Elevate Home Warranty Review In 2022

elevate home warranty

You should be able to live in your home and use your appliances without having to worry about incurring a significant financial loss if something breaks. This is where homeowner’s insurance comes in. Home warranty programmes protect your home’s systems from typical wear and tear. Major systems, such as kitchen appliances, plumbing, electric, heating, acclaimed home warranty air conditioning, are usually covered by warranties.

Purchasing a silverback home warranty provides you with peace of mind because you will not be responsible for all of your house’s bills. But how do you determine which strategy is the most effective? That is why we have come. We did all of the research on Elevate House Warranty for all Utah residents in order to choice home warranty compile this comprehensive review and comparison to other home warranties. Because of its american home shield grasp of client needs and other features, we ultimately decided that American Home Shield was the preferable alternative.

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We act as an independent resource to guide you through the equity home warranty buying process, with all of the alternatives available. We investigated Elevate Home Warranty’s plans, add-ons, costs, first american home warranty, claims and quote processes, and more for this old republic home warranty to provide a thorough examination of the company’s services.
To decide which provider was best for Utah homeowners, we compared its plans to those of American Home Shield and Choice Home Warranty. American Home Shield logo is the best overall American Home Shield logo

Overview of Elevate Home Warranty

Elevate Home Warranty is a Utah-based home warranty provider that only covers Utah residents. The company offers four basic layouts that may be used to build anything from a trailer to a fourplex. Elevate also offers 14 optional add-ons to help you customise your ideal home warranty package. The cost varies between $300 to $1,695.

Coverage Specifics

Every system and appliance in your home is made up of a number of separate components, each of which is susceptible to failure. Because home warranty insurance may not cover all repairs and replacements, it’s critical to read your Elevate sample contract to see which components are covered. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s not covered by Elevate Home Warranty. Remember that by purchasing the Elevation Upgrade, you may be able to unlock several of these restricted items.

Service of Re-Keying

Elevate Home Warranty will take care of six keyholes and offer up to four duplicate keys. Elevate, on the other hand, will not cover lock picking or the replacement of doors, door knobs, or handles.

Appliances for the Kitchen

Elevate will cover the parts that keep the dishwasher, oven/range/cooktop, built-in microwave, instant hot water dispensers, garbage disposal, and trash compactor running smoothly. The following items are not covered: racks, rollers, baskets, knobs, dials, door glass, lights, handles, and meat probe assemblies.

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Vacuum System in the Center

Except for hoses, suction attachments, removable accessories, ducts, and elements enclosed in concrete, the majority of the central vacuum system is covered. When it comes to determining whether or not a repair or replacement will be approved, home warranty providers follow a set of rules.

Here’s a quick rundown of Elevate Home Warranty’s liability limitations:

They will not cover repairs or replacements caused by fire, ice, flooding, lightning, war, riots, accidents, improper repair, failure to perform routine maintenance, neglect, cosmetic faults, or rust or corrosion-related failures. They will only be in charge of repairing objects that are already on your property. They will not service shared equipment in mobile home parks or condominiums’ communal areas.

They will not be held liable for any subsequent damages. They will not provide services involving hazardous materials or substances. They won’t cover anything that is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Exterior of a House Elevate Home Warranty Pricing with William Geddes

Single-family homes, multi-family homes, and newly constructed homes are all covered by Elevate Home Warranty programmes. The cost of each plan varies depending on the type of property, the coverage plan you choose, and how many add-ons you include. The cost of an Elevate plan for a typical single-family home is between $300 and $500.
Non-real estate transactions will be assessed a fee of $150.
You will not be required to pay this fee if you are purchasing a plan as part of the closing process. You should anticipate to pay a few hundred dollars extra for each plan if you have a duplex, triplex, or fourplex. The following is a cost breakdown by plan and property type.

Home Prices for New Construction Coverage for New Construction (Standard)

Each claim is subject to a $59 service fee from Elevate Home Warranty. This amount is substantially lower than the industry average of $75–$125. Before any repairs may begin, you must pay the service cost. Elevate Home Warranty recommends that you request the appropriate service trade type for your problem, since dispatching a different trade contractor later will result in you having to pay the service cost again.

In addition, if your house is located outside of the coverage zones, you will be charged a $25 service fee. For the repair or replacement of a system or appliance, all home warranty companies cover repairs up to a certain dollar amount per term.

How to File an Elevate Home Warranty Claim

Elevate Home Warranty accepts claims requests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. After they’ve processed your request, a local service professional will contact you to schedule a mutually convenient time to fix the problem. Elevate will usually assign you a service contractor, but if one isn’t available, you may be allowed to work with your own independent contractor. Note that you must first obtain their approval; else, you will not be compensated for the service. All services are covered by a 30-day guarantee.

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Elevate also provides services in emergency situations, such as:

A significant amount of flooding was caused by a plumbing failure. During extreme weather conditions, heating and cooling appliances entirely fail, causing the interior of the home to be below 45 degrees Fahrenheit or above 90 degrees Fahrenheit. If the covered malfunction poses an immediate threat to the health and safety of your home’s occupants, If the problem is now causing damage to your home, You will be responsible for any overtime or after-hour expenses if you opt to expedite a non-emergency service request.

Reviews of Elevate Home Warranty

Elevate Home Warranty is a Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited company with an A letter grade. Though there aren’t many favourable reviews online, there are a few that highlight the company’s quick claims procedure, highly efficient contractors, and competent customer care team.

Our Conclusion

The This Old House Reviews Team gives Elevate Home Warranty a 8.8/10 and believes Elevate is among the best home warranty companies on the market today. Elevate Home Warranty offers four plans ranging between $300–$500 per year, which is in line with the industry average of $300–$600 per year. This price is an absolute steal, considering that their most exhaustive package covers an astounding 42 systems, appliances, and services. Their coverage caps aren’t too shabby, either, with expensive items like swimming pools, refrigerators, and central heating systems covered up to $1000–$2000.

Another unique feature of Elevate Home Warranty is its $59 service fee, which is much lower than the industry average of $75–$125. Our team also likes that Elevate provides coverage for systems and appliances with undetectable pre-existing conditions, which is quite rare in the home warranty industry. While their additional coverage selection is small, it has some pretty compelling choices like its No-Fault Upgrade and the Elevation Upgrade that essentially enables homeowners to open up their chosen plan to cover even more restricted parts. Although Elevate Home Warranty offers some of the best home warranty plans, the company is only available in Utah, making it out of reach for many U.S. residents.

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