Ice Staff Code: How to Get and upgrade Zombies Chronicles Origins Ice Staff?

Ice Staff Code: How to Get and upgrade Zombies Chronicles Origins Ice Staff? Zombies Chronicles staffs are strong weapons that you can employ to vanquish a variety of obstacles in your path. Specifically, the Origins Ice Staff is one of the easier weapons to obtain during your quest, making it a great option for new players. So, this method will assist you in Call of Duty: Origins if you’re wondering how to obtain the Ice Staff in Zombies Chronicles.

How to Get Zombies Chronicles’ Origins Ice Staff

In Zombies Chronicles, the Origins Ice Staff has the ability to freeze adjacent foes in place while simultaneously eliminating them. However, because the weapon can unearth dirt piles containing bones, players must first obtain the necessary parts with a shovel.

Two of them are in the initial generator, but if any of your allies take them, you can find another tool in the church’s basement: Wind Cave and Lightning Cave.

Using the Shovel for the Origins I C E Staff

The Ice Staff Record may be obtained by going to Generator 2 after you’ve acquired a shovel. It can appear in the following places:

  • When you initially enter the building, on the table next to Generator 2,
  • By the bookcase beside the mystery box
  • atop the stand near the entrance to the muddy road.
Obtaining the Origins Ice Staff Record in Zombies Chronicles

The parts of the weapon are hidden in the dirt in mounds, and you’ll have to wait till it snows to uncover them. Sadly, this section of Zombies Chronicles generates things at random, so occasionally you won’t get the component of the ice staff you’re hunting for (it might take several rounds to find all three parts of the magical staff).

Getting Origins i c e Staff pieces

It’s time to get the record and gramophone once you have the entire set of Origins Ice Staff. The musical disc spawns at these locations, and the gramophone is located on the ground inside the excavation site.

  • As soon as you approach No Man’s Land, next to the excavation sign
  • atop a few crates next to the church’s entrance.
  • On the upper level of the excavation site, in a wheelbarrow
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The next task requires players to use the Ice Staff Record and Gramophone at the cave next to Generator 5 to travel to the Crazy Place. Once inside, proceed to the excavation site to create the powerful tool by grabbing the ice crystal from the blue platform.

How to use the Zombie Chronicles Ice Staff Upgrade Code

You must enter the Ice Staff code at the Crazy Place using the following symbols in order to upgrade the weapon:

Ice Staff Code

Since the upgrade of the Ice Staff code entails a challenging problem, you can maximize the weapon’s power by following this step-by-step guide:

Use the Ice Staff upgrade code to complete the challenge in the Crazy Place.

The Ice Staff code is located on a pillar that corresponds to the symbols in the above image when you approach the blue section of the Crazy Place challenge. In order to determine which relics you should aim for next, you must shoot those that are close to the ceiling while keeping an eye on the post. After players enter the code for the upgraded Ice Staff, Samantha will quickly talk with them.

Locate the tombstone adjacent to Generator 4.

Three gravestones need to be broken after players figure out the Ice Staff upgrade challenge. The first one is located next to Generator 4, where the enormous robot’s muddy footprint may be found. After the gravestone freezes, you’ll need to shoot it with your Ice Staff and strike it with something else.

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To upgrade your Ice Staff, proceed to the second tombstone.

The next gravestone is located close to the excavation site in front of Generator 4 and is not too distant from the first location.

Proceed to Generator 2 and strike the final tombstone.

Gamers have to travel back to Generator 2 and find the muddy trail that leads behind it. The last gravestone for the Origins Ice Staff upgrade is located close to the enormous robotic hand.

Switch the levers at the excavation site until every ring is blue.

The last stage of the Ice Staff upgrade requires you to hit the blue ball inside the rings once they are in the proper order.

Put your Origins Ice Staff on the blue structure when you get back to the Crazy Place.

You can position the tool close to the previous location where you entered the code for the Ice Staff if you have enough strong weapons. You must kill zombies while the tool is upgrading in order for Samantha to notify you that it has been successfully upgraded.

Final Phase in the Ice Staff Uprade

Using the Origins Ice Staff’s blizzard powers, you can take out massive groups of opponents in Zombies Chronicles now that you know how to obtain and upgrade it.

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