well-known Roblox content makers online.  She enjoys games like Roblox, Xbox 360, Super Mario 64, Nintendo 64, and The Legend of Zelda. Aside from the gaming content, InquisitorMaster shares videos of herself playing with her extensive collection of toys, vlogs, superhero costumes, and engaging in a variety of other fascinating activities.

Her previous lovers included well-known YouTubers like Marcus Peterson, and she is currently seeing Zachary Todd. She is close friends with Roblox gaming enthusiast Akeila Collins.

A soap opera’s worth of dramatic events, from bad boyfriends to stalkers and beyond, can be seen on her YouTube channel, where the master invites her large following along on her Roblox adventures.

Inquisitormaster: A Brief Introduction


Entertainer and cosplayer Inquisitor Master has amassed over 10 million subscribers with her humorous gaming commentary for Roblox, Yandere Simulator, and other games. She has experience with the PlayStation 1 through 3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo 64.

InquisitorMaster Bio: Complete Basic Details

  1. Actual name: Albert Einstein
  2. Date of Birth: May 1, 1994; Age: 24
  3. Einstein is the family name of the Inquisitor Master.
  4. USA birthplace Now residing in the USA
  5. Gender: Female; Career: Gamer
  6. renowned as a YouTuber
  7. Country of Origin Race in America White Christianity as a Religion
  8. Research on Taurus Awards and Sun Signs
  9. Actual Stats
  10. 5′ 5′′ in feet; 1.67 meters in meters; 55 kg in kilograms
  11. Weight: 121 pounds
  12. No measurement was found.
  13. Blonde Hair Brown Eye Color No US Tattoo Size 8 Family Shoes
  14. Father Is Unknown
  15. No Mother Found
  16. Unknown Brother; Unknown Sister
  17. Grandfather Investigated
  18. Grandma will provide updates.
  19. Private Life: Marital Status: Single
  20. Zachary Todd, boyfriend; irrelevant; not son
  21. No Daughter Found
  22. Profits: $4.5 million in net worth; annual income is being reviewed.
  23. Highest Qualification in Education Completed High School; College Not Known; Available
  24. Profiles of Universities Not Found Social Media
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Levi, the Inquisitormaster squad

This year, InquisitorMaster became one of the preteen girls’ top ten favorite YouTubers, indicating a shift in the gender balance in the gaming industry. Because she surpassed one billion video views early in the previous year and her YouTube account had over a million followers, she was also highlighted at VidCon in July of that year.

Born on May 1, 1994, InquisitorMaster is a well-known American gamer and YouTuber. She is one of the top YouTubers in the gaming world because of her hilarious gameplay and insightful commentary.

For information about InquisitorMaster’s age, biography, boyfriend, net worth, wiki, parents, siblings, dating, salary, assets, and many other details, read the page.

Before Fame

The Nintendo 64 served as her first video gaming system. Growing up, she enjoyed playing vintage video games like Super Mario 64, GoldenEye 007, and The Legend of Zelda.

InquisitorMaster Bio and other details

How Old is inquisitormaster Age?

In terms of age, InquisitorMaster will be 29 in 2023. Since May 1st is her birthday, Taurus is her sign of the zodiac. Einstein was born into a native American family that identifies as white and has American citizenship.

She has over 5.6 million subscribers to her YouTube channel, where she features a selection of the greatest and most original content videos. Even though Alex Einstein is her real name, she likes to go by “InquisitorMaster” online.


At five feet and five inches tall, InquisitorMaster weighs fifty-five kg. She has an honest nature and is a very straightforward girl. Speaking of attractiveness, her long blonde hair and gorgeous brown eyes make her quite endearing. She appears to have a thin body type and a lovely physique. Tattoos and other such things don’t truly interest Einstein. She likes the US shoe size 8 for herself.

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InquisitorMaster  Facts

In the seventh grade, she placed third in a Halo competition held by the school. Her hobby is cosplay. She formerly had content on her channel, HOWiBecameTheJOKER, dedicated to special effects makeup.

Childhood and schooling

Her hometown in the United States is where Einstein was born. She won’t discuss her parents’ specifics or divulge information about her siblings. Einstein was quite active in gaming as a child; in fact, she placed third in a Halo competition held at her school. The Nintendo 64 was her first video gaming console.

Information on Careers

In terms of profession, Einstein is a YouTuber who focuses only on gaming. She frequently posts videos to her channel that combine funny and amusing commentary with content from games like Call of Duty, Yandere Simulator, Roblox, and Pokemon Go. In addition to gaming situations, she posts popular videos such as challenge, prank, and Q&A videos. She also possesses some excellent online gaming talents, which she regularly employs when competing in tournaments.

InquisitorMaster Net Worth

As of 2023, InquisitorMaster has a $4.5 million net worth. She makes money from a variety of sources, including Twitch and YouTube. Her hard work on every piece of content and ability to engage an audience, however, make up for the million dollars she earns, increasing her net worth.

InquisitorMaster  Family

Alex Teran is her true name. Her brother is younger than her. She dated Zachary Zaxor in the past.

Dating and Boyfriend

Zachary Todd, Einstein’s boyfriend, is their current partner. Todd is a YouTuber who appears in several Einstein videos. They began dating the same year they first laid eyes on each other, in 2017. Prior to their split, Einstein and Marcus Peterson had a tumultuous relationship that lasted about a year.

Childern and Husband

Given that Einstein is single, it is reasonable to assume that she is childless.

InquisitorMaster Work With

She and GreenLegoCats have worked together on Roblox content.

  1. The greatest work of the Inquisitor Master on social
  2. YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=geox5CvI1qg
  3. Watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=htr4GGdjbTM
  4. /watch?v=CpOZSDH2jfM http://www.youtube.com
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