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A person’s competitive nature is always heightened by trivia, regardless of their personality. 101 Trivia Questions And Answers Games, Sports, and geography. Play Trivia Questions with answers quiz game online for kids. Trivia tends to foster a healthy kind of competitiveness, in contrast to Monopoly, which has an unfavorable impact on players while they are playing. Additionally, we have 300 trivia questions to ensure that your tough game night is one to remember.

Essentially, all you need are a few categories (such as entertainment trivia, animal trivia, etc.) and a few questions and answers for each. Additionally, you should confirm that everyone is in agreement about the degree of difficulty you desire for your questions. Generally speaking, you want to ask broad questions that most people will be able to answer; alternatively, it wouldn’t be very enjoyable if nobody could answer anything.

What is Trivia? How to Play trivia Questions And Answers

Playing trivia seems to be the easiest—though it can also be the hardest—game there is. You can respond to questions based on categories while playing as a team or as a solo.

You may choose for each team to take turns answering, or you may let them blurt out the answers. When one side misanswers a question, the other team has the opportunity to win the point by answering the question properly.

The game is won by the person or team that has the most correct answers.

You might choose to designate someone to serve as the quiz mistress or host if you’re playing on a team. They won’t be answering the questions; instead, they will decide which team gets a point for the first successfully answered question.

Even if questions are simple or complex, the finest ones can be answered. The game loses its enjoyment factor if the participants find it too difficult.

You have exceptionally amazing trivia questions if they can make a person say, even if he didn’t get the question correct, “I should have known that.”

In the game of trivia, you have to go deep into your memory banks to find long-lost, meaningless facts you have learned throughout your life!

1. Select a host.

You may choose a group member to be the host each week, and that person can be anyone you like.

2. Select the fun trivia questions and topic for your list.

Take a look at our fantastic assortment of questions for your upcoming online or in-person trivia night! The subjects include general, kid-friendly, food and drink, entertainment, sports, geography, animals, science, and humor.

3. Select your associates.

Separate into many groups, with no restriction on the number of members in each team. Quiz time!

Want to play a multiplayer trivia game in real time? Visit TriviaNerd.

4. Give out the prizes.

Start the friendly competition, and make sure someone is keeping score at all times. Whichever team scores the most points and correctly guesses the answers first wins. Give out a fun award, like a silly trophy or a gift card. Another option is to have this activity every week and choose an overall champion.

About General Trivia Questions And Answers

Your general knowledge of pop culture, movie trivia, video game fundamentals, and other topics will be tested by these questions. How many general knowledge questions do you believe you could correctly answer?

You still have questions? View the 1,185 general knowledge trivia questions and answers on this page.

Q: What does a browser’s “www” stand for?

Ans: World Wide Web, in response

In meters, how long is an Olympic swimming pool?

Re: fifty meters

Q: Which nations were the founding members of the Axis powers during World War II?

Germany, Italy, and Japan, in response

Q: Which nation are the cities of Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth a part of?

Australia, in response

Q: Which geometric form is most frequently seen on stop signs?

Response: Octagon

Q: “Cynophobia”: what is it?

Answer: Aversion to dogs

Q: What letter or symbol concludes an imperative sentence?

A period or exclamation point in response

Q: Who is the Pacific Ocean’s name?

Ferdinand Magellan, in response

Q: How many languages have left-to-right writing systems?

Reaction: 12

Q: How many nations still use the shilling as their currency? Extra credit: Which nations?

Four countries—Somalia, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania

Q: Who is the person who created eBay back in 1995?

In response, Pierre Omidyar

Q: What is the name of South Korea’s largest technological company?

Samsung, to answer

Q: Which creature appears on the Porsche emblem?

Re: Equine

Q: In 1537, which king formally declared Valentine’s Day to be a holiday?

Respondent: Henry VIII

Q: In 1903, who was the first woman to win the Nobel Prize?

It’s Marie Curie.

Q: Who penned the first dictionary?

In response, Robert Cawdrey

Q: Which religious faith observes the worship of Krishna?

Response: Buddhism

Q: What is the name of the biggest ocean in the world?

In response, the Pacific Ocean

Q: What year was the Berlin Wall that divided East and West Germany starting to fall down?

In response, 1989

Q: What term for “moon” is Arabic in romanized form?

Response: Qamar

Q: Who was the first female pilot to cross the Atlantic on a solo flight?

In response, Amelia Earhart

About Entertainment Trivia Questions And Answers

With this compilation of trivia questions from TV series, films, and songs, you’re covered.

Q: Which toy was promoted on television for the first time?

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Toy Story’s Mr. Potato Head is the answer.

Q: Which animated full-length film was the first to be released? (Hint: A Disney film was involved.)

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is the response.

Q: Which television program on American network television featured the first interracial kiss?

The Star Trek answer

Q: What were the names of the four major characters in the 1985–1992 television series “Golden Girls”?

Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia are the answers.

Q: Which Disney princess interacts with animals the most?

Respondent: Snow White

Q: Which honor has an EGOT recipient received?

In response, a Tony, Grammy, Oscar, and Emmy

Q: Which Beatle got married to Yoko Ono?

John Lennon, in response

Q: What are the stepsisters of Cinderella called?

In response, Drizella and Anastasia

Q: In 1969, what well-known US festival drew over 350,000 attendees?

Response: Woodstock

Q: Which song has sold the most copies worldwide to date?

Candle in the Wind (1997) is the answer.

Q: Which role did Walt Disney play in his school as a child?

Response: Peter Pan

About Kids Friendly Trivia Questions And Answers

These are the best kid-friendly trivia questions for any classroom or family game. To ensure that there is something for everyone, we have included both difficult and simple questions. Be aware that certain adults may not even be familiar with the answers to some of the simple trivia questions. Thus, be cautious!

Q: What animal on land moves the fastest?

Response: Cheetah

Q: Who does the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood dress up as?

Grandmother, to answer

Q: Which country’s flag is nicknamed “Stars and Stripes”?

United States of America, in response

Q: Who is Ireland’s patron saint?

Re: Saint Patrick’s Day

Q: What is the number of hues in the rainbow?

Reaction: Seven

Q: Which hue is a ruby?

Response: Red

Q: Where was Humpty when he fell in the poem Humpty Dumpty?

Response: The wall

Q: The first American president was who?

George Washington, in response

Q: Jack and Jill were heading up the hill to retrieve something.

In response, a pale of water

Q: Which nation is in charge of founding the Olympic Games?

Response: Greece

About Sports Trivia Questions And Answers

Which of these ten sports trivia questions can you guess the correct answer to? From the NBA to American football, you won’t know what to think of this list.

Q: Which two nations have participated in every modern Olympics?

Greece and Australia, in response

Q: Which American football team, including the Super Bowl squad, is the only one to win the whole season without losing?

Specifically, the Miami Dolphins (1972)

Q: Is Venus Williams or Serena Williams the tennis player with the most grand slam victories?

In response, Serena Williams

Q: Which basketball squad has made it through two triple-doubles?

The Chicago Bulls, in response

Q: Who Was the Former NBA Player Known as “Agent Zero”?

In response, Gilbert Arenas

Q: Which game is known as the “king of sports”?

Re: Soccer

Q: What is the name of the Toronto, Canada-based professional ice hockey team?

Toronto Maple Leafs, in response

Q: Who was the first gymnast to earn a flawless score of ten?

In response, Nadia Comaneci

Q: Which team sport uses the words dump, floater, and wipe?

The volleyball answer

Q: In a Grand Prix, who was the first female driver to earn points?

Lella Lombardi (1975 Spanish Grand Prix) is the answer.

Q: In his very first NBA game, Michael Jordan scored how many points?

Response: 16 points

About Animals Trivia Questions And Answers

These intriguing animal-themed hard trivia questions are a great way to kick off your trivia night. Which animal on Q: Earth has the loudest voice?

Error: Sperm Whale

Q: What is the number of hearts in an octopus?

Reaction: 3.

Q: Which nation has unicorns as its national animal?

Scotland, in response

Q: What’s the name for the skin folds on a cat’s ears?

The answer is cutaneous marginal pouches, sometimes known as “Henry’s pockets”.

Q: What do you call a bunch of ravens?

Response: Rudeness

Q: What is the number of legs on a spider?

Reaction: 8

Q: What’s the duration of an elephant’s pregnancy?

To that, 22 months

Q: Which animals produce eggs?

The answer is the duck-billed platypus and the spiny anteater.

Q: What kind of creature is a giant of Flanders?

Response: Rabbit

Q: Which African animal’s name means “river horse”?

In response, a hippocampal

About Geography Trivia Questions And Answers

Travelers, pull out your globe map and take a geography exam. Prepare to review historical trivia, capital city names, South American nations, and other related information. You will need to double-check the answers to several questions. Which continent is the biggest on Earth?

Asia, to answer

Q: Which nation is the smallest in the world?

In response, Vatican City (Interesting fact: it’s only a tenth of a square mile!)

Q: Which US state is home to Area 51?

Response: Nevada

Q: Which nation borders the Bay of Bengal, the Arabian Sea, and the Indian Ocean?

India, to answer

Q: Which city has the greatest linguistic diversity?

In response, New York City

Q: Which of the following Arab countries is home to the ancient Phoenician city of Constantine?

Algeria, in response

Q: Which nation traverses eight time zones and borders 14 other countries?

Russia, to answer

Q: Which nation’s capital is Havana?

Cuba, in response

Q: Which nation has the highest number of natural lakes?

To that, Canada

Q: This country in the Middle East has Riyadh as its capital.

Saudi Arabia’s Kingdom is the response.

Q: Which nation in Central America goes by the moniker “The Saviour” in English?

Responding: El Salvador

Q: Where in the world is Lake Bled located?

Slovenia, in response

About Witty Trivia Questions And Answers

Include these trivia questions to make your friends laugh aloud. You may add it to your list of interesting facts to share at parties.

Q: What is the term for a three-person duel?

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To that, a truly

Q: What is prohibited from being eaten with a fork in the state of Georgia?

In response, fried chicken

Q: Which is the tempered Tasmanian marsupial?

In response, the Tasmanian devil

Q: What villages did Iceland redirect roadways to avoid disturbing?

To that, elves

Q: What is prohibited in Florida while wearing a swimsuit in public areas?

Reaction: Sing

Q: Which Latin term originally meant “vomit”?

Reaction: Vomitare

Q: How long is Ninety Mile Beach in New Zealand? How long is Ninety Mile Beach in New Zealand?

In response, 55 kilometers

Q: What is never held but may be broken?

In response, a pledge

Q: What descends but never ascends?

Respondent: Rain

Q: “Mickeys” are used to measure what?

The response is a computer mouse’s speed.

About Science Trivia Questions And Answers

To correctly answer these questions, you do not have to be a scientist. Parts of the human body, animal trivia, technology, and other topics are all examples of science questions. See how many trivia questions you can correctly answer by making a guess.

Q: What kind of material has the densest atom packing?

Response: Solids

Q: Which planet in the solar system is the hottest?

The planet Venus has a temperature of 460 °C.

Q: What does matter’s opposite look like?

In response, antimatter

Q: Which of Newton’s Laws asserts that there is an equal and opposite response to every action?

The third rule of motion, in response

Q: What was found in 2004 on the Indonesian island of Flores?

Remains of a human being the size of a hobbit

Q: Which planet is closest to the sun?

In response, Mercury

Q: When your blood is within your body, what hue is it?

Hemoglobin, a red protein, is what gives blood its red color.

Q: Which planet in the solar system is the largest?

In response, Jupiter

Q: What is the number of teeth in an adult human?

Reaction: 32

Q: Which bone in the human body is the largest?

Response: Femur

About Food and Drink Trivia Questions And Answers

Do you want to make trivia games for the members of your organization who are foodies? Look through this list to see who the true foodies are.

Q: What hue of M&M is the rarest?

Reaction: Brown

Q: What do dried plums go by in common language?

To that, prunes

Q: Which nation eats the most chocolate overall?

In response, Switzerland

Q: What’s the term for an Indian meal that’s baked in a clay oven with charcoal?

Response: Tandoori

Q: Which soft drink was sent into space first?

The Coca-Cola answer

Q: Which manufactured beverage is drunk worldwide the most?

Response: Tea

Q: What is the one consumable food item that is always fresh?

In response, honey

Q: Which nation is the origin of ice cream?

China, to answer

Q: Which spirit has “Hendrick’s,” “Larios,” and “Seagram’s” among its top brands?

Response: Gin

Q: Which nation is the origin of Gouda cheese?

In response, the Netherlands

Trivia FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s an overview of how to play trivia if you’re new to it!

For trivia, how many people are needed?

While you may play trivia alone, teams have the most fun. A game with two to six participants might be more complex. If you’re playing as a team, make sure you have enough players and nominate someone to serve as the host.

How challenging ought the trivia questions to be?

You should be able to customize the difficulty of the trivia questions. But the finest games consist of well-rounded categories with questions based on general knowledge. The game will become dull and uninteresting to the majority of participants if the trivia questions are too difficult. Make your questions engaging and enjoyable, unless your group is made up of all-geeks.

How many questions are posed during a trivia session?

Once your teams are organized, decide in advance how many rounds you want to play. After that, prepare seven to ten questions for each of those rounds. You have two options: either divide up the categories among your questions or only focus on one area for each round. Give teams an average of two minutes to attempt answering each question. The game can stay on track and not drag on for too long by giving each question a time restriction.

How many players are required to begin a game of trivia?

In order to compete against one another, you need at least two individuals, but the more, the better, as they say!

What number of questions ought to be asked?

Typically, there are several rounds of trivia; we advise including ten questions in each round. Additionally, it depends on how long you want your trivia night to last.

People usually prefer to play for ninety minutes on average, and it might take fifteen minutes to answer each round of ten questions. Thus, we advise providing around sixty questions.

How challenging ought the questions to be?

We advise incorporating a range of topics and a combination of simple and complex questions. When making your list, don’t limit yourself to asking only the trickiest questions. Your group may find it tedious and demoralizing if they are unable to answer any of them.

What types of questions work best for fostering teamwork?

You may use any of the questions on our list to spice up your next trivia night! To ensure that every member can accurately answer one, make sure your list is diversified to include a range of topics. And that’s it!

Aim for any of these categories on your upcoming trivia evening! You may play the entertaining game of trivia both in person and virtually. It is competitive but also fosters camaraderie. A simple team-building exercise that works well for a wide range of individuals is trivia. If you’re looking to play online trivia games, don’t forget to go through our collection of 13 Trivia Games That Your Group Will Enjoy.


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